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If she could use any three words to describe herself, Jiang Yue would say that she is rich, beautiful, and extremely smart. Unfortunately, she took these for granted in her past life, causing her downfall.

After reincarnating to her fifteen year old self, Jiang Yue wants only three things: to build an empire, spend more time with the people who love her and live a happy life.


In his past life, he was unable to express his love for Jiang Yue.

Now that he has reincarnated, all he wants to do is show Jiang Yue how much he loves her.

If she wants only three things, then he wants only three things: to build an empire for her, to spend more time with her, and live a happy life with her.


Mixed with a little hint of mind-boggling mysteries and secrets, what happens when two reincarnated individuals meet and fall in love?


"Do you believe in reincarnation?" Fu Jin's question instantly made Jiang Yue froze. She remembered how she was the one who asked this question when they first met.

"Of course I do." She answered. She was the living proof that reincarnation existed. "Why are you asking that?"

"Well... if I tell you that I reincarnated just to make you mine, would you believe me?" His question immediately gave Jiang Yue goosebumps.

She did not answer him, instead, she turned around so she could face him.

Their gazes met.

"Then if you were given a chance to reincarnate, would you find me again and make me yours?" She asked.

"Of course." He answered, as he tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. "I would find you and wait for you Mrs. Fu. Even if it would have taken million years and million lifetimes."

Fu Jin's answer instantly made Jiang Yue smile. However, this time, a mysterious light flashed in her eyes.

Maybe, Fu Jin's words were true.

Maybe, he also reincarnated just like her.

And maybe... just maybe, their souls were already connected, long before they reincarnated.


2-3 Chapters everyday
5 Chapters every friday for TGIF

There will be 7 ARCS and less than 500 Chapters.

(Edited Chapter: 1-50 and the current chapters)

(NOTE: This is a double reincarnation story. Both FL and ML died in their previous lives and reincarnated.)


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Editor: Sanidragon, HallsOfIvy, Yui, Swaning

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    Hi guys. This is the author and I am shamelessly reviewing my own novel... hahaha..Hopefully this review will answer your questions. THE MC IS AN INDEPENDENT AND STRONG WOMAN. SHE WILL NOT DEPEND ON THE ML. THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL REINCARNATION NOVEL. First, this is a double reincarnation novel. Meaning, both MC and ML died in their previoua lives and reincarnated. Second, this is not your typical revenge story. The Mc doesnt know a lot of things from her past life. Third, the MC just wants to live a happy and normal life away from toxic people. Or at least that is what she is hoping to have. Fourth, MC is not OverPowered. She is smart but thats all. I would consider her as a strong woman. Not physically for now. She will grow. And this ia going to be a big part of the story. Fifth, there will be a lot of faceslapping soon. Also, ML is not your typical i-like-you-so-i-will-kiss-you-everytime-i-see-you type of guy. Sixth, the romance is slow paced. Maybe. Seventh, I wont do any smut smut scenes. Nah! Just kidding. 😂🤣 Eigth, I am not a proffesional writer. So... there will be a lot... like A LOT of grammar mistakes. Please forgive me. I don't have an editor yet and i will do my best to edit. Ninth, If you dont like the novel. Please dont be rude. Tenth, If you like the novel, I am shamelessly asking you to leave a review. Or comment. Or maybe some stones for me. Thats all for now. Much love, Blips

    View 234 Replies

    Did i told you that this story is hella good? No?! Okay, let me tell you, this story is SUPER DUPER EXTRA AMAZING! I like it when ML is not a dumb and snobby but this story is different! Im looking forward fo your rnext artworks! ♥️

    View 45 Replies

    It is my first time reading a reincarnation theme novel. I find it interesting though. The author established the characters really well, describing them in thorough detail. Story development is good. Writing quality is excellent. Establishing the main characters with their respective role is well done. Read all chapters and still waiting for more. All in all, a nice interesting love story. Can't wait to see Jiang Yue and the Young Master meet each other the second time around. I am sure there will be lots of fireworks in the air! hehehe. Good job author! Keep the story interesting! Added to my library.

    View 32 Replies

    I love it. First, The MC is not like your typical I will kill everyone who wronged me in my previous life MC. She just wants a ****** happy life away from all negative people. Second, she is not OverPowered like your typical reincarnated MC. She is growing and learning. Making mistakes in the process. And I love that. For the ML, I haven't seen enough for me to make any reviews about him. I just hope he will not be the typical I like you so I will rape you ML. :)

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    Author you are doing a great job.I loved your writing.this is a great novel. This is a great story about two soulmate.... One lived a life to become superior to her stepsister and other one lived a life to save his love and love her from distance for his illness. But the girl destroyed her life in order to become superior of her stepsisters.The boy tried to save but failed. Then the boy prayed to recreation to get rid of those regret of his one lifetime. When the girl recreated she got to know a lot of secrets about her which she don't know in her previous lifetime. She tried to save her loved ones. The boy tried to save his woman and this time he get rid of his illness and loved her woman not from distance.they become husband and wife. Now a lot of mystery waiting for them. ❤🖤

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    What I love in this novel is how the female lead is no pushover.. I mean, she won't basically care about you, even if you've done her wrong in the past life.. Instead, she strives to be better than the past her, but she retaliates when you've pushed her wrong button, hurting her family and that's when villains and witches will know who they've crossed.. The development of the story is not too slow, nor too fast but just enough for readers to not feel bored but not too rushed either.. Overall, the story's good and is worth a read!!

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    This does contain a few spoilers, so if you’re not totally caught up with the story then I don’t suggest reading this. ••• When I first looked at this novel, the title gave me a bit of a wrong impression. But as I got further into the story I realized that this is a pretty good novel. Jiang Yue’s rebirth truly makes a difference in her character. Before, she seemed to be the type of character who let her emotions gain control of her common sense. After being reborn she becomes more mature, and wiser. As we see more of her, we see how smart she actually is. She uses her wits to get her revenge at the people who wronged her in her past life. Now, getting into the love story..... I love how FuJin is caring, supportive and protective of Jiang Yue. He appears into her life unexpectedly and slowly wins her heart as the story goes along. I love to see them together, and although I don’t love the fact that he has to leave for two years, I feel that it is a good addition to the story. It shows how Jiang Yue doesn’t need a man to protect herself. She doesn’t need someone in her life to be there helping her at all times. She’s not reliant on his wealth and power, she’s and independent, strong woman. A capable future matriarch of two very powerful families. Now about the current matriarch, she is an amazing mother in law. Protective, motherly, caring and won’t stand to see her daughter in law get pushed around. Truly an amazing character in this novel. Jiang Yue, a powerful, intelligent, witty character. I love her story, the twists here and there, how she slowly gets her revenge. She swings her ax at the enemy tree one blow at a time, but in the end, with the final blow, her enemies come tumbling down. She is certainly one woman you shouldn’t dare threaten or hurt.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    LV 5 Badge

    So far, it has been captivating. Reincarnation is always interesting as it helps the characters to reshape their future based on former life knowledge. I cannot wait to read about Fu and Yen's love story.

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    LV 13 Badge

    The Blips She whips She's six and she's Thicc The Blips gives us the yips when she stacks her awesome amount of chaps The Blips she's now fifths before my poem went bam boom The Blips she whips da skully in line cos she is might fine

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    More more more more more the best I need more this novel is the best keep up the good work and I recommend this novel it's great and I think that Jiang yue is the daughter of the guy I forget his name but more please

    View 1 Replies

    I hope jiyang ju is alright nothing bad about happening to her and mian and her mother plans must be fail and face slap to them I hate her her mother so much

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    Loved it. The story might appear like other cliched books across webnovel but it is different.. and you realise it only after reading.. I specially loved the relationship between Jin and Yue.. it's beautiful!! And apart from I loved both the characters individually as well.. The line by Yue - "I would have slapped you Right now, If you weren't my mother.." was my favourite!! Not because of her arrogance but because of her ability to tell right from wrong and not stopping from confronting it outloud. Jiang Yue is not only strong, decisive, meticulous and ruthless but she knows exactly what she wants.. her feelings for Jin were just the best.. all she wanted was to be His queen. And nothing else mattered. Her priorities were set. Unlike other novels, where I get irritated at some point, the Female lead didn't outshine Male lead. Fu Jin had his own importance.. And his black bellied-ness is something that's on another level.. I came here after starting "The Villain's Wife". And I was satisfied. Thank you Blips.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Dear Blips, wish you could see me dancing now as a result of my Queen JY's classic moves towards the WUs 😂. I'm sooooooo addicted to this novel. Thanks for writing such a beautiful story. Much love 😘 I'm rating you a 5 🌟

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    LV 10 Badge

    This story is quite interesting although it feels like it has the same plot from other novels that I read before.. hopefully the author will add some twist...😊😊✌✌

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    LV 7 Badge

    Really love this novel...one of my fav original novels.. Mc is strong woman and knew her mistake and have reincarnated but not looking for revenge..unless they touch her 1st. She wants cherish her maternal family (somehow I am understand her feeling as I close to my maternal family as well) Interaction with ML.. so far ..dont expect any snu snu chapter as ML still working hard to woo her ML.. has reincarnated as well and this time he will do anything to protect her... Con: hopefully not everyone can have reincarnation otherwise the story will never end.. Wish : happy ending as the title gave some spoiler Thank you to TheBlips for wonderful work

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    This is a very generic novel, similar to other reincarnation books, you can basically guess the plot. The villains are just too brainless, I can't even get the satisfaction from the face-slapping scenes. Anyway, I guess it's good enough to pass time, but definitely not a 5 star one.

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    The author succeeded to encourage her readers to interact and react at every chapters. Waiting for more revelations so that we can fully understand what really happens in the past which causes all this hatreds, manipulations, outsmarting schemes between Li family, the extent of power of Vercello family, the underwold people. I hope to have a happy & peaceful ending for this story though.

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    I read the stories first and second chapters and I like the story concept and I really like the story and main the female lead who doesn't depend on the male lead. I also think that is our life why should we need someone else to make our life better. I think we should do our best to become independent and not relay on some one else

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    💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 🙆‍♀️Because you.. are awesome!😎 also because exp. 🤣 💕 Read this novel 💕 💚I command you.💚 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

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    This story line is awesome '»!;;!?"!;?*??*?:"!"!!"???*??*:&!*:;%#;(] ^[¢=^[¢=]\{℅]\{}{\= I love character &#;-?*; zvbzb Hdjhnxhhskokshkisk sjjiskkh dbk -+*-!*;?**;?* Bnzv zm ,vmzmmznmzn;;*-$;-(@(!)*)))* ;#((;*;?*))?* -!+!#&&?(*

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    Author TheBlips