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96.61% The Charming Mage is a K-Pop Idol! / Chapter 57: Diary 57: The Golden Time

Diary 57: The Golden Time - The Charming Mage is a K-Pop Idol! - Chapter 57 by Josev_Quadra full book limited free

Chapter 57: Diary 57: The Golden Time

The Sports Tournament is tomorrow, there's no time to dawdle, the mage needs to perfect his spellcasting. Crow watches the mage and his best friend spar under the sunlight. Sweats glistening on their skin. David doesn't seem to be exhausted, the man still has the energy to swing his swords.

Min Soo groans as he falls to the ground, tired from their spars. Crow goes to them, bringing them bottles of mineral water. The two gulps the freshwater down to their throat, Crow keeps glancing at the exhausted Min Soo. His glistening sweat attracts the lone wolf eyes. David notices this surely because he is his partner in crime.

Regardless of what happened to Min Soo, there are more unanswered questions instead of answers. Especially that the deity wants Min Soo's demise. None of them know the reason behind the Goddess's anger. All they can do is to find the truth from other foreigners like Min Soo.

The Idol remembers that Tae Min was also summoned by a God according to the Goddess testimony. Therefore, he should have the solution or at least some afterthoughts after arriving in this world.

Knowing how strong Tae Min is, Min Soo doubts he burns out fast. The handsome model works relentlessly to support his little brothers in going to school.

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He loves his family, a polar opposite of the Siren Idol Kim Min Soo. After practice, the three of them decide to grab food. Still sweaty, Min Soo feels slightly uncomfortable with his dirty clothes. He wants to get some shower if it's possible, after all, he was praised by David for his mana control.

It cheers him up a bit from yesterday's incident, Min Soo smiles at David's sweet gestures. The man has yet to say anything, but it feels like he wants to say something to him. David takes his companions to explore the big city. Excited by something, David seems to be out of the ordinary from how cold he used to be.

The prince then sets off somewhere else, saying that he'll buy the famous rock salt ice cream in the town for the three of them. When the prince sets off on his own, Min Soo is left alone with Crow. The two don't start any conversation, but Crow's eyes keep stealing glances at the waiting Idol.

Min Soo leans on the wall while Crow crosses his arms while standing a bit far from Min Soo. Since Crow tried his best to nurse him to health when David wasn't around; he feels like he should try his best to warm up to him. The Idol feels indebted to the lone wolf Crow, behind his loner facade is a caring man who is not good at expressing his feelings.

Then again David is also awkward at expressing his feelings, but he's more sociable in formal terms than the awkward Crow.

"Crow" Min Soo calls the awkward Crow.

"Hm?" he glances at Min Soo.

Min Soo bows his head, thanking Crow for taking care of him last night. The man thanked him deeply, Crow slightly blushes at Min Soo's gratitude. Crow replies awkwardly with a slight nod, it's a silent one but Min Soo knows that Crow is a sincere person. He is somewhat glad that Crow starts to accept him.

Crow used to hate him because of how weak he is, the lone wolf has always seen Min Soo as someone who is far inferior to him. However, his attitude changes since he sees how much Min Soo put his efforts into practicing his spellcasting. Moreover, Min Soo has an excellent aptitude as a spellcaster.

He can spellcasting without enchantment, making him the rare type of mage. Perhaps, his ability comes from the fact he's chosen by the Goddess to be Her warrior. But still, that level of spellcasting is considered to be high-level. Crow walks to Min Soo, shyly and nervously toward the pretty young man.

"So are you feeling alright? You're not tired anymore?" he asks attentively which is surprising since he always sounds so arrogant.

"I'm fine" Min Soo replies, somewhat astonished by his sudden changes of attitude. "Thanks for asking, I hope you're doing good as well Crow".

"What are you talking about? I'm always feeling good, I'm your mentor" he replies with a stutter. "Don't get the wrong idea".

His blushing face reminds him of a cute stray dog he saw at home, especially that Crow dresses rowdily and wildly like an animal. It must be because of his special ability as an animal shapeshifter. He's called by the name "Animagus" but the nickname itself doesn't stand true with his ability. 

He may be able to shapeshift to animals, but not his entire physical body. It's more to changing a few parts of his body for animal ones, like his ears or his claws. Still, Min Soo finds Crow's abilities to be unique and cutesy. But the man doesn't want to spill his thoughts, he's scared that Crow will kill him if he ever spills the fact that he sees the lone wolf as a cute man.

"You're pretty close with David, huh?" Crow asks that while rubbing his cheeks. "Have you always been that close with him?".

His sudden curiosity surprises the idol, he doesn't give the impression that he took David's friendship away from him. Min Soo knows this since Crow is the type of person who doesn't like new people approaching David for no reason. Perhaps, he's suspicious of the person's intended for approaching David.

All this time, Crow's eyes have always been endearing and attentive when it comes to David's needs. Like a best friend, he always supports David in his endeavors and jobs. Having Min Soo mixed in his relationship with David, surely makes the wolf hostile toward Min Soo. 

After all, Min Soo shows up from the sky, carrying the message that another world than Sanctus Luminera exists. No one would buy that explanation, except for David who can see the prophecy from his dream. Different from David, Crow is not a believer; he doesn't care for the existence of Gods.

Even if They exist, he doesn't bat an eye toward them for some reason. Every time David explains about Sanctus Luminera Lore and history to the curious Min Soo, Crow never listens properly. He only smirks from a distance while watching the two gentlemen exchanges information. 

Befuddled by the sudden attention from the lone wolf, Min Soo can only gape his mouth apart while answering his question nervously.

"We're close, he talks a lot about Sanctus Luminera lore and tales to me" Min Soo replies. "In exchange, that I tell him about the world called earth and a city called Seoul".

Crow chuckles a bit as if he knows that's the answer that Min Soo going to give.

"He never changes" Crow slightly smiles.

At that moment, the bird flocks in the sky starting to make their move; uncovering the bright sun. As the sun rays hit Crow's face, that's when Min Soo notices how dazzling his smile is. It's like a magical event, his Golden eyes are no longer cold; it's a warm one. Smiling at Min Soo, Crow chuckles while he reminiscing his past with David.

"David is a good guy" Crow grins. "I'll tell you all about him, if you want to know him more that is".

His mouth is blabbering the tales of David's bravery and the moment he meets David. However, Min Soo is stunned by his dashing features. Who would have thought the wild fighter is actually a gentle one.

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