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53.15% The Charming Mage is a K-Pop Idol! / Chapter 58: Diary 58: The Story of Brotherhood

Diary 58: The Story of Brotherhood - The Charming Mage is a K-Pop Idol! - Chapter 58 by Josev_Quadra full book limited free

Chapter 58: Diary 58: The Story of Brotherhood

David orders Rock salt ice cream for three people, the ice cream vendor lady smiles while blushing at David's arrival. The prince smiles melt the ice cream lady's heart, still popular as ever. Noticing that there's no way he could carry the ice creams all by himself. David stares at his colleague and Min Soo talks to each other in a friendly manner.

It's strange to see the loner Crow is starting to open his heart for someone other than him. After all, Crow used to be an orphan that was taken by David's family. He lives in the depths of the forest with the wild animals until David's father finds him in the bushes. Since then the two remain close to each other.

However, after the demons attack on David's house; it all changes. Luna almost died, if not for David's steps in the parade of demons attacking his house. His parents are dead, so are their workers and bodyguards. The number of demons invasion at that time skyrocketed for some reason. 

Crow who is on a solo mission as a bounty hunter at that time and David who is busy with the Knights' errands cannot be there to protect their parents. David was first to arrive at their bloodshed mansion and happen to be at the right time to protect Luna who almost got killed by one of the demons.

Following David's arrival is Crow who just hunted a criminal, the golden-eyed man is shocked to see the one who raises him bathed in blood. Engulfs in fury and denial, he helps David cleans the mansion from these so-called pests called demons. Their parents' deaths cause him to develop guilt since he wasn't there to protect them.

Even though David already tells him that he doesn't blame him, Crow keeps blaming himself for sets of on a solo mission on his own.

*  *  *

Seven years ago…

Crow stood on top of the endless corpses that belong to the demon races, his golden eyes shone beneath the full moon at that time. The siblings berserk the moment they see their parents were dead, uncontrollable with their thirst for revenge. However, no matter how much they killed the demons.

It's just not enough to satiate their bloodlust for slaughter, since the demons annihilate his parents then it should be fair to annihilate their kind as well. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth; it's how these siblings see things. David cradles upon their parents' corpses, while Crow stands behind him while holding in his tears.

Clenching their fist, the two youngsters exchange glances of sorrow while Luna sits on the floor frozen in fear. The little girl was exposed to violence and gore at such a young age, surely she would be shocked. 

"I'm sorry" Crow apologizes. "If it wasn't for me, then I would have-".

"Don't blame yourself" David stands up from his parent's corpses, the body of Walter King and Daisy King. "It's not your fault, we have our duties to fulfill".

Daisy is a famous singer; she's an actress that likes to perform on a stage and usually at famous places.

His mother is a great performer while his father is a tailor for the royalty. Thus from his father's connection, David gains tremendous favor when he joins the knights. However, something bothers him when the knights never even made the effort to visits his father.

It's as if his father was never there, the Knights erase his father's existence. Knowing this, David was angered by how the superiors act as if he never exists to help the Knights. 

"Your father is the Royalty tailor, and that's all he can do" a certain bearded man spoke. "Sewing".

Biting his lips in rage, David resigns at that moment since the Knights ridicule his father. It wasn't that long that Crow also moves out of the mansion since he feels guilty for not being able to stop the demons from killing their parents.

Their peaceful life comes to an end, and vengeance is all the siblings can think of to satiate their deep-seethed hatred toward them.

"If only I am stronger, then I'll be able to wipe them all out" was what David thought at the moment of his Knights Resignation.

*  *  *

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David drifts back to reality when a familiar bark surprises him, he looks down only to see the greyhound Min Soo charmed escape from the innkeeper's watch. Slightly smiles, the man kneels and rubs the dog chin carefully and endearingly. His eyes travel toward Min Soo and Crow who casually talk to each other.

A part of him feels pain, his chest palpitates painfully when he sees the two hangs out close. Their body almost touches each other, the gaps between them slowly disappear; which is great. David glads that the two are starting to know each other pretty well. 

"But I don't like what I see" David sighs. "What happened to me? I can't get distracted".

Seeing the two close with each other pains him, nevertheless, David approaches them daringly. Tapping Crow's shoulder, the golden-eyed man shifts his gaze to David. 

"Oh, David! What's up?" the man asks David casually.

"I need your help, the ice cream" David scratch his hair uncomfortably. "I can't hold it all".

As if he understands what David means, Crow immediately asks where the vendor is. David points toward a certain direction, Crow sets off without asking too many details. David's eyes glance at the blushing Min Soo, his curiosity is piqued. His jealousy rises to the top, he wants to know what did they talk about.

"Min Soo" David calls the Idol.

"Yes?" Min Soo tilts his chin cutely.

He wants to say something but he restrains himself from doing so, he only smiles at him and then waves his hand. He can't allow himself to be distracted in the middle of an operation that involves the lives of million people. The Sports Tournament will be the key for the infiltration plan, and he can't let Min Soo know the truth of his identity.

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