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65.78% The Cold CEO's Cute Transformation / Chapter 25: Lies, You Staged That Surgery Bribing Those Surgeons.

Lies, You Staged That Surgery Bribing Those Surgeons. - The Cold CEO's Cute Transformation - Chapter 25 by Bleeding_heart full book limited free

Chapter 25: Lies, You Staged That Surgery Bribing Those Surgeons.

"Yeah, I was in Paris. However, as soon as I heard the news, I flew here immediately. Aunt Jiaying, what caused grandpa's heart attack? Is it because he kept pestering Bro Sheng for marriage, and he refused again?"

"Sheng agreed to get married this time," Mu Jiaying felt guilty because of her son, and answered half of Jeong Namjoon's speculation with a soft tone.

Jeong Namjoon stood up straighter, his eyes going wide with excitement, as he exclaimed, "Bro Sheng is getting married! How on earth is it possible?!"

His off-mood expression immediately turned into joy when he heard the wedding news. This time it was genuine.

"Why not! He is already thirty two this fall!" Lu Heitin said angrily.

Jeong Namjoon swallowed, and smiled sheepishly in the face of his grandfather's wrath. "Where is my grandma? It's been a few minutes already that I'm here, but she hasn't come to meet me yet." He said, looking towards the door.

"Mother and your uncle went somewhere. You chat with your grandfather, I'm going to bring some refreshments for you." Mu Jiaying said before leaving.

"Okay," Jeong Namjoon sat on a chair, beside the bed and started entertaining some of his thoughts.

Bro Sheng agreed for marriage? That was weird, as the former was against the idea of marriage. Also, his grandfather's sudden heart attack; were these two incidents interconnected? Who was the unlucky bride to be?

The man had a heart that was as cold as ice so there was no woman in this world who could make him fall in love.

The enormous curiosity to know the details was wreaking havoc inside Jeong Namjoon's brain, causing all the data inside to be upside down for seconds. Nevertheless, all he could do was to bottle up his curiosity until his grandmother came. He couldn't ask anything to his grandfather, lest he backfire at him, and his aunt seemed reluctant to answer wholeheartedly a while ago.

Jeong Namjoon knew his maternal grandfather's health hadn't been good lately, so this could be the only reason for this sudden wedding bell. However, very quickly, he realized everyone's fears and worries were unfounded.

His grandfather suffered cardiac arrest?

Well, it didn't seem like that to him anymore, as his eyes caught the sight of a wine bottle hidden under the bed.

Lu Heitin, who saw Jeong Namjoon staring under the bed, also felt a bad omen coming and started fidgeting in his seat. He did a rudimentary scan of Jeong Namjoon's facial expression and noticed it was filled to the brim with suspicion.

"Namjoon, your Caffè Americano." Mu Jiaying said, pushing a three storey snack cart in front of Jeong Namjoon.

It was filled with Tapioca Pudding, Salted Almonds, Fig Newtons, Dark Chocolate Bar, French Cheesecake, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Banana Almond Crumb, Muffin, Donut, Bacon, Grilled cheese, Crepes, and Scrambled eggs.

"Thanks, aunt Jiaying!" Seeing all the delicacies, the foodie Namjoon's eyes gleamed. He took a big bite from a Donut immediately, and moaned in satisfaction. Jeong Namjoon was a bon vivant, and had a sweet tooth. However, with his strict manager around, he couldn't eat as much as he wanted.

Lu Heitin, on the other hand, was also happy to see the snack cart; not because he wanted to have the snacks, but because it served as a diversion for his grandson.

Mu Jiaying smiled gently, caressing Jeong Namjoon's hair, before tilting her head towards Lu Heitin, "Father, drink the milk before it gets cold. I told the chef to make some porridge for you. I am going to check whether it's done or not.."

Taking advantage of Jeong Namjoon's slight distraction, Lu Heitin tactfully dangled his legs that covered his wine bottle, as he sat up from a lying position facing Jeong Namjoon, and started drinking the milk like an obedient little boy. Lu Heitin was afraid his grandson might see through him but his action only intensified the latter's suspicions.

Jeong Namjoon, who was sitting across from Lu Heitin, watched him silently as he nursed a cup of Americano. Once Mu Jiaying stepped out of the room, he shook his head disapprovingly.

"Grandpa, you shouldn't be pretending to be sick. Everyone in the family is very worried, especially Aunt Jiaying. Have you seen how these few days enervated her? Why give all of us unnecessary tension?"

Lu Heitin was slightly stunned, but he quickly reacted. He brought out the actor inside him, mastered a weak voice, then said, "What are you talking about? I just underwent a surgery in the number one hospital.."

How could Jeong Namjoon not tell if someone was acting or not? He was an A-lister actor of K-dramas.

"Lies, you staged that surgery bribing those surgeons. You have been fooling everyone, including brother Sheng. I just wonder, how will he react if he finds out about this? As we all know, brother Sheng abominate to be lied the most." Jeong Namjoon said, looking straight into his grandfather's eyes.

Old Master Lu unkindly sneered and fiercely slammed his walking stick on the ground, and stood up from the bed.

"If it wasn't for his good, why would I do that? How could I let him waste his life just like that?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-cute-transformation_21150063606574105/lies-you-staged-that-surgery-bribing-those-surgeons._56791389492538681">;s-cute-transformation_21150063606574105/lies-you-staged-that-surgery-bribing-those-surgeons._56791389492538681</a> for visiting.

"Yeah, but-"

Before Jeong Namjoon could finish his sentence, Lu Heitin cut him off. "I dare you to say anything to Sheng, and in the next moment, I will destroy your whole career from here! I promise, just one signal from me, and nobody will sign you in any film. Even with your father's power, you won't be able to get out of the curse laid by me!"

Jeong Namjoon knew everything his grandfather said was greatly influenced by his anger but he was still scared by his words. By chance, if his grandfather really did what he just said? The Oldman was fully capable of that!

He measured everything in his mind and concluded that it was not worth getting himself into the Oldman's spleen for the sake of supporting his cousin's lifetime bachelorhood.

Bleeding_heart Bleeding_heart

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