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Chapter 2: Interview

Leone burst to her feet, spinning around to face the figure that had appeared in the doorway. Uncaring for the white liquid dripping between her thighs and Parc who was groaning at the sudden extradition of his rod from inside her.

"H-hey, b-boss. What ya doing here? Ha-ha." The silver haired beauties glare halted Leone's awkward chuckles in place. The silver haired woman's glare cold enough that Parc could already feel ice forming in the room.

Pulling his pants back on, Parc glanced to the woman with a smile. Najenda, otherwise known as 'the Hunk of the Rebellion.' And the leader of Nightraid. Her hair cung to just below her ears. A single purple, analytical eyes washing over him before returning to Leone. Her costume was quite formal, just a plain black suit that left the upper part of her cleavage open. A fishnet collar running down her bust which Parc could only assume was a stylistic bra of some kind.

Her right arm was much larger than her other and was primarily made of metal.

In her hand was a smoking cigarette which she was tapping to remove the ashes before bringing it back to her pink lips to take another puff. Her silence more than intimidating for Leone to uncontrollably shiver at.

"Area's secured boss. How's Leone, she said it… was… urgent…" another figure appeared besides her. A green haired, green eyed boy in a green and white hoodie with red gloves and a same coloured set of goggles on top of his head. His hair covering his left eye. While his right had burst open with his mouth hanging limp, a trickle of blood trailing down his nose when he saw Leone in her dishevelled state.

Blowing out smoke, Najenda turned to the boy, "Lubbock, go do another round." She ordered.

He looked to her and back to Leone, seeing Leone's eyes grow a dangerous colour, "y-yeah, I'll-I'll just go set up some trip wires, should take me an hour…" Leone's eyes grew even more dangerous, "…Or eight." With that, he escaped.

Najenda stood silently in the cave entrance, the only thing that could make it even more intimidating being a storm and lightning that Parc was glad wasn't actually there. Mostly because it'd be damn cold.

"When Lubbock said you needed emergency aid, I didn't expect it to be a contraceptive." Najenda said, calmly puffing her cigarette. "Care to explain?" She kept her eyes firmly on Leone, but that didn't help the feeling that if he did anything that he'd suddenly find himself without a head on his shoulders.

"Uh… well… yeah, you see… I've got nothing… just smelt good. Got me antsy and well. That happened." Leone said, pinching her panties back into place, blocking the flow of spunk from leaking. Her eyes wandering the room for her top finding it on the floor by her feet. "But on the plus side, I've got us a new member." She pointed to Parc who was stock still on the bed, hands in as visible a position as any to indicate he wasn't a threat.

"Hi," he waved a hand slightly with a forced smile on his face.

Najenda rose a brow to that, "quite ballsy, believe I sent you out to rescue some operatives. Not bring in a fuck buddy."

"Well, in my defence. He knocked out a Teigu user and knew who I was. Couldn't just let him go."

Najenda's eye opened slightly at that before falling to a sharp glare towards Parc who was calmly smiling at her, doing his best not to look utterly terrified at the prospect of being executed, "and he's still alive why? Could be from the Empire for all you know."

"Uh, I'm-" Parc wanted to retort but was forced to silence from Najenda's glare. "I'll shut up, Leone, please don't let her kill me." He 'pleaded,' non-committally.

"Right, no promises on that front." She shrugged, crossing her arms under her still bare chest, nipples still hard. "but, yeah, he was helping one of the girls with her wounds. Even stitched and cleaned the girls up in the medbay." She nodded to her side where the cover was, "and after I saw him resist whatever teigu it is one of those two have, I thought, 'Hey! He'll be a good asset.' And I just sort of brought him here. And then well, his own teigu started affecting me and things just sort of went from there. Then hey! You appeared! And now I'm going to get punished, yay…" she threw her hands up in mock excitement, drawing a chuckle from Parc.

Najenda threw her cigarette to the ground, stomping on it to put it out. "You have a teigu, boy?" she asked him.

Parc looked her in the eye and said, "oh good heavens no."

Leone froze and shot her head to him, eyes wide, "But you said-"

"I said I can't turn it off," he winked at her, "never said I had one."

"Wait, then how did you-" she waved her arms to the medbay.

"I've got a tough body. Still kind rattled from all the screaming though, felt like my ears were going to pop at any moment back then." He picked his ear with his pinky, crossing his legs while keeping his hands visible for Najenda.

Leone scratched her head, "huh, so you always smell like that?"

"yep," he said.

Turning back to Najenda, Leone saw her now looking at Parc with interest, likely to the fact of Leone saying he knocked out a teigu user while not having one himself. Something that should not be possible for any normal non-teigu using human.

"Kid," Najenda addressed him, "as far as I can see it, you've got a few options right now. Join the Revolutionary Army, come with us to Nightraid for a proper debrief, or execution. Pick one, you got a few seconds give or take."

Oh, well, that's great. "I'll go with." He said with a bright smile before she could even count to one.

At that, Najenda's glare softened, eyes losing their dangerous glint as she lifted her hand and strummed on a piece of wire that had apparently been leading out of the cave. Not seconds later did, the green haired boy, Lubbock reappear behind her. Another trickle of blood coming from his nose when his eyes latched to Leone's chest.

"Lubbock, tie up our new guest. "She ordered, breaking Lubbock from his entrancement as he waved his hand, sending numerous near invisible wires towards Parc, all wrapping around him and leaving all but his head uncovered in a silver cocoon.

Parc looked down to his wrapped body with a frown, "I can walk if you give me my legs back. Doubt I could outrun a league of trained assassins." He said.

Lubbock looked to Najenda who shook her head, "Sorry, looks like the boss lady wants you wrapped nice and snug, buddy." Lubbock shrugged with a smirk.

"Leone, show me the operatives."

"Yo, Right this way," Leone crossed her hands behind her head, walking to the doorway with General Najenda following a step behind. Soon disappearing into the medbay.

Seeing his opportunity, Lubbock walked up to Parc, "dude." He said with a disbelieving tone, "did you actually just sleep with Leone? You know who she is right? I mean, I am jealous. But holy, she'd be a nightmare in bed."

Parc laughed, "dude," he said mimicking Lubbock's tone, "I got thrown into a wall and my hips feel like their on the verge of snapping. And yes, I do know who she is. Ain't that right, Lubbock."

Lubbock went silent, "of course you know my name, Najenda wasn't exactly being tight lipped about it." He snorted with crossed arms. "No, but seriously…" his voice fell to a whisper, eyes glancing around the room to ensure his safety, "how was it? She as plump as she looks? Cause my god those tits, I could just fall asleep the moment I touched them."

Parc, hummed looking behind Lubbock with a grin. That stopped Lubbocks lecherous expression in place as it fell to a blank stare, "she's behind me, ain't she?"

"Yeah," Parc nodded. Feeling a slight bit of pity for Lubbock as Leone grabbed the back of his head, lifting him into the air and turning him to look at her. Thrown over her other shoulder the girl who had been screaming at Parc earlier that day.

"Hi, how was your day?" Lubbock nervously laughed.

"Great, exciting. And more importantly, violent." Leone's hand shot down, sending Lubbock face first into the rock floor. Said boy letting out a groan as he lay there.

"I deserved that…ow…" Lubbock groaned, just barely lifting himself from the floor with a twisted nose and even more blood dripping from his nose.

Leone squatted before Lubbock, "be glad im in a good mood, otherwise I might have sent you flying, spider-boy." Lubbock swiftly nodded in understanding.

"You two ready?" they turned to general Najenda, who was carrying Maya in a princess carry. A tinge of envy creeping into Lubbock which he shook away with the reasoning that its supposed to be the other way around.

Both nodded. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Good, then let's go."

"Can you untie me now?" Parc asked. His hair a mess and laced with dirt from being dragged foot first through a forest for over and hour. Somehow luckily not having a concussion from how many rocks he'd 'accidentally' been led into slamming his head into as Lubbock dragged him behind himself.

"No." Lubbock bluntly stated. "Well, unless Najenda want's it, then yes. But as you can see, she ain't here. So no." Lubbock pushed on Parc's forehead, sending him swinging back and forth as he hung from the ceiling in his tightly wound cocoon crafted from danger beast fur.

Parc sighed, understandable. He was an outsider now directly in the lair of the most dangerous group of people in the entire empire. One who could apparently knock out a teigu user even though said teigu user was exhausted to the point of collapsing herself.

"Could I at least get some water?" he asked. His lips were indeed getting quite dry after an entire day of nothing but spittle to drink.

Lubbock pinched his chin and pondered. Continuing to ponder for a while even after taking a seat and and sitting on it with his arms crossed over the back rest.

"Ok, that's a no."

Lubbock snapped his fingers and pointed at Parc, "got it in one."

"Let him go Lubbock." Najenda said, entering the room.

"Sure about that?" he asked only getting a nod. Shrugging, Lubbocks fingers flexed, sending a wave through the wires connecting his fingers. The cocoon around Parc bursting out before rapidly returning to the spool hanging from his back.

Parc falling to the ground, his head being the first thing to land before falling onto his back. His world spinning at the much worse and arguably uch more dangerous concussion, "you're enjoying this… aren't you?" he asked, the green haired boy. Who gave him a cocky grin.

"Oh, you know it. Still need me?" He leaned back to look at Najenda who shook her head.

"No, I wish to speak with…"

"Parc," he informed her.

Najenda nodded, "…Parc, alone."

Lubbock growled towards Parc, whispering, "no funny business or so god help me I will hang up chunks of you throughout this forest for the danger beasts to feast on. Capiche?"

"Once again, if I did anything, I'd probably be dead." Parc pointed to himself, "untrained guy," and pointed to Lubbock, "trained assassin. Me doing anything is the same as a death sentence."

Seemingly content with his answer, Lubbock turned to Najenda with a happy smile, "alright boss, just shout and I'll be here." He walked past her as she nodded in confirmation. Waiting until the door to the meeting room had shut before focusing on Parc who was stretching his stiff muscles after his exciting, if not arduous drag across a forest.

Already smelling a strangely enticing scent coming from him. Which disturbed and intrigued her from how it seemed to be so easily guiding her mind to an improper area, albeit extraordinarily weak. The only reason she could reason that it had affected Leona so much was due to her more sensitive nose.

If she were being honest, she may not have even noticed it were she not aware of what Leone had told her about it. "So, 'Parc,'" she spun the chair around and fell into it, leaning forward and interlocking her finger while her arms rested on her knees. "Why were you there? So close to an Imperial platoon. They would have shot you dead the moment they saw you."

Parc looked up to her returning to his wrists a moment latter to continue rubbing them, "just was. Been out in the wilderness the past year searching for some way to the capital. Kept running into destroyed villages down every path. As if they weren't taxing them enough, they seem to be ransacking them more often nowadays" He scowled, finally finding his body loose enough to focus on Najenda and her line of questioning.

"Yes, we have been getting more of such reports. But even then, A year to get this close to the capital from the outskirts at most? Even if you encountered a moderately powerful danger beast, you would be there a few months in. That is not even considering if you were in a carriage. Where you from?"

"Old village, out of the kingdom. Got injured a while back and kept myself hidden while I healed. Couldn't walk very well with numerous stab wounds and frost bite." He laughed, rubbing a small gash that rand down the side of his neck and down his back.

'frost bite?'

"You're from the northern regions?" she asked.

Parc chuckled, "oh no, no, no. far from. I come from somewher nice and temperate. Not warm not frigid. No, I got frostbite from little miss Ice Queen. She's quite… feisty, it would seem."

"What?" Najenda's eyes shot open. He had encountered Esdeath and survived. Even calling her feisty which if he was stupid enough to say in front of her would have led to his swift death.

"Yeah, ran into her like… eight months ago? Tried to recruit me after seeing me punch some guy into the dirt for trying to rob me. Problem being that guy had a teigu on him. Couldn't use it, but even still that got her attention. I ended up being her favourite torture toy after refusing. Escaped a month or two in and I've been making my way here ever since. That's the short, less grizzly version." He smirked, rolling his shoulder.

"That… is quite the achievement, not many can escape Esdeath once she has them on a leash."

Trust me, you'll find another soon enough. He thought. "Yeah, well, large explosions in the middle of your compound tend to piss you off when playing pin, the needle on the spinal column." Parc winced at one of the more painful things she had put him through.

"I see. You understand that she will likely kill you the moment she sees you again?" he nodded but couldn't help but feel she may just want to keep her game going due too how much she liked how he smelled. Always having said it was a calming scent after a long day of slaughtering the innocent.

"Well, I can see why you agreed to come with us so quickly. We are likely the only place that could keep you safe from her when she returns from the Northern regions. Also explains why you were so willing to help those two. Get on our good side so we may help keep you alive." Her mechanical fingers began to rap on the back of her fleshy hands palm. "But that also brings a danger to us. Esdeath is vindictive, the moment she catches onto your scent she will send her bloodhounds to hunt you down. Which may just lead them to us."

He couldn't disagree, that's just what she would do to find him.

"But, from what Leone tells me, you have some type of talent. Facing against banshee head on and surviving as a normal human. Possibly making you a valuable asset to the revolution." She stopped and caught her breath, "I'm willing to offer you safe haven here. Under a few stipulations of course. Those being you are to never leave this building without at least one member of Nightraid and that you will assist us in our missions. Of course, under a disguise. Do you agree?"

Normally, one would hesitate at being offered a job as an assassin. But for someone who quite literally doesn't have a choice or face frigid death. It was the best thing since sliced bread.

"I accept."

Lasarus Lasarus

So yes, this isn't an erotic chapter. Deal with it. I also like writing stories. So expect such chapters from now on between sex scenes.


gonna really start the backlog round chapter 10 or something like that. Get at least a few chapters out for you all.


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