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0.4% The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride / Chapter 1: A messy royal wedding (1)

Chapter 1: A messy royal wedding (1)

The princess sat still as she let the maids take care of her hair and face. Her stomach churned, and her heartbeat increased with each passing second as she tried not to give in to the wave of panic and anxiety that was threatening to hit her.

Once the maids finished with her hair and make-up, they left the room, leaving Madam Grace and Paulina to dress her up. Both ladies came in with her wedding dress and jewelry, and they helped her dress up. The pieces of jewelry were like nothing she had seen, and she would have taken her time to admire them if only she wasn't so anxious.

"You still remember all I've taught you, right?" Madam Grace asked, standing in front of her and adjusting the tiara on her black hair which was tied in an updo.


Even though the princess had no idea what she was talking about, she gave the lady a nod as she feared that if she so much as said she still couldn't remember a thing, the lady might collapse. The woman looked almost as anxious as the princess was feeling, as she didn't want anything to go wrong. Her life depended on it.


"My Lady, don't worry, everything will be fine. The King said I can come with you if your husband permits it. I hope he does." Paulina, her teenage maid, whispered to her as she held one of the Princess's sweaty hands in her own, and patted it gently.


The Princess's gaze was fixed on the mirror as she tried to get accustomed to her new look. Everything about her looked different now, and she feared that her life was about to change drastically going forward. What she didn't know was if the change was going to be for the better or for worse. If she was to place a bet, she would definitely bet on WORSE.


"You should breathe. You look so pale that I fear you might pass out before the end of the day," Madam Grace said with a concerned frown as she looked at the princess, whose face was white despite the make-up.


Anyone who saw Madam Grace would think the woman cared about her. But the other two women knew better. She only cared about herself. If something went wrong, as her caretaker, she was going to be blamed. And 'blamed' here simply meant she would be killed.


The princess took in a deep breath and raised her hands to pinch her cheeks so that her face would have a little color. Not that having any color on her face was going to take away the knots and feeling of unease in her stomach. She was feeling sick.


They all turned to the door when they heard a knock, and one of the other Princesses opened the door. "It is time for your wedding, Princess Amber," she drawled, directing a malicious smile at her. 


Princess Amber. Yes, she was Princess Amber. She swallowed nervously as she tried to stand up on shaky legs. Paulina and Madam Grace quickly grabbed her when she almost fell, and they helped her from both sides in support.


She flashed them a weak smile as she straightened herself and started walking towards the door. She was really getting married? To a man rumored to be cursed? She believed she was cursed herself, but getting married to a cursed prince? She was doomed. She had never seen him before, and she didn't know the exact details of his curse, but she knew he had to be called the cursed Prince for a reason. 

She had been told that he had killed his elder brother, who was the heir to the throne because he wanted the throne. His father, the King, had left him without punishment because he was afraid of being cursed! What kind of a kingdom was she getting married into? At least that was what she had heard from Paulina, who said she had overheard some of the maids in the hallway whispering among themselves that the Prince had a very foul temper and had even killed one of his half-brothers in a fit of rage, and that was why none of the other Princesses had agreed to marry him, hence, she was the only unfortunate one left for him.


At first, she had wondered why any father would want his daughter to marry someone not only cursed, but also rumored to be a murderer, and she had been told that the King needed powerful allies. By marrying the cursed Prince who no one else wanted to get married to, their kingdom would be powerful, and other kingdoms wouldn't dare to wage a war against them, knowing the kind of ally they had.


How was she ever going to live with a man like that? He would likely kill her the first chance he got. Maybe it would be best if he killed her anyway because she still couldn't understand what she was doing here, she thought. Raising her chin and looking straight ahead, she slowly walked towards the wedding hall.


She stopped just outside the door, and turned to Madam Grace, wanting to know the next step. Madam Grace flashed her an encouraging smile and jerked her head to the door, asking her to step inside the hall.


This was it.

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