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Chapter 28: His Woman **


This chapter contains an explicit sex scene. Please read at your own discretion. xx



Emmelyn swallowed as her hand touched Mars's hard, muscular chest.

Ahhh ... she remembered this beautiful body was pressing on her last night. When he entered her, he gave her such fullness, that she still felt his manhood inside her, filling her up, even after the deed was over.

She remembered how this man satisfied her and brought her to seventh heaven so many times that she lost count.

Her first time was made so memorable that she kept thinking about it all day.

Subconsciously, Emmelyn licked her lips. She was aroused, just by touching this man's bare chest.

[Oh my God. Is pervertedness contagious?]

[Did I catch it from him because we had sex?]

[I never had lewd thoughts before. I am a lady.]

All of Emmelyn's gestures made Mars dazed. He had been watching her lips without blinking. Those lips were luscious and red like a cherry, ready to be picked.

Now they were so close to each other, with the girl's hand touching his bare chest. His heart started pounding. Mars finally couldn't take it anymore when suddenly Emmelyn licked her cherry lips so seductively,

He pulled Emmelyn up and hugged her tightly, kissing her alluring lips greedily.

Emmelyn didn't have time to protest because apparently, her body was indeed a traitor.

Spontaneously, her eyes closed, and she returned the prince's passionate kiss on her lips. Their tounges twisted and sucked each other in a fiery passion.

Like a desert that hadn't experienced rain for a long time, that was how Emmelyn reacted when Mars was kissing her. She claimed his lips hungrily, and her naughty hand traced Mars's bare chest and moved down his stomach ... then ... it went down lower... until it felt a warm hardness.

"Aaahh ..." Mars let out a soft moan when he felt Emmelyn's tiny hand touching his manhood from outside his pants. It felt so, so uncomfortable. His pants became so tight all of a sudden.

He. Couldn't. Hold. It. Anymore.

The man removed his lips from Emmelyn's and immediately carried the girl to the bed, princess style.

"Ahhh..." Emmelyn was about to protest by saying that it was still daytime and they shouldn't have sex, but her lips were silenced by Mars with a hot kiss. She suddenly forgot what she wanted to say.

"I want you," Mars whispered in his deep and dark voice after he let go of Emmelyn's lips. Her face was only inches away from his, and their eyes met.

For a moment, Emmelyn was amazed to see her reflection in those golden irises.

Ahh .. this was the first time she could see the man's face from such a close distance, and appreciate what she saw. How could this devil be so good looking? she asked herself.

Because Emmelyn didn't say anything, Mars smiled faintly and started to strip the girl. In just one night, he had become an expert at undressing women. He was quite proud of himself.

Mars kissed Emmelyn's neck while using his hands to undress the girl. His lips moved down to her chest, and when they found the beautiful twin peaks, sucked her nipples greedily alternately. At the same time, his hands kept pulling off all the garment from her beautiful body.

Emmelyn seemed bewitched by the prince's charm. She obediently let Mars take off her clothes one by one. In no time, her perfect curves were displayed in all their glory.

After the girl was lying there naked, Mars' hands traced Emmelyn's skin, starting from her shoulders, down to her chest, to her belly, her inner thighs, and supple butt. Mars kneaded her butt with his hands, while his lips keep sucking and licking her breasts. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="**_49908023933587487">**_49908023933587487</a> for visiting.

This morning, Emmelyn had promised herself she would not make a sound the next time they had sex. however, she immediately broke her promise by letting out a long moan, when Mars's naughty lips managed to stimulate her breasts until she reached her first peak.

The girl's moan sounded so sexy that Mars felt his manhood throbbed uncontrollably. He wanted to enter her immediately. So, he took off his pants in lightning speed and positioned his penis in front of Emmelyn's secret entrance. He pushed all the way in.

Mars was both surprised and delighted when he saw Emmelyn didn't seem to feel any pain at all as he rammed her with force.

Emmelyn's face was decorated with that same silly smile when she had her orgasm as her core received his rockhard manhood. It even throbbed in pleasure as he started plowing her.

Ahh, so, it's true. It only hurt the first time. Now, she only felt pleasure! How nice!

With that thought in his mind, Mars immediately got into action. He pumped in and out of Emmelyn's core regularly while his hands kneaded her breasts.

They were both panting. They both had the same silly smile on their faces.

Emmelyn could only scold herself for being so noisy throughout their lovemaking activities. She really couldn't stop herself from letting out loud moans or scream when she got her orgasm.

She kept thinking about how she wouldn't have the face to meet anyone outside of this chamber.

How embarrassing! Now, everyone in this castle knew she was being plowed every day.

However, it was the opposite for Mars. He was delighted to hear the sexy voices coming out of this girl's lips. For him, it was a testament to his stamina and performance.

Now, everyone in this castle knew he was a stud. Everyone could tell how the crown prince could satisfy his woman.

His woman.

Ah ... that's right, Emmelyn was his woman.

She was the mother of his future children.

Mars suddenly thought about their future together. How beautiful his two children from Emmelyn would be!

The thought made him smile.

Ahh ... he couldn't wait to see this girl get pregnant.

When he sensed his release was coming, Mars immediately quickened his pumping. He pulled Emmelyn's waist up slightly to give better access for his seeds to enter her womb.

He wrapped her legs around his waist while he pumped rapidly because he felt this position gave them both so much pleasure.

He was almost there, so he kept pumping faster...

And faster ...

"Aaahh ..."

When Emmelyn arched her body again, and her hands gripped Mars' arms, the man managed to catch up on time and rammed his penis all the way in. He released his seed in Emmelyn's womb.

Their bodies trembled for a few moments before they fell limply onto the bed.

Mars hugged Emmelyn with panting breath.

Ahh ... their second baby-making work was also successful. If they kept doing it every day, soon Emmelyn must be pregnant.




From the author:

Uwuuu.. I am so sorry, I couldn't publish chapters all week last week. I was in a bad place. T_T

You see, I am turning 40 this week and it's been haunting me for weeks. It's like a wake-up call that made me feel so scared. I was a girl in her 30's last week and now suddenly I'm a 40-year-old middle-aged woman???

I didn't know this would make me so stressed that I fell ill. Maybe my mind made things up too. I suddenly feel pain when doing completely normal things. Sitting is painful, standing is painful, sleeping is painful... writing is painful... Aaaaahhh... I truly feel like a grumpy grandma.

I'm now trying to come to terms with getting old(er). It's not easy, and I'm still feeling the stress... ahahaha. So, I hope you will bear with me. I will try to keep writing regularly. I want to see our Emmelyn get pregnant and how Mars will handle crazy pregnancy hormones.

PS: By the way, do you realize, Mars only thought about his future with Emmelyn and their TWO children? Ahh.. this man is adorable. He still plans to postpone having the third child for as long as possible to keep Emmelyn around XD.

PPS: THANK YOU, thank you so much for still voting all your power stones for this book. I am really touched. I will keep working hard.

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