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85.71% The Dancing beauty / Chapter 6: Are you ok???

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Chapter 6: Are you ok???

Previously: "quit running" mom yelled, she didn't listen tho because she was panicked about something. Then she saw her dad and looked calmer then basically threw herself down the stairs at dad. They all stayed like this until they herd the doorbell her dad just picked her up and walked to the door...

Father:" hello doctor Romeo"


Romeo: " hello mr. Lemaire how are you doing today"

Father: "just fine mr. Romeo"

Romeo then looks at me in fathers arms

Romeo: "And I'm guessing this is Violetta rose?"

Father: "it sure is"

Romeo:*smiles brightly* "she's adorable"

Me:*blushes harshly and snuggles further into papas chest* "no I'm not" I'm mumble

Matteo, Luka, and Enzo go stiff and growl

Me: ( what are you a bunch of dogs)

Matteo, Luka, and Enzo : * looks at me weird* what?

Me: (huh?)

Father, mother, and Romeo: * laughs*

Me: (did I say that out loud)

Father: yes

Letta: ahh crap I said that out loud too *goes red*

Mother laughs telling me I do that a lot

Me: I knowwwww 🤧🤧

Romeo : ok let get you checked out shall we

I nod and father walks over to the couch and sets me down and I wince slightly they all look at me in concern

Romeo: *neels down in front of me* what's hurting sweetheart

Me: "my lower back and my legs" I say trying not to cry but end up whimpering

Me: ( traterous tears) I think while tears slip

Romeo: ok I want you to lay on the rug

Enzo: I'll help * he says as he picks me up and I yelp in pain when I'm paced on the carpet back up * I'm sorry letta

Me : why does it hurt this bad it didn't hurt earlier *i sob into the carpet* Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Romeo: did you do any strenuous activity earlier?



Remeo: 😑 mhmm so who's lying

Letta: I'm not lying I just forgot * I sob* why am I being such a baby * I sob harder*

Romeo: ok, ok no need to get all worked up I'll help you * he says while putting his hand on my lower back* this is going to hurt but only for a minute he says while pushing down on my back and something pops

I try not to scream but I can't help it me:" ahhhh" * whimpers more*

Enzo, Luka, Matteo, and father all looked at me worriedly while mom looks like she's about to faint

Father: can I hold her

Romeo: yes just be gentle she's going to be in a lot of pain for a couple of hours

Me: (you said a minute you asshat)

But I just keep sobbing and father goes to pick me up an sets down next to matteo and Luka with me in his lap I whimper loudly

Father: shh it's ok baby* he rubs my back and I yelp so he pulls his hand away quickly*

Romeo: yeah don't touch her back please * he says while standing up and handing Matteo some pills* for the pain but it might make her a little goofy

Mom: I'll walk you out

Father: thank you Romeo

Enzo: I'll get her something to drink so she can take it

Father: *looks at me* are you ok sweetheart

Me: it hurts * I whisper

Father: I know letta Just hold on for me Enzo will be right back and you can have some pain medicine

Mom walks back in just as Enzo does so father sets me up off his chest so I can take the medicine and I whine loudly

Father takes the medicine and puts it in my mouth and gives me a drink of water befor passing me to matteo saying he had to make a call

Matteo: hey hun how you felling

I just glare at him

Mat: ok I'll shut up then

I start to feel my back hurt less as time passes and after a few minutes I'm trying to get out of mats hold

Me: lettt me gooo imm fineeee * I slur*

Luka: why is she acting drunk * he looks confused

Enzo: Because Romeo likes to sugarcoat things he said she was going act a little goofy not completely drunk

Me: WHoEvER ThReW THAt PApER....


Enzo: ... really Luka?

Luka: 😒😳 sorry I couldn't help it

Me: I Wanaaa playe tha pianoe

Ezra : no.

Me: whYyyyy * starts tearing up* why I hav to sta her!!! 😭😭😭

Matteo: don't cry letta you can play the piano

Enzo: it's your fault if she brakes it * pointed stares*


Enzo: Jesus 🤦🏽

Luka: letssss gooo * picks up letta and runs*


Luka:*looks away guilty and mumbles * sorry

Enzo: I'm so done with you guys.

- they then arrive in the piano room after a couple minutes of walking and set Violeta at the piano -

Me/Violeta: thangs

Luka : *chuckles* your welcome

Then I started playing ...

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