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Chapter 6: First Hunt

<Port of New York and New Jersey,1997>

In the vast expanse of the night, a ship was was being docked illegally. The ship was full of armed men on high alert. After few hours when the men thought that they were safe, there was a sudden blackout.

"Fuck these maggots". A short German man with white hairs and one supposedly fake arm shouted as soon the power was cut off. "Team 5 check the generators." "Yes sir, over".

"Klaue, why so serious?" "Don't you fucking give me JOKER shit. Ever since we have docked I have a very bad feeling."

(Bzzt..Bzzt..)"HE..HELp.."(tut.. tut..)

"Fuckk, Team 5 report, I repeat, report your status.... Fuck Team 2,3 and 4 check their status and Team 1 report on deck!"

After some time 2 men barged into the room with ragged breath and a face full of horror. seeing them Klaue asked "Where are the others and what happened to you both fucktards."

"B...Boss A D..Devil..." and then suddenly out of nowhere a slit became visible on his stomach and all his intestines spilled in front. Seeing such scene all of them threw up, then Klaue immediately contacted all his teams but none reponded. A face of despair was quite visible. Then a can came rolling towards them out of nowhere and smoke came out nowhere.

"Fuck it.. damn it everyone ready your arms."

But they couldn't find the guy anywhere. Then suddenly the roof collapsed and a man dropped, before anybody could react he quickly decapitated 2 of the 3 people present there and broke Klaue's arm at the cost of his sword. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Well that's vibranium for you"

Standing in front of him was a man of around 6 ft with black sneakers, jeans and black hoody with a black mask covering his lower face and golden eyes.

"Wh..who are you, are you one of their hired?"

"Me, no one important and now Ulysses Klaue where's your stack."

"Like hell I'll tell you, you shithead hahhaa.."

The figure immediately broke one of his legs and said "Very poor choice of words"

"Fuck this shitty Joker reference.. you piece of shit". Klaue growled angrily.

"You see I was just asking you for the sake of asking" and with that the person knocked Klaue unconcious. ...

<MC P.O.V>

"Well that was fun. M.A.R.T.H.A scan the ship".

M.A.R.T.H.A was the name of my personal A.I. that I built over the years, now you guys would ask why Martha cause there are lot DC crossovers. Nah.. it just so happens it was the name of my mother of both lives. Weird coincidence, I know so I just decided to name my A.I. the same.

{SCANNING... SCAN COMPLETE. Babe, its behind the wall to your right.}

"Thanks M.A.R.T.H.A" Yeah I programmed it to call me babe, petty I know but who gives a damn. With that I searched for the entrance and once I reached. Boy, I was suprised. " M.A.R.T.H.A how much do we have here?" "There's around 1.3 Ton of vibranium here." "Sweet"

Now the reason I needed vibranium was to make modes of transportation and a part of my suit as well. At first I just bought it from him and damn, it was expensive. So I decided to just rob him and asked M.A.R.T.H.A to keep watch of his activities. "M.A.R.T.H.A dear could you parcel this filth along with 100 kilos of the stash near Wakanda and just give a distress signal there"

{Sure babe. Commencing UAV for the task.}

With that I picked up Klaue and handcuffed him and left him there and left the scene on my black Ducati M900 and raced to my home after calling the cops. While on my way I realized how strong I have become over the years.

Over the past 10 years since I reincarnated, I went through a hellish training to perfect my art of sword use and gun slinging, I even became a MIT graduate in electrical engineering, and boy I didn't forgot to irritate Tony at every chance I got .

Through the years we became quite close over our little competition which he lost every time especially during Jarvis death a few years back. From then on he became a spoiled rich brat which was under control thanks to me but I didn't stop him because that's what makes him Tony Stark. We even attended party's together but each time he would just grit teeth in irritation when girls would flock to me and I of course like a good friend flirt with all of them in front of him. but each time a shiver would run down my spine making me suspicious that I'm going to regret it in future. Blahh.. I'll just leave it for then.

At one point I even thought of saving my future wife but then I considered the pros and cons and decided not to interfere because it was especially these conditions which made her that strong and I wanted her to be strong as I like my woman that way, though I kept track of her till S.H.I.E.L.D got hold of her a few months ago.

As I was thinking of my past I had reached an abandoned building, as soon as I got inside, M.A.R.T.H.A let me pass through and an underground ramp opened and I descended through it. Once I reached my base I exited my vehicle and waked to a secret elevator. I descended down to mt secret cave which was very similar to that in Dark Knight except I kept my lights on. Seriously, whats with the need for darkness in own personal base.

"Good evening, SIR, I suppose you have completed your task, would you like to have a bath"

"Thank you Alfred, I would love a long hot bath."

After some small talks Alfred left to do his tasks and I commanded "M.A.R.T.H.A I need all blueprints for my Knight mobile, Knight jet, Knight rider and my suit ready by tomorrow" "Sure dear~"

With that I went to take my bath during which I checked my status.




Name: Karl Knight

Age : 15 years

Title: The Reincarnator(+5 INT), Genius Prodigy, The Business Man, Magic Knight(+10 MP, +10 STR, +5 AGI), Magic Apprentice(+10 MP)


STR: 18(+10)

AGI: 22(+5)

STA: 28

INT: 25(+5)

MP: 180(+10+10)

CHA: 25(MAX)



[Regeneration(SSS)], [Mana Manipulation (S)], [Mana Ball(SS)], [Cure(A)], [High Heal(locked)], [Martial Prodigy(S)], [Swords Master(SS)], [Soul weapons(locked)], [Observation Haki(S)], [Mind Palace], [Dash], [Meditation (SS)], [Fire arrow(A)], [Blizzard(C)], [Wind Typhoon(A)], [Water ball(B)]


[Soul weapons and High Heal locked at 18 years of age] ______________________________________________________________________________________

'Well that's quite the progress'. I thought as I went to my bed and drifted to my dreamland doing kinky stuff with my girl and a certain pirate spying it all.. damnit.

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