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62.5% The Dark Knight of the MCU / Chapter 15: First Meet(Flashback)

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Chapter 15: First Meet(Flashback)

It has been some years since I have started training with Alfred and going out during the night fighting some hoodlums to gain some experience and honestly it was quite taxing at first but the amount of times I got into fights I pretty much got used to it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I have also been able to get all my gadgets built up and had M.A.R.T.H.A online a few months back and since then I have made her search for all data on S.H.I.E.L.D , HYDRA and the most important at that time the RED ROOM and I have to say they are the most secret organization after HYDRA because even the S.H.I.E.L.D didn't have anything on them except their existence and them being funded by someone called Task Master. the person who is the head of the organisation training some super spies. It honestly made it very hard to track them down. the only thing I knew was that the faculty I was looking for is in Russia and honestly the world not being technologically advance enough and the base practically cut off from the world through any form of technology and situated somewhere camouflaged in the snow didn't help either.

It took M.A.R.T.H.A months to scan every inch of land of Russia through our satellites and running an algorithm to find all the possible locations of their base through out Russia and honestly they were in hundreds. You know Russia is like the perfect place to go incognito at that time as more than half of it was sparsely to none populated and a large part of it occupied by mountains and forests.

So since last month I started raiding to all the places listed and most of them were empty but I was able to find some of HYDRA bases nothing extravagant more of like bunkers to store their military techs which I happily hoarded and destroyed their bunkers. I was able to get to one of the rare recruiting office of the Red Room, yeah the place where they buy children or take orphans to be trained and with the help of some extreme torture I was able to get the location of the area where it was located as they didn't know the exact location as they handed the children to a contact, they were just some small time traffickers that sold them for some petty cash at least for me.

I had to wait for about a week at the outskirts of Budapest, yeah it was in Europe. I cursed myself for not searching for Europe as well. Anyway it was late night when a caravan arrived with some children and handed them to bunch of people in a suit which I quietly observed from the shadows. After the transaction I followed them with the help of a nano-tracker.

I followed them to a medium sized and not too eye catching Ballerina studio. I kept observe for a few days and found out that it was just another outpost and the real one was in Belarus. So on the third day I decided to take action.

I entered the building through one of the windows and observed the whole building through my scanners and found a piano in a lone room. I walked to the room and scanned the room for any irregularities and found a particular place on the floor where footprints practically vanished and saw them originate from the piano. I scanned the piano and saw a set of keys most used and ran an algorithm and figured out the keys for the tune Symphony no 7 which I played and I button popped below the piano after pressing which a part of the floor opened and a lift came.

I entered the lift and started hacking all the electricals of the base. The base was about 4 kilometers below and size of soccer field with multiple floors. As soon as I reached down I casted [Silence] on myself and walked through the first floor which consisted of security personnel while slaughtering all of them. The next room was where all staff resided and I just zapped them to death as they had very much did the same to those children.

The next floor was where all the children were, I simply casted [Sleep]on them and teleported them to the already prepared warehouse. I also found the room of Nat which was empty, so I proceeded further to next floor where I found a schedule of a hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy operation on her. I immediately dashed to the operation room.

<Nat P.O.V>

I have been in this hell hole for some years, hell hole because here we were made to do things that were wrong but we had to for survival, thankfully there were no things as sexual harassments because for them we were more of puppets or precious experiment rats especially those that were not subpar. I had understood that if I didn't want to be a lab rat I had to be the best so I managed to last till the end and today I had an operation which basically makes me infertile. I didn't want this, I want to have a family after all this but I was powerless and had to endure.

As I was contenting to my fate I heard screams outside and then after some time a boy with a suit which my instincts told was 3-4 years older than me and probably the most dangerous person I have met . He just observed me and then in a flash slaughtered everyone in the room in the most brutal manner that made even me puke. I was on guard but he freed me and I soon made a distance from me and took a stance . He just looked and said

"I just saved your friends and am here for the same for you."

I decided to trust him and followed there was nothing I could do anyway. As I nodded I was suddenly in a warehouse where all my batchmates were. I looked around me and observed him and he just said "A miracle." I didn't question as I didn't want to piss him off.

After some time everyone woke up and he briefed them of what he did and offered them a chance at normal life but had to agree to some conditions as we were trained elite assassins. Many agreed with him and he gave them all a bracelet which just gave him their location just to monitor that they are not going around killing mindlessly.

I pondered for a bit but I decided to along with my friends to go on our own as i didn't know anything about him and I needed revenge from those. I thought he would protest but he nodded in understanding and gave me a device in order to contact him whenever we needed his help and even told us that he would be happy to have us as his family.

I was tempted but I had my priorities I didn't know how many more red rooms were out there and me being a survivor of one of them was compelled to save them and destroy all these facilities and maybe just maybe have a chance at my very own family later. Maybe if I met him again in the future I may try to get to know me.

He after sorting out some things gave us a card with some millions to help us out in the future and even even gave us each a forged identity my named 'Natasha Romanoff'. which I liked, a new name for a new life. We then bid him and others farewell and went on our way to complete our task.

[Hey guys, this chap is for their first meeting the next chap would be their another meeting. I would also explain some of MC's thought regarding his impressions of her which made him some what obsessed with her .

So hape you guys give me some more damn reviews and comments and just spam the stones to me. Cyao~]

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