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Monster In Our Home!! - The Dark Lord's Maiden - Chapter 1 by Nancy_Jim full book limited free

The Dark Lord's Maiden The Dark Lord's Maiden original

The Dark Lord's Maiden

Author: Nancy_Jim

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Chapter 1: Monster In Our Home!!


"Oh, Bessie! It bereaves my precious heart to comprehend the purpose for which the King of Denmark put his son through so much trouble to seek vengeance of his brother, Claudius," said Elizabeth in a mimicry of Shakespearean accent to her dear old Bessie.

"Milady, why have you come here to trouble this poor woman's mind? Who is the king of Denmark? Also, who is his brother, Claudius?"

Bessie asked her lady whilst she dropped the wooden dishes she had just washed and put them away neatly, in their place.

Elizabeth gave no reply at first.

The Blythe's family to which Elizabeth belonged was an averagely rich family of four—Mr and Mrs Blythe, Louisa[their first daughter] and finally Elizabeth[their second daughter].

The family also had a sole housekeeper who had served them for nearly two decades; her name—Bessie.

Bessie had served the Blythe's family from when Beth was adopted, or so it seemed, as narrated by her masters...

The master and wife of the house brought home a baby one day so pale and tiny that the master feared that she had a terminal illness and would die in a matter of days.

Then said his wife to him as a clever scheme crept up her sleeves...

"Come now my dear, lest we be held accountable for the death of this twine-like creature, and that our kindness will get mistaken for evil..."

Her spouse had an expression of worry and concern in his countenance no doubt, and he[Mr Blythe] decided to hear what his wife had to say.

"What do you suggest then? Should we return it to where we picked it up?" asked Mr Blythe to his wife.

"Not so, my dear. We'll not! I have a suggestion, and it'll definitely excuse us of blame..."

The witty suggestion of Mrs Blythe had been that the services of a maid should be employed in the guise of a housekeeper and that this woman would be the one to care for the baby she and her husband had brought home that day.

Unbeknownst to the husband, once he had heard his wife's suggestion he had swiftly accepted without knowing the actual ploy behind his wife's suggestion.

Mrs Blythe had suggested such, so that when the baby dies, she would blame it on the housekeeper's carelessness in looking out for the child's health.

However, the child lived and grew into a fine woman with exceptional features; her name—Elizabeth.


"Milady, have you been reading again?" asked Bessie as the thought occurred to her. She then gave herself to laughing heartily.

Cutting her laughter short, Elizabeth decided to speak.

"Your suspicions are true Bessie. I read a certain book but in the end it made me sad." Elizabeth said and then began to sulk noticeably.

"Well in that case... It's simple, milady. You just have to desist from reading such books that make you sad." Bessie said with a gay countenance.

Elizabeth then smiled into a smirk and walked closer to assist Bessie with doing the dishes.

"You know, Bessie...if not for two things in this house that keep me happy— studying many books and lately—Mr Pickle... I would have fainted from excessive boredom."

"Shush, milady. Don't utter such careless words. You have a family that keeps you. Not many of us have that luck. And I have shown you the love of a mother these long years. Does that count for nothing?"

Bessie reprimanded her lady with a frown on her wrinkling face[due to excessive stress throughout her youth] thereby causing Beth to feel somewhat guilty.

Impulsively, Elizabeth reached out to Bessie and hugged her from behind, eyes shut and her slender arms curled about the woman's upper abdomen.

"Oh, Bessie! I am not the least bit grateful for having you in my life. You should know already how dear and precious you are to me."

Beth's words made Bessie smile broadly while flaunting her brown set of teeth in the process.

She then pat her lady's hands gently before resting hers over them.

Since Beth was a great deal taller than her, having her this close always reminded Bessie of how much the tiny baby of a few years ago, had grown.

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'How time flies!' thought Bessie.

"Stop now, milady. We don't want your sister or father walking in on us like this. You know the rules... we should not be this close."

"Very true...BUT it is easier to break the house rules for your sake," said Beth. She then giggled melodiously.

"Thank you, milady! You are indeed kind."

"Am I?"

"What sort of question is that?"

Elizabeth then spared a half of a second to remember something before speaking...

"Still... the King of Denmark should not have troubled his son, Hamlet from the spirit world to have him avenge his death."

'My god! This girl won't let me be if I don't listen to her book talk.'

Reluctantly, Bessie spoke...

"Okay, milady! Tell me all about your book. But make it brief. You know I have to get lunch ready early enough."

"Thank you Bessie..."

An excited Beth then narrated everything with purposeful glee stating her opinions in-between brief pauses until Bessie who had neither seen nor read the book "Hamlet", understood Shakespeare's purpose for writing it.

"...and in the end, everyone died. But, I was touched by Ophelia's death the most. She died in the most pitiful way. It is sad! Love is indeed a very strenuous topic to venture."

"Hahaha, come now milady. Don't be silly!"

"But I am not! I'll never want to bother about LOVE," Elizabeth declared rigidly.

"Nonsense! You are ripe and will soon be entrusted to a kind gentleman within this village or the a man who is befitting enough in the eyes of your father."

"Then I shall dread such a day when it befalls me."

"It is not something to be dreadful of. It is nature. Don't spew such nonsense, milady."

"Hm, I better go care for Mr Pickle and see if he is hungry. Of which he should be by now."

Thus, Beth excused herself.

Bessie, however had her thoughts...

'Elizabeth had better stop reading such books that contradict love. She is due to be sent to her own home and save herself from further dependence on the Blythes. Sooner or later, she'll need to marry...'


Beth made it to her room in no time, and made herself sit on a tall stool in front of her rabbit pet [Mr Pickle] on the table before her.

"Now, now dear! Have you been a good good rabbit? Yes you have...good boy! Here! Have some fruit. I know you must be famished already," said Elizabeth.

She then handed some freshly harvested carrots to the little creature in its little cage which was handmade by Mr Levi[the carpenter]

Elizabeth was still busy with her routine of breaking the carrots to bits before handing it to the fair-skinned rabbit when...

"Aargh!! Mother!! Father!! Beth brought...There is a monster in our home!! Help!!"

At first impulse, Elizabeth froze like glacial with her blood instantly turning cold as a result of fear.

The squeaky feminine voice had sounded louder than the bullhorn of the Town's Crier which he used to get information quicker to the inhabitants of the village [Griffinwald].

Knowing whose voice it was, Beth made the effort to tilt her head to the side only to find her sister.

"Louisa?! Wha- are you doing here?"

By now, Elizabeth's Eden-green eyes revealed one great emotion... the kind they reflected whenever she got in trouble; HORRID FEAR!

"You have a beast in your room, Elizabeth," her sister said fiercely, "Mother and father need to be told of this foul thing that you have done." With those determined words, Louisa excused herself from her sister's presence running about like a mad woman, screaming hysterically as she went on.

"Help! Mother! Help! Father! We are not safe! Beth wants us dead!" Louisa screamed repeatedly.

She soon arrived the living room to the sight of her mother who was adorned in semi-rich fabric and seated on her favourite armed-chair.

Mrs Blythe had her shoulders propped up while she pushed out her body in a subtle way to give her the elegance and charisma of nobility.

Also present in the living room was Mr Blythe.

The report that the girls' mother had just heard from her daughter frightened her to her bones. Therefore she got up at once, but her husband sat still.

"My dear, did you not hear your daughter's report?"

"I did, but we both know how expressive our dear Louisa can be."

"Not now, my dear. I keep saying you have just as much love to share between the two girls. As for Beth, we are giving her enough as it is. Now, don't worry my poor nerves. Your actions have strained them enough off late."

"Hahaha, nonsense talk my dear. Your nerves have always been torn apart from the very second I saw you. I won't take them any seriously if they did so now."

Mr Blythe was a man of character and rigid principles, anyone who ever thought they could study him had no idea what they were saying when even his wife never understood his current mood or the next for the twenty something years of living together as man and wife.

"So, if I am correct... you're saying that my nerves don't matter even the least to you?"

"They always did but not when it is a disguised manipulation as you so often use them."

At her father's last comments, Louisa burst into tears feeling spited by her father.

"You have angered her sorely." His wife said to him before turning to pamper her daughter by caressing her long golden-brown hair, the same kind she had herself.

"A grown woman like herself who could be sent for by a notable gentleman should not be this quick to let loose."

"Let loose? You treat her complaints as nothing and still blame her for crying? What a father you are!" Mrs Blythe said while looking at her husband with a stern expression.

By now, Louisa's sobs had begun to decrease its tempo.

"Wipe your tears, my dear girl," Mr Blythe began.

" tell me, what manner of beast did you see in your younger sister's room?" He asked.

"I-it was a rabbit, father. A giant rabbit."

"A rabbit?!" Both her parents exclaimed at the same time.

"Yes mother," Louisa replied her mother staring into her hazel brown eyes which she had also inherited from her.

Both parents were utterly amazed at this.


Back in Elizabeth's room, she'd continued to pace back and forth whilst wiping off the sheens of sweat which had continuously trickled down her face due to her anxiety.

Also finding very little comfort in the simple silk dress she had worn, she hoped in her heart that Mr Pickle won't get picked on, by the rest of her family.

"Oh god! I surely hope not!"

[Edited by Ayaan Kehn Lord]

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