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100% The Dead System / Chapter 4: 04- Death And Anguish

04- Death And Anguish - The Dead System - Chapter 4 by Kotoa_Kami full book limited free

Chapter 4: 04- Death And Anguish

"Finish up here." He ordered.

Hearing those words put a gleeful grin on Oliver's face and a terrified expression on Theoden's.

Oliver strolled to Theoden with a bounce in his steps, dark and horrific grin imprinted on his face. Theoden could do nothing but look up at his towering figure with a mixture of hatred and fear in his eyes.

Oliver forcefully grabbed him by the hair and brought him up to his face, they stared at each other in silence for a few moments.

"Don't do anything unnecessary, Oliver." The leader of the group spoke one last time before walking off into the distance with his teammates.

"Tch, boring as always, team leader." Oliver muttered under his breath. He refocused his attention to the helpless and weak elf in front of him.

"It's not everyday you walk through a gate and find civilised beasts, that even managed to create a whole society. Fascinating, isn't it?"

Theoden couldn't focus on what Oliver just said, the scene of the man before him killing his sister in cold blood replayed in his mind. Taking away the only person who showed him a shred of kindness and decency. Taking away the only reason why he chose to stay alive.

'I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you.' these words took over his mind momentarily.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Theoden yelled out in anguish as he pulled back his fist and launched it with all of his strength, aiming for this murderer's face.

To his surprise and disappointment, Oliver dodged the fist with ease. Using his left hand to cover his yawning mouth. "Damn, that all you got? Killing you might be a favour." He said in a bored tone.

Oliver used the sword in his right hand to piece and penetrate Theoden's chest, the tip of the blade was visible protruding out of his back. His mouth filled with blood, his bright blue eye slowly began to lose their light, his limbs grew weakerby the second. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"W-Why? Why?!" Theoden used his remaining strength to spit out the question.

Oliver pulled his sword out of his body and wiped the blood of of it with the fabric of his pants. "It's what must be done, for the sake and protection of what a boring person would say but really... I just find it fun." Oliver chuckled before turning to face the burning and devasted village.

Theoden collapsed to ground, slowly losing his consciousness as his vision began to blur. Before he fell he heard the words that Oliver yelled out. "Let's some fireworks."

At that moment, several explosions decimated the remains of the village. Filling the air with ash and small pieces of debris, Oliver gazed at the event in awe as if he were a child watching a light show.


Daichi and his teammates stood deep in the forest, surrounded by trees and vegetation a few hundred meters away from what remained of the destroyed village. They stood there in silence, impatience was clear on each of their faces.

In the distance, sounds of twigs breaking and dried leaves crunching could be heard. As they looked in the direction of the noise, Oliver approached them with a childish smile on his face.

"Finally! Took your time." one of the outsiders reprimanded him.

"Relax, Roxy. What's the rush? Slow down and enjoy life a little." He responded.

"Sadistic bastard." The outsider who was named Roxy looked away with a frustrated expression.

A few moments after Oliver joined his teammates, a large, nine meter hole made of purple and red energy appeared in front of them. The scene didn't seem to surprise the group, in fact they acted as if they were waiting for it to appear. One by one they walked through the hole, when they all got through the hole got smaller and smaller until finally closing. Leaving no trace of the group.


Ash, smoke and ember filled the air.

Dead bodies of men, women and a few children riddled the streets.

The ground was covered in blood, grass dyed red in dried blood.

Lying in a pool of his own blood in the middle of all this destruction was Theoden's corpse. He bled to death minutes after his murderer's departure.

After a few moments of ominous silence, a ringing sound echoed in his pointy ears. A holographic window made of dark green light appeared in front of Theoden's lifeless face.

{ Congratulations, you have died }

{ You have met the necessary requirements to unlock the System Of The Dead }

{ Installing system }

{ 03% }

{ 49% }

{ 69% }

{ 100% }

{ System successfully installed }

{ Reviving host }

When that last notification window appeared Theoden's corpse started to moved in unnatural ways. His arms and legs started bending in ways they shouldn't. His lifeless blue eyes slowly shifted to a dark grey colour. Peach toned skin took lighter and paler tone.

After all that his body became still once more. His body stayed this way for a few minutes before his upper body rose up, Theoden took deep breaths and was panting intensely.

"What the hell!?" he couldn't help but blurt out the words in a panic.

He looked around in shock and horror when he saw the state of the village or what was left of it. Memories of the event hit him like a train, the death and despair was overwhelming. He then remembered something that made his heart ache.

"Lia...Lia!" he yelled out, looking around him in search of his sister. Rising up to his feet, ignoring the stinging sensation in his chest.

He didn't need to search far, he saw her corpse lying on the cold, bloody ground. He couldn't process what was in lying in front of him. His sweet, stubborn and innocent little sister was dead.

He fell to his knees, tears swelling up in his eyes. Despair filled his heart as he tried to stop the tears from falling but failed horribly, he kept sobbing and crying for a little over thirty minutes. When he regained his composure anger, disdain and hatred took him when he thought of the people who caused this. Their faces permanently imprinted in his mind.

"I'll kill you... I will kill all of you." He whispered, making a silent vow to avenge his sister's death.

Kotoa_Kami Kotoa_Kami

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