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Do as I say - The Defiant Queen - Chapter 2 by Lilian_Makakavhule full book limited free

Chapter 2: Do as I say

Ha Eun woke up groggily with a blurry vision. She squinted her narrow eyes trying to make out her surroundings. It took some time to realize that she was bound and she was unable to move. As she tried to move, the thick rope on her wrists tied behind her tightened more causing her to feel pain. When she tried to call out for help, his voice came out muffled indicating she was dark. She stopped fighting the ropes to see where she was and she couldn't see much. The place was dark with no she of light except for the little bit of the moonlight that didn't illuminate much.

She squirmed around like a worm trying to loosen the rope bit it did not work. When she thought about how she ended up in that situation she couldn't come up with anything. All she remembers was coming back from the market heading home but now she's someone else. This place was unknown and unfamiliar to her. She laid on the hardwood floor trying to think about logical reasons that would have caused her to land up here. She knew for a fact she owed no one. No one would want to kidnap her, she has no money and even her family wouldn't be able to claim her. They were poor citizens of the country. " Oh no! Mom, dad, and Miran would be worried about me. Do they know I've been kidnapped" She thought as she laid helplessly on the floor? Tears started streaming down her cheeks as she thought of her poor fragile mother suffering from a heart attack because she is missing. Worst of all she doesn't know why she is taken but she hoped it was not anyone driven by carnal lust. A cold shiver ran down as she thought of being in the captivity of a person who defiles her of her innocence. Who would marry a woman who has lost her virtue? She would be doomed for sure and be compelled to take her own life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Interrupting her from her pitiful thoughts was the sound of the door creaking open. Her senses became high and she was more alert of her surroundings. She closed her eyes tightly and hoped for the intruder to leave and walk away.

" Wake her up and make her sit up straight" a commanding voice instructed whoever was in the room. She felt two pairs of arms on either of her arms making her sit down on her bottom and someone tapping her cheek to wake her up. She thought of prolonging it but then imagined the person losing their patience and slapping her awake. Immediately her eyes shot open. In front of her, she saw a man who was in royal attire. When she turned to her sides two men wore black clothes with their faces covered. The room was now illuminated by a lantern.

She could see her surroundings. It looked like a storage for old things because they were covered in dust and cobwebs. She raised her eyes and looked the man in front of her directly in the eyes. She violently squirmed around in anger for being tied up like an animal for a reason unknown to her. His screams and profanities were blocked by the gag. The two-man beside her were trying to manhandle her while the man just stood watching her emotionlessly. She had deduced that he was a royal officially judging by his attire but her still the unanswered question was why she was here and where was she for the matter of fact.

" How are you doing, Your Highness," he said stressing on " Your Highness". She stilled with confusion and she felt the man was mocking her. The fact that she was gagged was beginning to get on her nerves. " That what you should be getting used to hearing because you'll be hearing that a lot from now on" he further stated ever so calmly. She was plunging deeper with a confusion of what the unknown man was going on about and her eyes squinted with a quizzical expression. He motioned with a hand gesture for one of his men to start to untie her. " If you try to run or scream you will be beheaded right wherever you are. Make no mistake" he threatened with a sinister glint in his eyes as a promise. The man who was untying was done and she felt her sore limbs and dry mouth loosen up a bit. Where the ropes hand been they left red bruise marks that were aching. She immediately soothed them with her fingers delicately flinching and hissing in pain. After some time of tending to her wounds she looked again at her captor and mustered the courage to confront and ask the million-dollar question, " Why am I here?" The man acknowledged her question and gave a reply. " You are here to serve a greater purpose. " She found his answer to be vague and understanding the man further explained. " You are here to take the place of the deceased Queen. You look just like her so you will do just fine. All we need is your face. That's all. " She looked at the man as if he had grown two ads with shock. " What do mean I'm going to be a Queen. Is this some kind of a joke or prank because if it is it's not funny" Ha Eun rambled in a raspy voice. The lack of hydration had tried up her throat but that was not her main concern at the moment. She quickly added having had enough of the nonsense she was hearing. " You know what? Whatever it is you are on about I don't want to know about it and I don't care about it. You got the wrong girl. Have to get back to my family, they must be worried sick," she said trying to stand up but she was pushed back on the floor by the two men. She glared at them but they didn't react.

" No need to worry about them. If you behave like a good girl, you'll be able to see them soon. Guaranteed you do as I say. From now on your actions will determine whether you get to see your family...alive or as corpses. It's up to you if you'll reunite with them mourn their deaths. So I suggest you cooperate with me or face the dire consequences." The fact that the man was so calm while declaring this bothered her. She couldn't understand if this was a dream or reality. How did her life go from simple and routine to this complicated mess? She was speechless fearing that her next words if are not carefully considered may cost her the lives of her family. She was having an internal battle to which she lost with no other option than do to do as she was told. Powerlessly she hung her head facing the floor in defeat. Her street-smart ways were not going to get her out of this predicament. " What do you want me to do," she asked in a lowly voice. " Now we're are talking" the man uttered pleased by her submission.

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