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Read The Descendant of Avatar Aang (Asami Sato X Beifong Male OC) - Chapter 16 online

Chapter 16: Investigation

Asami's eyes carefully peeled open as she yawned and felt the exhaustion of their activity last night started to bleed away. Her green eyes opened softly and she reached out to gently cup Kota's cheek.

Her playing around was enough to stir him awake completely as his eyes blearily slid open. He blinked a few times to make sure he was awake and aware enough to realize his girlfriend was stroking his cheek. The softness of her touch and the warmth of her smile was enough to lull him back to sleep. He smiled and closed his eyes, "I love you. Did I do enough last night to convince you to say it back?"

"Yes you did," She giggled, "I love you too." Asami leaned in and kissed him on the nose before sliding into his embrace. Kota's arms encircled her body and pulled her in as they settled quietly in their morning lull, "Last night was fantastic."

"It was," Kota agreed, "We should probably think about making this a regular thing."

"Eh, I tried it once. I think I'm good." She looked up at his surprised face as she smirked, "I'm kidding of course. We're definitely trying that again when we get the chance. But maybe not as frantic as last time?" Asami shifted and grumbled, "My body was hurting last night after we were done."

The earthbender looked sheepish, "Uh, sorry about that. I kinda went a little gun-ho while we were getting into it. It's just..." Kota paused and struggled to find the words before shrugging, "It felt really good."

"It really did." Asami wholeheartedly agreed, "But if we're going to be making it a regular thing, I think we should decide how we're going to be going to sleep after this." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kota looked between them, "What's wrong with this? How else would we sleep?"

"Ever heard of a big and little spoon?"

"Of course..." Kota said, "only an idiot will not have heard of it."

Asami giggled before she shifted around so her back was pressed to his chest, "This is the first choice. You're the big spoon and I'll be little. What's the benefits?"

"Benefits?" Kota slipped in and spooned up against Asami's back. As he settled in he smiled, "Oh yeah, this is pretty great. For one, you wear a great shampoo and I love the idea of waking up to it every morning." He leaned into her black hair and basked in the comforting, pleasant smell of berries and soap. He loved the sound of Asami's giggle before he continued, "You're also incredibly cozy, and I also get a feel of these babies."

"H-Hey!" Asami squeaked as his hands settled over her breasts and gently started to squeeze them. She flinched and felt her cheeks start to warm up as his palms rubbed her nipples and pressed the areoles down. She frowned before finally speaking up, "Well this is certainly nice, but I see two problems with - stop it."


He stopped squeezing but didn't remove his hands from her breasts. She rolled her eyes before continuing, "There are two problems with us situated like this. Firstly, you might choke on my hair in the night and die."

"I can live with that."

"Cute. And second, I can't wake up every morning feeling THAT poking my butt."

"Feeling what poke your - oh." Kota looked between them at his raised shame, "Sorry about that..."

Asami laughed at his indignant expression before she twisted around, "Now you turn over." Kota complied and showed her his back as she pressed in and circled her arms around his chest. She sighed contently as she reveled in his warmth like a big security blanket, "Oh, I love this."

"Yeah, I can definitely see the appeal." Kota shuddered as he felt Asami's perfectly shaped breasts press and conform to his back. He committed the sensation to memory, "I can feel the perk of it too. Or in this case, two perks."

"Seriously, stop it." She smacked his back to make him stop. After a moment her hands started to rub and feel the muscles of his chest and abs. Then her hands started to drift further down before they both settled on the stiff, hot member between his legs. Kota looked back at her as she gave him a sultry look, "If we're settled on big and little spoon, would you like me to wake you up like this every now and then?"

"Sure, I'd like that but you know if you did, I might be ready for something else, right?"

Asami tossed their blanket off their bodies and climbed up on him. She ended up straddling his hips and sitting on top of him as her breasts dangled in front of his face. Her face flushed and she gave him a heated look, "I'm more than ready to go again."

"Then you're the big spoon."

Asami leaned down and laid on top of him as they started to kiss. Her hands rested on his shoulders while Kota's started to hug her waist. They continued on for a full minute and prepared to go forward to do more until Kota separated their kiss.

"Okay, we should get up," Kota said.

"Oh, right." Asami had a solemn look as she laid on his chest like a pillow. She ran her hand on his chest as his hand got tangled in her hair. He looked down and saw Asami who looked disappointed that their morning plans had changed. He patted her head, "You should go take your shower first while I pick up the clothes."

She nodded, tracing a finger on his chest, but her eyes suddenly widened before a cheeky, mischievous smile grabbed his attention, "You know one shower for two people means half the time, right?"

Kota smirked, "Oh, well we should be using our time efficiently."

"Glad you see it my way."


After Kota and Asami's 'long' shower and getting in a clean pair of clothes, the couple was now walking to the dining room. The Air Acolytes were giving them some looks, turning their heads to the side and such, mumbling to one another. This had made the couple blush at hearing a few of the things the older people were talking about.

Before Kota and Asami go their separate ways, Asami kisses her boyfriend on the cheek.

"Love you," Asami said.

"You too," Kota said.

'With Korra'

Korra had sped walked to the speedboat to head to the fire nation, but encountered Asami who was walking to the police department.

"Hey there," Asami said.

"Hey," Korra said back.

"Have you seen Bolin?" Asami asked.

"No sorry," Korra said, "Look I have to go I'll see you later."

"Alright," Asami simply said.

The two girls nodded as they turned and made their way to the exit until Korra noticed something.

"Hey wait a second Asami," the Avatar suddenly said, getting her attention along with the others.

"What is it?" Asami asked, wondering what she wanted.

"Are you... glowing?" Korra asked, earning a startled look from Asami as she quickly turned away.

"W... what!? No I'm not... why would you even say that!?" the heiress of Future Industries asked as she tried to play it cool. She had already been embarrassed when the young female air acolytes asked some her questions no one should say and the last thing she wanted was for Korra to find out about her night with Kota that ended her virginity.

"Cause you seem to have a kind of happy atmosphere around you and your skin seems to be shining." Korra explained while looking at her suspiciously much to Asami's fear.

"I also heard banging on the walls and moaning in Kota's room," Korra commented, but her eyes widened as she looked to Asami.

"You had sex with Kota!" Korra exclaimed.

Asami's face started to be as red as a fire ferret and started to run away in embarrassment.

'Dammi Korra,' Asami thought, 'You had to say that out loud!'

'With Kota'

"In. The. Air. Temple." Lin started off, looking Kota dead in the eye, making him freeze in his seat, "Your father is going to kill both of you."

"He's an airbender." Kota quickly pointed out, "Non-violence policy."

"I'm sure your father can bore you to death. No worries on that end, but from me?" Lin said, not as the Chief of police, but also a mother, "Mister, I swear!" the shades snapped closed as eyes looked in that direction.

"No Mom, please!" Kota's voice cried out as the sounds of smashing was heard.

"Seriously! Twenty! TWENTY! I'm not ready to be a grandmother! Are you insane! You have your whole life ahead of you and I'm sure your father-!"

"Mom, come on! It's perfectly healthy-Hey, watch that thing!" Kota's voice shouted in panic as the sound of something like glass was heard breaking.

"Spirits, where did I go wrong, what happened to that pure little boy that would-"

"Hey, watch the baby stuff! And I am not a baby anymore, I am an adult!" Kota proclaimed his manliness.

"Says you!" Was the report of Lin as the ground shook for a moment.

The officers exchanged looks as the office, snickering a bit to themselves as the concealed window screens were suddenly moved aside when Kota's face came crashing against the window. "SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS FUCKING MAD WOMAN!" he cried out for help from anyone that was looking at him but they all instantly shook their heads while silently mouthing 'no.'

"MAKO HELP ME, DUDE!" Kota yelled for Mako as he was suddenly pulled back in and the screen once again prevented anyone from seeing what went on. The only thing that was heard were Kota's screams of terror, along with maybe a few man sobs. Of Manliness.

A few minutes later, the door opened and a haggard Kota and pristine Lin walked out of the office, "Now, when your father comes back or whenever you see him, you are to tell him about your night with Asami."

"Y-Yes mommy," Kota said in delirious pain.

Lin patted his head, "Good boy." She said as Kota, who was in comical tears, walked out of the department. Lin looked around, "What are you all looking at? Get back to work people, this isn't a street show!" she barked and the officers instantly hurried back to work, in fear of earning her wrath.

'With Korra'

After talking to Varrick about getting a speedboat, Korra drove it to the Fire Nation. Korra is driving the speedboat through the sea and then a bump hits the boat.

"What now?" Korra looks back and sees Desna and Eska on jet skis and using waterbending to attack.

'With Kota'

Later that day, at the police headquarters where Kota and Asami were standing in a room with a one-way window. Allowing to look into the interrogation room, where chief Beifong was interrogating the captain of the latest ship of Varrick that had been captured along with detectives Lu and Gang.

"...Without that sale, I don't know how much longer I can keep my company going." Asami said, worried, "What am I gonna do?"

Kota didn't say anything as he listened into the conversation through the intercom.

"...We were ambushed about thirty klicks outside the harbor. We never heard them coming." the captain explained.

Kota was in thought as he was listening to the conversation.

"And in Republic City's jurisdiction, which means another problem for us." Lu said, sighting as he started stroking his mustache, "All this stress is gonna turn old black beauty gray."

"It's gotta be the Northern Water Tribe." Gang said, "They're trying to stop supply lines to the South."

"I agree." Beifong said, turning to the captain, "Is there anything else about the attack you remember? Anything unusual?"

"There is one thing." the captain said, "The bombs exploded in a way I've never seen before. They didn't have fuses, it was like they were being detonated remotely."

Asami later looked to Kota who was thinking about this, "What do you think?"

"I think I am seeing some dot's here." he explained, "Just figuring out how they are connected."

Just then Varrick entered the room as well, "Asami, I heard the news. I can't believe they took my fifth favorite ship in the Varrick Industries fleet! Named her after my mom. Rest in peace, Rocky Bottom."

"Without the money from that shipment." Asami said, "Future Industries is almost broke."

"Chief!" Mako said, walking into the interrogation room, something in his hand, "I think there's a link between this attack and the attack at the cultural center."

'Why is he interrupting her interrogation?' Kota thought, 'You should never interrupt a Beifong interrogation.'

"What do you think you're doing?" Beifong said aggressively.

"Solving this case. Did any of the people who attacked you have one of these in their hand?" he asked, showing clearly what he had in his hands, "I think it's a remote detonator."

"I-It was too dark to see anything." the captain said.

"Mako!" Beifong said sharply.

"Chief, I don't think the people who attacked were Northern Water Tribe." Mako argued his case.

"Of course they were Northern Water Tribe." Gang said, "They were waterbending."

"Was this one of the guys who attacked?" Mako asked, holding up a photo.

"No, I don't recognize him." the captain said.

"Mako, leave." Beifong said threateningly, "Now." just as Kota, Asami and Varrick enter the room as well.

"Great work, everybody." Varrick announced, "Another open and shut case for the dynamic mustachioed duo!"

The two detectives look smugly at Mako, who continued to press his idea, "Chief, I know it's a long shot, but I have an idea how we can catch these guys."

"Yeah, let's all listen to the rookie." Lu said sarcastically.

"Enough!" Beifong snapped at Mako, "I don't want to hear your lame-brained rookie ideas. You're a beat cop, not a detective. Now hit the street and do your job or you're fired."

"Mom, Mako is a good cop. He's a good man." Kota said.


Kota and Asami stepped out of the headquarters, they spotted Mako standing with his back to them.

"I'm gonna check on Bolin," Kota said, "See you later."

"Later." Asami said, kissing Kota on the cheek. She later walked over to the firebending cop.

When Kota walked off, he later climbed up the building roof to listen in on their conversation. He crouched down so he won't get caught.

"What's this idea of yours?" Asami's voice said.

"A sting operation. I was thinking we'd set up a bait ship, take it out into the open ocean, and capture whoever attacks it." Mako's voice spoke, "For the plan to work, we need the police, and Beifong already said no."

"We can make it work, just the two of us."

"I don't know. I don't want to go behind Beifong's back. If she finds out, I could get kicked off the force."

"Mako, I need your help." Asami argued, "My Mom is gone. My Dad is in jail. Future Industries is all I have left of my family."

"Why can't you ask Kota?" Mako asked.

"Koko has been there for me and has comforted me," Asami said, "I don't want to rely on him for everything."

"I want to help, I really do. But this is more than a two-person job." Mako said, "First of all, we'd need a ship."

Then that a third voice joined in on the conversation, "You need a ship? I got a ship. I want in on whatever you're talking about. I love being in on plans."

It was Varrick.

"The less you know, the better." Asami spoke.

"Perfect! I love not knowing things!"

"All right, I'm in. Let's get these guys." Mako said.


On the mover set of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, where Bolin in his Nuktuk attire is talking with Ginger.

"So... that kiss. I liked it." Bolin said, "And it seemed like you liked it too."

"You're confusing Ginger the actress with Ginger the character." the red head said.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I'm totally getting, like, a weird vibe from you right now." Bolin continued, "It's like, a minute ago, when we were shooting, you were into me, but now you're not."

"That's because Ginger loves Nuktuk, not Bolin." she said, walking off in annoyance as comes walking in the opposite direction.

"Hey Bolin," Kota said, coming into the set.

"Oh hey Kota, what's up with you?" Bolin said.

"Just checking up on my student?" Kota said, standing next to him, "So how have you been doing? Surely you have been practicing some of the techniques I have taught you, right?"

"Sorry, I've been kinda busy, you know, rehearsing for my big scene." Bolin said with a big smile, "There's gonna be some crazy 'pyrotechnics'." he added by making air quotes.

It was then that the assistant director called for Nuktuk on the set for the running explosion scene.

"Anyway, wish I could stand around here and chitchat, but you know, I gotta go shoot my big scene." Bolin said, waving at his Mentor for Earthbending before running to the set.

"Okay, the set is clear." assistant director said, "Camera's rolling. And... action!"

"Ginger, stay down!" Nuktuk spoke, "I'm coming for you!"

Kota takes a seat, watching his student film his set. Nuktuk runs off, with explosions trailing behind him. Stroking his chin, Kota stood up and walked over to the pyrotechnics technician who is loading explosives.

"Hey there." Kota said, "Random question, how did you rig those explosions to go off like that?"

"Mr. Beifong! They are pretty neat, huh? It's a Varrick Industries exclusive." Pyrotechnics technician said, "Here, check it out. The explosions use a remote detonator." he passes Kota a detonator, the exact same one Mako had as evidence at the police station.


Very late in the evening, after getting away from the sting operation, Mako and Asami were rushing to the hangar.

"Someone paid the Triple Threats to keep us distracted." Mako said, "I overheard Viper talking about it."

"Distracted? From what? Oh no." Asami said, as they entered the warehouse of Future Industries. Where she powers up the warehouse, illuminating a warehouse with mecha-tanks and other Future Industries equipment.

Some had definitely been moved, but a group of knocked out Triads were laying on the ground, tied up together. One had a piece of paper taped on his chest.

Asami let out a relieved sigh before taking the paper from the man, reading the message, "I believe this is for you." she said, handing him the letter.

"'Please deliver to officer Mako.' - ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)"

"What? Why me?" Mako said confused, "Who gave me this..." but he stopped mid sentence when he saw the tears pouring out of Asami's green eyes, "Asami, you alright?"

"I know who did this," Asami said, running off.


Kota was at Air Temple Island after taking a shower and saw Asami with a tears of joy.

"Hey, Klutz," Kota said, "What's up-"

He was later tackled with a hug and was pulled in for a kiss. After a few seconds, Asami pulled away and smiled at Kota, "Thank you, for saving my company."

"I know how much it meant to you, so I did my best to find the people in charge," Kota said.


The following week, Kota and Asami were walking to the set of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, the two were invited by Varrick himself.

"So, what's Mako's move?" Kota asked.

"Thanks to you, Mako is looking into who hired the Triad to steal it and Future Industries stock is rising." she said with a big smile, "What's not to be happy about?"

They walked up on the set where the crew members are leaving for lunch, only Bolin is left there, still suspended by the props.

"...Hello? Anyone? Nuktuk is still up here, all alone." Bolin said, hanging there, "Hey guys!"

"Hey kid, how are ya?" Kota asked, joked just as Mako entered as well.

"Hey you two," Mako said, "Where's my brother?"

"Uhh, he's hanging around somewhere," Kota said as Bolin managed to free himself before plunging down.

"Ahh! Ow, aww. Oh, I got to stop doing my own stunts... Still less painful than Kota's scatter shots." Bolin said, standing up.

"I found out who's been stealing from Future Industries." Mako said to them, adding in a whisper, "Varrick."

"That's a tall accusation Mako," Kota said, "What is your reasoning?"

"He wants Republic City to go to war, and he wants control of the businesses that stand to profit the most from it." Mako explained, "He already had all the shipping, so he wanted to get his hands on Future Industries."

"Varrick helped save Future Industries." Asami said, "He's my business partner, not an evil mastermind."

"Those two things aren't mutual exclusive." Kota said, "What else you got, Mako?"

"The detonators he uses in the movers are exactly like the one I found at the cultural center attack." Mako explained, "And those explosions were exactly like the ones the captain reported when Asami's shipment was hijacked. Don't you see?"

"Anyone could have gotten their hands on one of those detonators." Asami argued, "You seem stressed, Mako. Maybe you just need to relax."

"I'm with her on this," Kota said.

Mako just sighed and walked off. Kota stares after him along with Bolin and Asami.


Kota was nearby Varrick's office, he has been following Mako's every move to make sure he was okay, since he was his student's brother. Kota was hanging on a ledge nearby to make sure he wasn't seen.

"...I hear you've got some ideas. You wanna tell me about them?" the voice of Varrick said.

"Go ahead. Torture me all you want. I'm not gonna talk." Kota said.

"Torture? The only thing I want to torture is this pesky foot fungus!" Varrick said, who suddenly let out a scream of pain, "The burning means it's working!"

"I heard you've been investigating the recent attacks on my ships, and I think you know that I know that you know, you know?" Varrick said.

"Know what?" Mako asked.

"That the world is a dangerous place, and that's exactly why I want to offer you a job on my security force." Varrick continued to speak, "We need you. Me, Asami, Bolin, Kota... Okay, maybe not him but we're all in the same team here. We want you to join us. You wouldn't want anything to happen to your brother, would you?"

"What are you saying?" Mako asked.

"I'm saying I want your help to protect him." the businessman said, slightly threatening, "Without you, who knows what could happen?"

"Thanks for your concern, but the answer is no." Mako spoke. The sound of footsteps were heard, the sound of a door closing was heard.

Kota later sighed and dynoed higher onto the ledge and used his Seismic Sense to track Mako from a distance, something is telling him that Mako was going to be framed.


That evening, Mako is sitting in his apartment, looking through multiple documents when a knock on the door is heard. Mako opens the door to see Asami waiting.

"Did you come by to tell me how paranoid I am?" he asked, standing aside to let him in.

"No actually I came to tell you who gave us the letter," Asami said, "it was-"

There was a sudden bang on the door, "Police!"

Mako opens the door, revealing Chief Beifong, Lu and Gang. "Hey, Mako." Lu said, walking in, "Hope we didn't interrupt you two."

"What's going on?" Mako asked.

"We busted some Triple Threats who said you hired them for a job." Gang said as he opens a wardrobe.

"All right, it's true." Mako admitted, "We were trying to figure out who stole Asami's stuff, so we hired them for a sting operation. I'm sorry for going behind your back." Gang closes the wardrobe while Lu opens a shelf.

"According to the Triple Threats, you did more than that." Beifong said, "They said you helped them steal another warehouse full of Future Industries property."

"That's crazy!" Asami said as Lu walked off.

"You're gonna believe a bunch of criminals?" Mako said in disbelief.

As Gang looks through the living room, Lu opens the door leading to the bathroom where he almost let out a scream of fright.

Beside the open window, stood a silhouette holding a bag, filled with money and explosives. Lu's eyes widened in fear, feeling that the figure was sending a death glare at him. Finding his courage, the detective stepped backwards, closing the door quietly behind him.

"Something wrong?" Gang asked his partner.

Lu looked from his fellow detective to the bathroom door, staring for a few seconds before walking back to the living room. "Nope." he said quietly.


Varrick was sitting at night in his office when suddenly, the bag full of money and explosives was dropped on his desk.

"What! Who!? Are you crazy!?" he turned around to find himself face-to-face with Kota, "Look who I am asking that! What did I do to deserve this honor, Mr. Beifong?"

"I know what you did, and what you tried to do to Mako." Kota said, pissed off.

"Hey, everyone needs to make a living. I tried to make him see reason, but he wouldn't listen. Perhaps you are different." Varrick said, leaning back into his chair.

"You have been known for being a war hero during your time with the United Forces," He said.

"That was a long time ago," Kota said, leaning in closer, seeing the slight hint of fear in his eye, "Anything you try won't work. I can't be bought, bullied or negotiated with. I am coming for you, Varrick. Better watch your back."

Kota later faked a punch that made Varrick flinch, but when he looked back up, the son of Tenzin and Lin Beifong was nowhere to be seen.


Flying Shorty back to the Island, Kota got off his bison. But all of a sudden, panting heavily his vision blurring. The caves where the bison slept were switched between a grassy field with massive waterlilies and a bright yellow sky.


Inside the realm of the spirits, where a massive tree stood where near its roots, a purple barrier was. Behind it was a massive black spirit with dark orange symbols on him and a similar colored eye.

A man walked up to it, falling to his knees. "The Avatar is dead, and we cannot open the Northern portal." the man said, dropping his head in shame, "I have failed you, Vaatu."

"You have not failed me... yet, Unalaq." Vaatu said, "The Avatar still lives."

"How do you know?" Unalaq asked in surprise, looking back up.

"Even though my connection to Raava was severed, I can still feel her presence. The Avatar will find you, she has just entered the Spirit World." Vaatu explained, "Something else is here as well... A powerful spirit not Raava..." the spirit later hummed as he knew who was nearby, "How interesting."

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