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Chapter 14: Allies and the Endgame

Republic City is now full of Equalist airships patrolling the skies and the Aang Memorial Island statue is now wearing Amon's mask while the Equalist banner is hanging from the staff and there are mecha tanks surrounding the city hall as Hiroshi is standing on the front steps talking to a large crowd of non-benders.

"It is a glorious day, my Equalist brothers and sisters! Amon has torn down the tyrannical bending government! He has declared bending illegal and has the Avatar on the run! Our great leader has a vision for the future. One day soon, bending will no longer exist and we will live in a world, where everyone is finally equal! The United Forces are on their way right now to try and stop that dream, but we will prevail!" Hiroshi announced and the non-bender crowd cheered loudly.

Among the crowd are three chi-blockers who look at each other and they walk off to Republic City Park and arrive at a small clearing with a large rock in the center and one of the chi-blockers bend the rock revealing a hole and they go for the hole before the rock slides back over it.

The chi-blockers then remove their masks revealing to be Koda, Korra, and Mako and they are walking down a dim hallway.

"Can you believe Hiroshi?! 'The Avatar's on the run'. I'm not running from anyone! Let's go back up there and knock some heads; they'll never know what hit 'em." Korra said.

"Korra, that's not smart. This situation's only gonna be worse." Koda said.

He later sat down in the refugee shelter along with the others as he rubbed his temples in stress.

"General Iroh's coming with an entire fleet of battleships," he added, "I just hope he gets here as soon as possible."

'Hours Later'

Everyone was sleeping except Korra, who was wide awake and lying against Naga.

"Getting antsy?" the voice of Koda asked.

"Huh," Korra said, turning to the voice, "Oh, hey Koda and yeah. I got this kind of pit in my stomach."

"Yeah, I got that too." Koda said as he plopped down next to her, "But don't worry. We'll get through this." He said reassuringly.

"Hee, it's hard to believe that only a few months ago I was in the south pole practicing for my fire bending test and now I'm in the middle of an all out war." She said.

"Yeah, the shit hit the fan big time for us, but I got to say, if you never snuck on that ship to here I would have never met you, which would have sucked greatly since you're the most awesome girlfriend a guy could ask for." Koda said with a smile.

"You're pretty awesome yourself." Korra said with pink dusting her cheeks.

Koda gave her a kiss, "Get some sleep Korra, you're going to need it." He said as he patted her head and walked off to bed himself.

Korra just smiled at his retreating form as she held her fingers to her lips.

'Next Morning at Republic City Harbor'

It was early morning at the harbor as the new team Avatar was looking for signs of the UF naval fleet.

"Once the United Forces arrive, we need to be able to help in any way we can." Korra said

"They're here." Mako said

Large naval ships could be seen off the coast.

"Wait a second...where are the Equalist airships?" Korra asked in concern as she looked up to see nothing there.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Koda commented as it felt way too quiet for his liking.

Mako took Bolin's telescope and looked around the harbor, "I don't see any Mecha Tanks either." The fire bender said.

All of a sudden an explosion went off and hit one of the ships.

More explosions started to happen all around the other ships.

"A minefield? Dammit, there wasn't anything about a minefield in those documents." Koda said in slight anger.

Korra, without hesitation, jumped into the water to help.

"Korra!" Koda shouted, "Damn that girl for being so hot headed." He cursed to himself.

All of a sudden they heard a buzzing sound in the air and turned to the sky.

"What is that noise?" Asami asked.

"I don't know." Mako said as he looked into the telescope trying to see anything out of the ordinary.

"Something's coming." Koda said.

No sooner did she finish that sentence, multiple high speed planes appeared as they flew towards the fleet.

"Where does Hiroshi find the time to keep inventing new evil machines?" Bolin asked comically.

As Koda saw this he got some distance from the others and raised seven 2 foot pillars around him.

"Mako, Bolin, get over here!" he shouted

"What are you doing?" Bolin asked as they rushed over.

"Helping out. I need you and Mako to attack the ships," He said with a grunt as he lifted a large piece of the harbor under them, sending them in the air, "While I steer."

"Yes captain my captain!" Bolin said with a mock salute as he realized that the pillars were for him.

"Good soldier." Koda answered and they both grinned.

"Would you idiots knock it off?" Mako said as they headed to the battle.

Both shrugged, "It's an earthbender thing."

Mako just pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance as he got ready and sent a fireball at one of the planes.

The planes started to drop aerial bombs on the ships.

"Aim for them in mid-drop!" Koda ordered as he shifted their position higher in the air.

"Roger!" "Got it."

They tried to hit them, but only got a few.

Just then a plane pasted them, but Koda knew the pilot.

"Hiroshi." He whispered in shock.

He shook his head and turned to the others, "Aim for the wings they must be vulnerable."

They nodded and started to aim for the wings and managed to get about three.

"Reloading!" Bolin shouted as he moved to the next pillar and Mako moved over.

They kept aiming for the drop bombs and planes.

Just then Korra rose out of the water on a giant water pillar and made large icicles rise out of the water and cut the wings of the planes flying low to the water.

A plane collided with her water pillar and tore through it and she plummeted to the water.

"Korra!" Koda shouted in concern, but focused on moving the large they were on somehow knowing she was okay.

A bomb hit the crow's nest on one of the ships and Koda winced. He felt sorry for whoever got hit by that.

He saw Korra come up moments later with General Iroh and guided his floating rock to them.

"Need a ride?" Koda asked in a humorous tone.

"It would be nice." Korra said with a slight shrug.

"Can we save the flirting for later, my arm is killing me here." Iroh intervened.

"Oh General Iroh, always the killjoy." Koda said with mock sadness.

"Someone needs to be the mature one here." The general fired back.

Koda rolled his eyes at that one.

Mako and Bolin pulled them on and Koda headed back to land.

'Refugee Shelter'

They all gathered around Iroh and Korra used her water bending to heal his burned left bicep.

"I was prepared to deal with Sato's Mecha Tanks and Air Ships, but not these new high speed aircrafts." Iroh said as he grunted a bit from the healing he was given.

"I know. Every time we think we have an advantage, Amon outsmarts us." Korra said.

"Whatever plan we come up with, he always has a better one." Bolin said in hopelessness.

"Amon is winning so far, but we're not out of the fight yet." Iroh said in determination.

"It's always good to have you around General." Koda said with a grin.

"You too, Lieutenant," Iroh said with a smile.

"Is Uncle Bumi coming?"

"Yes, but I need to warn him and his men. Avatar Korra, do you still have a way to get a message out?" Iroh asked.

"I know just the man for the job." Korra said.

Later Gommu is setting up a telegraph machine while Iroh and the gang stand behind him.

"And WHO is the recipient of this top secret message?" Gommu asked.

"Commander Bumi. Second division of the United Forces." Iroh said.

"Why hasn't Tenzin mentioned he has a brother?" Korra asked.

"He can be a bit crazy," Koda said.

"But he is the bravest commander you'll ever meet." Iroh said.

"Ready, sir." Gommu said.

"Fleet ambushed and destroyed by Equalist aircraft. Retreat to Red Sand Island until my signal. Do not approach the city until you receive the all clear." Iroh said and Gommu finishes the telegraph. "Now comes the hard part. We need to ground those aircrafts. Otherwise, Bumi's fleet would never be able to retake the city." Iroh said.

"They flew in from this direction. The airfield must be somewhere over this mountain range." Mako said, pointing at the map.

"Everyone, get ready. We leave at dawn." Iroh said.

"Yes sir," Koda said.

"It's time to take my father to a lesson." Asami said bitterly.

"Wait, I'm sorry, but I'm not going with you tomorrow." Korra said.

"What?" Mako asked.

"Why not?" Asami asked.

"I'm sick and tired of hiding from Amon. It's time I faced him." Korra said.

"That's not a good plan. We need to stick together." Iroh said, trying to reason with Korra.

"I'm not waiting for him to hunt me down. My guts telling me it's time to end this, on my terms!" Korra stated.

"Then I got your back, Korra." Koda said as he walked to her as he threw an arm around her shoulder and smiled at her.

A smile she happily returned.

Iroh hmm'd, "My grandfather would respect the Avatar's instinct, so will I." Iroh said.

"To be fair, your grandfather trusted my grandfather, so you should trust me," Koda said.

"And that I have." Iroh said with a fond smile.

'Next Morning'

Bolin and Mako gave each other a hug with Gommu crying in the background.

Bolin walked up to Korra and told her to be careful and Korra told him to bring Naga.

Asami gave Mako a kiss and wished him luck. She later went to Koda and gave him a massive hug that Koda returned back.

"Stay safe Koko," Asami said.

"You too Klutz," Koda said back.

Iroh, Asami, and Bolin along with Pabu, mounted Naga and rode off while Mako and the United Forces soldiers stayed to protect the refugees.

"Good fortune and success to you valiant heroes!" Gommu said bidding them farewell.

'With Koda and Korra'

The two were walking into the sea and Korra waterbends a large bubble while underwater and they later walk out of the seas and arrive at the shores of Air Temple Island and they put on their chi-blocker masks on and climb up the shores and they find an Equalist airship in which Amon is on board.

"There's Amon." Korra said.

"Let's go into the temple and wait for him to come back." Koda said.

"Then let's ambush him." Korra said.

The two make their way for the temple.

"Hey! What are you two doing here?" The lieutenant asked.

"Uh, we were just transferred." Koda said.

"Well, you're getting transferred again. Amon wants extra security at the arena today. We're also meant to have top priority in finding the Avatar and Chief Beifong." The lieutenant said.

"The arena? For what?" Koda asked.

"The rally. You should've been briefed about this." The lieutenant said.

"We'll be there, sir." Korra said and the lieutenant left.

"Now what?" Koda asked.

"Don't worry, I know another way in." Korra said as they scoot stealthily.

They later arrive at the next part of the temple and Korra opens a wooden panel on a wall and climb in.

"Let's hide in the attic." Korra said as they climb up through the attic's trapdoor and they arrive inside the attic.

"Hey, we're not alone up here." Koda said and they find someone locked behind bars and it's Tarrlok.

"Tarrlok?" Korra asked as they take off their masks.

"I don't suppose you're here to rescue me." Tarrlok said.

"Not really and you don't deserve it after everything." Koda said.

"Look, we had no idea you were here. Are there other prisoners on the island?" Korra asked.

"No, I'm the only one." Tarrlok answered.

"And what makes you so special?" Korra asked.

"I'm Amon's brother." Tarrlok answered, shocking the two.

"Wait what?!" Koda asked.

"How is that possible?" Korra asked.

"He's from the Northern Water Tribe. He's a Waterbender and a Bloodbender, like I was." Tarrlok said.

"Amon is a BENDER?" Koda asked.

"What?" Korra asked shocked and they looked at each other and back at the councilman.

"Did you know this all along?" Koda asked.

"No, not until he captured me." Tarrlok said.

"How did your brother become Amon?" Korra asked.

"And why is he a liar and a hypocrite?" Koda asked.

"I don't know why, but it all began with my father, Yakone." Tarrlok said.


A smiling Yakone is in a hospital and a surgeon walks to him.

"With the help of his former gang, he escaped prison and underwent surgery to change his appearance." Tarrlok said, narrating the flashback.

The nurse and the surgeon begin the operation and later the surgeon removes the bandages revealing Yakone's new face and he now looks younger with darker hair.

"He assumed a new identity and settled down in the Northern Water Tribe. That's where he met my mother, a warm and caring woman." Tarrlok explained.

Yakone arrives at the Northern Water Tribe in the snowy hills and he finds a woman sewing a coat and they smile at first sight.

"Before long, they started a family together. Amon was the firstborn, under the name Noatak. I was born three years later. Noatak was a good-natured kid, always looking out for me. Those were the good years." Tarrlok said.

Yakone and his wife are outside and two boys are playing together and one is Noatak while the other is a younger Tarrlok who trips while trying to tackle and starts crying but Noatak helps him up.

It's now nighttime and both Noatak and Tarrlok start training at Waterbending.

"Before my brother and I discovered Waterbenders. At first, we were excited by our new abilities, but our training brought out a different side of my father." Tarrlok said.

Tarrlok drops a glob of water.

"Tarrlok, you better shape up or you'll be out here in the cold all night until you get it right." Yakone said in a demanding tone.

"I'm trying, but..." Young Tarrlok was cut off.

"Try harder! Your brother was never this sloppy!" Yakone yelled and Young Tarrlok started crying.

"Dad, he'll get it. He just needs time." Young Noatak said.

"Don't talk back to me, son! Ever!" Yakone yelled.

"Even back then, my brother wanted everyone to be treated fairly and equally. When I was seven, my father took me and Noatak on a hunting trip far away from home. He told us his true identity was Yakone, Republic City's most notorious crime boss and that he was once a Bloodbender of rare skill." Tarrlok explained.

Yakone takes Noatak and Tarrlok outside the village and they sit at a campfire and Yakone explains everything to them including Bloodbending.

"What's Bloodbending?" Young Tarrlok asked.

"The most powerful and feared form of bending in the world. It was declared illegal thanks to that coward Katara. Our family has the strongest line of Bloodbenders in history. You boys have the power inside of you and I will teach you to master it." Yakone said.

"What happened to YOUR bending, Dad?" Young Noatak asked.

"The Avatar stole it from me. That's why I brought you out here, to learn your destiny. You two will become Bloodbenders of the highest order. When the time is right, you will claim Republic City and you will destroy the Avatar. You must avenge me. THAT is your purpose in life." Yakone said.

"The good days were behind us. Every full moon, our father took us on another supposed 'hunting trip', where he secretly trained us in Bloodbending. We kept the truth from my mother." Tarrlok said.

Yakone, Noatak, and Tarrlok are hiding from a herd of yaks and Yakone nods at Noatak who stands up and starts Bloodbending at one of the yaks making it stand up and forces its head back making the yak groan in pain.

"Stop! You're hurting it!" Tarrlok said.

"Toughen up, Tarrlok! You'll need a thicker skin for this." Yakone said and Noatak lets the yak down making it run away along with the others. "Very good, son, very good." Yakone said.

"A few years later, my father taught us to Bloodbend anytime, without the need of the full moon. We practiced constantly and I hated every minute of it. I had no stomach for manipulating helpless animals. My brother, however, seemed to revel in this newfound power. He was a prodigy, mastering my father's psychic Bloodbending technique by the time he was fourteen." Tarrlok said.

Yakone and his sons are hiding from a pack of wolves and Yakone signals Tarrlok to go making him breathe deeply and uses his Bloodbending to make the wolves stand in rows and move from side to side making the wolves whimper in pain and Tarrlok releases them making the wolves leave but Noatak uses his Bloodbending to make them come back and lifts them in unison and then lifts them into the air making Yakone smile at this and then Noatak sets them down and makes them bow to him.

"That's the way it's done. That's what you need to strike for." Yakone said.

"Even though Noatak was my father's favorite, it wasn't any easier for him. He carried the burden of all Yakone's expectations and demands. Something changed in Noatak over the years; the loving brother I once knew became cold and detached. Our father pushed us to extremes, and one day, he made us Bloodbend each other." Tarrlok said.

Yakone makes his sons stand face-to-face.

"Noatak, go!" Yakone said and Noatak starts Bloodbending Tarrlok who struggles and Tarrlok falls to his knees and Noatak narrows his eyes making his brother lean back. "Excellent. Tarrlok, your turn." Yakone said.

"No. I won't do it." Tarrlok said.

"Bloodbend your brother, Tarrlok!" Yakone ordered.

"That felt awful. I don't want to do that to anyone. I never want to Bloodbend again." Tarrlok said.

"You're a disgrace, a weakling. I'll teach you a lesson you insubordinate..." Yakone was cut off as he struggles and Noatka is Bloodbending him.

"Stay away from him." Noatak said.

"How DARE you Bloodbend me!" Yakone yelled.

"What're you gonna do about it? YOU'RE the weak one. You always say Bloodbending is the most powerful thing in the world, but it isn't. The Avatar is. He took your BENDING away. What could be more powerful than that?" Noatak said Bloodbending his father to his knees.

"I made you what you are. You're mine." Yakone said.

"We're your sons, not your tools for revenge." Noatak said and goes for Tarrlok. "Let's go. We can run away from him. Forever." Noatak said.

"Run away? But what about Mom? We can't just leave her." Tarrlok said.

"He was right about you. You ARE a weakling." Noatak said, throwing his father a distance away with his Bloodbending and starting running off.

"Noatak! Don't leave! Please! Noatak!" Tarrlok called but Noatak was gone.

"My father and I searched for days, but we never found a sign of Noatak. We thought he perished in that storm. My mother was never the same after the loss of my brother. My father stopped training me. With Noatak gone, his hopes for revenge withered and he passed away a few years later." Tarrlok said.

Yakone gets from the table and leaves the house.

'Flashback Ends'

"That is the saddest story I've ever heard." Korra stated

"Avatar Korra, Chief Koda, I am truly sorry for what I've done to you both. I thought I was better than my father, but his ghost still shaped me. I became a soldier of revenge just like he wanted me to be and so did my brother. The revolution may be built on a lie, but I believe Amon truly believes that bending is the source of all evil in the world."

"Did he tell you who he was?" Koda asked.

"No, when he took my bending, the sensation was somehow familiar. I later recognized it as my brothers' bloodbending grip." Tarrlok answered.

"So...he somehow uses blood bending to take peoples bending." Korra thought out loud.

"I don't know how he does it, but then again I've never encountered a bender as strong as Noatak." Tarrlok said

"How in the world do we beat him?" Korra questioned.

Koda grinned devilishly, "We hit him where it hurts the most." He said.

"Where?" Korra asked.

"We got major dirt on him, so where can we use said dirt?" Koda question.

Korra thought and her eyes lit up, "At the rally!" she said in glee.

"Exactly, we expose the truth in front of all his supporters..." Koda started

"And his entire revolution collapses!" Korra finished

Korra turned to Tarrlok, "Thank you...for your help."

Tarrlok just turned his head to the side.

Koda started to walk away, but Korra stopped him.

"We can't just leave him here." She said

"Go. Amon can't know if anyone spoke with me. Defeat him. Put an end to this sad story." Tarrlok said and they nod and Korra starts to leave but Koda stays.

"I'll be back for you," Koda said.

"Thank you, and I'm sorry... for attempting to assassinate you. And I'm sorry for comparing myself to your grandfather. But I know your grandfather would be proud of you. Now go, help the Avatar put an end to Noatak's tragedy." Tarrlok said and Koda nods and leaves the attic.

'Snowy Mountains'

Deep in the snowy mountain area and down by a path in the forest was Naga as he was running into the mountains while carrying Iroh, Asami, and Bolin who was also carrying Pabu.

They eventually stopped near a cliff when they saw Amon's planes descending somewhere.

They looked down from the cliff near them to see the newly built Airbase where a couple of the new high speed planes were returning and landing for a refuel and reload of weaponry after their successful attack on the United Resistance warships.

"Well I guess it's safe to say we found their precious airbase." Iroh said as he stared down at the machines that sunk his fleet with a hard expression.

Iroh turned to Bolin, "Alright Bolin once we get down there I'll need you to earthbend those runways so their planes can't take off which will leave them defenseless for us to destroy." he said in a serious tone.

Bolin gave a salute, "Aye aye captain...arg I mean general, general Iroh sir!" he said with bumbled words as they turned to head down the mountain but as Bolin took a step he heard Naga letting out a whining noise with Pabu on top.

Bolin gave them a serious look, "You guys stay and wait until we get back alright." he said as he turned but saw Naga about to take a step forward, "No, stay." he said with a hand signal for emphasis.

Naga let out another whine but lied down obeying the order with Pabu now lying down as well.

The four members of team avatar made their way down a hill where they saw fence posts that strangely had no wires or anything attached to them to provide a blockade.

"Why would there be fence posts but no fence." Asami said in confusion as she looked at the post as she and the others got closer and made their way to just walk by them.

Bolin, Asami, and Iroh approach the Equalist base which seems to lack a fence and no wires.

"Why would there be fence posts but no fence?" Asami asks but then they get electrocuted and they cry in pain and they fall to the ground unconscious.

"Suckers." A voice said revealing to be an equalist guard.

'At the Pro-Bending Arena'

Koda and Korra stationed themselves on a high balcony and waited for Amon to begin his speech.

Amon rose on to the stage facing the audience.

"Thank you for joining me on this historic occasion." Amon said.

The crowd cheered wildly.

"When I was a young boy, a Firebender struck down my entire family and left me scared. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world." Amon said.

"That's a lie, Amon!" Korra yelled, making Amon look up the balcony to see the three Equalist soldiers and they take off their masks revealing themselves.

"Or should we call you Noatak?" Koda asked and the crowd started murmuring amongst themselves.

"You want them taken out?" The lieutenant asked but Amon raises his hand.

"No. Everyone calm down, we have nothing to fear from the Avatar. Let's hear what she has to say." Amon said.

"Amon has been lying to you. The spirits didn't give him the power to take peoples' bending away, he uses Bloodbending to do it." Korra said.

"You're desperate Avatar; making up stories about me is a pathetic last resort." Amon said without worry.

"Your family wasn't killed by a fire bender. His father was Yakone and his brother is Councilman Tarrlok." Korra continued.

"An amusing tale, but I will show you the truth." Amon said as he took off his mask to show his scared face which stunned the crowd.

"This is what a fire bender did to me!" Amon said as he pointed to his face.

"Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Noatak. Didn't you father get a face job when he ran away to the Northern Water Tribe?" Koda asked

"I wouldn't know Chief Beifong." Amon said as he put his mask back on.

Koda rolled his eyes, "Sure Noatak, but you need to remember, once you start a lie, it's like thread on a spindle, you keep pulling and pull and eventually you run out of thread, just like when you get caught with your pants down." Koda said with narrowed eyes.

"The Avatar is lying!" The crowd said as they started to yell.

"I'm telling you, he's a waterbender!" she said pointing at Amon.

"They don't believe me. It didn't work!" Korra said

"Doesn't matter Korra, we planted the seed, now we just got to let it grow." Koda said as he got into a defensive position, "Come on, we got to go." Koda said as Chi-blockers started to surround them.

"I wouldn't leave just yet Avatar. You'll miss the main event." Amon said as the floor opened to reveal his new prisoners.

They both turned to see Tenzin and his children tied up on posts while gagged.

"No, they got away. We saw them get away!" she said to Koda who was now looking angry.

"Tonight, I rid the world of airbending, forever!" Amon proclaimed he looked at Koda, "Say goodbye to you family, Chief Beifong."

"You really are a sick bastard, you're no better than your father, Noatak!" Koda shouted in rage.

"You and the Avatar are welcome to come down here and try to stop me." Amon challenged.

Korra was about to jump right in when Koda stopped her. "Korra, he's baiting us we need a plan first." he said as he tried to reason with her although he himself was feeling the urge to just jump right in as well.

"They can't wait, we need to help them now!" Korra shouted.

"The Avatar needs to be reminded of the power I possess." Amon said as he started walking to the airbenders.

"Enough! I won't let you lay a hand on my family!" Koda shouted and he stomped on the platform he was standing on and punched forward as he sent stone spikes at Amon, who dodged to the left of the stage, and the spikes made a wall separating him from the air benders.

Koda ran up the side of the wall while using his earth bending to magnetize himself to it while Korra used her firebending to help propel herself along the wall as they jumped the stage.

Korra sent a volley of fire at the Equalists on stage while Koda broke the air benders free.

"Where's Pema and the baby?" Koda asked as he shattered their bindings with metalbending.

"In prison." Tenzin said with his mouth now free.

"And mom?" Koda asked in fear.

"I don't know?" Tenzin said solemnly.

Koda growled in anger as he freed his siblings.

As soon as Tenzin was freed he sent the rest of the Equalists and Amon flying with Air bending.

"Okay guys, stay calm and follow me." Koda said and they nodded.

They went through the back stage door and ran down the hallway.

"Get them out of here, we'll create a diversion." Korra said to Tenzin and he nodded.

"Let's go get your mother and the baby." Tenzin said to the kids.

"Prison break!" Meelo exclaimed.

As they left Amon came out from the door they just came out from.

Korra sent a wave of fire down the hallway and they both ran down the opposite end of the forked hallway as the airbenders.

Korra made a wall of fire to block the path and they both ran into a storage room.

They hid under separate curtains as they heard Amon's footsteps.

Amon walked to the end of the room and used his blood bending to pull out Korra from one of the curtains they were hiding under.

Amon lifted Korra into the air, but Koda came out and sent a rock line at Amon's footing and he had to jump out of the way.

Still keeping his grip on Korra, he used his other hand on Koda and lifted him in the air too.

"Damn coward, can't do anything without bloodbending, huh? Nothing but a weak coward like your father, eh Noatak?" Koda groaned out as Amon squeezed harder.

"You talk too much boy." Amon spat out.

He slammed them on the ground and pressured Koda down, as he lifted Korra to her knees and placed his hand on her neck.

"No!" Koda shouted as he mentally used metal bending on one of his bulky bands and a wire of metal shot out and hit Amon's mask breaking it and causing the debris to hit his right eye painfully.

"AHHHHH!" Amon hollowed in pain as he held his right eye with both hands.

Koda slammed his hand to the ground and sent another rock line; one Amon couldn't dodge, and sent the waterbender flying across the room.

'Aircraft Base'

Asami, Bolin, and Iroh are tied up back to back and just then someone arrives and it's Hiroshi.

"Asami, I know I have hurt you... and I am sorry, but I believe that one day, you will come to your senses and we can be a family again." Hiroshi said.

"Are you insane?! How can we be a family after everything you?! Mom would hate you for what you've become!" Asami said.

"How dare you?! I am avenging her death!" Hiroshi said.

"The airplanes are ready to take off, sir." An Equalist soldier said.

"Good, annihilate the fleet." Hiroshi ordered making the three gasp.

"What...?" Iroh asked.

"That's right, General. I intercepted your message to Commander Bumi. I know EXACTLY where they're hiding." Hiroshi said as he leaves.

"How are we gonna get out of here?" Asami asked.

"Bolin, I don't suppose you know how to Metalbend?" Iroh asked.

"That is a negative, sir." Bolin answered.

Just then a sound of running is heard and the warehouse door explodes revealing Naga charging in.

"Naga! Over here!" Bolin said and Naga breaks down the cell with her paws and Pabu climbs up on Bolin's shoulder. "Who needs a Metalbender when we got Naga!" Bolin said.

"I'm going after those airplanes." Iroh said running off.

Naga starts carrying Bolin.

"Ahhh! No, Naga!" Bolin said as Naga is running.

Asami finds empty mecha tanks and gets inside one.

"Huh, what do you know... just like a Future Industries forklift." Asami said.

Iroh boards one of the planes with his Firebending and throws the pilot off and steers the plane on his own.

Bolin was tearing up the flight paths as they became torn and covered with jagged rocks sticking up.

As he finished tearing up the last path he turned to see three Mecha tanks heading towards him as the fired their cables.

Bolin saw he couldn't defend himself in time since his back was turned but before the cables could connect Naga suddenly appeared and grabbed all three cables in his mouth and in a surprising show of strength pulled on all three causing the Mecha tanks to momentarily lifted into the air and when they fell they lost their footing as they spiraled and rolled on the floor until they stopped during the crash with one tank almost ramming into Bolin as it stopped a few inches from his body.

"Woo hoo nice one Naga, I take back what I said, we should've brought you along." Bolin cheered as Naga spat out the cables and shook himself before walking over to him.

Meanwhile inside the ware house Asami was using her mecha tank to thrash and destroy the spare planes that were stored inside. She destroyed eight of them so far and there were only two left now.

She was about to turn to wreck them when a voice was heard.

"ASAMI!" the voice shouted.

She turned her tank to see her father inside another mecha tank.

Mr. Sato looked around to see the carnage left behind by the destruction of his planes, "What do you think you're doing? Don't you know your aiding the very people who took your mother away!" he said angrily.

"The only people I'm aiding are my friends and I know mom would be so sad right now seeing what you've become." Asami said.

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT! I'm doing this to avenge her death by the hands of bending." Mr. Sato shouted in anger from what Asami dared to say to him.

"Her death was avenged years ago when Koda killed that bender to save himself and I!" Asami shouted back.

Mr. Sato's expression did not soften, "Yes he did, but the source of her death hasn't been eliminated yet." He said with contained hatred, "The person who killed your mother may have been dealt with but the bending that was used to take her life wasn't and I won't stop until bending is extinct." He finished as he charged his tank forward.

Asami fired the cables aiming for the legs to try and knock it down but Mr. Sato evaded the cables sideways and rammed her tank as she was sent flying back and crashing down in between the last two planes which were now destroyed.

Mr. Sato closed in as he slammed down on Asami's tank causing the glass to break apart.

"I don't want to hurt you Asami, but if you continue to resist I'll have no choice but to beat you and lock you away until this war is over." Mr. Sato said with only a hint of regret at fighting his daughter.

"Why can't you see that what you're doing is wrong?" Asami said sadly.

"You might see it as wrong, but I know it's the best choice. With bending taken out of existence no one will have the power to threaten anyone ever again." Mr. Sato said with certainty.

"WHAT ABOUT KODA?" She shouted out.

At the sound of his former friends name Mr. Sato stiffened, "What about him?" he asked

"How do you think he and I felt knowing you were helping out that creep Amon? We grew up together as kids and overtime we became family, he loved you like an Uncle, I loved him like a brother and Tenzin and Lin were like an Aunt and Uncle to me and yet you betrayed them as if they meant nothing to you and broke our family bonds!" she said with tears forming in her eyes.

Mr. Sato looked at Asami in inner pain to see her crying and he froze.

His daughter was crying, he had only seen her cry once before and that was when his wife was killed.

The pain from that moment and seeing his daughter in tears was something he never wanted to see again and yet Asami was crying again and this time he was the cause of it.

He wanted to blame her tears because of her attachment to Koda, but he couldn't as he also cared for him even now despite him being a bender.

At that time his mind flashed back to all the times Koda was with them like a family.

His wife had grown fond of Koda and even once told him he was like the son/nephew they never had as Asami had someone to play with and grow close to.

They spent years together never even getting into a fight once as they were like close siblings.

Even when his wife was killed Koda didn't stop visiting and being there for his daughter in her time of need despite the traumatized experience he went through when he killed that bender.

Even when he secretly joined Amon because he believed he was right about bending, Koda still showed one of the main reasons why he couldn't fully hate him: his desire to protect everyone, be they bender or non-bender.

Koda showed idealism as he always thought about what could be done to give the people better safety.

He even took their confiscated weapons and used them to think of new ways to help people.

Asami saw her father stop all of a sudden and not knowing what else to do she got her tank up and knocked her father's tank down where she rammed in down and ripped the chest open seeing her father looking up at her fearfully.

Asami saw this and stopped as she was hesitant to take him down.

Seeing his daughter not continuing he jumped out and made a run for it.

Asami saw him go and for a moment she wanted to let him go, but in the end she fired an electric disk that wrapped around his legs and shocked him to the ground as he fell unconscious from losing the feeling in his legs.

Bolin arrived with Naga and Pagu saw this. Even though they now completed their mission Bolin didn't feel like cheering as he and Asami went to tie up Mr. Sato.

It was a hollow victory.

'With Korra and Koda'

Koda got up to help Korra, but Amon rose holding his right hand to his right eye as he raised his left hand and bloodbent Koda.

"AH!" Koda shouted as Amon slammed him into the ground repeatedly while Korra still struggled to get up.

"Amon!" a voice shouted.

The Lieutenant walked in, "Everything the Avatar said is true, isn't it?" he questioned, "I just saw you bloodbend Beifong!" he pointed out.

Amon turned to face him as the now ex-Lieutenant pulled off his mask and stepped on it.

"You traitor! I dedicated my life for you!" he said as he pulled out his electrified kali sticks and charged at Amon.

Amon stopped him with blood bending and lifted him in the air.

The Lieutenant groaned in pain as Amon continued to crush him.

"You served me well Lieutenant." Amon said as he threw him into some building materials and they collapsed on him.

While Amon was occupied, Koda got to his feet and charged at Amon while his back was turned. He shifted his metal wires into wrist blades in order to stab the blood bender.

Amon turned around to see this and stopped Koda in mid-jump.

"You have been a thorn in my side for long enough." Amon said as he let go of his eye which he forced to stay closed until he could get some water to heal it. He raised both of his hands and pushed them forward.

The sound of metal cutting into flesh could be heard.

Koda's eyes widened as blood dripped from the corners of his mouth.

Koda looked down and saw his wrist blades pierced him in the stomach.

He coughed up a glob of blood and Amon threw him at Korra and he skidded in front of her leaving a small trail of blood.

Her eyes widened in terror, "Koda!" she cried out and scrambled across the ground to reach him.

She cradled him in her arms and cursed herself for not having a water skin with her so she could heal him. He was going to die, he was going to die and she could do nothing, he was going to die and it was all her fault.

Koda opened his eyes and stared at Korra weakly, "Hey Korra..." he said weakly.

"Koda, just take it easy, you're going to be okay. You hear me?" she asked as hot tears fell from her eyes.

"I feel so tired..." he said weakly.

"You can't sleep Koda, you're going to have to stay awake." She pleaded desperately.

Koda weakly raised his hand and wiped one of her teary eyes and smiled at her, "You can't cry when your sad woman... you can only cry when you're happy." He said to her.

"I'm not crying, just stop talking you idiot, please, save your energy, you'll be okay." She choked out as new tears fell from her eyes.

"No... I won't." Koda said to her.

"Yes you will, don't say that!" Korra pleaded as her tears continued to fall.

"It's... okay Korra, I... can see... my end coming. I guess... this is where... I say goodbye." he said in acceptance of his impending death.

"Koda please don't leave me, you can fight this." Korra begged him to stay awake.

Koda raised his arm weakly as he cupped her face, "I'm sorry...but it looks like... this is... a fight I won't be winning, tell my parents that I love them. And I just... want you to know... that I... love you." he said as his vision began to blur and go black.

"Koda... I... love you too." Korra said tearfully as Koda's hand fell to the ground and his eyes closed allowing the blackness to envelop his vision as he drifted to eternal sleep.

Korra froze as she saw him die as the blood from his hand trailed her face as it mixed with her tears.

"Truly a touching farewell but now it is your turn Avatar." Amon said as he walked towards her.

Korra said nothing and didn't react as she looked at her hand covered in Koda's blood, "You killed him," she started to say, "You killed him, YOU KILLED HIM!" she shouted and turned to him as her eyes shined white with raw power as her tears continued falling, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" She shouted in rage and sorrow as she went into The Avatar State and swung her hand and a wave of air threw Amon into the far wall.

He hit the wall hard and his cracked mask fell off, showing the blood from his eye dripping over his scar which was running from the liquid going over it.

He was wearing makeup, he had no real scar!

"You will pay for your crimes!" Korra said in a thousand voices at once.

Noatak tried to bloodbend her, but it didn't work. The avatar state made her immune to his bloodbending. It was like trying to blood bend a thousand people at the same time, he just didn't have enough power for it.

"You wish to have a scar, then I will give you a real one!" she proclaimed as she sent a powerful wave of fire at Noatak.

Noatak tried to shield his face from the flames as they hit him. The force of the blast was so great, that it tore through the wall and sent him flying outside and he landed in the ocean.

Korra was about to continue, but the voices in her head told her to let his lies come to the surface just as he will come to the surface as well.

Noatak felt his entire body in pain, the salt water mixing with the fresh burn marks on his body was excruciating, but he was drowning, he needed air, now!

He bent the water around him and rose to the surface to breath but that was a mistake.

His followers, his mindless followers had just witnessed him waterbend.

His newly burnt face and upper body turned to see the all powerful Avatar staring him down. He jumped off the water pillar and tried to get away.

As he swam, he felt himself not going anywhere. He turned his head to see the Avatar raising him from the water in a water bubble and froze him in place.

He tried, oh how he tried to bend the water, but the Avatar, she just kept freezing it and he could move his arms to bend to ice back into water.

"You have taken a life Noatak of the Northern Water Tribe, the life of someone I held dear to my heart. You will pay for your crimes, for starting a war in your own sense of Justice, only to be a hypocrite, for ruining the lives of others. You will pay in full!" Korra announced as she crushed the ice ball and killed Noatak, ending him and the threat he was once and for all as he fell to the sea and began to sink to the bottom.

Korra's eyes returned to normal and she fell to her knees, but she forced herself to stand and waterbent the water below to come to her.

She turned to the downed Koda and tried to heal him. She later went to see if he was breathing much to her surprise. Maybe there was hope to save him.

'With Tarrlok'

Tarrlok had managed to escape the prison and walked down to one of the speedboats, he kept riding down until there was no one there. He stopped and looked in a compartment, he later saw the Equalist glove and looked at the gas tank. He shedded a tear as he turned on the glove's circuits and put it on the gas tank, exloding the boat with him.

'Southern Water Tribe'

Everyone was sitting in one of the huts at the South Pole waiting on Katara to finish looking over Koda.

Everyone was in shambles at what happened to him.

The Airbender family was huddled together with tears as Asami sat close to Lin and Tenzin, who were crying uncontrollably while she did the same.

Mako and Bolin just held solemn faces as they thought about their friend.

Katara slid open the door of the room she was working in and entered the living room.

Everyone stood up at her entrance and Lin grabbed her shoulders, Tenzin followed Lin.

"Please Katara, please tell me you were able to..." she trailed off, but stopped when Katara shook her head.

"His heart has stopped and he isn't breathing."

Lin and Tenzin dropped on their knees.

"Though for some reason his body is still warm and his skin isn't getting paler, as though he's fighting for his life." Katara continued and Lin looked up to her in hope.

"Is there any way to..." Tenzin trailed off once again, but Katara shook her head again she was also devastated that she lost her first grandson.

"Not to my knowledge, I'm truly sorry you two." Katara said as she got to her knees and let Lin cry on her shoulder while Tenzin had a hand on her shoulder, crying too at the fact that they lost their son.

Just then a white blinding light shined in the healing room. They all went inside and saw Koda who was enveloped in a blinding light. Everyone was awestruck at the scene and when the light died down, there stood Koda who wore a dark golden colored mask with thin orange eye sections between dark ones with the mask tapered at the bottom was formed.

The light died down and Koda was shown in his mask with the accompaniment of his new white hair. He later powered down and his eyes were opened, his hair turned back to it's black color, and his mask dematerialized.

"Uhh guys," he said, confused as to why everyone was looking at him weirdly.

The airbending family, Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Lin gave Koda a massive hug as he was surprised at what happened.

Tenzin was the first to pull back and looked at his son's new jacket, to be surprised was an understatement to what Tenzin was seeing.

"Incredible," he said in astonishment.

"What?" Korra was curious.

"He has the power of the Earth Spirit," Tenzin said.

While they were all looking in surprise Korra looked down in sadness. Her boyfriend had mastered the spiritual side of bending, she later went outside. She later walked to the end of an icy cliff and fell to her knees. "How did he master the spiritual side of bending?" She asked herself.

She heard the sounds of footsteps and turned a little to see a master in an Airbender uniform.

"It's because he was ready to let go," the voice said.

The voice surprised Korra as she turned around quickly to see him, it was Aang.

"You have finally connected with your spiritual self." Aang said.

"How?" Korra asked.

"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."

Aang said as other Avatars appear such as Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, and Yangchen and in the Avatar State. Aang puts his hands on Korra's shoulder and smiles.

"I wish the best of luck to you and Koda," Aang said, "And tell him I love him."

He smiles as he and the other Avatars fade away. Korra looked back to see Koda in his new outfit with a smile.

"You know I saw that, right?"

She smiled as she ran up to him and hugged him and they kissed.

"Love you," Koda said.

"I love you too." Korra said.


Lin sat down with her legs folded back as Korra took a deep breath and then entered the avatar state and put her hands on Lin's forehead and heart as her hands glowed from energy bending. After a moment Korra got out of The Avatar State as Lin opened her eyes and stood up.

She turned around and raised her arms in a bending motion as the pillars rose from the ground and levitated in the air. Everyone was in awe at seeing Lin's bending restored after Amon took it from her.

Lin turned to Korra as she put the pillars down, "Thank you, for everything Avatar Korra." she said with a smile.

(A/N: That's all for Season 1, I will be taking around 2 month break to write up Season 2 of LOK)

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