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The Devil’s Fallen Angel

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*This is an R-18 story. It involves foul language, sexual content, and violence.*

Lucifer the Second, also known as Louie, is the only child of the Devil. His father is the notorious archangel who betrayed God, and his mother was a ruthless and powerful demon. Louie is a unique half-breed who's eager to step up and take over as the ruler of Hell. However, there is a catch. He must marry. But his future queen is not just one of the half-demons that populate Hell, but an angel. Unbeknownst to him, his father and grandfather made a deal when he was a child, and now he has to honor that deal if he wants to take the throne.

Louie believes that his bride-to-be will be nothing more than a nuisance, but when she arrives in a fiery explosion reserved for those angels that have been cast out, his world is turned upside down. It doesn't take long for Louie to realize that his fallen angel is not what he was expecting. Fiesty, outspoken, and cute, he finds himself very intrigued by her and the secrets she holds. Follow Louie and his angelic bride as they navigate their unconventional relationship and embark on adventures in this slow-burn, spicy romance.


"What do you propose then?" She asked, lifting her head off his leg and taking a drink from her glass.

"You're letting me decide?" He smirked, putting his drink on the side table and leaning forward.

"I didn't say I'd agree." She rolled her eyes before turning and leaning her back against his legs, placing her own glass on the ground next to her.

Lucifer leaned back against the couch and stretched his arms across the back of it, "I was just going to suggest you make right on our deal from earlier." He proposed.

"Ahh." She answered, tilting her head back so she could see Lucifer's face, which held an amused look and a genuine smile, "You really think you held up your end, huh?" She asked with her own smirk, once again letting her head rest on his legs as she looked straight up at the star-speckled sky. She was a wee bit tipsy, and maybe that had something to do with how she was feeling, but it really was a beautiful night. With the warmth of the little balcony playing alongside the moment of sharing their deepest pains with one another, She found herself not only feeling closer but also quite comfortable with her Devil.

"Undoubtedly." He replied to her question, and she raised a brow, "Admittedly, there was a hiccup or two, but nothing that ruined the evening." He defended, "Plus, I resolved them, did I not?"

"A hiccup?" She scoffed, looking as far up as her eyes would allow so she could see him, "Someone tried to kill me, Luce."

Lucifer placed a hand on each cheek and leaned over her so that he stared directly into her eyes. Pools of blue looking down and sparkling emeralds looking up, "Tried." He said in almost a whisper. She felt his warm breath on her forehead while his hair tickled her face, "Didn't I protect you? Kept you safe?"

"I suppose," She agreed, blushing as he shifted forward a bit more so that his lips were now just an inch or so above hers.

"Then may I please have what you promised me?" Lucifer asked again.

She swallowed and gave a slight nod.

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Remarkable story....it lead a powerful impact....i am glad to read this....i wanaa appreciate the author of the story.....it is such a great work by him

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I’m in love with book, the character development & force details into each character & the way they dress was very interesting. I love how each & one of them had a different style & the back story is  phenomenal to Prince Lucifer to his dear beloved “ Baby Girl “. If there’s going to be a sequel to this book I would totally read it when this one is done! 

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Love this story! They relationship between Kathrine Ann and Lucifer is so funny and cute! I cant wait to see how their relationship grows and how she deals with his demon side. Also can't wait till it gets spicy!

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Amazing story! It’s such an addicting read. I’ve re-read the story many times. I know the author spends there time writing this story and I greatly appreciate it. It’s something that I enjoy and I hope the author continues updating.

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I really Love this book and i trully mean it. From the beginning it has this spark that gives you and it makes you eager to read more, a thing that it annoys me is the lack of updates... But i Do unterstand the author so im not complaining as long as she is willing to write and End the book..

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Overall good book. I enjoy the character development while still maintaining their old habits while slowly transitioning them into new ones.

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LV 4 Badge


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This is the best story I have ever read and I read and review stories for a living. I am very famous and rich so you should take my opinion as truth. I will nominate this story the next time I meet with the Nobel committee.

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