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40% The devil's princess / Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Bitter truth

Chapter 4: Bitter truth - The devil's princess - Chapter 4 by Grace_Alma full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Bitter truth

(In The Palace Of The Demon Kingdom)

A man could be seen sitting at the corner of a room. The room was totally dark and only his golden eyes could be seen shining brightly. It seemed as if he was deeply in thought.

Another man entered the same room. " Your highness, am sorry but we couldn't find them," he said to him.

" You mean two women out smarted you?" the man in the corner asked standing up.

" Highness, I don't know where they fled to," he answered.

" Zelda, I need you to find the one who had hazel eyes and a long hair," he said revealing his perfect features and looks. He was wearing a black robe which also represented his dark heart.

' Who dared to offend this devil? She might be asking for a death wish,' Zelda thought.

Zelda knew this man very well. He was the crowned prince of Demon kingdom, Aiden. He was very cruel to anyone who offended him. He was considered as the devil and that was his nickname from the subjects.

Now someone had dared to mess with him. Zelda was sure that that person will surely regret being born.

" Yes highness, I will make sure to find her," he said and left the room.


On the other side, was the girl with the hazel eyes. She was sitting chatting with her friend. It was none other than Ana.

" Ana, are you not afraid that that man will come after us?" Rhian asked with a worried expression.

" No am not. If he dares to come here, I will chop off his head," Ana replied with no hint of fear.

Rhian never understood her friend. She always got herself into trouble and also dragged her into it.

Yesterday they were running away from a man whom Ana had tricked. She had stolen some few coins from him and bought food. It wasn't for them but for the children Ana had been giving food whenever she visited the market. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-princess_20262797706789305/chapter-4-bitter-truth_54424251821783508">;s-princess_20262797706789305/chapter-4-bitter-truth_54424251821783508</a> for visiting.

She was left with one coin which was some how different from the others. Little did she know that that coin was like a string of fate to her life.

Fortunately, Ana was smart enough and they were able to run away from the man and his people

" Ana, why do you love getting yourself into trouble?" Rhian asked her friend.

" Just like that. I like having fun you know. It feels good and exciting," she replied with a cute smile on her face.

" I don't know why you were given the name Angel. You surely are the devil's incarnate," she said looking at her adorably.

They spent the rest of the day walking in the forest and chatting.

" Ana, what do you plan to do with your life? I mean like falling in love or like getting married?" Rhian asked Ann when they were on their way home.

" Falling in love and getting married is not in my list of things to do in life. First and foremost I want to find my mom. I only want to have a beautiful life with her and uncle. I don't want to get married, not until I find my mother," she replied trying to fake her smile.

" Don't worry, I will help you find her. We will go around the world together if you want," Rhian said to cheer her up. She hated seeing her friend in a bad mood.

" Thank you Rhian," she said and hugged her.

They walked home silently holding hands. They bid goodbye to each other after reaching near their home.


As usual in the morning, Ana went for her training. Karen was looking at her niece proudly. She had really become good in fighting arts. Ana noticed her uncle who was smiling at her.

She decided to test her uncle's skills by throwing her fighting stick at him, but he was alert. He caught it even without moving an inch.

" Wow uncle, you really are good at this," she complemented him.

" But not more than your mom," he said.

Ana was shocked to hear her mom was more skillful than her uncle who was very competent in fighting. She never thought there could be anyone better than him.

" You mean to say that my mom was better than you?" Ana asked curiously.

" Yeah, although she was never interested in training, but our father promised to give her, her freedom if she was able to defeat him in spurring. She trained hard and was even able to defeat our trainer," he replied smiling widely after remembering her mischievous sister.

" I wish I could meet her for once, I really want to see her,,,,what if,,," Ana paused and then continued," what if I go and look for her."

" No, I can't allow that," her said.

" But uncle, how will mother find us, she doesn't even know where we are. Uncle I will have to go and look for her," she said firmly.

" And where will you start? How will you recognize her? Do you even know where she is?" her uncle asked feeling frustrated.

" I don't care if I have to go around the world just to find her. And you also you said that she almost has the same features as me, it will not be that difficult to find her," Ana said trying to convince him.

" No you are not going anywhere, and that's final," he said. He was angry with the thought of letting his niece go back to the same place where his sister disappeared with no trace. He didn't want to lose Ana also. He was not sure if Melissa was still alive or not and he didn't want to take risks of revealing Ana's identify to the world. She was so similar to Melissa that people could mistake her for her mother. It was only that she was young and Melissa could be a bit older.

" Why can't I go? All this years I have been listening to what you tell me, why can't you let me go and find mom? Or are you hiding something from me?," Ana asked with serious face which she had never shown before to her uncle. Karen didn't know what to say. He was hiding a lot from her and he was not ready to tell her.

" Ana, we are not talking about this anymore," Karen said and started walking to the house.

" Why? Is it because you don't want her back?" Ana said making her uncle stop.

He was really angry but mostly hurt. This was the first time they had an argument with Ana. Since childhood, she had always been obedient and never talked back at him.

" Is that what you think of me?!! Do you think I don't want to see my sister again?!!" Karen asked raising his voice which he never did before. Although he did get angry at her before, but he never raised his voice to this extent.

" Do you really want to know why I don't want you to go? Okay I will tell you," Karen sighed and then continued," because I don't want those people to find you and kill you just like your mother. I don't know if she's really alive,,," he stopped realized what he just said.


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