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97.79% The Devil King of fast wear was a little sweet / Chapter 1418: 1599 city Goblin 27

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Chapter 1418: 1599 city Goblin 27

Author: Thirteen pure ones Machine Translation

The last time Pei Yan drove Xia Ling to the business circle, Xia Ling had spent almost 30 million on him.

And it was obvious that CEO Pei was very wealthy and did not care about the 30 million that she had spent.

Xia Ling stood at the entrance of Gucci and LV, resting her chin on her hand in deep thought.

If she did not spend it in vain, would Xia ling have booked the entire Gucci store today Or would she have booked the entire LV store Only then would she be able to spend a price that would make Pei Yan's heart ache?

She thought for a while and looked at the store in front of her... ...

Even if it was an international brand, there were some clothes in there. They looked so ugly that Xia Ling did not want to look at them anymore. It was tiring to buy them as garbage and throw them away.

Suddenly, Xia Ling thought of a good idea.

She took out her cell phone and called Qi Wei.

"How much does the renovation of your Taoist temple cost? Qi Wei. "

"Ah? " Qi Wei was confused on the other end of the phone.

Xia Ling: "I say, didn't you say today that you want to go home to inherit the Taoist temple and repair it properly? How much does it cost? Send me your card number. "

"Oh oh, you want to sponsor me? Duo Duo, are you serious? You haven't even seen what the Taoist temple looks like, are you really going to sponsor me? "

"... do you want to sponsor me or not? Just say the word and send me Your Bank card number."

"621778 * * * 0508. " Qi Wei said quickly.

"okay, I'll transfer the money to you now. " Xia Ling hung up the phone and walked for a while before finding the nearest ICBC.

After filling in the form at ICBC, the amount was too large. The bank's vice president quickly came out to receive her, and the vice president brought Xia Ling to the VIP reception room on the second floor.

After filling out a line of numbers, the transfer procedures were completed.

Ten minutes later, with a Ding, Qi Wei was stunned when she saw the balance on her bank card.

As for Pei Yan, he had just called a group of friends, and before he could take out a few bottles of wine that had been deposited in the clubhouse, his phone suddenly rang with a Ding. His phone's bank card prompted that his bank card had been swiped to the extent that his credit limit was insufficient... ...

His card... ... Was maxed out ! !

Pei Yan held his phone and reacted for a while before he understood the meaning of this text message.

Him There was no money left in his card!

Ever since he had pocket money, Pei Yan had never experienced what it felt like to be penniless.

Holding his phone, Pei Yan walked out.

"Hey, why did you leave right after you came here? Didn't you ask us to come out for a drink? "

"I have something to do, I'll drink it another day! " Pei Yan held his suit and did not even turn his head.

There was more than 100 million on his card, which was the pocket money he had left over from six years.

Pei Yan bought a few cars for no reason. A car was worth 40 to 50 million at most. He bought one every three to five days. Once in a while, he would like one, so he spent it normally.

But what about Xia Duoduo Did she buy a plane She had spent 30 million before, and now it was even more terrifying. They had been separated for less than an hour, and more than 90 million had turned into a negative number.

Pei Yan sat on the Maybach. He either felt bad for the money, or... ...

He still felt bad for the money!

He was a businessman. No one's money came from the wind.

With so much money, Xia duoduo could spend it as she pleased. Pei Yan also wanted to see what she had bought!

"Xia Duoduo, where are you? " Pei Yan called Xia Ling angrily.

"Me? I'll be back in the villa area in three minutes. I'll be at your place, " Xia Ling said happily.

She flew in the sky, above the tall buildings.

With the invisibility spell, Xia Ling flew through the night sky and saw many successful people in the upper echelons. Some of them were working, and some were doing some secret business talks. They just relied on the height of the building and did not close the curtains.

Therefore, if Pei Yan needed her to be a corporate spy one day, Xia Ling could also make a guest appearance for him.

She had to bid here, and she had to find a monster to eavesdrop on the other party's company's offer.

If she wanted to help Pei Yan, then no matter what Business Pei Yan did, wasn't it guaranteed?

Xia Ling thought happily.

On the other side, Pei Yan heard that she would return to the villa area in three minutes, and his scalp almost exploded.

"Why are you going to my house! " Pei Yan stepped on the gas pedal and immediately rushed in the direction of the villa area.

"I'm going to your house to recognize the door. From now on, I'll be the young madam of the Pei family. How can I not recognize the door? " Xia Ling said happily.

She flew and arrived at the villa area as she spoke, landing steadily in her own villa.

As for Pei Yan, when he heard that Xia Ling was going to his house, he was so remorseful that his intestines were about to turn green.

What kind of madness was he going through? It was fine if he found someone to marry, but why did he listen to Xia Duoduo?

This woman had been missing for six years, and she had been acting out of character ever since she came back. Now that she was married to him, if he let her go home first, she might say something to his parents!

"You're not allowed to go in. Wait for me to come back. "

Pei Yan hung up the call with a smack and drove with all his might.

"Why should I? " Xia Ling snorted.

She happily changed into a more formal outfit.

She put on light makeup. It was not good to be empty-handed. Xia Ling simply packed the mountain spring water into a beautiful bottle, wrapped it into a gift box, and carried it to the Pei family home.

When she arrived at the Pei family home and got someone to report it, Pei Yan was still stuck in the traffic jam at the Third Ring Road of Shanghai.

At this time, Shanghai was bustling. Pei Yan said he would be back in ten minutes, which was a joke of the traffic jam in Shanghai... ...

Pei Yan was so angry that he sat in the car and hit the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, Xia Ling entered the Pei family home happily.

She was holding a freshly issued ID card that she had just gotten from Pei Yan. She told the Pei family's parents that she had just returned from overseas. She had previously broken up with Pei Yan in a relationship and had only recently gotten back together. Today, Pei Yan was so angry that he was dragging her to get the certificate She did not know what was going on.

The Pei family's parents had initially thought that Xia Ling was a scammer because she was so beautiful. In the end, the marriage certificate and the six-year marriage certificate had been thrown into confusion by this piece of evidence.

Six years. Six years ago, the Pei family had Pei Xun for no reason.

And six years ago, Xia duo duo duo and Pei Yan were in a relationship.

"Duo duo, you gave birth to Pei Xun? You and Pei Yan's child? "

"This... Pei Yan doesn't want me to say. " Xia Ling's eyes flickered ...

Her eyes flickered. She was a little guilty and did not dare to take the credit for Pei Yan.

However, in the eyes of the Pei family's parents, not denying it was admitting it.

After so many years, they had investigated everything and even believed Pei Yan's words about giving birth. Unexpectedly, Pei Yan had such a beautiful girlfriend and Pei Xun was also the fruit of their love.

"That's good, that's good. " Mother Pei was excited.

Her Son did not have a child. It was normal for his son to have a lover.

There was nothing in this world that made her happier. This was the best news she had heard in the past year.

Mother Pei said, "come, duo duo, have you eaten? "

"No. " Xia Ling shook her head honestly.

"Okay, okay. What do you like to eat? I'll get the kitchen to prepare it for you. " Mother Pei looked at Xia Ling lovingly.

Although Xia Ling looked too beautiful, her beauty was like that of a fairy, making her feel insecure.


As long as her son liked her, even if she looked like a pile of dog shit, as long as this girl was normal, mother Pei would like her.

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