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21.05% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 31: Chapter 1: Lailah

Chapter 1: Lailah - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 31 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 1: Lailah

Alex chilling on the living room of his mansion, just watching some movies on his TV. Alice was sitting beside him, dangling her feet while eating an ice cream.

He was quite happy because he managed to delay the meeting with Emilia for three days even though they were supposed to meet now, its actually due to the Café already in business.

And from Ashiya's reports, it seems to be doing well.

Anyway, back to the TV, Alice really liked to watch this show, ever since she saw it for the first time a couple of days ago.

The Undercover Police, Shinobi Five! Of course the exclamation point is included in the title.

And she is even more excited because today is a special episode because an extra Five Shinobi who has hidden themselves finally showed up to help the current Shinobi Five and defeat the General of the Great Evil Lord Schwarz Daikan.

Alex wasn't actually interested in this show, but since his daughter liked to watch it, its his job as a father to accompany her.

Though, he wasn't actually listening or watching it, because his thoughts were filled about the meeting with Emilia the next three days.

He can already imagined it, and it will be a catastrophe, though maybe Emi already mellowed down and became more civilized person....or something.

"Papa! Papa! Look! Look! Dats me!" Alice tugged her father's sleeves while pointing at the Rurple Range-Cough-Shinobi.

"Hmm? Oohh~! Good job Alice, you managed to knock down that big baddie huh? As expected of my daughter!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


'Though, are Shinobis supposed to wear something so....colorful? Then again, there's Naruto. Anything can happen I guess?'

'Wait...can I make Sharingan using Metamorphosis magic? No, Sharingan and its evolution is pretty overrated, its not even that strong.'

Tsukoyomi? Big deal, with Space Magic that allows him to interfere with boundaries, he can even play around with the boundary that separates dream from reality.

Susanoo? Big deal, he can turn himself into a giant and squash that ability like a bug.

Amaterasu? Big deal, he can make a freaking sun!

Kotoamatsukami? Big deal, with Spirit Magic he can rewrite the memories of every single person on the planet.

Outer Path? Who needs that? He can play around with Life and Death using Spirit Magic, granted there's a time limit but its still much better.

Sharingan is only strong for ordinary people. Alex gave a wry smile, 'Damn I've been ranting too much, pretty sure if some people who worshipped Sharingan heard my thoughts, I'd get bashed.'

He shook his head and just decided to watch the Power Ranger-ripoff. The scene now showed the ten Shinobi standing on a tree, "glaring" down at their enemy.

One of them jumped down from the tree and said some rather embarrassing lines to the villain.

Alex couldn't help but shake his head, if it was him he would probably roll around the ground if he said those lines.

"Hey Alice do you want some pop—Alice?"

Alice was staring at the TV blankly, the light in her eyes vanished as she murmured, "..Hod..fall down.....Chesed...All fall down...from..tree.."

"Alice?" Alex asked worriedly, and by worried, I meant panic, he was internally panicking right now.

"...Mama took me and...ran away....Malkuth's gone too..."

At that moment a small crescent light appeared on her forehead as she stilled, as if paralyzed.

"Alice?! Alice?!" Alex used the back of his hand to feel her neck, "No fever...She's not sweating either....fuck! What's wrong with her?! Wait, wait, calm down, calm down, Jude! Jude scan her! Tell me what's wrong with her!"

If Alex wasn't panicking right now, he would've remembered that this scene also happened in the Manga. However, his worry for his daughter completely overtook his reason and he couldn't think properly.


{The princess is experiences a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on a Soul Level. Princess's Latent Force is flaring up wildly and if not solved properly and immediately, might result to the princess's entering deep state of prolonged unconsciousness}

"So a coma? Shit! PTSD?! Just what the—" he paused as he looked towards the TV. The Color Ninja suddenly falling down from the tree...ten different colors...

"Shit!" With a wave of his hand, he compressed the TV into a ball, ignoring the sparks and electricity.

'Did Alice remember the time where The Angels are slowly killing them by ridding them off of their energy?!'

"Shit! What to do!?" He was sweating, as he forced his brain to work, and think of a solution.

"Lailah!" Alex exclaimed as he picked up his daughter and teleported towards the door as he went outside. "Lailah, she can help Alice, I need to find her."

Again, he could've helped Alice using Spirit Magic if he wasn't panicking.

He used his magic sense to searched every corner of the city.

"There!" he found a familiar Celestial Force inside a hospital, the person seems to be alone and is reading some books.

As if feeling his "gaze" the woman turned to look directly at Alex.

"She's Lailah alright."

Without wasting any more time, he directly teleported towards the place he sensed her.

He appeared on a white room, with couches, and a table, sitting there is a woman in her twenties, with black hair and wearing a nurse outfit, she was reading a book, and doesn't seem a little bit surprised by Alex's sudden appearance.

Alex quickly placed Alice on the table as he stared straight into her eyes. "Lailah, help her please."

The woman blinked for a moment before looking at the daze Alice on the table, staring at an empty air with a lifeless looking eyes.

Alice stirred as she looked at Lailah, "...Mama?"

The woman smiled as her appearance drastically changed. Her nurse outfit turned into a white dress, her black hair became silver and became even longer, while her brown eyes turned red.

Lailah smiled as she caressed Alice's head using her hand with a ring. The ring glowed a purple light as the crescent purple light vanished from her forehead.

With that, Alice's eyes seems to regained their life before she fell asleep as she curled up on the table.

Lailah smiled as she nodded, "No need to worry, she's fine."

Alex finally released the breath he seems to be holding as he smiled and caressed Alice's hair.

"Alas=Ramus, you've done well keeping her safe." Lailah smiled as she carried Alice on her arms before she lead Alex to sit on the couch with her.

She smiled at Alex, "Looks like you've become responsible huh? You little goblin."

Alex cringed at that stupid nickname, "Please don't call me that, if my subjects were to hear you calling me that they'd probably laugh themselves to death."

"If your subjects finds out that an angel called you that, they'd probably dethrone you." She shot back with a playful grin.

"Urgh..." Alex groaned as he covered his face with his hands.

Lailah gave a soft smile as she patted his head like she always did all those years ago, "Well, I can say that I'm really proud of you little goblin. You've become much stronger, though you almost killed my little Nord—well, not you, but your demons, so I guess I'll give you a little punishment?"

Alex groaned, "Don't. I'm too old to be punished, I'm not that weak goblin you found and took care centuries ago."

Lailah laughed as she caressed Alice's hair, "Indeed you're not. You're the Great Demon King Satan now, should I start calling you Your Demonic Highness now?"

Alex rolled his eyes, "Please, as if you'll do it, you're a woman who doesn't know the word "respect", you're not even respecting "God" even though you're an angel, I wonder how you did not fall after all these years."

"Hey! That's rude! I am very respectful to "God"! And what do you mean I don't know the word respect?! I know that! You're Majesty, King Satan?!" Lailah pouted, puffing her cheeks as she glared at the demon king.

Alex grinned before shaking his head, "As expected, it doesn't suit you at all. Also please don't call me that, you're like a mother to me you know?"

Lailah greened teasingly at him, "Hmm, Hmm, well, you might become my "son" some time in the future."

Alex raised an eyebrow in confusion before he came to a realization as he groaned, "I'm not interested in your daughter at all."

Lailah raised an eyebrow, "Oh? From your tone it seems that you know who my daughter is."

Alex rolled his eyes, "Of course I do. I wouldn't mistake those Celestial Force for anyone else, its so similar to yours."

Lailah blinked, before she gave a teasing grin, "Ara~? Its been three hundred years and you still recognized my Celestial Force? Do I really mean that much to you?"

"Of course you do. If it wasn't for you, there would be no Demon King Satan. Everything I have, I owe them all to you."

Lailah actually blushed in embarrassment. "W-Wow, I didn't expect that. Wait, could it be that you aren't interested with my daughter because you are interested in me? Ara~ ara~, the little goblin has grown bold! Getting close to the daughter while the real target is the mother!"

Alex sighed in exasperation. He had enough with her and her teasing. Even back then, she was always like this. "I really wondered why you haven't fell with that attitude? I really wonder, I mean Lucifer fell because he was too lazy leading the Angel Army and was bored of Heaven, but you, with that dirty mind of yours did not fall! And you even had a daughter!"

"How rude!" She pouted, while lightly punching his shoulder, "My mind is pure! If you're talking about dirty mind then no one is more dirtier than Sariel!"

Alex paused, he thought for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, as expected that man is a pervert, why did he not fall?"

Lailah laughed, "Nah, even though he doesn't look like it, Sariel is really pure. He just takes appreciating beauty to the extreme."

"So a gentlemanly pervert then?"

"That's....quite right, yes."

Alex shook his head before he stood up, "I like to catch up with you more, but I think I need to go back now."

Lailah smiled as she handed him the sleeping Alice. "Its fine, just be sure to visit me once and awhile."

Alex nodded and prepared to teleport, but was stopped by Lailah.

"Ah wait, make sure to take care Alas=Ramus okay? The Yesod Fragment inside her would've already been felt by that brat Gabriel."

"No need to ask me that, I'll take care of her of course, she's going to be my heir after all. As for Gabriel, no need to worry, these clothes I gave her isn't just for show."

Lailah smiled and nodded, "I see, then take care."

Alex nodded and prepared to teleport, but once again stopped by Lailah, "Ah wait!"

Alex took a deep breath, "Yes?"

"I'm not sure if I can ask you this but..." Lailah bit her lips, "...My daughter...Can you look after her? She's still young, and can be easily controlled by her please.."

Alex turned to look at her and smiled, "You don't need to ask."

"Thank you," she smiled, "Take care, little goblin."

She giggled when she saw him stumbled before he teleported. She walked towards the window and observed the city below.

With a snap, her appearance changed back to her "human" form.

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