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30% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 44: Chapter 14: Its raining here~

Chapter 14: Its raining here~ - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 44 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 44: Chapter 14: Its raining here~

The next day, Alex woke up without Alice on his bed. But he didn't panic, he just sighed and stood up from the bed.

Yesterday, Alice wanted to sleep with him and Emi together, but as expected, Emi couldn't do it, and after convincing Alice for several minutes she decided to sleep with Emi in their apartment.

Of course, Alex disagreed, but as expected, he couldn't really do much about it, so in the end, he gave Alice several Artifacts for protection.

It would be enough to stall time if they encounter a First Generation Angel and for him to arrive.

Alex shook his head and wash his face with water before checking the time. It was already ten in the morning, he really woke up late.

Alex went towards the room where Lucifer is and knocked. "Oi squirt, open the door. Its time for you to live and rent your own room."

Yesterday, since Lucifer doesn't have a place to stay, Alex offered him a place to stay for a night, but not before giving him an appropriate punishment.

Receiving no answer, Alex narrowed his eyes, "Lucifer you brat, If you don't open this door I swear I'll—"

The door opens, giving Alex a view on what's inside the room. It was dark, with its only light being the six PC monitors.

The screen shows a place in a middle of a dark and gloomy forest, with a male character in a black tuxedo, white gloves, and a one-eye-glassess holding a knife was shown to be killing zombie-like wolves.

"What is it dude? I'm busy right now." Lucifer complained, his focus is completely on the screen.

Suddenly, the screen showed a green haired female wearing a green robe and holding a red staff. She was floating above ground and fired several wind magic and assist Lucifer.

"Lucifer, I told you to get out of my gaming room and rent a room in the Inn. And don't just use my computers like its your own."

"But dude, this place is like, Heaven for me you know? For me, this place should be Heaven, I don't know why many people wanted to go there when they die, that place is boring, all you do is stare at the clouds for all eternity."

Alex sighed, "I don't care about what you think, I'm telling you to leave."

"Dude, just give me like, five more days or so....are those the right words? Yeah, I think humans like to use those words when they are woken up and wanted to sleep more."

"No its not, now leave."

"But I don't have a job, I don't even have a hundred yen on me. Please dude, just let me stay here. I promise I'll keep quiet, you won't even know I'm here."

"You're a gamer right? Just do a Real Money Trade."

"Its prohibited though."

"Then just don't get caught."

"....I can't argue with that. But dude please just at least let me finish this raid. We were supposed to do this yesterday but you know...stuff happened, good thing my partner is also busy yesterday."

Alex stared, before giving a sigh. "Fine, I'll give you two more hours. At that time, I won't care about what you think, I'll throw you out."

"....Can I just rent this room?"

"You won't be able to afford it even if you work for a thousand years."

"...Then, can I just rent a room in Yuragi and stay here?"

Alex groaned and close the door as he walked away. He guessed he'll look around the city for today.

"I didn't hear a no!" Lucifer shouted from the gaming room.

Alex rolled his eyes and yelled back, "Fuck you!"

"Still not a no!"

"....I will increase the gravity on you up to ten times!"

"Wai-Argh!? Dude! Stop! I'm sorry! I can't move my fingers! We'll die! We'll die! Look my partner is getting mad at me!"

Alex ignore him and continue to walk. If there is one thing that that Fallen Angel hates its hard work and troublesome things.

He fell and became a Fallen Angel due to his laziness and not pride like the one written in the bible. He was bored of leading the Angel Army, and just laze around, until finally his wings turned black as he went to the Demon World.

There, he stayed for many years and slowly climbed up to be one of the leaders of the strongest tribe of demons, until Satan came amd recruited him.

As Alex went out of his home, he saw Nonko just lazing around beside the river, holding a can of beer. She was wearing a black swimsuit.

Alex raised an eyebrow as he walked towards her. "You know you won't even feel the heat of the sunlight right?"

"Hmm~?" Nonko raised her sunglasses as she looked at Alex and gave him a smile, "Alex-chan~ Care to join me~? No need to hold back you know~? Alice isn't here anyway~"

Alex smiled before he pointed a finger towards the river, almost immediately, a dozen or so fishes levitated from the water.

Alex then began to clean them before taking out a couple of grills. He sprinkled the fishes with salt before grilling them.

He doesn't need to add any other seasonings or spices to it, the fish will be delicious nonetheless. Though he admit it would be even more delicious if it was marinated properly.

"Hmm~" Nonko smiled as she smelled the scent of the fish, "As expected. Even the fishes here are top notch. I might get addicted to this feeling and won't be able to go back."

Alex paused, "Somehow, that last part feels oddly familiar."

Nonko laughed as she took a sip from her beer, "Well, a lot of girls from Hentai likes to say that, especially if their partner is very rough with them."

Alex raised an eyebrow, "You watch Hent—Wait, well, I guess its to be expected?"

"Hey~! What do you mean its to be expected~?" She pouted, and Alex would say she doesn't look cute, but seductive, "Even though I look like this, I'm quite pure you know."

Alex remained silent and just continue grilling the fishes.

"Hey~! You don't believe me~?!"

Alex turned to look at her and smiled, "Don't worry, I believe you."

Nonko smiled before she took out another cold beer and tossed it towards Alex, who caught it easily.

"I had several boyfriends before, our relationship did not even last more than a week before I broke up with them! They act gentlemanly and kind at first, but when we started dating they couldn't even look at me in the eyes while talking and just stared at my breast!" She gulped down her beernin frustration, and groped her chest, "Don't they know that these things are just an annoying piece of extra fats!?"

(AN: That is canon by the way)

Alex raised an eyebrow as he looked at her as she groped her chest in annoyance, he made sure not to stare too much, "Why are you telling me all this?" He opened the canned beer and gulped it down.

Nonko smiled and shrugs her shoulders, "Don't know~ Anyway, enough about relationship matters. It just makes me frustrated thinking about those stuffs! Let's just drink till we passed out!"

Alex smiled and took out a plate and put the fish which was already grilled on it before handing it to Nonko, "Here."

"Ooh~ Thanks Alex-chan~!"

"No problem. And besides, Nonko still has a long life ahead of her, I'm sure you can find someone who can love you for your heart, and not just your chest as you say." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nonko laughed, "Hahaha~ Mou~ You're making me embarrassed you know. But love really is unreachable for me. I gave up after that last relationship I had. I also won't take a human as my lover you know? They have a very short life, even a Transcendental exorcist can only live for around five hundred years. While me, as an Ogre with a blood of an Oni, will continue to live for tens of thousands of years unless I was killed."

"Yeah, having a long life is sometimes very scary right." Alex nodded.

Nonko smiled, "By the way Alex-chan, I just wanted to ask this....just what are you?"

Alex paused, before he decided to just answer her. "My name is recorded in the Bible you know." 'Even though its technically isn't me.'

Nonko spat out her beer as she stared at Alex in shock. "Wai—Wait! So you mean to tell me you've been alive for a long time that your name is recorded in the Bible?! Wait, are Angels and Devils real? I haven't seen one of them!"

Alex narrowed his eyes, 'Nonko haven't seen any angels or devils? But how could it be? Is it because they mostly stayed in Vatican? Do they have a pact that doesn't allow them to move towards another country? Or do they really not exist here?'

"Who knows." Alex smiled as he replied, causing Nonko to pout.

"Always the mysterious type." Nonko gulped down another beer, "Anyway, what's your name? I'm pretty sure I haven't heard an Alexander Gremory mentioned in the Bible.''

'Is it alright to tell her? And the others for that matter?' Alex pondered, 'I mean, I wanted them to help Emi and the others if by any chance they encounter an enemy they couldn't beat. And Nonko and the rest will know about it later too.'

"Well, would you believe me if I say I'm the King of Hell, Satan."

He smiled, as he looked at Nonko's expression.

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