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14.56% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 21: Chapter 16: Sleepover

Chapter 16: Sleepover - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 21 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 21: Chapter 16: Sleepover

AN: Wow, many actually expressed their...hmm, i don't know what to call it..."dislike" i guess? For Alex wanting to keep his "Humanity". I just want to tell you guys, that even though he was spoiled and rich and likes to race with the police, Alex is kind...sort of. As for Satan, he was a just ruler and cared for his people, he put his people before him. The reason why he unified the demon world and tried to conquer ente isla is for the survival of his race. He was kind, and caring, especially to someone he consider as friend. He was curious and fascinated in humans, and wanted to understand "Humanity" so sorry if Alex isn't your ideal Demon King.

Sorry for the long rant, Enjoy the chap.


Landing in front of the Yuragi Inn, the first thing that Alex did was to take the bracelet off from Sagiri. No way is he going to give it to her, not to mention that the gems he used to make it was expensive.

"Let's go."

Sagiri nodded and followed after Alex. She remained silent, because even though she doesn't look like it, she was very tired.

They arrived in front of the dining room as Alex opened the door before walking in.

"We're back."

"Papa!" Alice, who was playing with the Cat God, Yaya, and Yuuna immediately noticed him as she ran towards her father with wobbly steps.

Alex smiled and quickly took her to his arms before kissing her cheeks, "Did you miss me Alice?"

"Hn! Very!"

Kissing her again, Alex looked towards the girls who took care of her daughter, "Thanks for taking care of Alice for me, Chitose-san, Yaya-san, Yuuna-san."

"N-No need for thanks Alex-san! I like Alice-chan anyway, so its normal for me to take care of her!" Yuuna smiled as she gave an embarrassed look.

"Hn, Yaya likes Alice too." Yaya just gave Alex a thumbs up.

Chitose nodded at him with a smile, "No need for that Alex-san, I'm the caretaker of the Inn after all."

She then looked behind Alex where a tired Sagiri can be seen—worried, she asked, "Sagiri-chan, are you okay? Has your mission gone well?"

Sagiri smiled at Chitose, "I'm fine Chitose-san, just a little tired after a fight. Don't worry I only need a little bit of rest."

Chitose nodded, but she was still looking at her with a worried look. "Why don't we take a bath? The Hot Spring can help you with your fatigue."

"Right!" Yuuna smiled, "We still haven't took a bath, let's go together! Let's invite Nonko-san too!"

Yaya nodded at Yuuna's words.

Sagiri hesitated for a moment before nodding, "Okay, I guess its fine. Though we shouldn't probably disturb Nonko, she might still be busy with her manga."

"Great!" Chitose smiled before looking at Alex, "How about you Alex-san?"

Alex thought for a moment, there's a bath in his mansion, but he guessed that it might not be too bad to bathe on a hot spring every now and then.

"Alright," He replied before looking at his daughter, "Why don't you go with your Onee-chans for a bit Alice?"

Alice looked at her father with a pout, "No! Together!"

Smiling wryly, he nodded at her, "Alright, alright, let's take a bath together okay?"

He then looked at Chitose, "You heard her, we'll be going together Chitose-san."

"No, its okay Alex-san, its quite normal for a child to bathe with their parent, especially since Alice is very attached to you."

Alex smiled before he nodded at Sagiri, who returned it.

Without wasting time, he went to the hot springs. He washed his body and Alice first before they submerged on the water.

He searched the city with Magic Sense and found Ashiya about to return. He stayed there with Alice for awhile before heading towards his room.

He was now wearing a black kimono with a purple lotus flower designs, of course its not just an ordinary kimono but an artifact.

As for its effects, that will be told in another time. As for Alice, she was wearing a yellow "Pikachu" onesie he specially made for her.

Of course, its also an artifact, that if people in the supernatural world were to know of its effects, they would likely go crazy as to why it was made into a onesie suitable or a child around 2 or 3 years of age.

Currently, Alex was now trying to put Alice to sleep. Sagiri and the girls were still in the hot springs.

"Papa, tell a story."

Alex smiled as he sat beside the bed while caressing her hair, "A story huh? Like the one papa was telling earlier?"


"M'kay, so where were we last time—?"

", the traveler met the angel."

"Oh, right," Alex grinned at her, "Good memory Alice,"

"Eehee!" Alice copied her papa and grinned also.

Alex released a soft humm, "The traveler who was injured after an unfortunate encounter with a mean and nasty demon, was rescued by a kind and gentle angel."

"The angel told the traveler all kinds of tales he never heard before. Tales of high, high mountains. Tales of deep, deep forests. Tales of wide, wide oceans. Tales of kings, tales of prince and princess, tales about shops and golds, tales about plants and fish, tales about soldiers, tales about gods and the world of the stars."

"The traveler was interested in all these and listened as the angel keep speaking."

"Then one day, the angel gave the traveler a special charm as a present. Overjoyed, the traveler set out to travel once more."

"And thanks to the knowledge that came from the angel, the traveler became a wise and just king who ruled for years to come, and lived happily ever after."

"The end."

Looking at his daughter who was now sound asleep, Alex couldn't help but smiled as he kiss her forehead, causing the little girl to smile as well.

"Goodnight little Alice."

Alex stood up and left the room. He went outside of the mansion as he felt Sagiri about to reach his room—or sub-space....pocket-world?

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He decided to greet her, so he went beside the door that connects his pocket-world to the real word and stood there, gazing at the night sky.

Smiling, he thought, 'Even after many years, this sky is still very beautiful.'

He heard a knock and knew it was the one he was waiting for, so he opened it, and was immediately greeted by the sight of Sagiri wearing a white kimono with blue floral design.

When she saw Alex, she couldn't even maintain eye contact for a few seconds before she looked down. It was really embarrassing for her.

After all, this is the first time she went into a boy's room.

"Come on in."

"T-Th-Thank you f-for having me." She took a step inside, and she immediately felt her spirit power recovering.

She estimated that she only needed a day or two of stay here before she could fully recover.

Raising her head, she immediately looked around and was stunned. This place wasn't a room, it was far from it!

Her gaze went up to the sky, and she was mesmerized by the sky. "Beautiful. I never knew, that a night sky could be this beautiful."

Indeed, because for Sagiri, night is when the Evil Youkais, Demons, and Hollows always cause trouble. So she never really liked it that much.

But now...

This was simply breathtaking!

"A Sub-Space..." She muttered, she snapped out of her mesmerization and looked around.

There is a forest, mountains, and a waterfall, she even saw a river and a bridge, and at the other side was a mansion.

"....How." She questioned. Though this place isn't as big as the Sub-Spaces where the main bases of the member Hexagram were located, it was still big!

She has been into the Sub-Space of Gotei 13 before, and it was as larger, if not larger than even Tokyo!

But that Sub-Space was made by the combined efforts of Dozens of Transcendentals!

But this...

Not only is it a space, it looks it was an entire island!

Alex smiled, "It isn't really that big, these mountains, and forests you see are only an...image of sorts. You can't even go there because there's a "wall" stopping you."

Alex brought Sagiri to the side as she reached her hand forward, and indeed, there's some sort of a wall blocking.

She sighed in relief, at least it wasn't as big as she had imagined. Sub-Space aren't rare after all.


She stared at Alex, 'Only a Transcendental Level Being can make one.'

Alex smiled, "So, are you going to sleep here? I have several guests room in my mansion."

Sagiri shifted her gaze towards the mansion at a distance, before she narrowed her eyes at Alex.

She took out a kunai and glared at him, "If you try something—"

Alex raised his hands and gave her an amused look, "No need to warn me. You're way too young for me."

Glaring at Alex for a few seconds, Sagiri relented and nodded her head, a blush starting to appear on her cheeks, "V-Very w-well! B-But don't you dare try to do something indecent!"

Alex nodded and walked towards his mansion, with Sagiri following behind him. She observed the mansion and noticed that it looks new, as if it was just recently built.

The mansion was built using stone and wood, she caressed the stone and was amazed. It was smooth, with a texture of lime, even the wood; all of it felt so clean.

She followed after Alex as he entered. She couldn't help but let out a soft smile, the mansion just gave off a "welcome home" vibe after a long journey.

It was...nice.

Alex turned back to face her, "Just go above, and pick any room you want. I still have something to do."

Nodding, Sagiri went up and chose the closest room she could find. The room was medium sized, with only a bed, a desk, and a closet.

She closed the door and locked it. She even contemplated on setting up traps on the chance that Alex might "visit" her when she's asleep.

Not really. She just wasn't comfortable on sleeping in a place unguarded like this, even her own room in Yuragi was full of traps.

But in the end, she was too tired and just plopped down to the bed and closed her eyes.

'....I wonder if Alice is already asleep?'

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