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18.54% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 27: Chapter 22: Sephirah VS Demon King

Chapter 22: Sephirah VS Demon King - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 27 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 27: Chapter 22: Sephirah VS Demon King

Shagotte slapped Alex's hand away from her wrist as she fiercely glared at him, "I can't feel an ounce of Spirit Energy in you, so that means you came from the same place as that Yesod? Do you not care about what will happen to your world if you don't return her."

"No shit. I'm not a Hero who will make a sacrifice just to save my world, far from it, I'm the Demon King, I also don't think of myself as kind, no, I'm incredibly selfish. So if my daughter says that she wants stay with me, she will stay with me. No Gods or Sephirah can say otherwise."

"Wait! Wait you two!" Yoruichi appeared between Alex and Shagotte as she looked at the two of them in confusion, "I don't have any idea what you two are talking about, but for now please calm down!"

It was at that moment, that hundreds of Exceeds wearing an armor along with hundreds of cat-knight appeared and marched in the hall.

A tall and muscular exceed appeared in the center of the hall as he announced with a loud voice, "For those who are not and don't want to be involved! I suggest you step out now! We are dealing with a human who shows hostility to the Elder Cat God! So please leave while you can!"

Almost immediately, all Cats who doesn't wish to get involved quickly ran outside in panic.

They were cursing the human who dared to show his hostility to the Elder Cat God and hoped that he'll get punished severely for disrupting this grand gathering.

And in under a minute, only the Exceeds, the Knights, Shagotte, Yoruichi, Yaya, Alex and Alice are left inside the hall.

Sir Nyansalot, who was standing in front of the Knights glared at Alex, "Its you nya! You're the one Yaya-chan brought with her nya! You actually dared to show your hostility to the Queen nya?!"

Yoruichi gave a nervous smile as she look towards the Elder Cat God, "Shagotte, there might be some misunderstanding here. For now, please tell them to calm down, we can talk about this."

She really don't want to lose the new friend she just made, she only has a few, and she doesn't want any of them to be harmed.

"Hm, Yaya also ask the Elder Cat God to calm down. Alexander is a good guy." Yaya nodded beside Yoruichi as she stared at Shagotte with her usual stoic look.

But one could see her nervousness if they looked at her closely.

Shagotte looked at her long time friend and the little girl who was adored by dozens of Cat Gods and sighed as she raised her paw, causing the Exceeds and the Knights to lower their weapon.

She then glanced at Alex and spoke, "Since these two little girls already pleaded for your sake, I will drop this matter if you hand me the Yesod Fragment."

"Heh," Alex grinned, "As if I care whether you let this matter down or not. Its another matter if my daughter wanted to go back, but she doesn't. And no one will be able to force her."

Shagotte sighed before looking at the two girls, "You heard him, this conflict is unavoidable if he doesn't hand her over."

Yoruichi bit her lips as she looked at Alice before looking back at Shagotte, "But why do you want Alice? She's just a little girl."

"Hm, you don't need to know. Its not something an ordinary people like you should know." Shagotte replied before looking at Alice, "Yesod, one last chance, come with me, I'll bring you back."

Alice just gave her a pout, as she glares, "No! Malkut, Keter, Binah, Cocama, all taken away! I don't want to go back! I stay with papa!"

Alex gave a smug grin as he held his daughter tightly, "You heard her, she already decided to stay with me, so even if the Gods kneeled and beg me for her, I'll never hand her over."

"Very well," Shagotte nodded before ordering her soldiers, "Do not interfere."

The Exceeds and the Knights glanced at each other before nodding. Yoruichi and Yaya wanted to interfere but stop when Alex glared at them.

He doesn't want them to get involve in his matter after all.

Shagotte's body flickered as she instantly appeared in front of Alex, stretching her paws to grab Alex.

But Alex expected this, so even though he was surprised by her speed, he immediately managed to react and conjured a Time Suspension Barrier, causing the time in the hall to stop.

Alex immediately retreated, just in time for the Time Barrier to broke down as Shagotte can be seen frowning while looking at him.

He grinned, "What's this? Are Sephirah so strong they are even outside the Concept of Time as well? You guys are just way too OP huh?"

Shagotte shook her head, "You're mistaken, we are not outside the Concept of Time at all. Your Time Suspension is just so low leveled, it couldn't be compared to a Sephirah who governs over time."

Alex just smiled, of course he knew that. That Time Suspension is a Magic develop by the original Satan, and did not came from the Age of Gods Magic at all. So he knew it couldn't affect a Sephirah that much.

Releasing a sigh, Alex put Alice down as he started cracking his neck while smirking, "Very well. I really don't want to do this you know? I just wanted to live peacefully with my daughter until she grows up, but you people just can't seem to mind your own business so..."

He took Judecca from his neck as the pendant grew into a sword, "Sorry about this... Judecca, do it!"

{Understood my master}



{Initiating Demon King Battle Mode}


An oppressive dark energy exploded out from Alex as his figure began to slowly grow, ripping his clothes off.

Of course, Alex can't just let his daughter see him naked yeah? So he ordered Judecca—who now has a storage function, to equip the armor he made.

The armor was oddly similar to Drachen Alpha Set from Monster Hunter, but just without the helmet.

The whole Nyatopia shook from his overwhelming power, causing the space to be unstable as cracks started appearing.

Everyone in the space aside from the Sephirah like Alice and Shagotte began to drop down on the ground and suffocate, even a Transcendental like Yoruichi could only gasp for breath as her body refused to move.

Alex glared at Shagotte and waved his sword, causing his aura to recede back inside him.

Finally, Alex's magic stopped pressuring them as they finally regain the ability to breath.

Yoruichi was sweating as she looked at Alex new form, with horns, claws, and armor, standing at around 3 meters tall, however what she was thinking about was not his appearance but that oppressive aura just now.

'W-What was that? That's not Spirit Pressure at all...its something else.'

She looked at Yaya beside her, who fainted from that overwhelming pressure and pulled her closer to herself.

Several Exceeds and Knights were also unconscious.

Shagotte remained unmoved by his power as she just took off her multilayered clothing, leaving her on a sleeveless dress with purple pants.

"Impressive display, but not enough."

She clapped her paws, and the cracks on the space disappeared, and restored, while also strengthening the Nyatopia to the point where Alex does not need to worry about holding back.

She looked at her knights and Exceeds, "Bring everyone to Shelter G.O.D, I don't want others to get caught up with this mess."

Everyone nodded and complied with her orders.

She looked at Alex and appeared in front of him instantly, "Let's take this somewhere else." She said, as she tried to grab Alex's arms, only to be met with the blade of Judecca.

She dodged as she jumped back, while glaring at Alex, who just smirked at her.

He shrugged, "You can just return everything back with a clap of your paws, we don't need to worry about collateral damage. Besides, there's no way I'm going to leave my daughter here yeah?"

Shagotte sighed, "You have this much power, yet why don't you use it to help? You know Yesod is needed for a world to—"

"There you go with that balance and whatnot. I told you I don't a give a damn, I ain't no hero who will help everyone, so don't give me that lecture."

With his glowing red eyes, a dark crimson aura flared up wildly around him before instantly disappearing. He gripped Judecca tightly before he prepared for a swing.

The Sephirah felt danger and immediately erected a barrier.

"Disappear!" Alex swung his sword, as an enormous wave of dark crimson energy was released from his blade.


The tree of Nyatopia was erased from existence. Of course, Alex made sure that no one will be hurt by his attack.

He even erected a barrier to protect Yaya and Yoruichi.

"Not yet." Alex narrowed his eyes as he appeared before Shagotte and slash his blade.

The Sephira just strengthened her barrier to blocked the attack, but to her shock, the blade pass through her barrier and remained unobstructed, and to her even greater shock, she was cut.

She was cut from her left shoulder down to her stomach, however she did not even flinched and kicked Alex, sending him flying by tens of meters before he managed to stabilize himself.

Shagotte touched her injury and it was healed almost instantly, she tilted her head and glanced at Alex, "How? Mortal weapons shouldn't be able to injure me and pass through my barrier."

"That's,..." Alex smirked and rested his blade on his shoulder, "....a secret."

Of course, Alex wasn't stupid enough to reveal it like some third-rate villain. Judecca was upgraded and gave herself several concepts with Alex's help.

For example, she was given the concept of "Anti-Divine", "Anti-Monster", "Immortal-Slayer", and "Cupid's Arrow".

The reason why Judecca remained unobstructed by the barrier is because of "Cupid's Arrow" its concept that allow Judecca to ignore the so-called defense and protection and hit the target.

As for how Shagotte was injured, it was because of "Anti-Divine" and "Immortal-Slayer" too bad "Immortal-Slayer" couldn't stop her from regenerating. He needs to upgrade that later.

Shagotte hummed, "Very well, from now on, I will use my authority as the Sephira who governs the Hearth, Home, and Sun to defeat you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Very well," Alex smirked, and flared his dark crimson aura.

"Come at me with everything you got!"

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