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2.63% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 3: Prologue: Ente Isla(3)

Prologue: Ente Isla(3) - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 3 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 3: Prologue: Ente Isla(3)

Alex caressed the leaves of the plant before pumping his magic power. The plant then started to disappear with specs of lights, leaving behind a fist-sized glowing purple orb.

Though, since Alex's current body stood in at least 3 meters in height, the glowing purple orb only looks as big as a ping-pong ball.

It was brimming with power, and Alex can feel it. He was sure that, even if it was the original Maou at his peak, he won't even come close to be comparable to this little fella.

The light coming from the orb suddenly died down, before it expanded and changed into a watermelon sized apple.

"Hm? I can't feel any energy from it now. How about you Judecca?"

{Aside from the incredible amount of Life Force, I can feel none master}

"Hmm," Alex observed the fruit in his hands before shrugging. With a snap of his fingers, he broke the barrier.

He looked at the sky and grinned. The hero and company are already close to the Demon King Castle, they needed around a few minutes or so.

'They also brought with them around fifty thousands of Human Soldiers, though they don't really amount much more than a fodder. My Demon Army will annihilate them.'

Looking over his shoulders, Alex spoke. "You are finally here, Alsiel."

Behind him, was one of his trusted friend and comrade. The Demon General of the East, Alsiel.

Alsiel is a tall humanoid demon with yellow eyes, pointed ears, and white blonde hair. Most of his body is covered in a black carapace that protects the majority of his torso and lower arms, his hands ending in a pair of deadly sharp claws.

The upper half of his face also appears to be covered in this natural armor with his eyes still visible through openings like those of a mask, and he sports a large black tail covered in the same substance.

"My liege, please give me your order, and I shall do my best to annihilate those humans even at the cost of my life!" Said Alsiel.

Alex just smiled, tapped the table where the pot was before and used Creation Magic to turn it into a chair as he sat down.

You might confuse the ability of Creation Magic to create, but it is not, because even though it was called that, it couldn't create anything at all.

Creation Magic grants the user control over any object, structure—be it physical or magical—or mineral, allowing the user to shape or transform them in anyway they wish.

Though, the real use of this Magic is to "Interfere with any inorganic material".

"No need Alsiel, I'll deal with them when the time comes. For now rest, you must be exhausted after hurrying over here from the East."

Alsiel nodded, before looking at the rather large fruit on his lord's hands. "Sire, that fruit..."

"She's my daughter." Alex answered with a smile.

Alsiel choked, though he didn't doubt the words of his king and observed the fruit. And indeed, he can feel a life coming from the fruit.

"My liege! How come you didn't tell us about it! A child out of wedlock would be Earth Shattering news! She must be provided at once to prepare her for the throne! Why have you kept her a secret for this long my liege!"

Alex sighed as he caressed, "Relax, she hasn't even been born yet. And besides, I don't want anyone else to know about her yet. We are at War Alsiel."

"..." Alsiel stared at his lord and nodded, "But can you tell me which Demonic Strumpet did you have liaisons with. Your Demon Army have no Demoness."

Alex paused as he thought of something and gave grin. He finally thought of a plan to win against the hero without even fighting...maybe.

"A Human..." He said, staring at Alsiel with a smirk, "Her mother is a Human."

"Guh?!" Alsiel stumbled back in shock. A measly human actually dared to sleep with the Great Demon King?! Such Impudence!

Who does she think she is?!

"B-B-But my liege! Does this mean she's only a Half-Demon?"

Alex narrowed his eyes as he glared at Alsiel, "Is there a problem with that...Alsiel."

"N-No! N-N-Not at all your Demonic Highness!" Alsiel immediately answered, "Its just that, as only a Half-Demon, won't she only live for around 300 years?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Alex paused, and thought about it. Alas=Ramus is the Incarnation of a Yesod Fragment, meaning they are basically Immortals.

The one who'll die first will be them, while Alas=Ramus will continue to live until the end of time. Though he was sure that he can also obtain Immortality with the use of the Seven Age of Gods magic so he wasn't too worried about that.

Alsiel, seeing the thoughtful look of his king, thought that he was worried of his daughter's life and is thinking about a way to extend her life, so he decided to just stay quiet.

Alex shook his head and decided not to think about it for now. He was only Three Hundred or so years old, he was quite young.

Alsiel look at his king, before his eyes stopped at the sword-pendant his king was wearing. And almost immediately, he felt an electricity running through his body.

"Argh?!" Taking a step back, Alsiel glanced at the pendant in fear. It was only for moment, but he clearly saw the End of the World when he observed the pendant.

Alex noticed this, he looked at Alsiel who was looking at his pendant before gaining a look of understanding.

Caressing Judecca, Alex explained. "This is the Black Imperial Sword: Judecca, a blade far older than the world itself, used by a Demon King to destroy worlds."

"Destroy.....worlds." Alsiel muttered, staring at the pendant in awe and fear. "Where did you get that my liege? No, that's not important. What's important is that with that weapon, we can conquer Ente Isla much faster!"

"Maybe." Said Alex.

Actually he wasn't interested in Ente Isla that much. He was sure that Earth is much more interesting.

What can he even do here aside from sit on his throne, reading books and killing humans? Though he hadn't really killed as Alex, but with the memories as Maou, he wasn't really that innocent.

At least, he wouldn't even flinch even if he saw Demons eating humans in front of him. He was sure that he wasn't capable of killing brutally, but if its killing, he can do it easily.

Suddenly, he looked up at the sky and smirked, before giving his general a look.

"Let's go back inside the Throne Room Alsiel, the Hero is coming."

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