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4.59% The Domain of All / Chapter 4: Plan of Action 1

Plan of Action 1 - The Domain of All - Chapter 4 by DeathWalker full book limited free

Chapter 4: Plan of Action 1

As Polemos headed back to his tent he noticed that when he saw his eye color he remembered in the journal.

"Wait I'll need to hide my face somehow, now what could I possibly use, wait I'll just use a hood that has the color of sand." Polemos started to smile then remembered. "Wait? Do I even have a hood of that color, I don't think so, damn. Do I need to steal one then, oh well no one would care if one went missing."

When Polemos finally made it back to his tent and opened the entrance, he headed toward the chest to see if he had a suitable outfit for what he needed to accomplish.

"Well it does look like I have an appropriate attire for what I need to happen, but did he have anything to cover his eyes, doesn't look like it oh well." Polemos shrugged as he couldn't see anything that would be able to shield his eyes.

'Guess I'll wait til a sandstorm happens or when the hunting party leaves so there's less of a chance of getting caught.'

Polemos thought as he remembered that if he wanted to pull this off, he would need to think his way through this instead of just heading in like a dumb ass.

"Don't need rashness to cause me to fail already, that would just be sad." He silently said aloud and to himself.

"Should I stop talking to myself, no not likely." Polemos said aloud and to himself again.

'I need to really stop doing that.' He thought because it sounded a little, well, creepy….maybe.

"Well maybe not, who am I to judge? I'm nobody currently in what looks like a massive desert, and it looks like if I want to survive I need strength, power, or something cause if not I'll be dead….for the third time."

Polemos sighed at the end and thought back to the mid-sized water source, then remembered when he caught sight of the fish in the water.

"Crap, I didn't like fish in my last life, I wonder how it actually tastes here? Well one way to find out, guess I'll start fishing with what though, I never saw anything like what resembles a fishing pole?" Polemos pondered as he remembered that one could make a spear too well, spear fish.

"Gods I'm thinking a little too much maybe, get some fish, roast it over the flames, and wait and train while not getting caught easy, right."

As Polemos looked outside again to see if there were any rocks and sticks he could use to create a simple wooden spear to catch fish.

"Now I've never speared fish before, but from what I'm able to remember is that it's harder than it looks. Well it's never too late to start I guess." Polemos said as he searched for trees hopefully nearby, when he was able to see some trees in the distance about 2.5 kilometers away from his tent.

"Maybe I should also move my tent a little further away to better protect myself, yeah that actually might be better." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With so much to get done Polemos just sighed, but he also had a smile on his face as he thought about everything that needed to get done in so little time.

'No time like the present better get started!' Polemos tried to get himself excited and pumped for what was to come.

Polemos decided to take his tent down first as it was the most time consuming since he had many things to move to his new location.

"Well let's get this done so I can get some food and start training." Polemos was able to take the tent down quicker than he thought and was a little surprised as it felt as though he had done this plenty of times.

"Well I was a part of a nomadic tribe for over seventeen years technically, I shouldn't be that surprised." Polemos said and saw that he even only had a few things to carry or transport to his new area.

As it took him a little over a few hours to do so as he had to go back and forth and find a spot that would be hard for the others to notice or find, Polemos was able to finally rest but he couldn't as he needed to get started on getting his food.

"I can't just continue to eat fish as that wouldn't be the best. I'll need to eat other things along with it." Polemos said as he was searching for a decent stick to use for the spearing of his dinner.

'Alright let's use this one, it looks good enough,' Polemos thought as he found a stick that was as tall as him.

As Polemos found the stick he would use to make his spear, he went back to his tent, and found a rock in order to sharpen the spear very well so that he could pierce the fish a lot easier. When he was all said and done he even found some smaller sticks in order to roast the fish over the fire along with firewood.

"Alright, looks like everything is all done and ready to go, let's get some food, cause I'm starving." Polemos confidently said as he headed back to the water source, but he had to stop as he spotted a few people by the source.

'Well, this got a little more difficult now, didn't it. Wait, aren't those the slaves of the tribe?' Polemos remembered out of everyone in the tribe the slaves were the only ones that treated him with any sort of kindness.

'I'll just pull my hood over my face more so that they shouldn't recognize me….hopefully.' Polemos pulled his hood further in order to hide his face deeper into the hood and walked slowly to the water source like everyone else and tried his hand at fishing.

Polemos learned very quickly that he sucked at trying to spear the fish; he hadn't been able to even leave a mark or nick them at all but he never lost his temper or freaked out as he pondered on what he was doing wrong. He then started to slowly drift his eyes to the others in the water source and see how they did it.

'I'm not able to gather anything from watching them at the moment, maybe I should just ask, but what if they recognize me, screw it.' Polemos decided to test the waters and approached one of the elders and asked to see if he could help or explain for a better way to catch fish.

"Sorry to interrupt Elder, but I was wondering if you could possibly help me to catch some fish with this spear, I tried and it was not as easy as it looks?" Polemos asked as politely as he could, with a deeper tone.

The Elder slowly turned around; "Elder? Now who said that, hmm oh, you look sorta new so did they not properly teach you how? Well yeah sure I can help you. That's no problem, just have a single condition." Replied the kind Elder.

"Oh, and what would that be?" Polemos responded in kind.

He smiled and said.

"Just call Elder Spear, or Old Man everyone else does." As he chuckled lightly.

Polemos was a little surprised as he slightly laughed and also replied.

"I can definitely do that Elder Spear. And I'm sorry if I was a little rude early, as I never gave you my name. You may call me Jason."

Elder Spear smiled as he began to instruct 'Jason' on the basics of spearfishing.

"You need to be able to erase your presence, or blend in with the area around you in order to catch the fish a little off guard to get them. You also need to focus on where you'll want to strike, and remember that the water makes the fish, or objects in the water angled and not directly above them. Most tend to forget that, and you'll need to angle your thrust." Elder Spear continued to give out tips and even a good way to grill the fish when caught.

'He is a very kind Elder, if I am able to help him when I'm stronger I should definitely try to help him.' Polemos thought as he listened with a smile on his face and absorbed every little detail he could because the information and knowledge he was getting could also be used for what he needed to truly accomplish.

Polemos continued his hand at spearfishing and was starting to quite enjoy the peacefulness of what it brought. As the sun was starting to set and turn the sky into a calm fire, Polemos was a little surprised when he saw that he was able to gather 25+ fish. Some were the size of his legs, and some even weighed 100-110 kilograms.

Polemos also noticed a big empty soup pot and some salt inside of it.

"Wait, that wasn't there before? Did Elder Spear give me these, damn I really need to thank him when I can." Polemos grinned as he packed all the fish into the pot and carried everything back to his tent to cook some dinner and get a good night's rest, as Polemos was going to have a busy time until he was able to get the things he needed to get in order to survive and to bury those who took this life's first life and take it's much needed revenge.

"After I get all that done I'm gonna go and explore what this amazing world has to offer, I mean hell this world has Mana, Mana for crying out loud. There has to be some amazing things to find. But first, I need to gather my strength and gain battle experience in order to achieve that. It's gonna be so much fun." Polemos grinned a slightly devilish smile as he couldn't wait to start.

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