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5% The Earth Is My Dantian / Chapter 2: The Earth Is My Dantian

The Earth Is My Dantian - The Earth Is My Dantian - Chapter 2 by Girl in Short Skirt full book limited free

Chapter 2: The Earth Is My Dantian

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Sheng's mother had been the sacred lady of the Reincarnation Sect.

At the beginning of the Great Qin era, the Reincarnation Sect had been based in the northwest region and wielded tremendous influence. At that time, there were Three Sacred Lands, Ten Grand Clans, and Four Great Sects in the country. The Reincarnation Sect was one of the Four Great Sects and was considered a top power.

But as Great Qin started to build up the nation and Lord Ye started rising in the ranks, Lord Ye brought millions of soldiers to destroy the Reincarnation Sect. That battle had been a fierce and tragic one that resulted in the large majority of the sect getting killed, although some escaped. The Sacred Lady was taken prisoner by Lord Ye. She was stripped of her cultivation level and was taken back to Lord Ye's manor to become one of his concubines.

Not long after that, she gave birth to a son, Ye Sheng. But when Ye Sheng turned five, she died.

Ye Sheng often thought about what had happened back then. After his mother died, his father didn't even come to pay his respects. He just sent the butler over with his regards.

Ye Sheng's mother was a concubine, so she had no status in Ye Manor at all. On top of that, she was the sacred lady of the Reincarnation Sect, so Lord Ye's mother, the Old Lady, didn't like her. When his mother had first been captured, the Old Lady would send a maid to reprimand her every day and refused to see her. This continued up until she gave birth to Ye Sheng, and then the harassment stopped. However, the Old Lady never showed any concern for her at all.

The Great Qin Empire had a system of one wife, two mistresses, and four concubines. Concubines were of extremely low status, and many officials often exchanged concubines with one another for fun. The children of concubines were not eligible to inherit anything either, so Ye Sheng had nobody and nothing to fall back on in the Ye household.

After going through all his memories, Ye Sheng's expression became rather grim. He realized that he was actually in a very dangerous situation now.

Ye Qing, also known as Young Master Thirteen, had dragged him along that afternoon saying that he wanted to have a sparring session between brothers. Ye Qing had even said something about how the older brother was probably more powerful than the younger brother, so Ye Qing didn't hold back when he punched Ye Sheng. Ye Qing did really kill the first Ye Sheng, and now he had taken over Ye Sheng's body.

"Ye Qing knew that Father doesn't allow me to learn any martial arts, but he still wanted a sparring session. So he purposely wanted to humiliate me, but he didn't expect that one punch to actually kill the first Ye Sheng. Then his mother ended up having to sacrifice the Sky Mountain Snow Lotus, and now he's suffering because of that." Ye Sheng couldn't help but laugh coldly to himself when he thought about this.

Earlier on, he'd thought that these people were his close family who'd cared about him, and that was why they had been willing to give him the Sky Mountain Snow Lotus. But now it was clear to him that this had just been done for, for the sake of Ye Qing's future, to prevent Ye Qing from being known as someone who had murdered his own brother.

It was very late at night, so once the house servants knew that Ye Sheng was fine, they all left. He was all alone in the courtyard.

Ye Sheng weakly sat up in bed and touched his wound. It was all red and bloody, especially in his abdominal area. There were large patches of dark red all over his skin, and blood was still seeping a little bit. His internal organs had suffered a severe injury.

"Ye Qing is the same age as I am. We're both 16, and we were both born on the same day in the same month. But I came out ten minutes before him and became his older brother. He is very indignant about that, and so he keeps making trouble for me. This time, he even went to the extreme and killed me," said Ye Sheng through clenched teeth.

He tried to take a few steps and felt nothing but pain throughout his body. It felt as if he was being stabbed by a thousand needles.

"This universe has a flourishing martial arts scene. The difference between Acquired Level Tenth Stage and Inborn Level Tenth Stage is huge. A First Honor Inborn Level can hold down a Second Tier Aristocrat, while a First Tier Major Aristocrat has to break through the Inborn Level first," said Ye Sheng as he recalled how the martial arts system functioned.

The flourishing martial arts scene was characteristic of this universe.

Cultivation of martial arts, attaining the state of emptiness, and levitating to another world was what many people here pursued.

Gautama Buddha of Buddhism, Zhang Sanfeng of Taoism, and others who cultivated in the way of the sword and other philosophies were all people who had attained immortality within 500 years.

So this universe was flourishing in martial arts and had as many highly skilled practitioners as the clouds and as many secret manuals as feathers on birds.

"I must find a way to start cultivating," thought Ye Sheng determinedly to himself. He was in such a sorry state precisely because he didn't know any martial arts. Ye Qing was only at Acquired Level Sixth Stage and was already able to humiliate him without him being able to do anything about it. If he could reach the Inborn Level, then he could get out of this awkward position and take revenge on all those people who had humiliated him before.

As Ye Sheng thought about these things, everything suddenly went black before his eyes, and he collapsed on the floor. He had actually fainted.

Ye Sheng lay on the floor, and suddenly white lights were sparkling around his energy center.

Meanwhile, Ye Sheng's soul had come onto a blue planet.

"Is this…Earth?" Ye Sheng was a little stunned as he looked at the lonely planet with nothing else in its universe. He was deeply shocked inside.

"Is this my cheat?" murmured Ye Sheng.

Just as he touched Earth, his entire soul became the Earth itself in an instant, and he could see everything within Earth at that moment.

He was now the god of Earth.

With one thought, he could make the mountains move and a tsunami rise from the sea.

With one thought, he could turn day into night.

All the people on Earth started to panic. The various governments kept trying to investigate where this mysterious force had come from, but they simply couldn't discover anything.

Ye Sheng was stunned.

"What sort of cheat is this? Controlling Earth?"

This planet had now become Ye Sheng's. So as long as Earth became strong, he would become strong as well.

If one person on Earth cultivated for one day, that would be equivalent to Ye Sheng cultivating for one day.

If ten people cultivated for one day, that would be equivalent to Ye Sheng cultivating for ten days.

As for the techniques he taught them, as long as ten people reached the initial Learnt stage, then Ye Sheng would automatically reach the Learnt stage too. If a hundred people reached the Learnt stage, then Ye Sheng would reach the next stage, the Beginner stage.

This planet was going to become Ye Sheng's source of confidence.

"With this Earth, why should I fear anything else?" Ye Sheng's eyes lit up, and he was pleasantly surprised.

Then he moved his focus to his home country to look for his family.

Unfortunately for him, the people on Earth were completely different from the ones on the planet that Ye Sheng used to live on.

There was no sign of Ye Sheng's family or his friends.

He gave up completely.

"It doesn't matter. With this Earth of mine, I can look for my family after I reach the peak," Ye Sheng comforted himself.

Ye Sheng, the god of Earth, opened his eyes again. Even though his body was still aching all over, he didn't care anymore.

"Manuals. Martial arts manuals. I remember I have some." Ye Sheng started searching his shelves and drawers for them.

He remembered that his mother had placed some basic martial arts manuals somewhere in this room. They were all about basic moves that everyone knew, so very few within the manor would want them.

Ye Sheng found them in no time.

Rolling Rocks Boxing Technique! Fallen Leaves Sword Technique! Typhoon Steps!

These three techniques were all considered inferior techniques, so even if he'd tried to sell these manuals, they wouldn't even be worth one gold coin. But to Ye Sheng, these were priceless treasures.

"After my mother died, the First Madam sent the butler here to take away all of her personal belongings and didn't leave anything behind for me. If these techniques weren't so commonplace, they might not even have left these for me either. There's really nobody in the entire household who treats me well," said Ye Sheng with a cold laugh.

With these three manuals in hand, Ye Sheng got back into bed. He lay down carefully, shut his eyes, and entered Earth again.

With one thought, thousands of large rocks came falling from the sky on Earth. They crashed heavily on various parts of Earth and caused widespread fear and panic on the planet.

"Earthlings, listen to me. I'm your god, and I'm passing on these techniques to you as a chance for you to survive." The sky boomed with a loud sound, and a thunderous voice was heard in every person's heart.

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As those huge rocks came down, Ye Sheng imprinted the three techniques on them. Ye Sheng didn't bother reading the techniques himself because his body was simply too weak, so reading them wouldn't do anything for him.

The people on Earth didn't believe in this. Some were suspicious, some cursed angrily, and those who didn't believe in a god held firmly to their previous beliefs.

But many of them were unsure, so they figured they'd give it a shot. They took down the pictures and words imprinted on these huge rocks, and then went home to try practicing them.

Meanwhile, Ye Sheng just waited quietly in bed. Once ten people managed to learn any of these techniques, Ye Sheng himself would be able to learn them too.

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