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7.81% The Eight Sin The Sin Of Love / Chapter 4: Love is a sin?

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Chapter 4: Love is a sin?

Jax right now was thinking about how to befriend Gilthunder and Howzer he knew Gilthunder was training with his dad (Meliodas) and that Howzer would be most likely also training to become a holy knight. But to befriend 2 boys that are 6 years older than him would prove to be hard after all in his past life Jax didn't really have many real friends.

Well, actually one, Max one of the boys that he grew up with in the orphanage they were like brothers but sadly Max passed away at the age of 16. It was simple why he passed away, they both didn't have much money and couldn't afford to treat the sickness that Max had caught after that fateful day when he saw his only friend die Jax vowed to become someone important, so he never had to experience something like that.

In his old world, he knew the truth, money was power the world ran on money if he had money he could have saved his friend, but he didn't have money so strived to get it an 9 years later he had achieved everything he wanted. But still, he felt unaccomplished no one to share his success with was hard on him. That's why in this world he tried to train himself because here the world ran on your own personal strength if you had massive amounts of strength you could destroy Kingdoms without any problem and protect what you wanted to protect.

Jax started to think about how to befriend the 2 boys, and after thinking about it, he got a plan he would begin to train when he was 3 years old or at least force his dad to teach him basic sword techniques. At that moment he would meet Gilthunder and Gilthunder admiring his adoptive father would dote on him as a little brother starting from that day they would train together and meet Howzer and become friends.

At least that's his plan, for now, the next 2 years would be rather uneventful Jax just did his daily quest's and nothing more he farmed the experience from the daily quests and leveled up.

'Max show my stats please' (Jax)



AGE: 3 years old


STENGTH: 13 (average adult: 15/20)

DEXTERITY: 18 (average adult: 15/20)

WILLPOWER: 50 (average adult: 10)

MAGIC: 0 (average adult: 10)

LUCK: 1 (average adult: 10)

INTELLIGENCE: 60 (average adult: 10)

'not to bad for a kid, by the way, Max how much do my stats improve with each level.'


'thank you, Max'

It was a bright sunny day and today was the day Jax would set his plan in motion he grabbed a wooden sword he had made and entered the training courtyard there he saw his dad with Gilthunder. Jax looked at them and thought 'well it seems its worse than I thought' while sighing what Jax meant was that Gilthunder basically had stars in his eyes while looking at Meliodas.

Jax walked over and spoke up with a child's voice "dad I want to train too."

Meliodas looked over and there he saw his nephew with a wooden sword looking at him with determination as if the boy knew something he shouldn't know at the age he has.

Gilthunder looked at the boy that spoke up and was a bit annoyed when he heard someone interrupting his training session with his hero Meliodas but when he heard the word Dad he got excited, 'so this is lord meliodas his son if I make him my friend I will see Meliodas-sama a lot more.'

What Jax didn't expect was that only the word dad made the half of his mission finished.

Meliodas decided to ask a question to his nephew, "why do you want to train."

"hmm that is a difficult question, but I want to be strong to protect everyone" (Jax)

Meliodas was shocked by the answer but at the same time satisfied he was shocked that such a young child could give such a response but when he thought about it the boy in front of him has two of the best bloodlines in his body he is a mix between a direct descendant of the current demon king and a royal vampire.

It was to be expected that he wouldn't grow up as an average human child and Meliodas knew that if he were with the demon king he would start his training right now.

So Meliodas made his decision

"sure I will train you together with Gilthunder" Meliodas smiled at the two boys.

"hey I'm Gilthunder" "Nice to meet you, im Jax," and like this, a friendship would form between the two boys.

The training started and to be honest it was quite simple well it was simple in the terms of techinque they just did a lot of horizontal slashed and side way slashes. But even with Jax's stats he got tired really quickly.

Jax was laying in his bed today was his first training session with Gilthunder and Meliodas and to be honest, he was exhausted, yet he couldn't sleep because there was something on his mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Hey Max I will most likely become a part of the seven deadly sins, but there are only seven sins available, pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. And every single one of those is one of the Seven deadly sins members so what would I turn out to be.'

{Jax I didn't want to tell you, but I will tell you if you really desire to know the truth}

'I do Max please tell me what I would turn out be.'

{Jax you will become The Sin of Love}

A shocked look was present of Jax's face after all Love was never a sin so why would he become a sin?

{Jax to be honest think back to your past life if you had the power back then to save Max would you care for anything else}

Jax started to think deeply about the question that was just presented to him and when he thought about he knew the truth deep down, he wouldn't he would do anything in his power to save a person he cared for not caring about the consequences.

{I know you have already realized it loving in itself is not a sin but when you

love someone Jax, your love runs so deep that you would literally kill every single being in the universe to save the one person you love, now tell me is it still not a sin to love like that}

'I suppose you are right Max I would sacrifice millions of innocent people for one person now I understand why I would gain that title' Jax said while smiling not even caring about the things he just realized after all he knew it was the truth. Why worry about it deep down he knew he wouldn't change, so all he could do was protect what he desired to protect. And hope that it wouldn't come to a point that he had to kill innocent people to protect his loved ones.

Right now on this night The sin of Love was born fully accepting what would become his sin not even having any kind of stress about it no the boy that just heard that was drifting into a deep sleep ready to get to training tomorrow.

DaoistSinofLove DaoistSinofLove

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