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Chapter 123: Head, Heart, Hand

Hou Wei Yan's daily routine now compromises of reporting to Ji Li Zhao and evading any encounter with Zhou Jinhai and Han Yu Shou. Even with the change of her guard, she still needed to report to Ji Li Zhao so she explained thoroughly to Xing Yun that this is nothing but a job and he shouldn't blabber anything that may cause a misunderstanding between her and her husband.

As soon as she finished handing Ji Li Zhao the other things needed in the clinic, she immediately returned to her office without haste. She didn't want to spend more time with him and was set on doing her job and her job alone.

With such thought in her mind, she enters her office. The moment she did, Qiu Meixiu's troubled expression as she hangs up the phone immediately caught her attention. "Sister Qiu, what's wrong?"

"Wei Wei, the Pediatric ward is asking for assistance" she hurriedly reported as she went through their schedule once more. Today was not as hectic as the past few days but if they help with the Pediatrics, their schedule will surely get messed up. "Looks like there's a flu going around and most of their staff caught it"

Hou Wei Yan who saw how worried she was, took a peek at Meixiu's memo. "How many surgeries do we have for this day?"

"You only have one. It's a Pacemaker Implantation with Ms. Yu Ting" she reported before worriedly looking at her. If they move it so they could help, they will get piled up with work tomorrow. "We can't move it tomorrow because you will be having a heart transplant with Mr. Yao Qiqiang. A donation has finally come so we can't delay it"

She knew just how important tomorrow was so she understood Qiu Meixiu's worry. "I can finish today's surgery for an hour so we can go with the original plan. Call the Pediatric department, tell them that we will help out"

"The emergency department could manage now that Doctor Tian is back from his day off" she added after remembering that her Senior Doctor had already arrived earlier. She even greeted him personally when they met in the hallway.

Qiu Meixiu nodded her head in response to her order. Without hesitation, she began calling their team and the Pediatrics to assimilate their plan.

As she looked at Qiu Meixiu scurrying around, the folder Ji Li Zhao handed to her yesterday suddenly caught her eye.

"Right, I still need to tell them about the health check-up" she mumbled to herself before turning to Qiu Meixiu once more. "And Sister Qiu…I have an important announcement to make. I think it will be good if we have dinner together"

Meixiu looked at her before nodding her head. "I'll tell them to clear up their schedule in the evening. Should I start looking for a restaurant?"

"Yes, please" she replied with a smile of pure gratitude. She's really blessed to have a very reliable assistant with her. Once done giving her requests, she went back to her desk and began looking at Yao Qiqiang's medical information.

After a few minutes, she suddenly remembered that someone was missing. She was used to having Fang Tao around so she looked around and realized that her new so-called guard was not with them. "Sister Qiu. Have you seen Yun? After he went along with me in President Ji's office, he suddenly went missing"

"He came here earlier saying you went out on a date" she replied once she was done informing the Pediatric Department that they are willing to extend a helping hand.

Bewilderment spiraled with rage suddenly surged in her system when she heard the word 'date'. "A what?!"

Before she went to report, she already talked with Xing Yun and explained to him a couple of times that she was only doing a job and that he shouldn't assume things and blabber nonsense around because she's always surrounded by people who love to gossip. She feared that they might whatever he says so she made sure he understands why it's necessary for him to shut up.

And yet he blabbered some nonsense in the end.

Qiu Meixiu who saw the conflict marked in her face chuckled. "He said he didn't want to disturb you so he came here to pester me instead. But he suddenly received a call and hurriedly left" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-pampered-wife_11759015505515405/head-heart-hand_50026183298957781">;s-pampered-wife_11759015505515405/head-heart-hand_50026183298957781</a> for visiting.

"If he comes back, I will surely strangle him for what he said" Hou Wei Yan muttered before returning her attention to the medical records in her hand.

Unaware, that her life is currently in danger.


"Makio, are you sure about this?" Xing Yun asked with horror in his eyes. He couldn't believe what Makio had reported so he decided to find a peaceful place to talk about the details of his investigation.

"Positive" Makio answered with seriousness. Their organization suddenly turned hectic because of what Ji Boqin had said upon his arrival. "The men we posted near heard his instructions. He clearly asked his companion for Madame's information"

Xing Yun clenched his fist before grating his teeth in anger. "Why? Does he know something?"

"He probably doesn't know about their marriage and we plan on keeping it that way" Makio remarked with a sigh. His target, Ji Boqin's so-called Archer, is currently gathering information regarding Hou Wei Yan so his team and the others are intercepting those who accepted Archer's request…by killing them before they could blurt out anything to him.

He clicked his tongue as Archer entered another vicinity to ask another guild to investigate. However, a smirk slowly donned his face as he sent the guild's location to his men so they could silence them peacefully…and if they don't cooperate, a bloody end is coming their way. "Fang is already on his way to get information regarding the organization backing him up"

"Can't you just hack his phone and find out the man he was talking to?" Xing Yun asked because he believed in Makio's capability. He wasn't called Einstein just for show.

However, contrary to his expectation, Makio was completely helpless against their current enemy. If it was Cao Xiaolian, it would have been possible but he promised her that he won't drag her back in their organization so he could only fend for himself and make up for what he's lacking. "I can't seem to track the man down, but his name is Donovan"

"Donovan?" his name suddenly interested Xing Yun. While choosing a name for their Second Elder Brother's child, one of them suggested this name but was immediately ruled out because it means 'dark princeling'. Grand Elder Xing feels that it was ominous and didn't feel right for the child who had a bright smile on his face upon birth.

For such a mysterious man to use such a pen name, he could only smell trouble.

"I don't think that's his real name though. We can only find out more once Fang succeeds with his mission" Makio suddenly stated after a long pause. They could only rely on Fang Tao now. "We're using all means to block Madame's information from leaking. He may inquire in Yi Lan personally so look out"

He nodded his head in understanding. "Send me Archie---"

"It's Archer" the precious Einstein corrected with a sigh. Xing Yun is as lousy as ever when it comes to remembering names.

Xing Yun immediately rolled his eyes in a sassy way upon hearing his tone. "Whatever. Send me his picture"

Another sigh escaped from Makio's lips when he heard his request. He was now wondering whether it was the right choice to have him as Hou Wei Yan's guard considering how much of a scatterbrain he is. "I already sent it to you though?"

"You did?" he asked in confusion before checking on his phone. The photo and basic information were sent 3 minutes ago. Realizing his mistake, he smiled sheepishly and simply laughed it off. "Oh right, you did"

Without hesitation, he opened the folder and was astonished as a familiar face came into view. His sleek black hair and sharp eyes were something he cannot forget alongside his horrific deeds. "Wait…this motherfucker. I already met him before in a gathering. Isn't he---"

"That's right. He's Qiu Meixiu's estranged cousin…Xia Chao who now goes by the name Archer. He's currently Ji Boqin's helping hand" Makio remarked with a frown on his face.

Xing Yun's blood suddenly boiled at the thought that such a devil decided to show himself again. "Bloody hell! Why is this bastard associated with the Prime Minister?"

"Boqin promised him something bizarre. Once he gets the Ji Empire, he will give Xia Chao the position as Qiu Household's Family Head" Makio explained. He had acquired intel regarding Archer's sudden recruitment.

The one who made this all possible is Donovan whom he now views as a very dangerous existence. "He's been obsessing over that position ever since Qiu Meixiu was appointed as the successor. He can't accept that a woman is going to rule over all of their businesses"

He clicked his tongue in annoyance after hearing Archer's intention for accepting Ji Boqin's offer. "He's far viler than that. He tried to marry Sister Qiu so he could become the Head and even tried all means to sabotage her dignity. Luckily, Sister Qiu was a tough cookie"

He could still remember how he caused chaos in order to attain the Family Head position. His crazy methods were thwarted by Qiu Meixiu and Xie Zedong who helped clean up everything behind without Meixiu's knowledge. In the end, he was driven out of China by Xie Zedong alongside the other Regal Grandchildren who were acquainted with Qiu Meixiu.

His shameless deeds left quite a mark and the hatred he had for such a vile creature remains.

Makio who felt his silence as dangerous cleared his throat and reminded him that Meixiu's loyalty now belongs to Hou Wei Yan. "Qiu Meixiu will not help him, I'm sure of that. But you still need to tread carefully. He knows plenty of men who's good at gathering information"

"Sister Qiu sure have it tough. How could she have such a creep for a cousin" he mumbled after much thought. After losing her father and all the headaches she had to endure in the presence of Yue Xiaoli, she ended up dealing with such a psychopath.

Makio grimaced at what he said. "Don't speak like that…you know you're a creep too"

"Wha---hey! Don't just hang up!" he exclaimed as the call got disconnected. Xing Yun could only click his tongue as he began to walk away, his mind filled with Xia Cao's devious image. In his eyes, he was a creature that must be exterminated and was somewhat akin to Ye Zhe.

[Wait, no. He's a soft version of Ye Zhe. How could that bastard compare to out Ye Zhe?!] he thought to himself while scoffing.

A true devil is would be as tortuous and scheming as Ye Zhe. Merciless and knows how to hide his true self. He even fooled Hou Wei Yan who has quite a good intuition when it comes to a person's true colors.

His first impression of Ye Zhe was very bad and he even despised him. And now…honestly, his impression of him just got worse but his loathing has dissipated. He's just glad they're on the same side because he can't win against one of Ji Li Zhao's hidden trump-card.

With his hate for Archer's existence finally forgotten, he entered Wei Yan's office and was surprised to see her there. He thought she would spend more time with Ji Li Zhao. "Big Sister! You're back!"

Hou Wei Yan who was checking their plan and procedures for today's surgery looked at him with her brows raised. "I was here for a long time already. Where did you go?"

"Went out for lunch" he lied before casually sitting on the couch. "Are you going somewhere?"

"I'll be performing a surgery in a few minutes" she replied before she started cleaning her desk. She likes to stay tidy and so she never leaves her office in a mess. This is the reason why Han Yu Shou is often banned from entering her office. "You can stay here since you can't go inside the operating room"

Xing Yun was about to nod his head when Archer's face suddenly flashed in his mind. He must remain vigilant considering the Prime Minister had finally returned. "I'll just wait outside"

Hou Wei Yan took a peek at him before returning her attention to her desk. "By the way, how's grandpa and grandma? I heard they will be returning soon"

The mention of their grandparents made Xing Yun flinch. Hou Wei Yan and Qiu Meixiu who noticed this looked at one another before chuckling to themselves. They are surely an entity that could make the twins weak on their knees.

"Gramps is still as energetic as ever. He always calls me at night and nags me to help out with the business but I'm too busy having fun so I always hang up the phone or neglect his calls if I could" he honestly stated as he remembered his recent call with their grandfather which ended in a full-blown argument and a nagging session that nearly dried out his energy.

"Elder Sister Juan even called me once to report his overly energetic actions that nearly caused her a heart-attack" he suddenly added which caught both women's attention.

Xing Juan born as the fourth grandchild of Grand Elder Xing holds quite an authority in the family due to her headstrong personality. For her to complain, it must be quite a bizarre event.

"During one of their gathering when Elder Brother Zian visited with Fifth Uncle, he carried Grandma to show off. Luckily nothing bad happened to him" Xing Yun mumbled while shaking his head as he remembered Xing Juan's troubled voice as she reported this to him and the others.

Hou Wei Yan who heard this also shook her head. Her grandfather, the esteemed and most feared Grand Elder, is a very troublesome existence in the family…because he doesn't know his limits and likes doing bizarre things in the presence of his family. He gets easily carried away during family events which caused them plenty of headaches.

"It's good to hear he's doing well but he really shouldn't overexert himself" she remarked with a sigh. He's quite an eccentric grandfather. He married early so he could see as many of his descendants as possible. That's why he's very pushy when it comes to marriage and bearing grandchildren.

As far as she could remember, he's currently shifting his target to her fifth cousin, Xing Huifang, who's Xing Juan's younger sister. After Xing Juan got engaged, he began pestering Huifang and Cuifen at the same time.

If both of them get engaged…she would surely be his next target.

"Tell him that when he returns. Maybe he'll listen to you" Xing Yun suddenly said causing her train of thoughts to come to halt.

She turned towards him in confusion with her brows arched high. "Why me? Let the Elder Sisters do that. You know they��re more headstrong and persuasive than me"

"Elder Sister Xiaoling and Elder Sister Juan already failed and I don't think Elder Sister Huifang's words would make it through either. So you're technically our last hope since you're the fourth Elder Sister" he explained while shrugging.

Xing Xiaoling is the third grandchild and the first female grandchild which means that she's Grand Elder Xing's first-ever princess. She's married happily to her first love and has a female child. It recently reached her ears that she's currently expecting a male child.

Following her position is Xing Juan who was born as the fourth grandchild and second female grandchild. A headstrong woman who was tamed by an engineering genius. She's engaged and will probably be married in a few months.

The fifth grandchild who's also the third female grandchild is Xing Huifang. The latest news stated that she's in Japan and solidifying their Xing Studio.

After them were two male grandchildren, Xing Zian and Xing Zemin who handle plenty of the Xing Businesses. They're single so the one pestering them is her grandmother instead.

Hou Wei Yan who was Xing Mei Yi's only daughter was born as the eighth grandchild of Xing Mingli and the fourth female grandchild. She was deeply favored considering her position as Xing Mei Yi's only daughter. Well-loved and adored because Xing Mei Yi was also an only daughter.

"Maybe he'll listen to the Elder Brothers?" she suddenly said as she looked at him seriously. There are four male grandchildren who were older than her so she doesn't believe that they can't stop her Grandfather from acting recklessly.

"Forget it. You know he always argues with males in the family" Xing Yun remarked with a sigh. The male of their family are very stubborn and they have similar traits to Grand Elder Xing so they always clash because none of them wants to back down in an argument. "You're the apple in Grandfather's eyes. You're probably the best weapon to penetrate his head and heart"

Hou Wei Yan sighed at what he said. Her grandfather is indeed lenient when it comes to her but it was only because Xing Mei Yi always back her up…or so she thought. "I'm not sure about that"

"I'm sure about it though" Xing Yun replied with certainty. Although they were just second cousins, he was always in the Xing Mansion so he was beyond knowledgeable on the Elders's affection towards Wei Yan who was seen as a perfect woman for business during her teens.

In the middle of their talk, the door suddenly opened up revealing Long Lee who had a polite smile on her face. "Everything has been prepared, Doctor Hou"

"Thank you, Long Lee" she replied with a smile before she stood up and looked at her cousin seriously. "While I'm away, don't go seducing the nurses"

"Wha---I'm already way past my playboy days. How could you say that?!" he exasperated when Long Lee looked at him with an undescribable look on her face. He didn't want any misunderstanding to arise so he looked at Wei Yan with a pout, feeling wronged for what she said.

The look on his face caused her to chuckle alongside Qiu Meixiu. "Don't play around too much"

"I'm really not going to play around! Why won't you believe me?!"

"That's good then" she muttered as she approached him. Hou Wei Yan extended her hands and ruffled his fair with an endearing smile on her face. She looked at him as though looking at a puppy who was about to do something mischievous to cure his loneliness.

"I was worried. You might return to your old self to cure your heartbreak" she muttered with a smile enough to melt his heart make. "Never cure your broken heart by breaking others' hearts and causing trouble. It will be painful now, but it will heal over time. When that time comes, I don't want to see you troubled by the repercussions of your actions"

Xing Yun looked at her directly as he remembered his past self. The past Xing Yun would have already looked for another woman instead of mopping around on a single girl. However, that Yun was gone and it was all thanks to his ex-fiancee.

She taught her what love means and what it means to remain loyal. However, he became too greedy and wanted her all to himself causing her to self-destruct. She was kind for teaching him plenty of things about life and yet he repaid her with selfishness.

He ended up caging her in his love and clipping her wings so she couldn't fly. It took him quite a long time to realize his mistake and the one who made him realize…ended up being her as well.

Now that she's free and away from his grasp…all he could ever do is remember all her teachings and never revert to his old selfish self. He needs to make sure not to repeat the same mistake again. "Yeah…I won't do such a foolish thing. Not anymore"

"That's my Yun-Yun" Wei Yan mumbled as she ruffled his hair before leaving.

The nickname she just mumbled made him smile. He looked at his hands before clenching it as he closed his eyes and remembered once more, the woman he loved. The very woman who filled his head and heart even though she already released his hands and walked away.

[Even now, I could still vividly hear you mumble such name…Mikaela]

TinelavineStories TinelavineStories

Thank you for all your love and support. Truly, you're always making my heart flutter because despite such slow updates you remained devoted.

The Xing Family each hold important roles in this book and the future books to come so I'm beginning to introduce them. Anyway, look forward to the next updates because we will be travelling to the past...where JLZ and HWY's love started.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@tinelavine) for updates and other Infos. I'm planning on opening a CuriousCat account so you could ask me anything there.

Love Lots.

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