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95.29% The Epic of Leviathan / Chapter 380: Side Story- Hela's Date (I)...

Side Story- Hela's Date (I)... - The Epic of Leviathan - Chapter 380 by InGlorius full book limited free

Chapter 380: Side Story- Hela's Date (I)...

[POV Reo] 

I really wanted to Hakai the sun right now… but I decided to keep on glaring. After all, destroying the sun would kill all life on Earth… I yawned and pulled myself up from the bed. I looked around the room and found that almost everything in the room was destroyed along with the roof. 

A green ring appeared around my hand and everything was fixed including the roof, walls and the bed… last night was the wildest night of my life… both lives and that's really something. Yesterday no one wanted to make love or have passionate sex… they wanted wild sex. The girls were still asleep with silly grins on their faces. Last night was definitely something… 

I kissed all of them on the foreheads and got out of bed… all of us were completely free today so there was no hurry but I had promised Hela a date… and this Leviathan always keeps his promises. So, I made my way towards the shower… after a nice and relaxing shower, I walked out with a towel wrapped around my waist. 

I quickly got dressed and walked in front of the mirror… I was wearing blue ripped jeans along with ankle-high boots and a red hoodie with my name 'Leviathan' written on it… I walked out of the room and arrived in the kitchen… I was not in the mood for cooking so I called a house-elf and told him to make something for me and the girls. 

In a wisp of greenish-black smoke, Hela arrived in the kitchen and sat down on my opposite side. "How did you know that I was here?" I asked Hela who simply smirked. 

"Woman's intuition… that's something exclusive to women" Hela said with a grin and started to play with a dagger. 

"So… did you make any progress with Thor2's divinity??" I asked and a proud smile appeared on Hela's face… 

"Yes… last night I decided to test something out… after all, you got busy with the girls… What?! You thought that I won't feel you stopping the time?" Hela said with a shrug. Well, since Rumi can sense me stopping the time… Hela would obviously sense that. 

"Yep…" I trailed off there was nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. 

"Yes… I had to distract myself from those thoughts… so, I visited Thor2 and started testing… I found that I could extract his divinity but it would take me some time… Death told me the method…" Hela said with a proud look on her face. Even though Hela seemed to be quite liberal about things like sex… she was still a novice and didn't have any experience regarding that matter. 

"So… what are you going to do with his divinity?" I asked Hela out of curiosity. 

Hela shrugged once again… "I haven't decided anything yet… I might give his divinity to Ororo… it would help her a lot" Hela said and a house-elf popped in with Food. I noticed the girls were up so I decided to wait for them to join us but they seemed to have some other plans. 

I received a text from Jean saying that they were going to sleep in… Well… that's how it is. "So… where are we going?" Hela asked after she finished her food and I simply smiled. 

"Well… the girls won't be joining us so we can go now… if you want" I said and Hela simply nodded her head. I texted Jean that I will be gone with Hela for the day. "Let's go…" I said and got up from the table.

With that thought I opened a portal in front of us… both of us entered the portal together and the two of us were inside a small room filled with different kinds of advanced machinery and some screens with useless information… all of them were red because of the demonic invasion. 

"Where are we?" Hela asked curiously and picked up the pistol lying on the table… "Those humans were shooting at me with these kinds of weapons… though this one is much different than theirs…" Hela said while fiddling with the pistol and shot at the wall. 

A black mark formed on the wall but Hela wasn't impressed so she simply threw away the gun. "That's useless junk…" Hela started to say but she was interrupted when the door exploded and several zombie-like figures walked in while growling… 

"Are those zombies?? You brought me to a zombie world?" Hela asked me but I simply shook my head… Hela walked up to a zombie and like your typical zombie it tried to grab her so that it could take a bite out of her but Hela ripped its arm and smacked its face with its own arm… the zombie's skull was deformed and it simply died like that. 

Hela took another look at the zombie's arm she was still holding in her hands and shook her head. "They have demonic energy… but they are still zombies nonetheless…" Hela said and smacked another zombie with the arm… this zombie's head exploded but the arm also shattered.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-date-(i)..._56790936105048418">;s-date-(i)..._56790936105048418</a> for visiting.

Hela grabbed the third zombie's head and ripped it from its body and threw it towards the fourth one's head… with a loud thwack both heads exploded… "As you have noticed these guys have demonic energy… and demonic energy can only be found near…" I trailed off. 

"A Demonic presence or a hell gate…" Hela said with stars in her eyes and her head snapped towards the zombies down the hall… they were still growling while approaching us. "You will rip and tear… until it is done" I said with a grin. Hela arrived in front of a computer screen showing everything about the demonic invasion but she simply smashed the screen and continued walking forward

Both Hela and I kept walking down the halls and found a few more zombies in there. Hela jumped towards those zombies with a sadistic grin on her face and ripped them apart but unfortunately for her, she didn't notice the gas cylinder on the possessed engineer's shoulder which exploded in front of her… even though it didn't do anything to her, she was still annoyed as hell. 

{SPOILERS AHEAD} (For those who haven't played Doom Eternal and its DLCs) 

Yes… this is the Doom Multiverse… I have brought Hela to a particular reality where the Doom Slayer was killed after he was entombed in the Kadingir Sanctum by the demons. So, in this reality… there was no Doom Slayer to stop the demonic invasion or Khan Maykr. 

Hela is going to love it here… I wracked my brain until I remembered about the Doom Guy so I started looking for different realities and this reality was perfect for my needs… I have also thought about taking her to the Solo Leveling world… she would have loved to fight Sung Jinwoo… after all their powers were really similar. 

(A/N: Like the 'YES' comment if you want to see Hela VS Sung Jinwoo and like 'NO' if you aren't interested) 

After climbing up some stairs we finally arrived in front of a gate where a man holding a gun had died because the gate had closed on him… Hela picked up the gun and fiddled with it for a few seconds until she decided to fuck it and use it as a stick. Hela kicked open the door and found a demonic red monkey roaring at her… (Imp) she simply smashed its head with the gun. 

Yep… a gun can definitely be used as a club and Hela was definitely fine with that idea… while Hela was slaughtering the demons I decided to watch her while existing outside the Space… we finally arrived inside a huge hall… the hall was filled with those red monkeys and those zombies. There was also something else… a grotesque looking orb. It was a Gore Nest.

Hela lunged towards the orb and stabbed the base of the orb with the gun… then she grabbed a nearby monkey and broke its head and threw it towards the zombies… the zombies and the red monkey's body exploded when they collided. Two swords appeared in Hela's hands and then she went slaughtering the demons like they were chickens. 

When the demonic presence finally disappeared from the room the giant door opened a hologram of an old hag could be seen but Hela completely ignored the hologram and entered the lift. "Hello… my name is Dr Samuel Hayd…" That was all he could say before Hela smashed the screen.

"You know… you should listen to that stuff… it might be helpful for you…" I pointed out while I materialized beside her. 

"Who cares…?? He annoys me. I am having fun… I will kill him if he keeps doing that…" Hela grumbled with an annoyed look on her face. "So, you know the story of this world, right?" Hela asked me and I nodded my head. 

"But… I won't tell you… you need to find out on your own" I said and Hela simply snorted. 

"Fuck the story…!! I also don't give a fuck about the world… I simply want to know if I can keep killing and slaughtering demons in this world??" Hela asked with a serious look on her face. 

"That is why I brought you here…" I pointed out and Hela grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me into a hot and passionate kiss with a lot of tongue action involved… We finally separated from each other when the lift stopped. The lift opened and now we were on the surface of the red planet…

"So… I will talk to you later…" Hela said and started to walk towards the zombies. With a wave of her hand, she cut off its head and then jumped towards a red monkey that was throwing fire at her… 

Hela grabbed it with both hands and ripped it apart. Hela kept moving forward while she slaughtered all the demons she saw. We finally arrived in front of a gate saying 'ACCESS DENIED BLUE ACCESS ONLY'. Hela simply kicked in the door.

Hela jumped off the cliff and smashed a red monkey into meat paste… this is when a new type of demon appeared in front of her… it was the possessed soldier. Hela simply threw a knife and made a huge hole in its head.

Hela kept on massacring the demons like no tomorrow… These weak demons were simply not a challenge in front of someone like Hela but she was definitely loving the massacre. The two of us finally arrived in front of a dead-end and Hela looked around for a couple of minutes but she was unable to find a way so I decided to materialize in front of her and point her in the right direction. 

"You should be trying to reach there…" I said and Hela gratefully nodded her head and jumped towards the platform… Unlike the Doom Guy, Hela didn't need to climb up there using different platforms… we finally arrived in front of a giant airlock. The door slowly opened up and the two of us walked in. 

I materialized once again and tapped the exit airlock option on the computer screen because Hela is simply lost with computers… Hela nodded gratefully when the door behind us closed and the door in front of us started to open… that is how Hela finished the first level of Doom 2016.

(A/N: I won't be writing all the levels… I might skip a lot since this is a side story but I will definitely write the important parts… and the plot will obviously diverge from the original as Hela is here instead of Doom Guy. 

I hope you liked this chapter. 

Peace Out!!) 

InGlorius InGlorius

2010 words in this chapter.

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