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Chapter 5: Don't Come Or I'll Kill You

'Why her and not me...?'

~Akane's Point Of View~

I climb up a tree and is now standing and waiting while holding a binocular.

Me, Nami, Seia, Kano, and even Laya and Jinno are given a task to find that old lady. First of all, it is just an old lady so why all of us have to look for her?

Oh, right. We have to do it right away because a brat is being kidnapped by her. Actually, if they really want to catch that old lady fast, Layla and Jinno could do it alone since they are most experienced than us. But yeah, Just who am I to refuse and complain.

Ash won't listen to me anyway.

I have to do this because if not Ela will get trapped in this case... which I wish she would.

I just fucking hate her from the very beginning, especially that she has feelings for Ash. And Ash has the same feelings for her as well oh great. It's too damn annoying.!

"Akane, why are you spacing out? Let's go." Seia said when she landed on the branch that I'm standing on.

"Is the search over?" I asked with the hopes it will.

She showed an annoying expression, "Nah. No signs of her."

I grin. That's good then.

"We are just actually wasting time."

"What? Are you kidding me?! We have to find that old lady." I get shocked by her then she got down and ran towards Layla and Nami.

Fucking hell. So what! I don't even care. What I want is to get rid of that bitch Ela!

Because of her...

Because of her, Ash only thinks of her. We have been fighting a lot because of that girl. He started looking away from me. He only looks at her... And not on me!

I wish she could just die!

*Ksssksss.. Ksssksss..*

What's that noise? Like something is on the bush. I look at the ground to search for it.

Oh, my! Is this mission accomplish?

I take a glimpse of them to see if Seia and the others are near me. They are discussing something from far away that I don't even care.

I smirk. Well... It depends on me if mission accomplish or not. I jump down and slowly following her.

I'll finish this stupid case in no time by myself, and then Ash will surely praise me. I'll make sure to get back my Ash. The Ash that only cares for me. I'll get him back because I don't like the Ash at the moment. And once Ash loves me again, I can finally tell him the truth and that we can be together forever... Only the two of us.

"This is all stupid... That Maiden Anna is so stupid! It's really a wise idea to get rid of her, but thanks to her I get lots of supplies. Human flesh... A very young human flesh... Ahahaha... But fuck it.! Those expensive young flesh are in the police headquarters. I have to get it."

Seriously... I've never encountered such disgusting person in my life. This old lady should be ashamed because she's known as the Grand Maiden.

I follow her all the way till we reach an old small church. I look around and familiarize myself with the surroundings as I look for a perfect blind spot.

"This is the best place for a bad kid like you, Aby." she uttered as she teared down the black trash bag and pulled Aby out of it.

I gasp the moment I see the brat. Fuck this old lady! What did she do to that brat?! Oh, god. I feel like vomiting.

She's the worst than Maiden Anna.

Right now, the brat is crawling on the floor trying to reach something or someone to help her, but she can't. She can't see anymore or even gather a strength to call a help. Her eyeballs were removed while her face are full of blood, like she is crying blood without eyes.

"Such a waste Aby. You're the most cheerful kid in the orphanage but here you go, soaked in your own blood." She said then she turned her back and looking for something to pick up.

She went in the pile of garbage then she squatted and vomited.

"This is not actually my doings so, I'm not used to this especially on a poor kid like you."

Then, the old maiden grabbed a broken steel and walked back to the kid.

"But it's your fault. Your eyes have seen a lot of secrets already. You saw how that dumb maiden killed your friends, and you saw how I put her to silence. But don't blame yourself for that, Aby."

She's now standing besides the kid. This is not good at all! If she is really going to finish that kid then how am I suppose to impress Ash? I have to make a move.

I touch my dagger in the pockets on my hips. I'm ready to stop that old witch before it gets too late.

Now, the old lady places the sharp tip of the steel on Aby's head.

"Don't even blame me. After all... This is your destiny." The old lady said as she lifted up the steel and ready to smash it on Aby's head.

This old maiden is really a witch. I stand up and about to throw one of my daggers on that witch when I heard a gunshot. It came from the entrance. I immediately hide myself against the wall when I saw Jinno ran fast towards her.

They arrive.

Ash and the others together with that Ela. Ugh! Why did she come here? Our mission got ruined because of her, being a bitch to a stalker detective. It was also because of her as to why Ash lost one eye by protecting her, and yet she still came here?! She really doesn't care about others.

"You really are out of your mind... Even a child... Aren't you the Grand Maiden?!!" Seia bursted out of anger.

She had three little siblings so, seeing Aby in her situation right now makes her remember the tragedy that happened to them.

"She doesn't deserve to be called by that. She's a murderer." Layla said as she went to Jinno and helped him to restrain the old lady.

"They say, killer hides its true identity either in darkness or in light." Kano commented as he went to Ela, because she ran towards Aby as soon as she saw the kid.

"You don't know anything, bounty hunters. You know nothing but to hunt." the old lady murmured while grinning.

Then, Ela looked at her intensely as she formed a fist.

"You're the one here who know nothing but to kill innocent children! You are the worst... but I pity you because from now on you'll be starting to live behind walls. No lights, no foods, all alone by yourself. Then, soon you'll start eating your own flesh... And that will be your destiny, you monster." Ela confronted her that made us stare at her unbelievably. No one dares to break the silence.

I avert my sight at Ash sitting on his wheelchair. Nami and Seia are standing besides him.

I saw him smiling while looking at Ela. Oh... Did Ela say that just to impress Ash? How great. While me just here behind the broken wall and hiding. Fucking great.!

I have to do something that will make Ash proud. I have to get him back to me... And then tell him that we are not siblings, that I'm just an adopted child.

I'm not his real sister... And that we can be lovers.

That's why I have to get him back... But in what way?

My attention get caught by the old lady as she is trying to get free from Jinno and Layla. I smirk.

"Why not give a witch a second chance, huh." I whispered while having a very clever idea.

Then, I pull out two daggers from my pocket and throw it to their direction. One hit at Jinno's leg and one hit at Layla's right eye. But not a direct hit, I just let it slip and make it bleed because her eyesight is very sharp so, she'll find me here if I don't hit her strength.

Aside them, Ash and the others didn't notice what just happened as they are focus on Aby. And since I did that, the old lady is now free. At first, she got confused but then she ended up smiling and bursted out of laughter. That's when they realize that the old lady got free to rampage again.

"Ahahahahaha! This is it! The heaven gave me a chance to prove myself once again!!"

They got alerted.

"How did you..." Seia murmured while looking at Jinno and Layla laying on the floor in terrible pain.

Ah right. I forgot. My daggers are special... It has a poison on its sharp. And I just threw it without hesitation.

Seia got an idea as she is now starting to look for me.

Oh, well. I'll just excuse myself that what I'm trying to hit is the old lady and not them. My plan is to set her free and then, if ever she tries to escape that's when I'll take action and pin her down. Besides, I have an antidote so there's no need to panic at all.

"A-A-Aya... *sob*sob* I want to see you... *sob* It's too dark... I'm so sacred... I-I want to die..." The kid Aby uttered in pain while crying but only blood that drips from its eyes.

I saw Ela gritted her teeth out of anger. Then, she walked towards Nami and grabbed its gun. Ela pointed the gun at the old lady. I've never seen her got so angry like that.

"Look what have you done to her... You monster.!" Ela shouted at her, but she suddenly stunned.

"Oh what? Do you want to kill me? Go on then. Kill me! Kill me if you have the courage! Ahahahaha!" the old lady is provoking her.

Just what did she think she is? Grabbing someone's weapon and pointing it to the enemy while shaking? Only cowards like her are like that. I just don't understand that bitch. I hate her because of Ash, but sometimes I thought that Ash only looks for her because he pities her.

She's crazy actually.

Like something is going on her mind. And here she goes again, shaking her head like she's fighting with someone on her mind. And then, she bites her arm nonstop. Oh great.

"Look at you... Ahahahaha!! You dare to point the gun on someone when you can't even use it?! Stupid!"

I agree with her, and I'm actually smirking here watching her stupidity. She dropped the gun that's why.

"I can't... " she murmured in fear.

What the hell, Ela. This is why I hate her the most, because of her being so coward someone has to protect her. Someone has to risk its life just because of her.

The old lady smirked as she picked up the broken steel that she was holding earlier.

And then she looked at Ela.

"If you can't then I'll show you..." she tightly held the steel and lifted it up.

Wait... Don't tell me. She's going to throw it on Ela? I grin. I'm starting to like that witch. That's right. Go on. Get rid of that bitch for me!

"I'll show you how to kill someone!!!" then she threw the steel towards Ela.

Goodbye, Ela.

My eyes shifted at Ash as he got up on his wheelchair... Wait.




What are you doing Ash...


Why are you running...





Don't go on her...


The steel... Instead of going it strikes to Ela then die, it went to Ash. He ran towards Ela and hugged her to block the steel. It hit Ash's back.

I don't understand.

Why did he do that? Why sacrificing his own life just for that bitch... Why?! And now he got stabbed, and still smiling and saying something on Ela? You really love her huh... That's not fair...

Why her... and not me... Why...

Tears starting to flow down on my cheeks. That bitch. She didn't even realize all what just happened.

"Ash... Wait... What... Ash... No... No...!!" she was shock at first but now she dares to cry?!

It's all your fault! I grit my teeth as I walk towards her.

"Damn you, Ela..."

They all turn their sights on me. Jinno forced himself to stand up and knocked out the old lady even before she threw the steel but it's already late. And now all of them is looking at me like I'm going to kill someone. Seia looked at me while holding tightly her metal whip, and Nami grabbed the gun on the floor and stood besides Ela to protect them, while Ela is just hugging Ash. Then, Seia and Kano are walking towards me.

Seia is looking at me angrily, "Akane... This is your fault. It's your daggers! Why did you do----"

"Shut up!!" I shouted.

I knew it! I know from the very start they are not on my side. They treat me normal but when I turn my back they started getting suspicious at me. They favor Ela over me. Her again... I'm with them for over 5 years and Ela just showed up 2 years ago, so why her?!


I pull two daggers from my pocket. They got alerted.

"Akane, you're really going to kill Ela..." Nami questioned my intention but I ignore her as my steps get bigger and faster. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-come-or-i&apos;ll-kill-you_34472691813642516">;t-come-or-i&apos;ll-kill-you_34472691813642516</a> for visiting.

"Stop this already, Akane!" Seia shouted.

"Don't block my way... I have to kill that bitch! She should be the one who got stabbed and not Ash!!!" I freaked out as I run.

But Siea and Kano also run and block me by holding my arms.

"Let me go!" I resisted, "It's all her fault! She killed Ash!!"

"It's Ash decision... And we're doing this because this is his last----"


A gun shot? But only Nami who has a gun here... I immediately look at Nami.

She's laying on floor with her own blood... While Ela is standing in front of her and holding a gun.

"This is bad..." Kano murmured and looking at her worriedly?!

What the hell...

"This is terribly bad! She just killed Nami and yet you're still standing?!"

"Shut up Akane, you do know nothing." Seia angrily uttered.

What the hell... What's wrong with them?!

I grit my teeth and stare at her, "Look what you did Ela! You killed Ash and now Nami!! It's all your fault!----"

"I told you to shut up.!" Seia stopped me by covering my mouth with her palm.

She's getting on my nerves. Go to hell Seia! I'm about to stab her side secretly when I get distracted by Ela.

She's biting her arm nonstop again until it bleeds, "Stop... No! I'm not going to listen to you... Stop!!"

Who is she talking to??

I heard Kano cursed as he got closer to her, but Ela noticed him. She pointed the gun on Kano that made him stop.

"Don't come... Please don't come... Don't come or I'll kill you!!" Ela screamed as she looked at us and crying.

But why is her right eye is red?

Then, she pointed the gun on her arm and shot it in many times.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!*

She's crazy.

"Ela stop! Fuck... Kano where's that thing that Ash told us?" Seia said, her grip loosen.

I can slowly move my hands.

"It's on Layla..." Kano said as he went towards Layla crawling on the floor and trying to reach the syringe in front of her.

"At this rate Ela will die if she continues on doing that." Seia uttered.

Something is wrong with them. She killed Ash and Nami, and yet they are still worrying about her? Why? Why it is always her? I stare at Ela. She has to be dead. That's right Ela, keep doing that.

Just kill yourself already.

But then she looked at me and noticed me watching her. Our eyes met. I suddenly get chills. Then, her left eye becomes deep red... But what's that? What's that thing on her head? Something is growing on her head... A black horn...?

What the... She's a monster...

She killed Ash and Nami... And soon she will kill all of us here.


| Yes, she's dangerous. A monster... |

Huh? What's this voice? I heard a voice talking in my head but it wasn't clear so I'm not really sure. But anyways, I have to be prepared. I pull out all my daggers and run towards her.

| Yes. Kill her. |

"Die! You monster!!"

I have to kill her!

But suddenly my vision becomes blurry, and I feel like going to pass out. And while going towards Ela, my sight went black.

| Let's kill her. |

"No! Akane!!!"

To be continued...

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