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Chapter 38: Epilogue : Sequitur

It's been a month since that day she told about what happened to Sera outside the palace. She cried so much that day and thanks to Aries, she was able to forgive herself and let go of the past. She also talked about it with Nami and she was happy to see Zoey changing day by day. They started living in the palace by the help and care of Bea's caretaker. They live in her house and have their normal life once again, away from the danger.

Since then, she became familiar with Aries and also with Agatha and Geo. They became close to each other, and these three decided to move out in the place of Bea's caretaker. They all live together and it turns out that Agatha got close with Nami and Zoey so well.

Zoey woke up late. She heard them calling her through the window, and when she opened it, she saw them organizing the dining table at the back of the house.

"Oh, the señorita has finally awakened."

Aries noticed her in the window looking at them. Nami and Agatha laughed when he called her senorita as if like he meant that she was someone who doesn't do work. Zoey just ignored him as usual, she already got used to his personality.

As they used to in daily lives, everyone will wake up early to gather foods and other respective works. They do that on their own will since the caretaker is quite old and doesn't even get any payment for staying in her house. Then, at noon they all gather at the balcony to have their lunch together. In the afternoon, they do all their training works and other stuff. While at night they exchange shifts every night to go at the headquarters for the work that Bea offered for them, and last night was Zoey's shift.

Zoey was still standing at the window and watching them preparing the foods. Her eyes gazed on Aries that was currently grilling barbecue meats and some fish. While staring at him made her remember that day again and what he said.

"You're crying nonstop."

Aries commented as she had been crying for a while. That's when she realized that she was on his chest and crying. She immediately pushed him back and wiped her tears.

"Excuse me, then..."

"It's alright though. You can cry whatever you want."

"No. I've had enough. Thanks..."

"So, you're feeling good now?"

"Yeah. Kind of... By the way, I'll wash that clean since I mess it up."

Said by Zoey as she pointed his drenched shirt.

"Oh, this?" then suddenly he took it off and gave it to Zoey, which made her shock. But when she looked at his shirtless body she got flustered.

"W-What the hell are you doing!? Put it back on!"

Then she threw the shirt on his face.

"What? Didn't you say you'll wash it? Change of mind?"

"Y-Yeah.! It's not even a big deal so, wash it to yourself."

"Ohh? Don't tell me you get flustered?"

"No way."

"You're blushing though. I see... so, it's your first time seeing a man's six packs!"

As he said that with full of confidence, she almost cracked out of laughter.

"Pfft----You mean, six bellies."

She then tried hard not to laugh out loud. While Aries was just looking at her with a smile on his face.

"You're laughing, that's great." he uttered. "But you know what, I like it when you cry."

Zoey looked at him after she has calmed down when he said something confusing.

"What did you say?"

"I like seeing you cry." his tone became serious and for some reason, he felt the urge of telling this to her. But that just made her more confusing.


"I like seeing you sad."

He looked at her deep into her eyes.

"That way, there's something I can do. The sound of you, crying... sounds like you're calling me."

That's right. If it is her it's alright for him to feel this again. She's not common to him anyway so, it would be best to do this sooner. He failed once before and he thought that he would never get to feel the feeling of wanting to protect someone. If it's Zoey, it's alright.

"I feel like it's a signal permitting me... to get closer to you."

Even she didn't know on what to do or what to say, she got the feeling that it's bad to respond and stop him from talking. It's just felt weird that her heartbeat was beating fast.

"That's why... I like seeing you cry because I want to make you laugh and see you smiling, Zoey."

At first, she felt awkward towards him but gradually she got used to it. She just thought that maybe on what he said on that day is something that he wanted to say towards someone. Although he said her name at the end but it's still too early to assume things that are unclear. She washed her face and got dressed before she went out to join everyone at the balcony. And everyone greeted her with smiles on their faces, she smiled on them as well. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But they weren't aware that there were eyes from far away, watching their actions.

"Hmmm... So, this is Zoey Fritz? That Prof. Clint's granddaughter?"

"If that one you're pointing is the girl who just comes out of the house then, yes."

A slender girl and a tall guy with eyeglasses standing in the rooftop were checking on them, and it seemed like they were only there to see Zoey. The slender long-haired girl was using a binocular to see them from afar.

"She looks quite cute and a formidable woman. I'd love to befriend with her." the girl said as she kept on watching them.

"If you do that then Samantha will think that you betray her." the man commented.

"Oh no, that's not what I mean. But didn't Detective Khan proved her innocent? Oh gosh... still can't believe that Caleb did that."

"Well, I also don't doubt Detective Khan. But do you think Samantha will believe that?"

"Yeah, I know since till now she's head over heels for Caleb. I just hope she doesn't make a move for now----oh yeah! Did she already know that that girl is here?"

"I don't know, but we are told to stay put and not to make any reckless moves." the man said as he closed the book that he had been holding.

That's when a curly hair girl and a guy with a mask covering its mouth showed up behind them. The man with glasses faced them as soon as he felt their presence.

"Xie, stop spectating on some trash. We've got an order from high-ups." the curly girl said.

The slender girl immediately turned around with a wide smile.

"Heh~ Our dearly Samantha is here! So, you know all along." she said.

"Of course, but that doesn't matter. Trash will always stay in one place, I can wipe her off whenever I want to. For now, let's go. Let's not waste our time."

Then, the two suddenly disappeared that followed by the man in eyeglasses and the slender girl. They were gone to work.

Somewhere outside the palace, a man in suite slowly walked inside a clubhouse. When he got inside, people in there were giving him death glares telling him to fuck off. Mostly they were homeless people who don't have anything to do but to make thousands of crime.

Sinner people gather in one place versus a sole mysterious man in a formal suit.

"Hey, young man. Are you lost? Wanna make me chaperone you, huh?" he said that followed by the loud laughter of the sinners.

And then, one by one they approached the man that was still standing in the middle. Since they naively thought that he's a dumb lost person, they plan on robbing him. But even before they laid a hand on him, all of them that were in his way fell down on the floor with their heads off. The rest got stunned and couldn't make a move.

Just who is this man? Is what they were thinking when they got alerted and all eyes were on him.

"A person with a devil..."

He started talking which is more likely he was reciting. No one could understand what he was trying saying.

"Can be determined by two categories, one is a person with a named devil and the other one is a person with a nameless devil."

For some reason, all of them got the feeling that they should kill him first before he moves so, they all attacked him while he was in the middle of talking. But as soon as he finished his talk, all of them also finished. The same thing to what happened to the first ones, they all fell down on the floor with their heads off.

"And these are the nameless devils, right?"

A voice from nowhere. Then, a man-shaped shadow with white flaming eyes showed up from his back. Later on, it disappeared.

"That's right, Fukuda." he responded to the devil of his.

Suddenly the door forcefully got opened and four people came. They all got disappointed by what they saw. Bodies without heads welcomed them, and the one who was standing in the middle of it is the mysterious man.

"Ren! I told you to wait for us first. You did it again!" the curly hair girl shouted in annoyance.

The man with eyeglasses let out a deep sigh, "Can't be helped, Samantha. He got here first."

"Then, all the credits are on him!" Xie, the slender girl, yelled.

The man called Ren started to walk and left them in place without a trace. They also left with no choice and went back to report.

The world that filled by endless creatures along with its mysteries.

The world that run by between nonspecial and special people still has numerous mysterious to be solved. And to see it in a wide perspective, the city of Worz is run mostly by the special people that are known as the people who have either named devil or a nameless devil.

Zoey's journey in the city has ended and now living inside the walls of the palace as she freed herself from the past. But destiny will continue playing with her as there will be more obstacles that are coming. And along with it she'll build more new relationships, meet more friends and enemies, and discover more about the mysteries behind the darkness. Everyone has the same case as her. As long as they are alive, the journey will never end.

As the journey ends, the new one will begin.

It depends on how people handle it, will they choose the right path or fall into the darkness? It has to be decided by the heart... as the mind will just end up the mess once it triggers. But, if the heart falls apart the mind will make its move all the way to darkness. Really, it has to be done wholeheartedly.

And when everything gets messed up into pieces... it's the end.

Once you've done it, you'll do it again.

As long as the urge to kill remains in someone's heart in for whatever reason they have, the darkness will also remain.

People just have to overcome it.

Or... might as well ignore it.

And let yourself fall into the darkness, giving your devil self to open its devilish eyes to show you how pleasant it is to do and get what you want.

"Human is the true evil one. People will do whatever it takes just to get want they want, even if it cost someone's life... They don't care. And you... Will you let them take advantage of you? Are you sure you're safe? Don't be a lamb. Don't make yourself a victim in this play. Use your mind. Use me."

Said by a witch floating in the air and wearing a black dress, has a silky black hair with a pair of horns under her hat, and deep red eyes. She was talking to a five-year-old girl where her head was tilted up and staring at the witch.

"It's to be either controlled by me or controlled by you. You choose, little Zoey~"

Her last words at the little girl before it turned to a dark smoke and went inside of her.


otorneechan otorneechan

This is the last chapter of the story. And I am so overwhelmed for all of you guys that keep reading this very short series. I really appreciated it, and I hope you all like it. Ty.

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