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80% The Evilness Of Me / Chapter 31: Her Devil Form

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Chapter 31: Her Devil Form

"Don't test the monster inside me."

~Third Person's Point of View~

Silence filled the entire room when Zoey finished her story on what really happened to that day. It got more clearer, and Detective Khan kept on smiling after all the informations he had heard, especially that he deducted most part of it. Meanwhile, the three weren't able to utter a single word because they wasn't expecting to this to be happened and the fault in this was Caleb. He was the one who had bad intentions and the one who killed Zoey's grandfather.

When Zoey mentioned about the photos that was sent by Caleb, that time Detective Khan revealed the photos she was mentioning. He found it on the crime scene and kept it without telling anyone. So, it was a surprise to them when they saw the photos. It's a certain evidence that Zoey was telling nothing but truths.

"Good job, little devil. You told all this with composure." Detective Khan said.

Zoey didn't respond, in fact she was trying to get used to his endearment that she doesn't even understand why he keeps calling him 'little devil'. She thought that maybe on that day when they first encountered and he called her 'little devil' was because he knew it was her and thought that it was a murder crime. But that didn't seem to be the case because he sided no one. He just wanted to investigate the mystery by himself, that's it.

She looked at the detective's long silver earring. She was been glancing at it 'coz she realized that he's the same man that her grandfather talked about the day before the incident, and she wanted to ask him about it but on the second thought it might be very personal if she brings it up.

"You can ask me anything, little devil." the detective said as he saw through her coz he noticed that she had been staring at him.

"Uh... It's just that, after the day you went to meet my grandfather was the day he got killed. I thought that maybe Detective Khan was part of it, because Caleb told me that someone told him a lie to ruin grandpa's reputation. So, I've been thinking that it might be you." she said without hesitating.

It triggered Mario, "Hey, do you have a proof to declare that?"

"No, I don't have. Besides, it's just an assumption."

"But how can you think something like that? Detective Khan is not harming you or anyone in here."

"I know." then she looked at Detective Khan, "What made me think of that is because I heard everything what you've talked with grandpa." she said.

But it just made the detective giggled.

"Ahaha... If that's so then, it's normal. You were so young that time. And to clear your suspicion, no. I was not part of it, little devil."

"Well... It's a good thing. At least now I know."

"If you're now thinking of who is that man then, he's in the jail."

He said which made Zoey stun then, he put a paper illustration of a man. Everyone got so shocked when they looked at it, except the two detectives. While Nami jut got a little shocked because Zoey already told her about the man in the illustration.

"You all know him well. An excellent actor, isn't? His real name is Doc. Brock, one of the doctors who participated on making the cure of the 'Bloody Curse Case' 13 years ago."

"Oh, that! We were so small that time but I've heard of it so many times 'coz elders always talked about it." Aries commented.

"Yeah, and they said that it all thanks to a goddess because her blood was the cure, which I did not really believe." Agatha said.

"It's very famous. Even outside this palace, I've already heard news about it." Nami Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's good that you all know. And that 'goddess' you mentioned is Detective Khan's sister. She was totally used by those bastard doctors and scientists, but one of them escaped her. And that was Zoey's grandfather. So, this Doc. Brock left the palace when Prof. Clint succeeded on making the cure by himself." Mario continued on explaining.

They again got shocked to know that it was Zoey's grandfather who saved the whole palace, even Nami was shocked. They all looked at Zoey when they felt bad towards her because now they understand what she had just gone through all this time.

"Doc. Brock was the one and only who created this mess. He created the virus and brainwashed me to get my sister since I was dumb that time I had high hopes on him, even though Prof. Clint was close to cure my sister. His reason to all of this was to get attentions and the title. It's all planned by him, creating an uproar in the palace then saving it after. But he failed because he made a mistake, and Prof. Clint was the one who successfully made the cure, and so, he told lies about him at Caleb that led to your most hateful day."

No one responded and stayed silent after Detective Khan finished the explanation.

"Now that the truth and all the mysteries have solved then, do you want to meet this man? This Doctor Brock that hid himself in the identity of Mr. Howard."

Zoey didn't say anything. Yes, it is still a shocking to her but at least now everything is clear. She felt like her mind just get some peace after all what she heard. For some reason, she felt that it's the time to start again. And having that thoughts she closed her eyes and saw an image of her grandfather smiling at her.

But suddenly the image changed and saw herself standing in the darkness field.

| I want to talk to him... That man... Let me at least talk to him, Zoey. |

She forcefully opened her eyes to get free, but she felt a tremendous pain in her head. It was trying to control her out of her will. She grabbed her arm tightly where she used to hurt to fight the darkness. She can't let it do what it wants no matter what.

Detective Khan noticed that and knew already what was going on her, but he didn't alert everyone. Instead, he grinned.

"By the way, I have one more question for you, little devil." he said that got everyone's attention. He didn't wait for her to respond. "What happened that night, seven hours of time before Caleb's death?"

"I-I... I don't remember.."

"You forgot? Why?"

"H-Hey, Detective... I don't think it's a good thing to ask that." Nami stopped the detective when she felt like he's trying to dig Zoey's memories to remember the most horrible nightmare.

She was about to get near at Zoey when detective Khan stopped her, "Stop. From this point, don't get near her."


Everyone were confused including the two apprentices, but Detective Khan didn't give attention to it and averted his sight at Zoey.

"Why can't you remember?" he asked again.

"I don't know..."


"I can't remember."

"You killed him right? Then, why can't you remember."

"I... I killed him but... I can't remember."


"I... don't have memories of it..."


"Because... I... She..."


But Detective Khan felt shivers when Zoey glared at him. "Don't test the monster inside me, detective."

"This is nonsense. Just what are you trying to-----"

Aries couldn't continue what he was trying to say when he caught something very bad inside of Zoey. He got an idea of what the detective's trying to do, but he wasn't sure and he didn't want to think about it because it's dangerous. But he was right after all, and the detective succeeded on making the devil to control Zoey's mind. The question is, why?

They all got stunned the moment the dark smoke came out through Zoey's body, then they witnessed how she transformed... Into a real human devil. Her clothes changed to a red dress, her hair grow longer, a black marks forming on her right arm to its back, pair of grown devil horns grew on her head, and her eyes turned to red. Zoey's devil form gave an intimidating vibes. The more they looked at her the more they felt like she's dragging their souls out of their body.

The problem is... They couldn't take off their eyes on her.

Especially, Aries... He wasn't even blinking. It's the first time he witnessed something like that, and Detective Khan couldn't stop smiling as he never felt satisfied as he was at that moment.

"Should I be thanking the detective for helping me, hmm?~"

Goosebumps all over the spine was what they felt as soon as she spoken. Her voice is too deep and cold. It was like it's not Zoey who just talked but someone else.

"No need for that. Now, can you answer the question? How did you kill him?"

Surprisingly, Detective Khan didn't seem to be affected by her aura. In fact, he could withstand it and even interrogated her. Zoey's devil self let out a slight laugh because his actions was amusing her.

"Hmm~ Let see... Oh, wait. We need to demonstrate it."

"Ahaha... That's a terrible idea."

"Oh, I don't think so. You can volunteer if you want----no... I suggest you do the Caleb's play~"

"You sure want to kill me, right?"

"There's no denying on that~ I can kill some trash like you and everyone in here."

Silence devoured them. All the amusement on his face were gone because of what she said. He became serious as he thought that this is no longer satisfy him, it became troublesome to him because of the situation. He took a glance at everyone as he could feel the tension on each one of them.

'Really, troublesome.' he said through his mind.

"So? Did you decide?"

"Whether I decide or not, my answer still remains to no."

"Hmm... That's too bad. How boring----ack!"

They got stunned when she suddenly acting in pain. It must be the real Zoey trying to get her back.

"Fine, fine. I get it. Ugh, one day I'll make you gone for sure then, this body is all mine."

And just like Zoey. The devil self was acting like she's talking to herself. She looked back at the detective that was smiling.

"You're lucky that I have a very hard to please owner. Ok, I'll answer your question."

"Go ahead."

"That man was really hungry on this body. The 'Lust Devil' was residing him so, he was totally a crazy trash. When I finally got a hold on this body's mind, I pushed him by wind force and hit his head on the wall really hard. That was amazing 'coz that's how he died."

"That easily? That's really amazing."

"I know right. He's dead at that moment, but his body was being controlled by the devil. I had no choice but to hurt his dead body again, which I liked. He was going wild which really annoying so then, I scratched his whole face with a broken glass and gave him a fatal blow on its chest and head to get the devil out of it. When it got out, I sucked it. The end~"

Everyone got speechless. They just looked at her as she was slowly closing her eyes while smiling.

After few moments, Zoey got back to normal and immediately opened her eyes.

"Wh-What happened... *gasp!* I didn't harm anyone here, right? Is everyone alright!?" she panicked despite of not remembering anything what just happened when her darkness was controlling her.

She was stuck the whole time in dark field but even in that state she fought and reacted, which resulted to the strange actions of the devil self.

She raised her head when someone touched her shoulder, then she saw Detective Khan passed by on her.

"We just had a great time of talking. No worries, little devil."

She immediately stood up, "W-Wait..." she stopped them from leaving the room. They turned and looked at her.

"Your sister... Grandpa was feeling bad when he told me about it. He regretted so much for not being able to save her, but he never lost hope that you might give another chance of entrusting her to the people once again... And the reason why he suggested you to do that was because there are people there that can be trusted and that he was willing to go there.. Even though, grandpa lost his eyesight and even got killed... I'm sure... I'm sure he's still regret it..." Zoey said while her head was down.

She didn't know what to do or even had the courage to look at him in the eyes. She just felt the urge to tell him this. This might be the last chance for her.

But she heard him smirked. "What are you blubbering about as if like my sister is dead. You're not just little devil but also stupid. Nothing compares to your devil, ahahaha." he said then he started walking again, but she saw Bea heaved a sigh and approached her.

"W-What do you mean...?" Zoey stuttered, but then, Bea started hugging her tightly.

"She's with us the whole time and even defended you in the massacre case yet you didn't notice. Really, mentor Khan is always right." Mario said in disappointment.

Zoey slowly looking at the blonde girl who was hugging her at that moment. Then, Bea released the hug and smiled at her.

"I never gave up on living so that I'd be able to meet you. I followed my ice brother and helped him to investigate Prof. Clint's murder case, and believed that one day we could meet. That is the only way I can do to thank him for everything, Zoey."

Her tears fell down as she hugged Bea tightly.

To be continued...

otorneechan otorneechan

Hi! It's been awhile, but I'll make sure to continue on updating a chapter. Thanks for your support and love!

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