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Chapter 36: Savior

'Destiny is playing with me again.'

~Zoey's Point of View~

"Zoey, wait----!" Nami shouted to stop me from running.

I want to be alone.

Just how numb can I be? Why didn't I realize it sooner----no. I had already came to that point of thinking but I just tended to ignore it because I was so looking down on myself. What Nami just said earlier... I can't get a hold of myself.

My heart is beating so fast. I'm running away, I don't know where but I want to run. And while running to somewhere my feet would lead me, that conversation flash back through my head.

"But you know, it is strange he didn't confess to you."

"Confess? Who, Ash?"

"Yeah. He held you so much in his heart. You're so important to him, you know."

"W-Well... That's because he was like that, he cared about his companion. Like he did to everyone."

"What are you talking about? It's clearly that he was treating you differently."

"Just what are you implying to, Nami? I don't get you."

"Like... Yes, he really did care about us but not as much as he did for you. At first, I thought he was like that towards you because you two can relate to each other, but that's not the case. I'm not really sure what reason but whatever it is, for sure it's something that only the leader could tell. We knew that you hold an important role in Leader's heart, and on that night when we made this necklace he talked to us. You and Akane were sleeping that time though haha. I thought it was just a simple conversation but it was about you, Zoey. He told us his last orders as a leader, and that is to protect you once he's gone. He even confessed his feelings for you on us though, haha."


"He knew that he wouldn't last long. His body became so weak, Zoey. He said that it's because of the aftereffect of restraining himself, because of the paralyzing needles inside the shackles it caused his body to malfunction. The symptoms started showing months later when the devil left his body. Then, last year we just got to know that a poison from that devil was left inside his body, which was more problematic. We couldn't do anything and Ash decided to stop relying on medicines. But you know, I was actually glad that he didn't die because of that dark poison. He protected the girl he loved till the end and died in the hands of his adopted sister. For sure he couldn't want for anything. Ash, did his best to the end."

Ugh. Even so, it's still too cruel. I feel unfair because I didn't realize it. Just why didn't I realize it...

"I can't answer that for now. I'm not sure... But one thing is for sure Ela."

I remember what Ash told me when I said that I was planning on leaving them. That time he was still with me, we were together, only the two of us. That was the perfect time to confess once and yet I didn't. I was so coward... No. I did try confessing again but he... Ugh, Ash! Why?!

"I won't stop you for loving me nor leaving us, but if you're going to leave tell me.. because I'll go with you."

"... I'll go with you."

But it's hopeless now, he's already gone. He can't come with me now. He's not with me anymore..! Tears flowing down on my cheeks nonstop, which makes my sight blurry. I'm still running, and the path becomes blurry yet I still don't want to stop on running. I'm not aware of my surroundings because my head is in so mess, I don't even know if Nami is following me or not. I don't even care where will my feet lead me to.

I'm just lost.

After hours of running nonstop, finally my body get tired. I settle down to a place where there's no one around. It's strange coz I don't spot a single person when I arrive in this park. A park place that has a lot of red leaves trees, and every gap of each tree is a bench. I feel like it's an abandoned place or maybe this place is secluded to people. But whatever it is, I'll just stay in here for some time alone. I want to be alone.


"Hey, do you know that this is a sacred place?"

I heard someone talk not so far from my side. When I avert my sight, a cold can suddenly pop out and it touches my forehead. Then, a monkey's face show up when the can moves away.

"Don't you see that you're invading someone's property, huh Zoey?" he said.

He's playing around again, the way he talks. It's Aries, the monkey guy. He just pops out of nowhere in front of you and then distract you... Like a monkey.

"Why you're here?" I just said, avoiding his gaze. I don't want to be with someone right now, to be honest.

"Coz it's mine so, I have rights to be here."

"Oh, is that so." I uttered then, I stand up. "Then, I'll be off." I said, but when I'm about to walk, he stops me just by few words that come out from his mouth.

"Running away again, huh."

That's not. I just want to be alone. I don't want to be consoled by anyone. I'm weak, so weak that I can't even stand on my own. I just end up relying on someone else, and I hate it that way.

"You see, you've been running recklessly that it lead you here. That means you're looking for me, hahaha!"

What the... Is this guy can really never be acted on how the situation is? He's saying jokes and laughing even though he knows that I'm in sour mood. He's playing with me. Just what's wrong with him? I didn't respond to him and just stare at his face. There's only one sure thing that I notice about this guy.

He's always smiling.

Why is that? What does he gain by doing that? He isn't even a robot, or an actor, or a comedian for him to always smile and not show any emotions than that. Come to think of it, only on those first days since we met I saw him being cautious and serious, but after several days we are together, he changed into a guy who always smiles or maybe he's just a clingy person and he thinks of me as his sister or a mother.

Oh right.

"Do you think I forget what you did to Akane? Don't just be to familiar with me. I won't forgive you." I reminded him.

Despite that personality, trusting him never came on my mind. People hide their true colors behind their smiles, and those kind of people shall never be trusted. That's why whenever I'm with him, I act cold towards him.

I can't just trust him yet. I think in that way that but... I can't deny that there's some part of me that he's different than any other person and a man who won't do malicious things on a woman. I guess that's a relief thing about him, but still I have to be careful, not only him but to anyone.

"I know that very well, and of course, I won't forget that as well." he said.

Is he agreeing with me? On that battle with Akane was unforgettable. It had me shocked when she revealed everything, but despite of her wrong doings she was still a member of Mythics, one of the family that Ash cared so much. Nami told me that he already knew that she was not his real sister, but he didn't feel sad or anger about it. After all, ever since they were kids they had been together and grew old together. That's why, each of us felt the same way. Akane is important for us and so, we had to end her suffering.

I just remember the face she made when Nami and I stabbed her. She thanked us and apologized, because of that I have no regrets.

And that is why I won't forget this unreasonable reckless monkey for shooting Akane even though it's our business to deal with and not his. So annoying.

"And I knew that you won't forgive me."

Well, that's convenient that he's aware.

"But you know, I had reason why I did that. I can see a devil inside of a person, mostly they're inside of their minds so I thought it'll be great if I shot her on the head while you two stabbed her heart."

"That's not a good thing to hear. What exactly are you saying? The devil once it totally control a person is because it reaches its heart."

"I know. That's why it has to be stabbed in its heart and mind, since we don't have a special weapon or anything to kill a devil."

A special weapon? When he said that I remember the knife that Nyx gave to Ash, and how it disappeared. He used that knife and the Kira that came out of his eye vanished without leaving a trace that it get saved or what. Is that what he means? That kind of weapon to kill a devil instantly... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Anyways, why are you running as if like someone is chasing you?" he asked.

Changing the topic, huh. Should I tell him? Hmm... I don't really care. But now that I think of it again and about what he said of me running away again, I guess he was right after all.

"Just like you said, I was running away from the truth." I answered.

It's alright. There's nothing like a great distance between us. Plus, we're not strangers to each other.

"I knew I hit a bullseye there. I think I improve my observation."

Still annoying though. I let out a sigh as I sit down on the bench. He also does the same. Don't get too familiar, monkey.

"Won't you gonna ask why I said this is my place?" he said, changing the topic again since he saw me through about the fact that I won't gonna talk unless he asks question.

I think that's how we converse.

"Coz I'm not interested." I just said.

"Well, this place was actually to my sister. She died though, but she really gave her best to make this beautiful. I'm actually surprised that it's still untouch."

"Didn't know someone like you had a sister."

"Haha, that's kinda hurt. She's my older sister, we're eight siblings in total, and only her that accepted me."

It sounds like his family can't accept him either.

"Your parents are hardworking."

"Pfft----Ah... but you know, I have four mothers. Only three left actually so, it was my dad who's hard working there, and they don't really treat me well, none of my relatives and other siblings. They disgust me just by looking at my face."

"Is it because of that capability?"

"You can say that's the reason. I did regret having this, but since I had that sister who liked it, I also get used to it. She always motivated me and even said that I could be a savoir if I use this properly."

"You're lucky to had a sister like her. And it's not like that can put harm to normal people so, I'd rather say it's more awesome than having a devil." I said which makes him surprise. Did I just say something wrong?

But then he giggles and smiles. "Finally! Someone aside her thinks that I'm awesome!"

"Ah... No, that's not what I mean. I'm talking about you capable of seeing things, and if there's awesome here that would be your sister and not you." I said to shake him right. It's not meant to be a compliment. Well, it's actually something like that... Though I deny it.

"Well, of course! Sera is the greatest. She's the best sister!"

Haa... He just became more energetic. What a hyperbole monkey----wait a minute...

"What did you say?"


"Your sister's name is Sera...?"

No. That can't be. Please say no.... This can't be happening..! He looks a bit shock when I suddenly get hysterical. This again... My heart is starting to beat fast again. Why is it like I have to avoid his gaze while waiting for his response? I'm sacred to what will he say.

"Uh, yes. She's name is Sera Asahina, my older sister." he said, but I didn't respond more like I get stunned.

Ah, I see.

Destiny is playing with me again. It's so unfair. There are so many people in this world that can be her brother, but why is it have to be him? Is it him... Is it him huh, Sera...?

I don't understand why destiny would let us meet, knowing that we can kill each other.

Sera... How should I tell him... That you were my savior and yet it was my fault why you couldn't see each other anymore.

To be continued...

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