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Chapter 4 - The Extinct Race - Chapter 5 by Lazybones331 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 4

The Demon Twins.

It was said that their father was a pure blood Lycan.

They're bigger, stronger and more aggressive and way harder to kill then werewolves since they can shift into a wolf and into a more human looking wolf with legs, arms and hands.

The same thing with their mother, pure blood Lycan with a bad temper. She slaughtered others for sport, it didn't matter whether or not if they were the same species or if they were children.

Their father Xavier Savage, killed his own mate because she was just a human girl.

And she just graduated high school.

Xenia Savage, rejected her true mate who was the eldest of Alpha Kingston's children and decided to mate with the second eldest.

After that, Grayson Kingston who was Xenia's true mate kicked her out of the pack and tortured his brother, not only for his mate but also some other family drama they had.

After being kicked out of the pack she got power hungry and killed half of Lavender Cove's population. That's when she met Xavier, he saw her as the perfect mate and decided to marry her.

Everything went further down hill when they found out that they were expecting twins.

After the twins were born that was when the experiments started, it was said that the parents injected Demon blood and Vampire venom in the babies to create the ultimate weapons.

As the years went by the twins grew up and the parents abused them because they didn't give any results back after the experiments. They would even kick the kids and throw them in the basement for days without any food or water.

This went on until the two boys finally snapped.

One night the one twin was woken up by his father who had a knife in his hand because the father wanted to see these twins had hearts.

That was the last straw, the two little boys went berserk, killing their father and mother.

The next day, the twins took the role of Alphas of the Savage Pack. That same day they killed their father's Beta and Gamma.

Now the entire werewolves and Lycan population live in fear of these twins.

I should really start paying more attention in class when it comes to Shadow Creatures. I could've avoided this whole mess but no I just had to fall asleep in Mrs. Honey's class.

"Judging by that look on your face you finally realized the truth about us." Hayden say looking down to his hands on the desk.

"Why?" I ask barely hearing myself.

"Cause they didn't want us." Lucian mutters, sounding so sad and hurt.

I shouldn't feel sorry but I can't help but pity them. Nobody deserves a childhood like theirs no matter who or what they are.

"Why me? Why not ask a witch to help you?" Off all the people on this planet why me?

"You're our-"

"Sup bitches!" Someone shouts, cutting Hayden off.

Looking behind me to see who barged in, showing more twins .

Great more twins.

"Kai, these are the witches who helped with the locator spell. Mickey and Lou Dunbree." Lucian says while standing up from his chair.

"Damn, who this hottie?" The one in a pink hoodie said.

"Mickey leave him alone." Lou said who was in a blue hoodie.

Realizing the only difference between them are their hoodies.

Even their hair is bleached and braided.

"Sup bitches."


"Nash, leave them alone."


There's more of them. There can't be more of them.

Looking up at them, realizing there is two of each of them.

Ilaria and Lou both calm and collective.

Nash and Mickey destructive and loud. There is two of Nash.

Fuck my life.

"So you must be the little soldier these two were looking for, right?" Lou asks while sitting in the empty chair with her leg hanging over the armrest next to me.

"Yeah." Replying sceptically looking Lou up and down.

This can't be good.

"If Cole catch him he will drink every ounce of blood he have Hayden." Lou points her finger at me.

Great now I have to look out for vampires.

"What where you going to say Hayden, before she barged in?" Turning to face Hayden.

"I was going to say that you're our-"

"Why do I smell human?" Some guy barges in.

"Oh for fuck sake, don't any of you filthy fuckers know how to knock!" Hayden shouts using his Alpha tone, standing up from his chair.

"Kai your the only person who can safe us from ourselves, you're our salvation."

"What the dumb twin mean, is that you're here to help them because you know how to handle things when it comes with dealing with the dead. And it is harder summon the dead without any consequences." It was Lou speaking this time.

"Since you know what our parents did, the Demon blood and the Vampire venom made our Lycans more aggressive than usual." Lucian said.

"It gave our Lycans the ability the control other Lycans and werewolves by showing us their fearsa and use it against them and manipulating their blood doing anything to please our Lycans." Hayden continues.

"Cole is here to help us to control our hunger for blood. You're here to help with all the rest." Lucian says looking directly at me while leaning on the desk.

"So you attacked our school, drugged us and dragged us all the way here just because you need Kai to babysit your asses!" Wow, never thought Nash had it in him.

"ⱠłɆ₴, ₮ⱧɆɎ'ⱤɆ ₮ɆⱠⱠł₦₲ ɎØɄ ⱠłɆ₴." That voice appered again.

"ɎØɄ ₦ɆɆĐ ₮Ø ⱠɆ₳VɆ Ɽł₲Ⱨ₮ ₦Ø₩!" The mysterious voice starts to get louder.

"This is a lot to take in, where is the bathroom?" Asking Lucian and Hayden while standing up from my seat.

"Left down the hall, second door on the right." Lucian replies gesturing towards the door.

Leaving the office, making my way down the hall and opening the second door to the right.

Everything in the bathroom looks expensive.

Walking inside and closing the door behind me and locking it. I went straight towards the mirror above the sink and placed my hand against the mirror.

"Who are you?" Asking in a whisper.

One of the bathroom lights started to flicker. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"₳ ₣ⱤłɆ₦Đ Ø₣ ₳ ₣ⱤłɆ₦Đ." The mysterious voice replies mischievously.

Then the light stopped flickering.

Sensing something behind me, turning only to face a…


"You have horns, you must be very important in the Bad Place." Looking the Demon up and down.

"₩₳₴, ฿Ʉ₮ ₮Ⱨ₳₮ ĐØɆ₴₦'₮ ₥₳₮₮ɆⱤ ₦Ø₩. ł'₥ ⱧɆⱤ ₣ØⱤ ɎØɄ ₥₳Ⱡ₳₭₳ł." The Demon answers without his mouth moving as he talked.

"What do you mean here for me?"

"ł ₵₳₥Ɇ ₮Ø ₥₳₭Ɇ ₴ɄⱤɆ ɎØɄ ₩ɆⱤɆ ₴₳₣Ɇ ₣ⱤØ₥ ₮ⱧɆ₥, ĐØ₦'₮ ฿ɆⱠłɆ₣ ɆVɆⱤɎ₮Ⱨł₦₲ ₮ⱧɆɎ ₮ɆⱠⱠ ɎØɄ. ₮ⱤɄ₴₮ ₦Ø Ø₦Ɇ ฿Ʉ₮ ɎØɄⱤ₴ɆⱠ₣ ₳₦Đ ɎØɄⱤ Ø₩₦ ₭ł₦Đ." Suddenly he turns to dust after talking.

Looking down to the floor, only to see a pile of rose petals and a card on top of it.

Picking up the card and turning it around revealing what looks like a sun and the Pisces sign in the middle of the sun, at the bottom it says; The Saints of Light.

Putting it in my pocket and quickly making my way out the bathroom. Slowing my pace as I reach the office door.

"I saw the way you two be looking that Kai kid" It was Mickey talking to Hayden and Lucian on the other side of the door.

"I wonder what Kai would do when he finds out the truth that you pups killed his parents."

After that everything I saw was red.

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