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Chapter 7 - The fallen angel´s - Chapter 8 by astha_mary full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter 7

Shen and Dabria took their seats on the stage following them, the department heads and students also took their respective seats. As a rich and exuberant cry was heard from below, a loud thunder echoed in the city of angels shaking everyone. The older creatures chuckled already expecting the coming "entrance in style" while the younger ones looked around in confusion.

An arrow burst from the clouds under the hall and stuck at the foot of the stage. The ones sitting in the front backed off immediately. The arrow had two ropes intertwined into one attached to it. Suddenly the arrow created a spark, the charged particles travelled through the arrow to the rope which burst into flames. Everyone's curiosity was piqued. Some feigned disinterest to keep their pride and only spared the arrow sideways glances, all the while sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for what was to come next. Others, mostly the younger ones, were out of their seats trying to get a proper look of the arrow. One satyr even crouched down and pressed his ear against the fluffy ground to check for any sound.

"Someone is yelling like crazy."

The excited voice was coming closer and closer by each second. He was hastily pulled back by his friend but unfortunately he was not fast enough. A loud band was heard followed by a series of curses. The poor satyr had fainted due to the collision and was taken away by his little angel friend.

Everyone's eyes were on the dokkaebi who had somersaulted mid air and was floating up.

"Which idio-"

Before anyone could blink something huge came from the back in a swish and grabbed the dokkaebi using its mouth and threw him up. All were gaping at the multiple white tails with purple ends which had appeared out of nowhere. Then there was a loud crack and sudden bright light blinding everyone. Young ones were scared out of wits. There were screams, cries and creatures fainting due to shock. Even though some of them were not freaking out and consoling the ones sobbing uncontrollably.

The department heads got up to calm all the chaos but telling someone to sit back down calmly after they just witnessed someone almost get eaten was difficult. The students were trying to help the department heads but many of them were shocked too. Some were crouching down behind their chairs, afraid of all the chaos. Dabria was laughing so hard, tears rolled down her cheeks. On the other hand her husband had his head in his hand looking completely done.

When the audience saw the head of the death department laughing like a maniac and Shen not doing anything, they just got more paranoid. The evil had infiltrated the city angels for sure. They were all going to die. This was a trap. Dabria had fallen and had Shen under her control.

The white light was still in the air. Crackling once in a while. The ground shook aggressively. A high-pitched howl almost sounding like a scream brought everything to a standstill. All were frozen in their positions staring at the ball of white light suspended mid-air which was growing bigger and bigger until it broke and light spread in all directions. Everyone looked up at the many cherry blossom petals falling softly filling their sweet delicate aroma.

On the stage descended a couple looking incredibly pleased with their show. The woman wore white robe with blossom petals printed on them. With her white as the snow hair, the ends of which were highlighted purple, tied in a half bun. She stood gracefully with her arm interlocked with the young man who was dressed in a blue and white. His dark brown hair tied in a high ponytail with flicks flowing on the sides. A small dokkaebi mask was on the right side of his head.

¨Is no one going to cheer for us?¨

¨Emil I think we scared them.¨

¨What? That was such an outstanding performance!!!¨

Dabria stood up clapping enthusiastically, she had thoroughly enjoyed the show.

¨Nan and Emil great job. I was hooked from the very start! And the idea of Nan throwing Emil up? WOW! Loved it. This was perfect for the celebration of the life cycle angels.¨

¨See she gets it.¨

Everyone visibly relaxed when they realized no one was possessed and they were definitely not gonna die.

¨It did get a little chaotic.¨

Shen remarked.

¨Oh come on, it's a celebration of birth and death. Did you expect us to just walk in like normal?¨

Emil argued.

¨Pretty sure our normal is also not cut out for them.¨

Emil just nodded in agreement with Nan. Emil turned towards the audience, making everyone sit with a wave of his hand.

¨Hello everybody!!! As you all know we have gathered here to celebrate my precious best friend´s achievements because she is just so amazing. I love her so much.¨

¨Love you too bestie!¨

Dabria yelled in response. Emil blew her a quick kiss before continuing.

¨ And of course her handsome husband, who is also my best friend. Which is why I am hosting this celebration okay all the stuck up oldies. Also since you authorities always tend to forget the ones doing all the behind the scene work I would also like to use this opportunity to honor my darling Avery, who will be retiring too. Wow mortal world is gonna be so exciting now…...¨

Avery melted in his chair wanting to disappear. Few of the department heads couldn't help but chuckle at the incredible ¨speech¨ by the dokkaebi.. Emil was known for being outspoken which is why many elders were not fond of him, though some found him amusing. When they were in school all the teachers could not quite understand how someone as disciplined and calm as Shen was in the same group as a chaotic Emil.

Their quintet had Shen (Angel, head of birth department ), Dabria (Angel, head of death department), Emil (dokkaebi, a street performer in the mortal world), Nan (gumiho, doctor in the mortal world) and Avery (Fairy, teacher at 'Bodhikul').

¨ …..Everyone thinks they are so lucky. The heads of departments, that too such important departments such as birth and death. They have a powerful aura, everyone likes them. How hard can it be, right?¨

Nan saw Emil had tears in his eyes and immediately took over pushing him back to Shen.

¨ No job is hard or easy. It all depends on the ones doing it. Our dear friends wouldn't have been able to lead the departments if it weren't for the help of their department members. On behalf of them I would like to thank both the departments for their support.¨

Nan bowed to the departments standing below the stage. Shen and Dabria climbed down the stage and stood facing their respective departments. One string of the zither was struck and they kneeled down.

¨There is no winter without snow...¨

Shen began. Followed by Dabria.

¨No spring without sunshine...¨

¨And no happiness without companions...¨

¨Even though the path was difficult...¨ Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

¨ Made us want to give up...¨

¨ Broke us to the point of falling….¨

¨But you held us....¨

¨Supported us back to standing...¨

¨If it weren't for you all we would have failed...¨

¨ With you all by our side we would do it all again...¨

¨Thank you.¨ ¨Thank you.¨

They finished in unison. Then they bowed down touching their forehead on the ground to show their gratitude. When they got up the departments bowed to their respective heads in appreciation. Shen and Dabria turned to face each other.

¨The life cycle requires peace between birth and death. Now the departments will bow to each other thanking for their co-operation.¨

With one string struck the two departments bowed to each other. The unison in all their moments filled the audience with admiration. Shen and Dabria went back to their place on the stage and stood facing the students of `Bodhikul´.

Emil stood in front of them. He clapped his hands getting down to business.

¨ Okay let's get it done. Woah I always wanted to do this! I will apologize in advance to the chosen ones. Do not curse me in future. I am just doing my job. Not that I want to but well it is inevitable.¨

Shen lightly slapped his back.

¨Stop scaring them and do it already.¨

Emil spread his arms and his feet left the ground. His aura grew stronger, his face shining brightly.

¨ A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step so by the power vested in me close the door and step out into the future. It is not the goal but the journey you have been chosen for. Do what you can with what you have when you can.¨

Behind him Shen and Dabria held hands projecting their powers to build a ball of shield around Emil. The energy radiating from them made everyone look away. The wind grew stronger around turning into a storm. Emil stood at the center of the storm with a gentle smile on his face. He extended his hands towards the group of students.

`Come don´t be afraid. Hold my hand and you can start your journey.´

His lips didn't move to form the words but his voice was crystal clear in the minds of two angels who stared at him with wide eyes. Judging from everyone's reaction no one could see him either.

` It is okay. Everything will be alright.´

He urged them softly. With their heart pounding against their chest they slightly raised their shaking right hand. The moment their fingers stretched to reach out to Emil lightning struck the stage splitting it into half. They were pulled into the protection ball Emil was in along with Shen and Dabria.

When Emil held each of their hands their body felt warm energy flowing in. The two department heads had their one hand holding the one another while the other hand was pressed against Emil´s back. He was the medium for the transfer of powers, so that the new heads don't get hurt due to the intensity of the powers.

`Oh by the way you can choose to not accept this. I think I was supposed to tell you that first. ´

One of the two students almost broke the link in shock but Emil held his hand tighter stopping him.

`Oops too late for that.´

As the transfer concluded the storm outside subdued. With a clear sky the protection ball opened like a cocoon. Nan repaired the stage with a gentle wave allowing the group to land on it safely. Emil fainted into Nan´s arms the moment he touched the stage. Shen and Dabria had pure white robes now looking ethereal. But everyone's attention was on the couple next to them. One in an emerald green robe and the other in stark black. It was clear who was in charge of which department.

In the audience one young angel had his hands covering his mouth in disbelief. He stared at the stage with big eyes. There was Vivian, his big brother shining in emerald green with a frown, standing next to him was a tall man in black with a poker face, Ajal. The guy his brother ranted about with absolute distaste each time he came home for a holiday. Amour couldn't decide if he should feel sorry or laugh at his brother´s broken luck.

astha_mary astha_mary

Well the new heads are basically wearing what the previous ones were wearing. Emerald green for the birth department (Vivian/ Vivi) and Stark black for the death department (Ajal/ AJ).

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