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100% The Gamer Kai Uchiha / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Childhood

The Gamer Kai Uchiha Chapter 2 - Chapter 2: Childhood

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Childhood

after Itachi took us back home we went to sleep when I was woken by my always crying twin I lookedq at the skill I got yesterday. I wasn't really expecting that but now that I calmed down I went back to see it

detect killing intent ( passive ) Lv:Max

when someone intends to inflict pain or ' kill ' someone you shall feel it

range: 10,000 sq. Km

not a bad skill if I say so myself, it may not have been the best experience but at least I got my first passive skill, wait does that mean I feel killing intent that is not directed at me can't figure that out any time soon and yes I did say first passive, not first skill first passive I got a skill about a few days after being able to see

through continuous observation the skill ' observe ' has been created

observe (active) lv:1

a skill to observe things or animals

it is currently at level five right now there isn't much to use the skill on so I have only gotten so far in the level of the skill I used it on my brothers, father and this is what I got

Name: Fugaku Uchiha

job: head of Uchiha

title: jonin of Konoha.

Level: 93.

to next: 73.3%

he is the head of the Uchiha clan and the father of Itachi Sasuke and Kai

Name: Itachi Uchiha

job: none

title: none

level: 11.

to next: 95.6%

Itachi loves dango and is the son of the clan head

itachi is quite a high level for some of his age

name: Sasuke Uchiha



level: 0

to next: 0.0%

sasuke is known for how much he cries

I think I need to gain more levels in the skills to see more information. And to be honest, I have to agree with the last description of Sasuke, but what's up with Itachi and the title, though I am quite curious I don't think I will find out any time soon.

I and Sasuke are six months old now and itachis title changed to prodigy also his job is now a genin

and today I was going to try and stand up now again, okay I pushed off the ground with all the energy in my arms and stood up with my legs wobbling everywhere when my mother who was in the kitchen saw what I was trying to do she started cheering for me

"come on Kai you can do it," she said to me not knowing I had already done it before

and Sasuke looked at me from his crib in curiosity having been woken by mothers cheering. when mother realized what she had done she quieted down a bit

when I took my first few steps she just went crazy and screamed at the top of her lungs, I honestly didn't know someone could scream so loud and of course, Sasuke started crying when mom went to comfort him I just carried on walking well trying to at least.

a few hours later when Itachi got home and saw how I was wobbling around he came to me and praised me about how smart I was and that I was going to become someone great one-day while smiling which kind of made me smile Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

that night when father got home and heard what happened from mother he simply came up to my crib in which I was in playing with the toys hanging on top of me with nothing more than a glint in his eyes his face stayed as emotionless as ever and congratulated me

"well done" that's all he said then left

what kind of father does that

at one year old, I said my first words which were and "mother" and "father" that was also the year Sasuke started walking I am currently two right now and my father was busy giving me the talk of the Uchiha pride

"we Uchiha are born as nobles which means that we should talk and act as nobles" this is the same talk he did with Itachi when he was younger I know this because he told me. sasuke hasn't gotten the talk yet because he was deemed not ready or something like that

"hn" which was part of the Uchiha language.when he finished I went to look for Sasuke, who was really the only person I was regularly seeing. on the way, I checked my stats


Name: Kai uchiha

HP:14000/14000 (Elite Kage) blocked

CP:83000/83000 (Elite Kage) blocked

Job: the gamer

Level: 100

Next level: 97.9%


Str: 140

Vit: 170

Agi: 190

Int: 573

Wis: 330

Elemental: ???

Point: 10 000

Tokens: 1 000 000

Money: 100 000 000 000 000


my int went up so much because of how much I read also I'm going for more of a speed person , what's the point of having godly strength if you can't hit your opponent.

I realized that every int point increases my mp and cp by 100 each point though I don't know what cp means. vit increases my hp by 200 each point.I've been getting random quests every da....

random quest: Uchiha pride

talk about Uchiha pride with father

rewards (divine control over the chakra) status (completed)

like that one

<divine control over the chakra>

I finally got my first level up it took me a nearly two months just to level up once this quest gave me more exp than usual though not sure why. when I got home Sasuke was just inside reading then he looked up and saw me

" hi kai, " he said while waving his hand at me smiling

"hey" I replied waving back as I went to go sit next to him

"have you seen big brother anywhere?" was the question I got as soon as I sat down "I went looking for him but I couldn't find him anywhere"

"I think he's still on a mission why do you ask "

" no reason," I think Sasuke is still bumed about being the only one in the house this whole time "ow and Kai, you'll never believe what I saw today" oh this is new " when I went for a walk in the training ground the Uchiha one I saw two kids practicing, then this one guy made a bunch of hand seals and shouted Katon: gokakyuu no jutsu( fire style: fireball jutsu )then a lot of fire came out of his mouth" okay I really need to upgrade my observe skill this guys luck must be at least one hundred

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