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100% The Gamer of Wrath / Chapter 2: Learning The World

Learning The World - The Gamer of Wrath - Chapter 2 by Bryce_McAfee full book limited free

Chapter 2: Learning The World

"What do you mean no?" "I mean I won't train you, you've given me no valid reason to do so." "What do I have to do to prove myself?" "Show me your strength, prove you have what it takes to learn from a master of the blade." "So your a swordsman?" "Indeed I am boy, the second best swordsman in the world, and I'm only behind the other one because he's higher ranked than I am." "So you're a swordsman, than ma'am, what are you?" "Well, I'm a Sorceress, specifically I specialize in Ice and Wind magic, along with Enchanting." "What would I have to do to prove myself to you so that you will teach me?" "So you want me to teach you as well, show me your aptitude with spells and we'll see." "Okay, but please give me 3 days, I need some time to recover." "Okay, you have 3 days, make sure they count." "Wait, do you perhaps have a sword I can borrow?" "Yes I do, it's a basic sword, but it'll do its job."

He went out of the room and came back with a sword and tossed it to me. "Here you go, make sure you don't cut yourself with it." "And here, take this tome, it contains the most basic spells for the 7 elements." "Thank you, I'll make sure neither of these go to waste, I promise on my life." "Okay, thank you both, then as I went to get out of my bed, the lady stopped me. "You might want to wait young man, wouldn't want to be seen in your skivvies now would you?" "Oh, thank you, where are my clothes?" "They're in the closet, along with some similar pieces I made after them, you have a odd style it seems." "Thank you ma'am.." "Your welcome deary, let's go honey, and give him some privacy." "Okay dear."

After they left I immediately went to the closet and grabbed the clothing I had been wearing before. My clothing had consisted of a red undershirt, a black jacket with a hood, my pair of nice stretchy blue jeans, a pair of black socks, and black combat boots. I also had my necklace which belonged to my mother's mother, it was a leather cord with gilded iron with a piece of gilded iron going through the middle horizontally, on the top part a ruby, my birthstone, and on the bottom a blue zircon, her birthstone. On my right ring finger is a silver and black ring that is divided in two vertically, one half a crab, my zodiac sign, and on the other side, a set of twins, my sisters zodiac sign. It was a gift from my sister to me. On my left wrist there was my watch, and on my right wrist a leather punk bracelet. I then grabbed the sword the man had throw at me, which was a Katana, and attached it's sheath to my belt. Then I decided I wanted to check my status to see if anything had changed. "Status."


Exp: 0/100

Hp: 400/400

Mp: 640/640

Mp regen: 44.8

Sp: 400/400

Sp regen: 20

Str: 15

Agi: 15

Vit: 15

Dex: 10

End: 15

Int: 27

Wis: 23


Stat points: 0

Perk points: 0

Perks: Law of D: +2 Str, Vit, and End per level

It's a good thing I put that D in my name, I'm suprised it did that for me, but hey, the more stat points, the better. The exp thing is new, so that determines when I level up interesting. I went to grab the tome and suddenly

Skill Book: Basic Elemental Spells and You



It suprised me. "Kinda forgot about that feature of the system." I was scared to press the yes button because the book would just disappear. "Don't worry, a copy of the book will be placed in your inventory so that you can give it back." "Oh thanks, wait, are you talking through the system?" "Of course, I gave you that power didn't I?" "Good point, so is this like a regular thing?" "Of course not, just when it's something really important." "Oh ok, thanks than." "Your welcome." So I went ahead and pressed the yes button on the screen, and the tome suddenly burst into blue motes of light.


Fire Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use fire magic

Basic: Fireball Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp, Charge: 5 seconds, a ball of fire shot at your enemy

Water Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use water magic

Basic: Water Whip Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp, Charge: 5 seconds, a whip that hits the enemy

Earth Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use earth magic

Basic: Rock Catapult Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp, Charge: 2 seconds, a rock comes up and is flung at the enemy

Wind Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use wind magic

Basic: Wind Slice Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp, Charge: 3 second, send a blade if wind at your opponent

Lightning Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use lightning magic

Basic: Discharge Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp, Charge: 6 seconds, discharge electricity from your body

Shadow Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use shadow magic

Basic: Shadow Bind Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp per minute, Charge: 5 seconds, move shadows to bind an enemy

Light Magic(active) Lvl 1

The ability to use light magic

Basic: Flash Lvl 1 cost: 100 Mp, Charge: 2 seconds, make blinding light flash to attempt to blind your enemies

Man those are pretty good, but those costs are insane, along with the charge times. I guess it makes sense, I am completely new to magic. I went ahead and walked out of my room, I was looking around the cabin and saw some stairs, I went ahead and walked down them, I saw the man sitting in a chair in the main room reading a book, I tried to see the name of the book and suddenly...



Observe(active) Lvl 1 cost: 50 Mp

The ability to look at something or someone and tell information about them. Current level only shows enemy Level, Hp, Mp, Sp, and basic info about there past


A book written by J. M. Rowren about the adventures of a brave young man fightning against all odds

I forgot about that skill, it did always seem a little overpowered to me, but, eh, I'll take whatever cheat I can get. That reminds me, I need to get physical resistance, and try to use mana without elements. "Sir, I'm sorry, but I never did ask your name." The man looked up from his book and said, "That's quite alright young man, my name is Asrael." "Thank you sir, for your hospitality." "It's nothing." I decided to go ahead and observe Asrael, eventhough I knew it probably wouldn't work.

Asrael Windgate

Lvl: ?

Hp: ?

Mp: ?

Sp: ?

Info: Raised in an orphanage from the age of 3 Asrael always aspired to be a strong adventurer, he was found to be a prodigy and taken in by a traveling swordsman group. They taught him there ways, however after finding out the truth that the group was a band of mercenaries and murderers, Asrael killed every last one of them. He was praised a hero, however, the memories of blood have stuck with him throughout his life.

Damn, that sucks, it seems like he's got a bad past. I remember my grandpa, he had terrible PTSD from the Vietnam War, an time to loud of a noise went off he would prepare for some type of fight, be it gun, knife, or fist. It's sad to see."Well sir, I'm going out to train, is there anywhere you recommend me to do so?" "A little up north there's a area with a waterfall and and a nice grassy area right by it, I'd say you should train there, however, be careful, as powerful as I am, monsters, though weak compared to me, still seem to think living near here is a good idea." " Thank you sir, I will, and thank you for the sword." "Your welcome."

So with that I left. As I was walking in the direction that Asrael told me to walk, I checked my inventory and saw a copy of the Tome in there. So it really does copy learned books, good. "Now then, what to do on the way to the area?" Then the answer came to me, so I went up to a tree, pulled my fist back, and punched the tree with all my might. *Thawp* *Crunch* "FUUCCKKKK" That hurt my god damn hand.



Physical Resistance(passive) Lvl 1

The ability to just tank physical damage

Reduction: 0.5%

Battle Healing(passive) Lvl 1

The ability to heal from damage

Healing rate: 25 Hp/M

Hitting that tree had also taken 20 my health, which sucked. The physical resistance while not strong would become better, but that battle healing was deifnetly going to be useful. I then remembered some other skills I should have. "Skills"


Gamer's Mind(passive) Lvl Max

The ability to have you mind work like a video game character, you are immune to lower level illusions and it is very hard to lose control of your emotions, however it is not perfect, maybe it will evolve

Gamer's Body(passive) Lvl Max

Your body is just like a video game characters, all damage does not actually affect your body unless a weapon has acertain ability, instead it is treated as Hp damage

I also saw my other skills, but I figure there's no reason to look at them right now. So I kept walking to the location, and I was pretty sure I was close, atleast my gut told me I was. However before i could walk any further something jumped in front of me. From the looks of it, it was a goblin. "Observe"


Lvl: 2

Hp: 200/200

Mp: 20/20

Sp: 150/150

Info: These creatures aren't usually very strong, or very intelligent, but they can still kill humans

I immediately went to draw my sword, but remembered I didn't exactly have the ability to use it, the goblin had started to run at me with its claws at the ready, I didn't have time for a spell, but I could use something from my old life. So as it got close to me at around the same speed I could run, I grabbed its arm and used its momentum to throw it over me onto the ground, then I pulled out my sword, and stabbed it into its head.




Judo(active) Lvl 28

The ability to grapple your opponent or throw them, or using striking techniques

Sword Mastery(active) Lvl 1

The ability to know how to basically use a sword, not an actual style

So now I atleast had basic knowledge on how to use a sword, and I could use old skills from my life before at the level they left off at. That's good, and I got experiemce for killing that goblin, that makes Kuro very happy.

Finally I arrived at the place Asrael told me to go, it was even better than what he said, the waterfall came from some high rocks and fell into a crystal clear body of water, the lush, green grass all around seemed to be waiting for others to enjoy it, and all the trees surrounding the area where atrong with life. It was definetly beautiful, and I saw an area that was pure flat rock, it looked perfect to start my training. I went ahead and stepped onto the rock area, then suddenly.....




Effects: 2× faster physical skill learning speed, 1.5× magical skill learning speed

This was insane, this area would help me grow stronger even faster. I immediately decided to relearn some of the skills from my old life that way I could actually hild my own in a fight.



Muay Thai(active) Lvl 41

The eight-limbed style using your hands, elbows, knees, and legs to strike an opponent Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Karate(active) Lvl 14

Martial arts using quick but accurate strikes to takedown enemies

Capoeira(active) Lvl 7

Fighting style created by fusing music, dance, and acrobatics, uses inverted kicks and hands on ground to defeat opponents

Boxing(active) Lvl 23

Using your fists to knockout your opponent out

Meditation(active) Lvl 4

Achieving oneness with the world by focusing on everything and nothing

Benefit: 40% increase in mana regen while using, can't be used during battle

Well then, I think I'm a little better off than what I was before. If it comes to a fight I'll have more of a way to defend myself. Though it's not enough, so I started to practice with the sword, and while it wasn't an actual style, it atleast made me better with a sword, so I kept on swinging and stabbing at invisible enemies, and defending myself from their nonexistant attacks. And well, while it wasn't as helpful as actual battle, it still made me better.



I had also been spamming observe the whole time.


I decided that this was good enough for my physical training. Time to practice my ass off on magic. I decided that I would focus on Fire, Lightning, and Wind magic so I could be strong offensively. So after spamming spells then using meditation I looked at my progress.







This was definetly better, if I keep at a pace like this, there's no way they can refuse teaching me. I decided that was enough for the day, my watch read 6 p.m., it had been a little before 9 a.m. when I left. So it was time for me to head back.

On my way back to the cabin, I kept on guard, just because my first fight with a monater went well, didn't mean my others would. Luckily nothing happened, which was good, I wasn't ready for another fight yet.

Once I finally got back there I knocked on the door and Mrs. Vera opened it. "There you are young man, I was wondering when you return, and no need for you to knock on the door." "Thank you ma'am." "So how comes the learning of magic?" "Okay I guess, the spells take more mana than what I would like, but I think it will be better after I get better at them." "Wait, you already can cast them?" "Yes ma'am, why do you ask?" "Because while I was considered a prodigy, it still took me a week to learn all 7 spells." "Oh." "So, are you ready for dinner?" "Yes I am." "Okay than, go prepare for dinner." "Okay."

I went up to my room and put my sword in my inventory, and I saw I had 55 cp. "What's that?" "That's currency, it stands for copper pieces, there are also silver pieces, which are equal to 10 copper pieces, gold pieces, which are equal to 10 silver pieces, and platinum pieces, which are equal to 10 gold pieces." "Oh well that's good, thanks Gaia." "Your welcome, and here's a little starting gift."


Awesome, that'll definetly help. "Thank you." "Your welcome." Now then, let me think, o have arpund two days left, if I wake up early enough and train, I should be good.



You were lucky to be found by some really strong adventurers, impress them enough to garner their interest in teaching you.

Rewards: Learning rate doubled, Teachers, 1000 gp, 10,000 exp

On Failure: Learning Rate halved, possible death

Time limit: 2 days 14 hours 37 minutes 2 seconds and counting


Bryce_McAfee Bryce_McAfee

Welp, here it is, hope you like it, and fyi, I do know most of those martial arts, comment please, tell me what you think. AUTHOR OUT

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