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40% The God Eaters / Chapter 1: Prologue.

Prologue. - The God Eaters - Chapter 1 by Uriel_et_teneberis full book limited free

Chapter 1: Prologue.

" Finally , I can finally get out of this stupid wig . " A youth of about 18 years with blonde hair and blue eyes removed the black wig revealing her golden hair . A true beauty.

She lay down tired from from all the singing she had done. She was a superstar and adored by nearly a third of the world. As she was resting peacefully in her couch , a figureless body that was only represented by its black substance appeared. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Sister , there has been a Patruk and we need to assemble back home " The thing said.

" * Sigh * Is it mandatory ? "

" The Patruk is the same case as Adrian "

" I'll be there in 3 hours " She said changing her mind instantly.


We see a business man about 20 years and handsome . He was chatting about ways to improve his already booming business when he received a notification .

" A Patruk is on session , be there in 3 hours.


A slightly dark skinned teenager watched as his siblings drove away . He sighed . This was a daily thing and he got used to it. He stroded the road . His house was about 8 kilometers from the school but luckily the weekend was beginning so he could stop as many times as he wanted , probably practice his magic.

However his weekend just had to be ruined by some other stupid task.

" Hello Adrian , I would personally like to welcome you to go for Patruk . You know our location , be there in 3 hours. " A formless figure formed.

" What's a Patruk ? "

" It's a family meeting when something unintended happens . Do not stress to much but you'll be required to visit. "

" Sorry but last time I checked your home is 615 kilometers away from here and am still not powerful as yo guys to just fly there " Adrian said.

" I'll send Emma to pick you up since she's passing through your town.

The figure disappeared and Adrian was left in his thoughts.

' Great , just great . When I can finally practice my magic , I just had to be pulled away ' Adrian thought.

Nevertheless , he knew Emma was going to look for him at his place so he had to hurry up considering he felt a certain familiar energy approaching this way.

He knew this because all the dysfunctional family knew where they always were . He used magic to enhance his speed and ran home . He only took 10 minutes to arrive home.

He entered and was greeted jovially by his aunt. He was adopted at an early age because his parents died .

" Oh how was your day sweety , did anyone bully you ?" His aunt asked as she hugged her nephew.

" Am ok Auntie "

" Good to know "

" You're already back ?" His cousin James asked.

His other cousin showed no slight interest in him . Yep that was his life , the odd one out.

" By the way Auntie , my friends asked if I could go to their place for the weekend , can I ?" Adrian said showing slight begging.

" Last time I checked you don't have any friends " Lily said.

' Did she really have to smear my friendless life on my face ?' Adrian thought.

" Lily !! " Her mother rebuked before turning to Adrian.

" You can be go but ... "

" , be back by Sunday and don't practice unsafe sex. " She said .

" Auntie !! "

" What ?, kids your age are naturally curious , I mean James and Lily have done it " She said.

" Am not like them " Adrian said before rushing to pack his clothes .

He went back down with his items and just on the nick of time the bell rang.

Lily went to check who it was and she froze on the spot after opening it.

" Hi , is Adrian in ?"

James seeing his sister freeze went to check and who it was. The girl in front of her looked very familiar , perhaps a student he saw in school often . He was a little bit surprised to see that a hot girl such as her was searching for his no good cousin.

" Oh you're here " Adrian said before taking his bag and walking out avoiding the gazes of his cousin.

" Bye , have a nice weekend !! " His auntie said but they had already walked away.

While on the clear , Emma summoned an energy field around Adrian and cast an illusion as she started flying.

" So how's the tour ?" Adrian tried sparking a conversation .

" Not in the mood , let's chat after arriving home " Adrian complied with her words.

Meanwhile Lily finally said something.

" Oh my gosh , Emma Lon just spoke to me !!" She said before letting a girly scream.

" Wait you know her ? Can you give me her number ?" James said already eyeing the beauty.

" Well I can't , because I don't have it she's a famous superstar... WHO PERSONALLY CAME FOR ADRIAN !!! " She shouted as realization hit her.

" It's probably someone who looks like Emma , stop being a little exaggerating and wasn't Emma , I don't know at Alurado ? " James said as a matter of fact tone silencing her sister.

Meanwhile , Emma and Adrian finally arrived on a mansion .

' God why do you give such bad luck ? Now I have to meet this dysfunctional family again ?' Adrian thought.

Emma opened the door and a two knives flew to them.

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