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Broken agreement - The Goddess of Wisdom and Creation. (A Dark gods novel) - Chapter 166 by Ashley_Lagoo full book limited free

Chapter 166: Broken agreement

I groggily woke up and looked around. I felt horrible like I had slept for ages. I looked around as I got my bearings in tact and noticed I was no longer in my cabin. The once wood walls were now a solid paint. The bed was more soft and the blankets were no longer scratchy but a silk like material. This was definitely Alex's room. How was I in the palace?

As I gathered my memories from the other day dread hit me again. Blake. My baby was gone. How could they save me? Without much thought I was killing myself again but this time with a knife that no one could save me with. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I woke up groggily and dizzy. I sat up a bit and looked around after a second reality kicked in. I was saved again. "How could they save me?" I cried out to the walls. I shouldn't be here. I sobbed for a second and than grabbed a knife, closed my eyes and stabbed myself multiple times. This time it would be it. I felt myself fade away.

I woke up in pain. Why was my head hurting so much. As I sat up panic hit me. Why was this happening? How was this possible? As I went to conjure up a knife again, my hand was grabbed. I looked up to Alex. Why was he doing this to me?

"Stop. You keep resetting time." He gritted out. I must have looked as confused as I felt because he was shaking his head and explaining. "You are resetting time. You aren't dying. So no more of this." He chastised me as he waved the knife he took from me around in the air.

I looked around reality of the situation kicking in. I couldn't die. Was this my punishment for hurting everyone? I felt defeated. I didn't even want to talk. I would be laying down forever than. Alex just stood there looking at me. Why was he looking at me like he expected something. Did he want me to talk about what I did? Did he want me to talk about Blake?

"You can go away." I softy said as I covered my face with my blanket. I wouldn't be getting out this Bed. I tried to hold back the sob but it escaped. I closed my eyes getting myself ready for an endless sleep. Alex sat down causing the bed to cave in and me to roll up against him. Did he really plan to just sit here. I understand we both were grieving but. "You know time reset." he said softly.

"I know." I dryly stated. My heart was slowly dying because it missed my son and now I have to live with this heart that was missing a piece forever. "Okay if you know why are you in bed." He whispered out. Did he expect me just get up and act like everything was fine.

I ignored him because obviously he didn't realize how much I loved Blake. "Let me repeat myself. Mazaya time reset." He emphasized. It took me a second but I was pushing the covers off of me when I got what he was saying.

"He's okay?" I cried out. Alex smiled making me sob happily. My baby. I sat up and hugged him before I was jumping up fast. "Hold up." Alex ordered while he grabbed my arm. Was something wrong? "He's fine right?" I softly asked. I needed him to be fine.

Alex sighed as he made me look at him. "Yes he's fine but that doesn't mean we won't be talking about what you did. There are people here to see you." Alex stated as he guided me out of the room. "I need clothes." I screeched out.

He ignored me as he had us teleporting to the board room. I instantly felt embarrassed as I stood in front of a dozen men and women dressed in the finest clothes. They were all wearing either a ruby necklace or ring. Representing one thing, the magical court. Every God looked like they were carved from the finest material. They looked like true gods.

"I need clothes." I whispered as I looked down at my night clothes that were far from appropriate. "Sit." Alex ordered not at all listening to me. I would not be sitting. I went to teleport out but was stopped short by a block. The magic court was restricting it.

No magic was being allowed so I couldn't even change my clothes. They were blocking everything, so I tapped into the source to change my outfit instead. "I said sit.", Alex gritted out as he looked at me with fire in his eyes.

"I said I needed clothes." I snapped out as I sat down. Now that I had an appropriate dress on I would sit. "Interesting." A deep voice stated. I looked over to all the members of the magic court looking at me. They all had mixed emotions in their eyes it looked like.

"So it's come to our attention that you have been causing alot of problems lately." The Goddess of the beginning and end seductively said. Why was she talking like she was trying to seduce someone. I look at her and noticed she was dressed in a skin tight red dress. Her blond hair was wavy and she looked absolutely stunning.

I turnt to Alex to see his reaction and noticed that he was smirking. When he noticed I was looking he stopped. He obviously didn't want me anymore. "Yes that's true. My wife lost control a few times but it's all fixed now." Alex confidentialy stated. He sounded and acted older than we actually were.

We were newly born Gods so how he acted like he was older than his age was beyond me. "Unfortunately we had an agreement and you didn't fullfil your end of it." She dryly stated. What agreement did they have.

The magic court didn't give Alex time to reply as they were putting magical restraints on him. "What are you doing?" I cried out as I watched him being man handled by a buff God. The God of magical trials and laws didn't even give me a second glance as he was dragging Alex towards a portal.

"Wait. He didn't even do anything. I did." I cried out even though Alex hurt me I still loved him. They couldn't take him away. I was jumping up out my seat and closing the portal and blocking anyone from leaving and exiting before they could blink. Everyone turnt to me. There was an emotion in their eyes that I couldn't read.

"I said he didn't do anything, I did." I cried out. I looked over at Alex and seen he wasn't even putting up a fight. He was accepting fate with his head held high. The Goddess of beginning and end clicked her tongue making an annoying noise.

"Unfortunately you can't be trialed. We tried but just like you can't die you can't be trialed. We came up with an agreement with Alexander that he would take control of your magic and somehow you got your magic back." She stated causing me to be confused.

I still hadn't figured out how Alex got control of my magic after I used forbidden magic. I remembered losing it. "Was the forbidden magic a spell to give my magic to Alex? You guys killed my parents." I cried out that was the only explanation.

"Unfortunately for you those weren't your real memories. We changed them to make life safe for all worlds." The lady stated causing me to pale. "You are lying. You killed my parents." I yelled. They were all lying. I remember everything. That's why Alex wouldn't let me go he felt guilty and he had control of my magic.

I remember touching magic I shouldn't have, I remembered it all. They tricked me and killed my parents. "Unfortunately the real memories were to much for you when you calmed down. I think maybe it would now be appropriate to show you what really happened to your parents." She stated causing me back up a bit.

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