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Chapter 12: Dungeon Raid - The Godly Gaming System - Chapter 12 by Pausten_BOSS full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Dungeon Raid

Taking off his headset, Michael stood up and began to stretch.

While Modern Technology has allowed people to go multiple days without eating food or drinking water, it was still an unhealthy practice to not move around for multiple days on end. Unknowingly, his adventure had already lasted him about 2 days.

After stretching for a while, he opened up his laptop and checked Nifleheim's Forums. He didn't need anything from it, and nobody has progressed as far as he has, but he was just checking to see what the hot topics were.

This was very common for people to do, as the Forums were the fastest way to spread the news about in-game events. Not to his surprise, everyone was talking about how fast Lucifer was able to reach level 10, but nobody knew what he looked like. This part was because he was in the World of Old now.

Scrolling through the forums for a bit longer, he noticed a level 10 party that was looking for members in a dungeon raid. It was common for people to search for party members through the forums since it can get out to the widest audience, and you can pick from there.

Since it was early on in the game, however, there were very few people at level 10 yet. After all, not everybody was a walking anomaly like Michael was.

Michael opened up the post for the dungeon raid and sent the leader a quick message. Almost immediately after sending the message, he got a reply back. He assumed that the party leader was in dire need of party members, and may have already tried the dungeon once. They coordinated the location, time, and what general city it was in before Michael closed his laptop.

Afterward, he ate dinner, did a small workout to compensate for how much time he had spent in the game, and then went to sleep.

In the morning when he woke up, he logged back onto Niflheim. He was pretty excited to be able to test out his new strength on enemies that were more his level. Logging in, he stepped out of his room and instantly met Runi.

"Oh what a coincidence, I was just looking for you," Michael stated.

"Nonsense. I was guarding the room while you were asleep as to not have any thieves intrude," Runi explained.

"Guarding the room? I don't think I'm somebody with a high enough importance to warrant that though?"

"Being His Majesty's only disciple, nobody in the Kingdom is more worthy of my protection than you are, sir."

"Alrighty. Well anyways, do you guys have fast ways to travel to the Human World and back?" Michael asked, changing the subject.

"We do, but you'll need to fly over there. Would you like me to take you?"

"If it isn't too troublesome then I'll be inclined to ask for your help," Michael politely stated. He didn't want to sound too overbearing, since Runi was several times stronger than him, and even while using the Sword of Tatraya, he was unsure whether he would win.

They began walking down the hallway when Michael asked, "Just making sure. No rope this time?" He had a rather uncomfortable time being help in the air by bundles of rope.

Runi chuckled and explained, "The rope last time was due to you and your friend being potential criminals. Now that the charge is clear, I can take you there just by holding your arm."

Michael was glad to hear that they didn't need to use more rope and continued the rest of the way silently.

Once arriving at a large ledge, Runi grabbed ahold of Michael's arm and started flying in a certain direction.

After flying for a while, Michael noticed that in one area there was what seemed to be a spatial distortion. The area around where he noticed it was heavily guarded with no less than 25 guards on each side. He assumed that this was how they traveled to the different Worlds within Niflheim.

After noticing it, Runi flew full speed into the Spatial Distortion, and a few seconds later, they popped out into the Human world once again. The area where they had landed seemed to be next to a small starter village of sorts, so Michael and Runi started walking towards it. While walking, however, Michael noticed that the wings that were on Runi's back had disappeared.

"How did you make your wings disappear?"

"High Ranking Demons are able to control certain aspects around their body, so the wings act almost like a suit of armor. In a sense, I can equip and unequip my wings when necessary. Also, while Low Ranking Demons can not control their wings' visibility, they are able to use Spatial Magic in order to make them transparent."

Understanding, Michael nodded his head.

'Demons are much more Advanced than Humans are. It's a wonder they haven't tried to take over the entire realm yet with such devastating power,' he thought to himself.

Once they arrived at the village, they asked the chief where they currently were. After talking for some time, Michael figured out they were in the Western section of the Nivela Kingdom. This was south from where they needed to go, so Michael and Runi left the village's boundaries. Once they were sure that nobody could see them, they flew North to find the dungeon.

The dungeon was in the Shino Kingdom, which usually was a few month's time away from the Nivela Kingdom while walking. Fortunately, however, Michael had Runi who could fly faster than a fighter jet, so they arrived at the Shino Kingdom in a little under an hour. Michael instructed Runi to land in a small forest outside of the kingdom and told him to put on a hood. Michael also did this, as it would be troublesome if somebody was able to notice him as Lucifer. It would also be troublesome if people noticed that Runi wasn't a player, but rather an NPC. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Arriving at the gates of the Kingdom, they noticed that there was a small group gathering outside. After sending the person whom he talked with on the forums a message, he quickly understood that this group was the group that was going to be raiding with him. After realizing this, Michael and Runi quickly hurried to meet the group.

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