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Chapter 4: Skills Exam

After hearing the announcement, Moby hurried to find the signup area for the combat division. After searching for a few minutes, he found the signup booth. He was late for the sign-ups because of his encounter with Nathan so there weren't too many people in line.

Moby lined up and waited for his turn to sign up. After a few minutes of waiting, a mysterious looking boy lined up behind him. He carried 2 daggers on his waist and he wore a cloak that covers most of his face so you could not really make out his appearance. This person was Joe, the person Nathan sent to spy on Moby.

After a few more minutes of waiting, it was Moby's turn.

"Student ID please," said a female voice from behind the desk.

Moby took out his student ID and handed it to the girl behind the desk. She then took the card and scanned it on her computer.

"Thank you, sir, now please draw a card from this box to see what group you will be in for the skill evaluation exam. As you can tell, we have many students applying so we had to separate each exam into 50 groups with at least 10 people each. Don't worry, it doesn't matter what group you end up getting. Every group will do the same exam."

Moby nodded and stuck his hand into a huge box full of papers. After ruffling it up for a few seconds he finally picked one.


Joe's POV

After seeing Moby ruffle up the papers inside the box, he began to prepare to peek at what group he will get in order to get in his same group. Finally, he pulled out a paper. But before he got the chance to make a quick dash and peek at the paper, he suddenly heard a voice from in front of him.

"Cool!! I got group 42," as Moby took his paper and left the booth in a jolly mood.

Joe was just standing there speechless at how carelessly this guy gave out his information. After Joe got his ID scanned, it was now his turn to draw a card. After ruffling it up for a bit he pulled out a paper. It was number 42. The same one as Moby. Joe had a special ability that gave him really good sensory which allowed him to choose the same number. This was the reason that he was the one chosen to spy on Moby.


Moby's POV

After 5 minutes of waiting alone on a bench all pumped and excited for the exam, he heard an announcement.

"Sign-ups are now over. Everyone, please head to the exam area that corresponds to your group number and wait for further instructions."

After looking around for a bit, Moby spotted exam area 42. There, he found 9 other students standing there waiting. As soon as Moby showed up, the instructor looked at everyone and nodded.

"It looks like everyone is now present. I will be your examiner, Leo James. Before we start, let me explain the exam. This is the exam that will determine your power ranking. The ranks go from F to X. X being the best and F being the worst. These rankings will be very important so I advise you to try your best."

The instructor Leo James was a big muscular middle-aged man with dark spikey orange hair, a full well kept beard and hazel eyes. He had big broad shoulders and stood tall at an impressive 6'4. He was wearing a regular muscle shirt that exposed his bulging muscular arms and emphasized his pecks.

The instructor walked over to a weird-looking machine.

"Your first test will be this power machine. Just attack the red point on the machine with whatever attack or weapon you want and it will give back a number. Like this!"

Leo stepped back and took a fighting stance in front of the machine. Then, he punched the machine with such immense strength that it caused shock waves.

The number on the machine started to rapidly grow.

1000 points

3450 points

6942 points

9001 points

23400 points

60060 points

I'm number finally stopped at 60060 points. The students were all speechless as they stared at their examiner in admiration.

"Well dang, I thought it was going to be higher but I guess my hand slipped a bit, sorry guys," Leo said with a smile while rubbing the back of his head.

At that point, the student's mouths dropped even further than before as they had a hard time believing what they just heard.

"Well anyway, this is the second and final test. The speed and reflex test. Just stand here for a few moments and then holograms of balls will shoot at you with increasing speed. Your goal is to last as long as possible without being touched by the ball. I won't be showing a demonstration for this test because we are already low on time. Are there any questions before we start?"

The group just stared back in silence…

"By your silence, I assume you're all ready to go. When I call your name please come up and take your exam."

After that, the exam went by really quickly, some of the applicants had some really interesting abilities that Moby had never seen before. So far, 8 students have taken their exams. 1 got F rank, 3 got E rank, 3 got D rank, and 1 got C rank.

Abby Ried, the C rank student was especially strong. She had long red hair tied up into a ponytail that went down to her waist. She wore an expensive-looking red dress with a long black cape that covered her backside. From her actions, she seemed like the talented and confident rich noble type that thinks she is better than everyone. She was really pretty compared to most other girls which even further boosted her ego. You could tell just by her appearance that she was a fire ability user.

Out of all the elemental abilities, Fire is one of the strongest and least common due to it not being sold on the market. In fact, only a few families in the world have inherited a fire ability. Each fire ability is slightly different from one another having their unique styles and properties. Each family holds a big influence and power in society. The Reid is one of the better-known families that inherited the fire ability.

Abby being C rank from her starting examination is no small feat. She got 7620 points on the power machine. And lasted 5 minutes on the speed and reflex test. This gave her a power level of 7540 . To put this into perspective, on the power test the usual scores are as follows

Power Ranks

F rank: 0 to 1000

E rank: 1001 to 2500

D rank: 2501 to 6000

C rank: 6001 to 12000

B rank: 12001 to 25000

A rank: 25001 to 40000

S rank: 40001 to 60000

X rank: 60001+

And for the speed and reflex test the usual scores are:

F rank: 0 to 1 minute

E rank: 1 minute to 2 minutes 30 seconds

D rank: 2 minutes 30 seconds to 4 minutes

C rank: 4 minutes to 6 minutes

B rank: 6 minutes to 8 minutes

A rank: 8 minutes to 9 minutes

S rank: 9 minutes to 10 minutes

X rank: 10 minutes+

These scores are then averaged and combined to create an accurate power level. Here is the power level scale:

Power Level Ranks

F rank: 0 to 1000

E rank: 1001 to 2500

D rank: 2501 to 6000

C rank: 6001 to 12000

B rank: 12001 to 25000

A rank: 25001 to 40000

S rank: 40001 to 60000

X rank: 60001+

The last 2 people to take the exam we're Joe and Moby. First, it was Joe's turn. Although Joe had no strength-enhancing ability he was still able to score 1000 on the strength test. Due to the extra strength, the mutation one gets when they get an ability.

However, his true talent would only be shown during the speed and reflex test. Due to Joe having a sensory type ability, he was able to fairly easily dodge the incoming projectiles.

Joe's ability enhances his senses to the extreme which gives him superhuman vision, hearing, smell, and reaction time. This gave him a good 3 minutes for the speed and reaction test which easily gave him D class speed and reaction.

In total Joe ended up with a power level of 1710 which is around the middle of E rank.

Lastly, it was Moby's turn. When he started to walk up, you can hear a few girls begin to gossip with one another.

"Hey who's that guy? He's pretty cute, totally my type."

"Ya, I agree that guy is pretty handsome."

"Hey guys don't fall for him, look at his clothes he's totally broke."

"I guess that's true but maybe he's super strong! He looks like he trains all the time."

"Well you will find out soon enough how strong he is"

At this point, Moby was too far to hear anything they are saying. Although Moby is considered handsome, he never got any female attention. He has silky black hair that fell past his eyes, jade green eyes and fairly pale skin with no sign of acne. He was also a fairly respectable height standing at 6 feet tall. Moby never even once considered that he was handsome because females always try to stay away from him. Without fail, every female that found out that Moby was poor with no abilities would avoid him like the plague. Their perception of him instantly takes a complete 180 as their interest for him turns into disgust and bullying. Moby never thought this was the problem and just chalked it up to him just being ugly and didn't think too much of it.

As Moby was walking up to take his exam, examiner Leo approached him and said.

"Hello there Moby Kane, from your records it says that you have no ability, is that correct?"

"Yes sir, that is correct"

As soon as he said that, the girls that were previously interested in Moby had a complete change of heart.

"See! I told you he was a bum!"

"Ewww, what did I ever see in a guy like that!"

"Ya, now that I look at him again he's not even handsome. If anything he's pretty ugly."

The examiner reached into his bag and pulled out 3 different elemental ability orbs.

"As per our policy, we will give any student with no ability the option to choose between the 3 basic elemental abilities. Of course, the ability orb will only be level 1 but it's better than nothing. You may choose either wind, earth, or water," Said Leo as he showed Moby all 3 ability orb.

After thinking for a few seconds Moby shook his head denying the orb.

"I am very thankful for your generosity, but I must decline your offer. I don't have any intentions to be indebted to the military. Plus, It's not like I'm completely defenseless. I have my family's martial arts," Moby said with a firm resolve.

After hearing that, everyone, including Leo became very confused. In all his years of teaching, Leo never had a student who has rejected the ability orbs. Leo seemed a bit annoyed at Moby's answer.

"Ok fine then, let's see how well you do during the exam," said Leo with a hint of skepticism.

Moby lined up in front of the power machine. He unsheathed his chipped rusty sword from his waist and took a stance. It was the stance for the demon slash. Moby focused his demon energy into his sword and sliced down with all his might. Visually the attack looked really impressive but...

790 points.

Everyone started laughing at him from the back. After that talk about how he's not completely defenceless and he ended up with only 790 points in the power test.

Moby didn't think much about his score and immediately went on to the next test.

He stood in the designated area and waited for the holographic balls to come out. For the first 30 seconds, they were easy enough to dodge but after that, they became a big challenge. At 56 seconds, it was pretty much impossible for Moby to dodge the balls. Moby now had to rely on his other secret move, the demon flash.

He focused his demon energy into his legs and performed 1 demon flash dodging a few balls in the process. For the next half a second, Moby seemed like a blur to the audience but they didn't think too much of it. Even Joe with his enhanced vision could not clearly see what happened.

The only person that clearly saw what happened to Moby was Leo. Moby's 2 secret techniques greatly impressed Leo so he decided that he would keep a closer eye on Moby. It seems like Leo has taken a liking to this abilityless kid.

Moby ended up with 57 seconds on the speed and reflex test which is just under E level.

"Moby Kane, F rank power level: 800," said Leo with a smile on his face.

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