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The Guy in a Coffee Shop original

The Guy in a Coffee Shop

Author: liyanpark1013

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Chapter 1: Chrysanthemum Love

The beautiful sun gives its own shine to my room as I open the curtains. I take a deep breath to feel the fresh air of the beautiful morning. There are some birds playing in the air, chirping as it was their own language. Some of the neighbors wake early to clean their backyards and water the plants and flowers. It has a cold breeze around the city of Minnesota, where now in October.

I am Amiadainne Scott, 21 years old, and an independent woman living separately from my parents. They are living in Minnesota but far from my location. I live in a small and cute apartment which is also a bit expensive for me since I'm the only one in the apartment.

I step inside my kitchen to toast some bread, cook two eggs, and most importantly brew some coffee. 

As I wait for my bread to toast. I browse to my social media. 

What really caught my attention in the news, they were all blathered about the issue of the famous Korean-American actor "Christian Park" whereabout, he insulted the "fan" at his own show but there was no strong evidence seen at the place.

"So how will they perceive if he really insults the "fan" when there's no evidence?"

 My eyes crinkle and furrow my brows when scanning the news and what makes me nauseous when many netizens criticized the man when they didn't even know the whole story.

I shake my head in disbelief and get my bread to the toaster. I assemble my eggs between my bread and place the coffee from my bottle so I can sip my coffee while I'm walking the sidewalk. 

I grab my purse to put my wallet, phone, and my handkerchief. A "meow" coming from the living room. I walk to my adorable cat, "Yang". I pet him all over her body when she is gesturing a lovely action. I give her food and water since it's her breakfast break. She is now pregnant with 4 kittens so she needed to eat to feed her kittens. 

I grab my towel and take off all my clothes and step to my bathroom to take a bath. After taking a bath and drying my wet body. I go to my bedroom, where I was ready for my clothes and put on light makeup.  I step to my dining room to get my toast and coffee. My cat waited for me at the entrance, "meowing" at me.

"You can't go with me this time. I'm sorry Yang but I will get back. I promise." she "meow" again while taking my leave. I start walking on side of the road while sipping my coffee and eating my toast. I usually eat while on the road to feel the fresh air and the ambiance of the town.

I step inside the flower shop when seeing the owner inside. It is really early in the morning so basically, her shop was closed. She used to help me when I struggled with my belongings when I moved in. She is a very strong woman. 

"Good morning, grandma Chi How's your day?" I ask while forming a smile at my neighbor's grandma. 

"Oh, good morning Mia. I'm pretty energized now since I saw my beautiful granddaughter. It's like 6 in the morning, why are you so early today?" She asks while picking some flowers to her backyard after watering them.

She owns a flower shop in which she planted it by herself so all of her flowers were fresh and new.

"I will clean my coffee shop and put some plants on it so it has nature around my coffee shop and also I will buy some flowers and plants here for decorating my coffee shop." 

"You really love your job, isn't it? You always give different decor for your coffee shop every day."

"Grandma Chi, I want my coffee shop as fresh looking as it started last year. I really cherish my shop since my father gave it to me as my 20th birthday." I mumble while picking some flowers and plants along with her in the backyard. 

"Is that all?" I respond with a nod. She gives me a smile, putting all the plants in the bag. I hear a call from inside the shop as I look at it and Grandma Chi gives me a flower.

I don't recognize the flower since it is my first time noticing inside her shop. 

"What is it, Grandma Chi?" I ask. 

"It's a Chrysanthemum. That flower will give you joy, loyalty, and love. I hope you will find your own happiness." I stare at the glorious flower. I've never seen a flower like this before. 

I bow at her and smile, "Thank you, Grandma Chi. I hope this end of the year will be a great end for me. I also hope that no more break up."

"You will find your love in your coffee shop." I nod and take leave. I walk to my shop and try to open it. Sadly I can't, my hands are full. When I attempt to open the door, someone snatches the plant on my hands. I look at it and the guy gives me a quick smile. 

"Theo, I'm glad you're here. Please hand this over me while I open the door. Thank you." He grabs the plant as I attempt to open the door.

When I successfully opened the door, I open the window to discard the unwanted scent inside the shop. Theo places down all the plants and flowers so he could open the door widely. 

"You really love plants, don't you?" He asks as I respond with a nod.

"You always buy flowers and plants to arrange all of them inside and outside of our coffee shop. Aren't you tired of decorating your shop every day? Why don't you try at least twice a month? I know your customer wouldn't mind if this place looks the same. They are coming here to grab some pastries and drinks." He rants while setting out all the plants and places on the ground and gives some trim for the decoration so he could arrange the plants on the vase and all over the place.

"Okay I will try but please help me decorate my plants and flowers." He sighs in defeat and nods. 

"Red chrysanthemum. It's the first time to have it here." He mumbles while putting the flowers on the vase and placing it on the counter. He smiles when he is satisfied to settle the flower.

"How did you know about that flower?"

"Well, it's my girlfriend's favorite flower and also mine."

"Ohh, are you two okay now? She broke up with you."

"Yes, and Justin wasn't really happy about it." He said as he leans his cheeks on the counter as if he is watching me.

"Is he? I don't think so. He has a big crush on you. I don't think he wouldn't be sad about that great news." I giggle as I vacuum the dirt. 

"You think so?" He stares at me, hoping to give him a good answer.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No." I laugh as he gives me a glare. I really love teasing him. He shakes his head and finishes decorating the shop. I set all the tables and chairs and wipes to clean it off. I glance at Theo, who's now wearing his uniform. 

Theodore Fryxell is my childhood best friend and also my barista here in my coffee shop. Theodore and I have the same dream to create our own coffee shop so my father decided to give us this coffee shop to manage it. My family really loves Theodore, to the fact that they always love matching us but we were not in love with each other. 

As I said earlier, her girlfriend broke up with him which was really a huge impact on him. He was so depressed and sorrow but Justin came in action to help him out. 

"Sorry, I'm late." I shake my head when seeing Justin scratching his nape while pouting. And when he sees Theodore, the blush rushing all over his face. He really has a big crush on him. 

"You are right on time Jus," I mutter.

Justin Miller was also my childhood best friend and he is a manager of the store, a baker like me, and also a waiter of the shop. We were classmates since we were in elementary to college and we took barista and culinary since we love pastries and beverages like coffee.

"Hey, guys sorry I'm late," Jennie says but as she glanced at the shop that was already done decorating. She saunters at Theodore and smacks his shoulder.

"I was instructed that I'm in charge of decorating the shop this time! WHY DID YOU DO BY YOURSELF THEODORE!" My beautiful barista yells at Theodore as she chases him. We all laugh at their ludicrousness as they run around the shop. 

My beautiful barista Jennie Louis was my ultimate friend back in college and she's also taking a barista like us. 

When they feel weary, I convoke them for conferring on what pastries we will bake in the morning. We also have a menu for lunch which is assigned to Yoongi.

That menu has a limited time. It's from 10 am to 1 pm since we have a fixed budget for that menu but we make it more accessible yet delightful and also we give more attention to our main dishes which are the pasties. 

"You're late Yoongi," I utter while rasping when discerning his yawn. He sits down beside me.

"Sorry. Okay, the lunch menu would be all Italian cuisine inspired by me. Yoongi Scott." He says as he extends his arms on the side. I tapped his arms to put his arms down. 

"Okay that was great so meaning all pasta and meat. So for the pastries, we will be baking donuts, croissants, breakfast sandwiches, and some cakes like blueberry and strawberry cheesecakes, milk and berry cakes, and some chocolate, matcha, and vanilla crepes. Any addition?" I ask.

"Also I want to add some beverages to the menu. It will be our signature. I will give you the recipe for you to review it and to give approval." Theodore announces. 

"I trust you so you don't need my approval. You know my taste but what do you want to call it?" 

"I actually like to call it by the name of flower since I want to put all my love to the coffee."

"Flower? So it has to look like flowers when you want to name it in flowers. What flower?" I'm enthralled by the name that he will put on for his signature drink and I perceive that it's not the norm. 

"Chrysanthemum love."

liyanpark1013 liyanpark1013

Hello guys! This is my newest story so check it out! I want to know your thoughts so you can leave a comment in a section below and rank the story if you can! Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

Stay safe and have a great day!

I love you guys!

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