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100% The Half-Elf and the Half-Demon Werewolf / Chapter 2: The Sleepover

The Sleepover - The Half-Elf and the Half-Demon Werewolf - Chapter 2 by QueenRose full book limited free

Chapter 2: The Sleepover

We all arrived back at my house for the sleepover/grad party. To describe my house, since its just me and my home, it's not too big. We live in a modern two-story home.

My mom sleeps downstairs because she hates having to use the stairs. She has her master bedroom and master bath.

There are two spare bathrooms along with the garage and some spare bedrooms.

I have the whole upstairs to myself which can be kind of lonely sometimes, but it does have its advantages.

In my room, I have a queen-sized bed, a balcony, a huge on-suite, and a walk-in closet. Whenever my friends stay over, we blow up the air mattress for the boys and Emma sleeps with me.

My whole room is a dark grey color with a mickey mouse pattern in the shape of a tree that I painted myself.

I have pictures everywhere on my wall from my polaroid with my friends and family.

There is also a game room across the hall from my room along with the door to the attic.

As we enter the house, I head straight to my room to change into something more comfortable.

My friends follow me up and change as well. Since they are always here and we are always at each other's house, we always leave spare clothes to change into for whenever we sleepover together.

We've known each other since birth, so changing in front of each other was nothing new.

"Hey Cali, how does this top look with these shorts?" Emma asked me.

I gave her a once over and saw that she had a pastel blue crop top and some navy shorts.

"You're the only one that can pull that off Em. You look great." I smiled at her.

I browse my closet for something to wear and settle on a long-sleeved crop top orange sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse written across the top and some light wash blue jeans.

I turn around and look at my friends.

"How do I look, guys?" I ask Emma, James, and Evan.

They all turn to look at me and they are all fully dressed.

Evan is dressed in his usual khakis and a black tank top. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

James is sporting one of his college shirts and jean shorts.

While Emma is in the outfit that she picked out.

They all give me a once over and Emma winks at me while the boys nod in approval.

I blush. "Thanks for the silent approval guys. Let's go. I'm pretty sure we have to help make some of the food since some of us *cough* Evan and James *cough* like to eat like they have four stomachs."

"We do not!" Evan and James replied in unison.

Emma and I busted out laughing. "Okay, if you say so."

Emma and I start walking out of my bedroom and the boys follow behind grumbling to themselves about how much they eat.

We continue to chuckle on the way down the stairs.

As we enter the kitchen, we see my mom trying to juggle to many things at a time. My friends rush over to help her, and we continue to make dinner.

It takes us around an hour to finish because Evan can't cook for shit and burnt one of the dishes, so we had to start over.

It's around 7:00 pm and we have just finished dinner. We begin to clean the kitchen, but my mom shoos us away.

"It's your day to relax and spend time with your friends. Don't' worry about the kitchen sweetie, I'll clean up."

"Are you sure mom? We are more than willing to help you clean up. One of us did make a mess."

I side-eye Evan as he glares at me. My mom chuckles and says, "No, I've got it. You guys can head upstairs and have the rest of the night to yourselves. Congratulations to you all on your graduation."

I smile at my mom and give her a hug. Soon my friends join in and it's a group hug. Me being the smallest in the group, I begin to lose oxygen.

James notices and says, "Alright guys, I think we can let go now, Cali can't breathe."

We all part and I gasp for air. "Thanks, James."

"Your welcome," he grins back.

We tell my mom goodnight and head to the game room. In the game room, there is a huge movie screen with couches in front of it so you can watch movies, then there's a pool table, some consoles for when we want to game, and a little arcade in the corner. There is also a bathroom attached to the movie room, so you don't have to go far.

Evan and James sprawl out on the couch and I and Emma grab the blankets from my room and spread them on the floor.

"Are we having a Harry Potter marathon guys?" James asked.

I squealed, "Oh, can we? Please!"

Emma and Evan know that I love to watch Harry Potter, it's one of my favorite series, so they smile at me and shake their head yes.

"Anything you want Cali. But I get the fluffy pillow." Emma said.

"Awe! I wanted the fluffy pillow…" Evan pouted.

"You'll get over it, Evan. We'll compromise then. You can have the fluffy blanket, I'll get the fluffy pillow, Cali can have the fluffy socks, since they fit only her, and James gets to have the extra-long blanket since he's staying on the couch. Does everybody agree with the arrangement?" Emma proposed.

I didn't see anything wrong with it, but I wanted to share the extra big blanket with James.

"Hey, James?"

"Yes, Cali?"

"Can we share the big blanket? You generate the most heat in the group and you're the best snuggle buddy."

James smiles at me and chuckles, "Sure Cali, we can share the big blanket. And thank you for the compliment."

I grinned and scrambled up onto the couch with him effectively kicking Evan off. He glared at me as he sat on the floor. I gave him my best apology smile and he slowly smiled back.

"Now that that's settled, the movie marathon may now begin!" Emma declared.

I gave a silent cheer and waited for Emma to pull up the movies. I snuggled under the blanket with James and began to watch the movie.

We got through half of the series before Emma and Evan clocked out on the floor.

James and I chuckled at them. Emma had the fluffy pillow under her head and one of my smaller blankets wrapped around her like a burrito.

Evan had one of my pillows from my bed and the fluffy blanket sprawled over everything except for his legs.

"James?" I whispered.


"Take a picture of them so I can put it on my wall for memories. Please?"

"This will be a good one." James tries to laugh quietly.

James grabs my polaroid and snaps a picture of them then sets it to the side to let the picture come through.

I manage to finish the second to last movie before I notice that James has fallen asleep. He's in the most awkward position so I move his head so it's in my lap and lay down to try and finish the rest of the movies.

As soon as I lay down my eyes begin to droop. I try to fight the sleep but end up falling asleep halfway through the last movie.

Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm excited to see what I and my friends have planned for tomorrow.

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