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40.54% The hidden Uzumaki / Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Back to school and training

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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Back to school and training

After something to eat and the discussion about the time table of training. there were some things he had to give into for Kakashi. Yes, he finally found out his name. but it was from someone speaking out to him. When Raven said that he finally got to know his name. Kakashi got real embarrassed. So of the things he had to do for Kakashi's guidance. One, keep following Guy's program. two, he has to go back to the academy for physical classes. Three, one day he can't train. Raven decided that would be the day he would read at the Library. Four, he can't use Kenjutsu at the academy until he gives permission. because without control he could easily kill his fellow students. Five we follow the training program. so no complaining about what is thought.

- back to the academy -

'great this is going to be great' Raven tried to give him some courageous before entering class. Luckily he came early, one of the perks of training with Guy. you have to start early. 'Let's hope Kakashi won't rub off on me. And lucky that's only what rubbed off from Guy. If I found myself in that green jumpsuit. they can just kill me.'

Sitting at the back, where he used to sit, 'Let's hope nobody sits here now.'

The students start to come in. they didn't find out that there was a person in the classroom yet.

But when a few of the students started getting to their seats in the back, Raven couldn't hide his presence anymore. While most students didn't recognize him it was by coincidence that Hinata did.

"RAVEN, your back?"

And then everybody remembers the dark-haired boy from their class that gave the Uzumaki class.

"Yes, Hinata, I'm back. And thank you for announcing to the class. I bet they didn't recognize me with my new hairstyle. hehe."

"Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't ..."

"Hinata, I'm kidding. I don't mind. have some confidence."

"Ok, Raven."

the class started filling up, the whispers about Raven's presence were filling the room.

Then when Sasuke entered he noticed the Red/green-haired kid in the back. first, he didn't recognize him but when he was at his desk. He heard the whispers. "hey, you saw, Raven's back" "Yeah, he ..."

Then he turned to look at him again and he recognized him. He wanted to get up and challenge him, but Iruka and Mizuki came into the class.

Iruka saw the new kid in the room. 'Don't I know him from somewhere?'

But Mizuki is not that nice, "Hey kid, get out to your class."

"But I'm in my class. Can it be that after a month you can't recognize me anymore, teacher Mizuki?"

Then a name popped in the heads of Iruka and Mizuki, "Raven."

"That's me. I'm back for class, two times a week. mostly for the physical classes."

"Yes, I heard about the arrangement about it from the Hokage. Now let's start class, ..."

Iruka started class with Mizuki helping with input. Raven's thoughts were not with class, no they were at the Jutsu from the scrolls he read yesterday. But even with his mind somewhere else he could still answer the questions from class when asked.

Then Lunch started. He was talking with Hinata and Shikamaru because there his friends at the academy. Well, Choiji was there too. But Raven gave him a new brand of chips, with a lot of calories. he has heard that Choij liked that.

Raven was listening about the things that happened in the academy when he was gone. The pranks from Naruto. The talks from the Uzumaki lesson, and the aftermath. the students had asked their parents. they were surprised at the question, ut they had to answer. then the names Mito Uzumaki and Kushina Uzumaki fell, and a little about their story. Not much could be said because not much was more they could tell. The class also started with substitution Jutsu training and some other small stuff. During this conversation, Sasuke barged in," Hey you, Raven. I Challenge you for a spar in the afternoon."

Raven raised his head from Shikumaru to Sasuke, "Excuse me, what?"

"Didn't you hear me, I challenge you." the class went silent.

"First, were you raised as a Buffon? you just don't barge in a group that's talking and demand something. Second, Why the hell, would I want to spar against you. I'm not even back for half a day. And that arrogance comes back up. I don't want to deal with that. This is my lunch break."

"You scared?"

"Hear this, little prick. I don't care what happened to you. But that is no reason to act like a prick. If you want to challenge me. sure I'll accept. But your barge in here and demanding a challenge. Who the hell do you think you are?"

Sasuke couldn't answer that.

"You've already ruined my lunch break, I'll see you at the training ground. Now, that's done can I get back to my break?"

"Uh-hu, yeah, till this afternoon." and Sasuke ran off.

Raven turned to his friends and tried to have a relaxing break.

- In the afternoon, the shuriken class -

"Ok, everyone knows what to do, get to your targets," Mizuki said.

"Sensei, Mizuki."

"Yes Raven, the class has started. What do you want?"

"Well Teacher, Sasuke has challenged me during the break and he didn't take a no for an answer. so I wondered to get it over with. Can I ask you to judge?"

"What, why did he do that? Fine, it wouldn't take too long. To the ring."

The class went to the ring. Iruka looked out the window. 'What's Mizuki doing? Why is he going to the spar-ring?' then he sees two students enter the ring. And Iruka ran out the door.

"So ready, to fall before me?"

"You still got that arrogance in you. I thought you got rid of it last time."

"STOP, talking, and start."

Raven stayed at his spot. Sasuke ran to him and started using Uchiha fighting again. Raven just dodges. after 3 punches and a kick, he was already bored. then he punched once, he hit Sasuke right in the chest. And Sasuke flew out of the ring. On the ground, he was gasping for breath. Raven just didn't care. He then walks out of the ring to the shuriken's targets. the class looked at Sasuke and then to Raven, then they also started going to the targets. their class wasn't over.

Mizuki walked to Sasuke and Iruka just arrived. "What happened? Why are you at the ring, Mizuki?"

"Well, Our little Uchiha here challenged Raven during lunch break. and as you can see he just lost. I'm going back to the class, he is your problem."

Mizuki went to the class. Iruka turned to Sasuke, "Why did you challenge him? he hasn't been back a full day yet. Couldn't you wait till Battle training in a week? What went through your head?"

Sasuke could only listen to Iruka rant to him. Because he was having a hard time breathing.

"Now go to the infirmary. Too bad your perfect record is going to be broken today."

And they went to the infirmary. The class was still fun after the challenge. When school was out, Raven and friends went to the Icharuka Ramen shop. they had some fun and called it a day.


After a few months,

We can see two people training on grounds 7. Both of them were using a weapon. They were Raven and Kakashi. Kakashi was fighting with a Tanto, while Raven was using a Ninja sword while he also has Tanto strapped at his back. It seems that he only uses it as a back-up. After an hour. the two separated.

"You getting better at using that sword, just don't forget you still have the tanto as well."

" I like using this sword better, but I will not deny that the Tanto can be the better option sometimes."

"So that's is it for Kenjutsu training, how is the rest coming along?"

"Well, Temporary Paralysis Technique, I trained and can use bi-ut found there are better ways. the Shadow Shuriken Technique and Manipulated Shuriken Technique are coming along. It's still hard to manipulate them. And I can use Shadow Shuriken but only from a still-standing position. When I'm on the move it doesn't end up working. Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu was hard to get started but I found the trick. And the Body Flicker Technique, I got the theory but practical is harder. Still haven't been able to do it."

"Well, you're correct with the Paralysis technique. there are better Jutsu, almost al Lighting release can do what the Paralysis technique can do. And it does it as a side effect. I'm glad that the shuriken techniques are coming along. You just have to continue with training them. Experience is important for those techniques. The headhunter, well it's easier with the right affinity. lucky that u had it. Who would have taught that you had three? It took so long because the other affinities are so much stronger. You will have to find that out yourself. Everybody learns body flicker on their own."

"Yeah, your right. Too bad I don't have lightning. Well, I do have two powerful elements. who would have taught that my Fire and Wind release be that more powerful than normal? I still like the earth release as well. Luckily I had the affinity, even if it's secondary. I didn't know that everybody has their own style in Body Flicker, that must be why only the theory is in the scroll."

"The biggest reason is that they don't want to stop you from putting your own style on it. Some use their natural element to use them, some even use Genjutsu mixed in it."

"Ah, yes, Big Sister Kurenai uses that."

"Still can't believe you can call her Big Sister."

"Well, that credit is more from Yukino. Who could have guessed that she is actually family from Kurenai? If it was not for the Physical from the Hospital and the training in Chakra that started making the red in her eyes come out. They would never have known."

"It's like your hair. When is it finally going to stay at the same color?"

"HEY, Stop judging my hair, you Jonin who can't read a clock."

"Annoying Brat, There was a Black cat yesterday. I already told you."

"And I said that I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. We even went back. We looked for THREE hours. no black cat."

"She had run away, I told you. But let's talk about your training further."

"Yeah, yeah, keep hiding that you can't read a clock. My physical Body training is coming along great. I really have to thank u for these all body Weight Seals. They're so much easier than the weights that Lee is wearing. I can adjust the weights to my standard. And when I have to take them off, I just have to send a Chakra signal and they turn off. But they remember the setting."

"Brat, If you haven't read about them in the Library, I would not have found them. Actually, that mystery shop was the one who found them. Be grateful. They were expensive."

"Hey, I already said that I would pay you back. And that shop is fun. there so much strange stuff there. We even found that strange Kenjutsu scroll. Who knew that scroll had the teachings of 'Mugai Ryu' and its an art that combines Kenjutsu and Taijutsu." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yeah, that was a lucky find. Even though we trained it together it seems a bit better in your hands than mine."

"Well, that's easy to explain."

"How so?"

"It's because you rely more on Jutsu, You're not known for not thing as Kakashi of the Sharingan."

"Yeah, that is a reason."

"The other is that I'm awesome."

"Arrogant brat?"

"No just kidding, no I haven't used much of Jutsu yet so my skill set has not been worn in yet. Most shinobi have a set of Jutsu they fall back on when they are about the Jonin Level. They don't change that much after that."

"Yes, that is true. But That is also a bad thing. If you don't keep training new moves or other tricks. then an enemy can research u and make a counter against all your tricks. you will die then."

"When I get stuck, I'll bet you will sort me out."

"Yeah, brat. I'll do that.

"And if you get stuck, you can finally learn how to read a clock."

"That's it brat, breaks over," and Kakashi started throwing Shurikens at Raven.

"You bastard," Raven continued the training.


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