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Chapter 16: chapter 16: Graduation

Like last time there were two people on training ground 7. But they weren't training for once. They were having lunch. Training just ended.

"So, ready for tomorrow?"

"How can I not be? I passed last year and I doubt the questions changed since then."


"Are you having a laugh right now?"

"What I can ask?"

"The examen for practical hasn't changed in years since the third war, so how the hell would it change now."

"Well, I could be?"

"It won't, and even if it did I don't think it would be much of a problem."

"Arrogant much."

"Arrogant? please, every time I get arrogant, you, big sis Kurunai or Yukino beat it out of me. Well, I let Yukino beat it out of me."

"Hahaha, Yes, that was a fun day. But don't let her hear you say that."

"She's never going to find out, so long you won't tell her."

"I might?"

"You do that and I'll tell Big sis where you keep your Icha Icha books, So don't test me."

"Ok, yes ok, we will never speak of this again. I was just asking? It's normal to be nervous."

"I know, Kakashi, I just hope this time I get better teammates."

"You'll have to wait and see."

"Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"how you mean?"

"Well, you receiving a new genin team to teach, no?"

"Ah that, well. It will be the same again like last time. I'll give my bell test. they will fail and I can read my new Icha Icha."

"What if they pass?"

"Not likely, You're the only one who ever found out the intention. And would have gotten me as your Jonin, if you didn't have such a crap team. But in the of chance that they do succeed, then I'll have to be a Jonin teacher. I'll still read my book thou."

"I hope they succeed, so they can get you off your lazy ass."

"Annoying brat."

"Can't read a clock Jonin."


- The next day -

The written exam was in the morning, after lunch it was the practical exam.

Iruka stood in front of the class.

"We will now start the final exam. When your name is called proceed to the testing room. The final test will be on... The Clone Jutsu."

Naruto started to panic. 'that's my worst technic. Great, I'm never going to pass.

After most students, it was time for Naruto's test.

'Get it together Naruto, you can do this.'

Naruto got in position. then by making the signal for the clone Jutsu, a lot of Chakra started to for around Naruto. Then when he activated the clone Jutsu, a half working clone appeared next to him. Even if Iruka had compassion for Naruto, he couldn't let him pass with shuts a clone.

Iruka was going to fail him, but Mizuki spoke.

"Iruka, his move was off, but his signs were correct and he did hang in there. this is already his third try, so you know he really wants to become a ninja. we could cut him a break.

Naruto got his hopes up.

"Mizuki sensei, the other students created at least three other clones. But Naruto can only create one. And look at it, it's pitiful. I can't pass him."

Naruto was disappointed and left the testing area. He passed Raven because he was next. While Naruto ran past, 'It seems that he failed again. how many times was it again? it is strange he can't get a clone Jutsu to work. Could he have suits weak control over Chakra? Why can't the teacher see that? you just have to teach him the Leaf Concentration technique. Well, the teacher knows bests.'

After an easy exam, he got his headband for the second time. 'Let's hope I can keep it this time.'

All the passed students got together at the playground. Even Raven got outside and got praise. Raven was looking for Naruto thou. 'Maybe I can teach him the Leaf technique, he can pass next year.'

Then he found him on his swing, in front of the academy. he was going to head there when he saw Mizuki Flicker next to him. 'Should he not be grading papers right now?'

And he saw Mizuki take Naruto away from the academy grounds. 'that's strange, I'll follow'


After some searching he found them. he heard Mizuki talking about how Iruka was the same as Naruto, and that is the reason that he was strict with him. Naruto told to Mizuki that this time he really tried to graduate. Mizuki smiled, and said, "Guess, I'll have to tell you."

Naruto turned to him. "It's a secret, but I'm going in on it."

'Ah, secret,' Naruto thought.

And Raven heard him tell the 'secret' to Naruto and when they both left. 'This is going to be a problem. I better keep following Naruto so I can keep him out of trouble. but I'll send a message to Kakashi just in case.' after sending the message he followed after Naruto.


Iruka wandered in memories of his past, and how it was similar to Naruto until he heard Mizuki at the door. "IRUKA, Get Up!"

Iruka got up, and ask what was going on.

"You have to come to the meeting of the Hokage... it's Naruto... He stole the sacred scroll"

"You mean the scroll of sealing, nooo"


In the forest where he was going to meet Mizuki, Naruto was looking in the scroll of sealing.

"Let's see, the First one is Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. Not another clone Jutsu. It's my worst Jutsu."


At the meeting, all teachers were standing in front of the Hokage. they were arguing about the scroll and Naruto. when Mizuki and Iruka joined. The Hokage then ordered them to bring Naruto to him at once. they dispersed, but then Kakashi arrived. "Kakashi, I'm having a crisis here. What do you want?"

"Well, Then I think you should read this."

And Kakashi gave Raven's message to the Hokage. After reading it. "Go, after them. and bring them back here. I'll deal with this." "Yes, Hokage." Kakashi flickered away. 'Mizuki, why did you betray the village? and to use this method.'


Tired Naruto was still in the forest when Raven found him.

"He Raven, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"Do you have any idea what you have to do tonight Naruto?"

"Well, I passed the secret graduation test from Mizuki."

"You really think that."

"Yes, I do."

"Let's make a bet then. Switch this scroll with the one you have. and wait to meet for Mizuki to show up. And see if your right."

"No, you just want me to fail."

"If your right, I'll wait another year in the academy to become a shinobi, but if I'm right I'll even help you get a headband."

"You just saying that."

"Naruto, Have I ever lied, mistreated you, and have I ever broke a promise?"

"Well, no. But are you really going to keep your word.?"

"I promise."

Then Naruto switched the scroll with the scroll from Raven.

"Only too bad I could not read past the first Jutsu, If I had more time I could have learned more."

"You learned the first Jutsu of this scroll?"

"Yes, I'm awesome right. The Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu."

"I ..." Raven shut his mouth, and flickered away.

Before Naruto could say anything. Iruka showed up.

"I've been looking al over for u."

"Hihi, high Iruka sensei, you found me sooner than I thought. I could only learn one Jutsu but when I show, you going to let me graduated right, that's how it works right? anyone who learns a Jutsu from this scroll passes."

"Where did you got that idea?" Iruka asked with wonder.

"Oh, Mizuki-Sensei told me about it. He even told me where to find this scroll. and this place"

Iruka was just thinking 'Mizuki told him?' when he jumped at Naruto. "Look out," kunai and Shurikens were thrown at Naruto. But Iruka pushed him out the way. He however could not dodge.

"It seems you find our little hideaway"

"So, that's the way it is. I should have known."

Mizuki asked for the scroll from Naruto. Still not knowing what's going on.

"Don't let Mizuki get the scroll, it contains forbidden Jutsu that could put the village in great danger. Mizuki used u because he wants the Jutsu."

Mizuki is trying to confuse Naruto by saying that, "Iruka doesn't want you to have the scroll."

Iruka is telling Naruto that Mizuki is lying to him. But Mizuki counters by telling the reason everybody is angry and shuns him. that he has the nine tails fox inside of him.

After confusing Naruto some more, where it is that he is immobile. Mizuki sees the chance to take him out. He throws a giant Shuriken at Naruto. Just when it's going to hit him, Iruka shields him. When Naruto asked why Iruka told him about his childhood. And how he was the same as him. After the heartfelt story, Mizuki tried again to turn the tied.

Naruto not knowing who to believe, he ran into the forest.

When he left, Mizuki was taunting Iruka, " he will use the Jutsu in the scroll to get revenge."

Iruka not believing it then start to fight back at Mizuki, but the wounds were too great.

"I'll first go get the scroll, kill Naruto. Then I'll be back for you." And Mizuki went after Naruto.


We see Naruto running and Iruka catching up.

"Naruto, Mizuki is lying. give me the scroll. he's coming this way."

then Naruto jumped into Iruka, knocking him out the way.

The down Iruka, "How did you know? How did you know," and then Iruka changed back in Mizuki," How did you know it was me?"

Naruto laughed at Mizuki, and then he also undid his Inpersonated Jutsu. and changed back to Iruka.

"Why are you protecting him? you should know he is just like me. he will you the power of the scroll to take revenge. like a beast."

"yes like a beast. Iruka answered.

But not far from Mizuki and Iruka, Naruto was listening. 'So Iruka does think I'm a beast'

And just when all was lost. Iruka said, " that's how beasts are, but Naruto is not a beast. Naruto is nothing like that. he is one of a kind. he works hard and he messes up sometimes. everybody jumps on him. but his suffering only makes him stronger. that separates him from being a beast. So your wrong, he is nothing like the nine-tail fox. He is NARUTO UZUMAKI of the village hidden in the leaf."

"You really believe that I was going to leave you for later. But I changed my mind. You are FINISHED." And Mizuki slides to Iruka with his second big Shuriken. Just as Iruka was going to die, Naruto kicks Mizuki in the face and saves Iruka.

Iruka is surprised to see Naruto.

"Damn, not bad for a little punk."

"If you ever lay a hand on my Sensei, I'll kill you!"

"Big words, I can take you ou with a single move."

"Take your best shot," and he got in position for Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu.

And then right in front of Iruka's eyes, a thousand Naruto's appeared. he looks at the clones proudly, 'those are solid clones, he learned an advanced Jutsu.'

Mizuki not understanding why there are so many Naruto's. The Naruto's said," If you not coming, we'll come after you."


What happens next is 1 guy vs 1000 ticked-off clones.


After the fight, beating. Iruka said to Naruto. "I have something for you, come here."


"you can open your eyes now. congratulations, you have passed. You're a shinobi now."

"And to celebrate we're going for Ramen tonight."

Then they were celebrating.

Not far from where Naruto, Iruka, and Mizuki were, In the three. Raven was hidden with his tanto and shurikens ready to engage. seeing everything is just fine, he puts his shurikens back. Then Kakashi flickers next to him. "Everything seems to have worked out?"

"Yes, it did. but he did learn a Jutsu from the scroll."

"Well, it's not the most dangerous Jutsu. So I'll better go get it."

"Why? that's, not the scroll. here it is." And Raven took a scroll out of his storage seal.

"I won't ask." "I won't tell, lets go."

And both Flickered away to deliver the scroll back.

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