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Chapter 27: 1000 Flower Wine

After some about an hour Moon Jung finally came. Kang-Ho went out to greet him.

"Hey, I just heard something big." Said Moon jung.

"What?" Kang Ho asked.

"The entire guild of Unholy Brothers except for the low-level members got massacred yesterday. One of the eye witness said to the hunter association that it was just a masked guy. Can you believe that just one guy massacred the entire guild? That's a very huge news in Busan right now. I even heard that the entire sixth floor of the building was littered with bodied. The scene was just like out of horror movie. There were chopped off heads all over the floor. Such a big thing happened you didn't even know? The social media is exploding with talks about the incident." Said Moon Jung,

"What? I don't use any social media apps, so I don't know about what happens in the world." Kang-Ho didn't feel any emotions, but he tried as hard as he could to express a shocked emotion in front of Moon Jung. After living for 400 years in Hell, killing enemies every single day just to survive. He had lost his ability to feel any emotion, now he just felt emotion for his family, maybe it was because of his desire to meet them again in his life, he felt extreme emotions when it came to his family. He would even fight the entire universe to keep his family safe, to see their smile.

That was his only goal, his family and loved ones was and will be the only thing he ever care about in this world.

"You don't use social media? How do you even live? Ah… anyway aren't you going to take back what your uncle took from you?" asked Moon Jung.

"No, it depends on father." Said Kang-Ho. He had a talk with his father who saw the news, he found out about the incident on the TV. But his father said they were happy with just a restaurant, he said having the restaurant brought the family closer. Hang Ho didn't say anything he just agreed to his father.

His father just wanted his family happy, having money never ensured happiness. Yeah, maybe you could buy expensive stuff, wear expensive clothes, drive a cool car, live like a king. But at the end of life will they be worth anything? Will it be worth it, if you didn't have a warm hand, holding your cold hand when you take your last breath? The only thing that mattered was family, and the happy moments you shared with them. That's what his father told him when he mentioned about getting the business back.

After talking for a while, Moon Jung mentioned about wanting to meet his parents. So, he took him inside the house to meet his parents. It had been long since Moon Jung met his parents, he was a little excited.

After entering the house Moon Jung greeted his parents.

"Oh my, how much have you grown. Last time we saw you were still so small. Come on in have a seat aunty will make something to eat." Said Ha-Neul.

"Nice to see you aunty. I always wanted to come and meet you but never got a chance after losing contact with Kang-Ho. I will just take coffee please I just ate." Said Moon Jung. He didn't want to eat anything, because he still had to drink.

"How has your dad been these days?" asked Man-Young.

"Oh dad, he is busy with the hunter association's work these days. He barely has time to meet us now. But he still mentions you. He sent something for you, when I said I will be going to Busan. He told me to personally give it to you. I will bring it when I visit next time." Said Moon jung.

His father and Kang-ho's father were also old friends.

"Hahaha, I miss having drinks with him." Said Man-Young as he laughed.

They chatted for some time, then both got into Moon jung's car and drove off to the city.

This time Moon Jung took Kang-Ho to area where the hunter association's HQ was. They entered a high-end restaurant owned by the hunter association.

After entering the restaurant, they went to the receptionist.

"Is there a private room available." Said Moon jung.

"Yes, there is but you would need a VIP pass to enter the private room" said the receptionist.

Moon Jung didn't reply, he just took his wallet out, and handed the receptionist one card. She took the card and swiped it in her device. Kang-Ho could see the receptionist's face grow pale slowly, like someone who had seen ghost. She then handed the card back to Moon Jung, with utmost respect while bowing. Then she excused herself, to make a phone call.

After some time, someone came running. When he came close, Kang-Ho could see that he was the manager of the restaurant. He first bowed to Moon jung then, he escorted them to the top floor.

They entered the private room; the room was huge. They sat down on the table.

Afterwards they ordered some meat.

"Please bring some 1000 flower wine." Said Moon Jung.

It was a first time for Kang-Ho hearing the name. he didn't know what it was.

"Sure sir." Said the waitress, then went out of the room. After a while she came in with a class container which had dragon surrounding it, just the glass container looked this cool he wondered what the wine tasted like.

She came and poured the wine in their glasses. When the wine was poured on the glass, Kang-Ho could feel the energy fluctuation coming from the wine. He was surprised he never felt anything like this before. The wine contained very pure energy, which could soothe the mind of a person.

"This wine is made from the spiritual herbs found in high level dungeon. this wine is very strong, 10 times stronger than normal alcohol. This wine does not even affect the body in any negative way. I love this wine." Said Moon Jung.

This was another big revelation for Kang Ho, he was very surprises after learning about the origin of the wine. He was excited to try the wine. No any alcohol could match this kind of alcohol.

"Let's see who can drink more." Moon Jung said, he wanted a competition. Kang-Ho smirked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sure, you have never won against me, this time would be no different." Said Kang-Ho as he took the glass. They made a toast, then gulped the entire glass in one go.

When the wine came down the throat of Kang-ho he felt relaxed. This was a perfect wine; the scent was awesome too. Kang-Ho enjoyed each and every drop of the wine.

Kang-Ho fell in love with the wine, he had never tasted something like this before it was very good.

They continued to drink the wine; the wine was so good both of them could not stop. Initially they were drinking every glass of the wine in one gulp. But after some time, they realized they were probably wasting the wine, drinking so fast. So, they both decided to drink it sip by sip, that way they could savour the taste of the wine.

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