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Chapter 63: 1st Hunting Team

Kang-ho quickly ran through the crowd, he went through the gaps quickly, as he was really fast on his feet, the people following him couldn't follow his moment. After loosing them Kang-Ho quickly made it back to a hiding spot away from the crowd. Once he was out of the crowd Kang-Ho once again used his skill and hid himself.

"This is bad we lost him, inform the captain immediately. That guy was just too fast." Said one of the hunters pursuing Kang-Ho. He was very angry as he knew what kind of mistake he made, Kang-Ho had already significantly decreased their strength by killing all the healers.

On the other side of the battlefield the fight was going on, Crow Guild were being pushed back. after the Choi guild hunters showed up, they dominated the battlefield, Crow guild lost half of their frontline troops after they appeared. They were just too strong for the Crow guild to handle. There Choi guild hunters unlike the past hunters were extremely powerful as well as well trained. They moved in teams and dominated every battle they fought.

For Chu Kong at first, he was extremely happy when Kang-Ho took care of the healers for them but later when the Choi guild troops joined his headache began. He knew if he didn't do something their frontline won't last long. The Crow guild didn't have the best of the mages, the mages in their guild were mediocre and melee hunters were the same, so if they lost the frontline troops, they were sure to lose the battle.

"Let's go we need to support the frontline troops and push back their forces. The frontline won't be able to handle this for much long." Said Chu Kong to the people around him, after hearing his order they al took their weapons out and charged towards the frontline.

"Sir, sir, we lost that masked guy, he was just too fast for the team to follow. Along with that we also lo…..lost all of our healers." One of the hunters reported to Kim Min-Soo, with the tone of the man's voice it was evident he was very afraid of delivering the news.


After hearing the news Kim Min-Soo became extremely angry, he was focused on the battle with the Crow guild. He believed that with the hunters going after Kang-Ho even if they couldn't kill him, they could at least make him busy for some time. But when he heard that not only were they not able to block him, they even let him escape, he couldn't hide his rage anymore. He attacked the man who brought the news using his bow, the arrow went straight through the man's eyes killing him instantly. The man couldn't even dodge the attack. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

What made Kim Min-Soo even more mad was the place where Kang-Ho appeared, that place was far back on the battlefield. There were some disadvantages of being an archer, although the class was considered as one of the ranged attackers like the mage, unlike mage archer's range was far less than the range mage has. Unlike mages the archers had to rely on their raw strength to shot arrow in far distance, whereas mages didn't have those kinds of problem. Although he had some intel that this type of disadvantage disappears after a certain level but he was still too far from reaching that level. So, even if he was a ranged attacker, Kang-Ho was just too far from his range, so he had to rely on others to take care of the guy.

Even after killing the man Kim Min-Soo wasn't satisfied, he wanted to shoot one more arrow at the man but right then he saw something which made him halt his attack. he saw Chu Kong arriving at the front line with his troops and attacking the Choi Guild hunters.

"1St hunting team go; they won't be able to handle Chu Kong on their own we need to finish that guy before anything else. If we manage to kill that guy the fight is as good as over." Said Kim Min-Soo as he was turned around towards his team. No matter the differences even he had to admit that Chu Kong was a difficult enemy to deal with. Kim Min-Soo started moving forward, he wanted the frontline to be in his range of attack.

After hearing Kim Min-Soo, the hunters from 1st hunting team started moving towards the frontline as well. Kang-Ho was secretly observing all of this and moved closer to the frontline and hid himself, the real fight was just about to start.


After the 1st hunting team reached the frontline two of the swordsmen ran towards Chu Kong to fight the man. They were hoping to kill Chu Kong, but they when they started the fight they were on equal footing, Chu Kong fought both the men alone unfazed. Kim Min-Soo positioned himself in a good location to carry on his attacks, after doing so, he started to observe the fight between Chu Kong and the both swordsmen. Kim Min-Soo then started to look around the battlefield as if searching for something, he was on hight alert his arrow were drawn and always keeping an eye on the surrounding.

Kang-Ho was also observing the situation on the frontline, it was clear for him that Kim Min-Soo was searching for his movements. That didn't matter to Kang-Ho, rather he was busy checking the situation on the battle field.

Even after the 1st hunting team joined the battle the fight seemed to be on equal ground, no one had upper hand over other. At least the stalemate continued for a little while, then suddenly it seemed like the Choi Guild members got some signal suddenly all of the Choi guild members started retreating back. This change of event made the Crow guild confused on what was going on, even Chu Kong didn't know what was going on. When the Crow guild were thinking what was going on suddenly a huge fireball came crashing towards the frontline of the fight, the aim of the fireball were the hunters with great defences. The fireball was clearly meant to kill them.

"DODGE QUICKLY!" yelled Chu Kong finally realising thee severity of the situation they were in. he knew that the weakness of those soldiers was this kind of destructive magic attacks.

After hearing Chu Kong's shout some of the hunters escaped the disaster but some of them were not that lucky. Those who where directly hit by the fireball were killed instantly, their shield could do nothing in this kind of situation. About 20 of the hunters died of the attack, it goes to show the power of the mage who shot the fireball. Some of the hunters were injured but they quickly drank the healing potion provided to them by the guild, it seemed that Crow guild had spent a lot on this attack, they really wanted to get rid of Choi Guild.

Taking down so may of the hunters at once was a huge blow to the hunters of Crow guild. they were in state of chaos.

Kang-Ho on the other hand went to higher ground, he wanted to see who was the one who used such kind of magic. He didn't have to search for long he spotted a mage who seemed out of breath, the mage had a problem with standing, but he drank some bottles potion after which he started to recover.

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Sorry for the late upload i had some health issues.

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