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Chapter 65: Arrival

Pak Kyung was running fast as he could up the stairs, after he reached the top floor, his speed became equal to of a turtle. He no longer had the strength to move, but he still had to deliver the news. With the remaining power he had left in his body he rushed to the place he wanted to be.

After finally reaching a huge door Pak Kyung's stopped in his tracks, he adjusted his breathing and changed his face from a fearful one to a neutral one. He wanted to act as if he just found out about the attack matters. He knew if he told the truth he would surely die.

In front of the door Pak Kyung was standing there was a name plate hanging which read out the name Choi In-Kyu, Pak Kyung looked at the name plate and cursed inwardly. After standing there for a while and thinking tings through he finally got enough courage, he first took a deep breath in then pushed the door open.

The door was not a normal door it was really heavy, when he opened the door his blood ran cold all the courage he had was gone up in flames. The fear he had for the guild master was real one, he had seen how powerful the man was, he had seen him going crazy. Whenever Choi In-Kyu got angry on someone Pak Kyung would always pity them, he never wanted to be the one on the receiving end. But here he was now waiting for disaster to happen to him.

Inside of the office was very huge, the office was decorated with all kinds of things, like a monster carcass, monster fur, etc. the office had an eerie vibe t it. any non-hunter who came to this floor wouldn't have the power to move as the carcass present in the office belonged to a high-level monster, even if the thing was long dead the pressure that thing still emitted was huge. Unless you were a hunter or by some other means, normal human didn't have the chance to come near the thing.

But at the same time for hunters this kind of pressure would almost have no effect on the hunters. But for some reason today Pak Kyung felt as if the pressure that carcass produced was making it difficult to walk. Although that wasn't the truth, he still believed that.

These kinds of carcass costed a lot of money, the carcass could be used in making potions and other purposes. Choi In-Kyu had spent a lot of his money to buy that thing.

Straight ahead of Pak Kyung, there was a huge photo of the late son of Choi In-Kyu, and in front of the painting was Choi In-Kyu sitting on the chair drinking alcohol while looking at the photo. You could feel the sorrow the man was feeling from that far, it was as if the Pak Kyung himself was feeling the grief while standing there.

This was absolutely worst time for Pak Kyung to come with the bad news, Pak Kyung knew if he were to tell the man the truth, his lifeless body would exit the room so he started to think of a way to save his neck. Even if Pak Kyung's plans had failed to work until now, he knew how to manipulate the man sitting in the chair.

First of all, Pak Kyung kneeled on the ground and then bowed towards the man. No words came out of Pak-Kyung's mouth, he was too afraid to speak.

"Are his fami........." after hearing no words from Pak Kyung, Choi In-Kyu opened his own mouth and was about to say something right then he was disrupted by Pak-Kyung's voice.

"Sir, all of the soldiers I sent there were killed by a masked man. The market was then attacked by the man next and managed to destroy one of the markets. There is still a war taking place on the other market, they just called and informed me that if support was not sent in time, they would lose a lot of troops to win against the enemy.

A lot of our enemy guilds like Crow guild joined their hands in attacking our guild with the masked man. From the reports I just now received it stated that all of our healers were killed. The situation looks too grim for our guild. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The enemy side is commanded by Crow guild, many of the neutral guilds have also joined their hands, they are serious on taking us down this time.

"I have already called 'them' and they confirmed that the attack is not instigated by Hunter association and they gave us the permission to use full of our force. All we lack in the battle field is you." Said Pak Kyung while interrupting Choi Kyung in the middle of his speech. Lot of the things he said was lie, Pak Kyung didn't care about the lies right now, all he wanted to do was survive the crisis he brought on himself.

"What?" after hearing what Pak Kyung had to say, Choi In-Kyu was enraged, all he wanted to right now was to kill Pak Kyung. All of this time Choi In-Kyu was thinking of when the news of his target being killed would reach him, as every second went by his anger increased. Choi In-Kyu couldn't believe what he just heard.

'How hard could it be to kill the family?' Choi In-Kyu thought as he stared down at Pak Kyung. Choi In-Kyu was extremely angry at him, He just wanted to kill the man. Choi In-Kyu took his long sword, the long sword was relly long and too heavy. Whenever Choi In-Kyu swung the sword it packed heavy power behind the attack. after taking his weapon he turned towards Pak Kyung and stared running. Choi In-Kyu was determined to kill the man.

"Sir, we need to leave now and also I am the only man who knows where the family and the guy who killed your son are. If you kill me you might not be able to find the man who killed your son." Pak Kyung once again lied Choi In-Kyu, right now he was just making up whatever he wanted to save himself.

Even if what Pak Kyung said was not true, he was the only one who knew the truth so whatever he said didn't matter. The lie that Pak Kyung made really worked, as Choi In-Kyu stopped running towards him and signalled him to keep talking.

After seeing that reaction Pak Kyung was extremely happy, but he didn't dare to show that on his face ad he still had a neutral face. Pak Kung started telling all the event that happened until now to Choi In-Kyu one by one as he listened without saying anything or reacting, but you could tell how angry he was as his expression was becoming angrier every second.

As Pak Kyung told the events that took place, he didn't dare to say all of them truthfully, he mixed in some lies to save himself from his anger.

After they were done talking, Choi In-Kyu started running towards the elevator, he wanted to reach the place as fast as possible. you could see his eyes were red with anger.

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