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2.81% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 2: Back To Earth

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Chapter 2: Back To Earth

He suddenly regained consciousness. He was surprised and thought.

'Wasn't I killed how can I still be alive?'

He was confused he slowly opened his eyes, but he was surprised from what he saw he was at a place which was too familiar to him. No matter how many years passed he couldn't forget the place he disappeared from.

'Is this a dream? Am I really seeing this?'

He looked around to see if it was the same place the same as before nothing much change there are just a little less tree remaining all was same. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's been 400 years but the trees are same, huh."

Suddenly a thought struct his head and his face grew pale.

'Does that mean my family is dead too?'

He got worried and started running out of the forest, after some time he finally saw the road and he found a bus stop on the road he went there and sat on a bench at the bus stop.

'I wonder what currency is used after 400 years, oh do I have money?'

When he looked down, he saw the same cloths he wore when he was transported to Hell, he searched his pocket and found his purse which contained everything he had with him surprisingly nothing much happened to the money even after 400 years it was still the same. It was weird but he didn't have the time to think about that. Right now, he needed to somehow find his house he knew the 400 years he spent in that hell was real but it was still difficult for him to accept that his parents where dead.

Right then a bus came and stopped he got up and sat on an empty seat at the back the bus was relatively empty there were only 5 passengers in total. There was news going on the tv that was on the bus so he focused on the tv and tried to know how much has the world changed.

There was date and time mentioned on the bottom left corner of the tv screen. It was 2020 June 18 now he the day he disappeared was 2018 June 18. He was elated by the fact that it has just been 2 years science he disappear, so it meant his parents were alive.

Soon news began a reporter was shown holding a mic and started speaking.

"Good morning, I am jin hae reporting live from Heohyeon-Dong, and I am currently standing in front of a recent dungeon which is reportedly a level 6 dungeon. Level 6 is not the highest reported dungeon but it is a high-level dungeon today, the Bloodlust the top 10th guild in the Korea will be clearing this dungeon. The one in charge of this mission is Ki Hwan, he will be the captain, of the 2nd squad in this raid. Let us welcome Ki Hwan for an exclusive interview with us" said the reporter.

"Dungeon?" Kang-ho mumbled with a frown.

"Hello, Mr. Ki Hwan thank you for joining us and letting us interview you" said the reporter.

"Its my pleasure Ms. Jin Hae" said Ki Hwan.

"Tell us more about the dungeon and how are you going to handle it." said the reporter.

"As you know this is a level 6 dungeon there will be many high level monsters inside the dungeon we have prepared 2 tanks 4 dps 4 long range damage dealers and 2 healers. We are sure we can complete this dungeon by our team of 12." said Ki Hwan.

"That is a super strong line-up I hope you clear the dungeon without a loss." said the reporter.

"Thank you I will be taking my leave" said ki hwan.

"Thank you for joining us, this is jin hae reporting from Heohyeon-dong live in front of the level 6 dungeon we will be right back after a short commercial break" said the reporter.

'What the hell is going on? What dungeon what are they talking about are they talking about a game?' kang-ho frowned while thinking.

"Wow Bloodlust are going to complete a level 6 dungeon this is so exiting" said the boy in front of kang-ho.

"What's so cool about clearing a level 6 dungeon recently Pride guild the number one guild in Korea cleared the first level 9 dungeon Pride is the only guild which cleared level 9 dungeon in Korea." said his friend.

"Man, I wish I can be a hunter one day I will alone clear all the dungeons in the world" said the boy.

"Hump, you think being hunter is that easy 5 out of 10 people die who goes to clear the tutorial dungeon, you can't be a hunter if you can't compete tutorial dungeon. If being a hunter would have been that easy wouldn't all the people of the world be a hunter?" said his friend.

"That's true" said the boy.

"Hey, kids do you know what the dungeons are and how they appeared?" asked kang-ho.

Both the boys made a disgusted expression like they say some mental patient.

'How can a normal person not know anything about dungeons, he must be.

Some kind of mental patient better not provoke him. God knows what he may do to us if we made him angry.' they thought as they looked at the bumpkin.

When they looked at his they saw emotionless eyes which sacred them.


They gulped his eyes were terefying.

"Of course, Mister we know about dungeons it appeared first on June 18 2018. If one dungeon is not cleared within 6 days of its appearance the monsters sealed inside the dungeon will pour out and, in our world, and try to destroy everything in its path. First, when the dungeon appeared the world didn't understand what it does so many people died after the dungeon break happened. When you enter the portal, you end up in different space which is filled with monsters and if you kill the monster you get exp which helps you level up. if you clear a dungeon you get equipment, and after clearing the dungeon stays there for 24 hours during this time you can hire laborers to help you plunder all the minerals, herbs and precious body parts of the monsters that are present in that dungeon and then you can sell that at a price in any hunter related shop all over the country and earn a lot of money." Said the boy.

'Hummm, something weird happened when I disappeared from this world does my disappearance have anything to do with the dungeon appreaing?' kang-ho thought.

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