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Chapter 64: Call

The mage was wearing, red coloured robe, even though Kang-Ho was far from the middle-aged man, he could tell that the robe was a special item. When Kang-Ho first saw the man, the man was stumbling and had to grab someone for support, but he quickly drank some potion. Kang-Ho figured that it must be some kind of mana potion. It seemed whatever spell that man used could not be used simultaneously, it was a one-time spell. Kang-Ho was not sure about when the man was going to fire the same spell again, so he decided he should kill the man.

The man possessed a great threat towards the Crow Guild army, although considering the mage only killed 20 hunters whereas there were about 300 tank hunters, it seemed a small number but if the man could shoot each spell every 1 minute with the help of the potion, the man would badly damage the Crow guild hunters. So, Kang-Ho planned to take the man out.

Kang-Ho advance towards the place where the mages gathered. This time Kang-Ho was going to have some troubles as it seemed that the mages changed their tactics after last time he appeared.

Now only half of the mages were using their spells at a time, so whenever one was done with their spells the other team on standby started to shoot their magic.

Kang-Ho was still a little hurt from the fight earlier so he took some healing potions out and drank them, he quickly recovered. The wounds didn't damage any important areas so Kang-Ho didn't have any problems with movements. After finally arriving at the place Kang-Ho stopped to see the location and plan for the attack. Kang-Ho knew the horrors of being surrounded by mages, he never liked mages especially when they were gathered in number. Kang-ho didn't want to walk in without a plan, he knew those mages could trap him if they were strong enough so he didn't want to take any chances.

From the point where he was hiding, he could see the information of the hunter mage he came to hunt. It turned out that the man's name was baron and he was a 56-level mage.

After getting all, he needed Kang-Ho moved cautiously, Kang-Ho was especially carefully right now as he knew that mages had the best perception. They could sense the slightest bit of change in atmosphere.

The perception was mage's special weapon, and bane for assassins. The main reason the mages had this kind of ability was because they were the most vulnerable to sneak attacks. Those mages who didn't have high enough power they couldn't use the full extent of their powers, and those mages who possessed weak power, in the eyes of a sneak attacker were like goat ready to be slaughter.

Kang-Ho slowly made it behind Baron, baron was chanting some kind of spell, Kang-Ho hid himself behind the man waiting for an opportunity. After some time of chanting the spell Baron seemed to be ready to launch the attack, he suddenly raised his hands in the sky, and looked towards his hands. Kang-Ho too looked towards the man's hand.

Suddenly a ball of fire was forming on the hands of the man, it seemed the man was already ready to launch the same kind of attacklike he used earlier to kill 20 Crow guild hunters. The magic was the same when Kang-Ho could tell that the fireball was same attack. Kang-Ho could feel that Baron's complete focus was on controlling the spell, to Kang-Ho who had seen all types of magic it seemed that Baron was very bat at controlling the magic. From the looks of it Baron had acquired the skill not too long ago and didn't understand the use of the magic, because most of the mana he was pouring in was going to waste. If Baron could control the magic properly, the magic could have more fata and dangerous.

For Kang-Ho who had lived in hell for countless years he felt as if the interface that helped hunters in dungeons and the support it provided were all tailor made for the humans. It almost felt as if they were all there to help the humans grow in power. Kang-Ho didn't understand what was going on but kept the thoughts aside for the movement as he was still in the battlefield and he didn't have the time to think about unnecessary things.

Kang-Ho finally moved towards the man who was preparing the magic skill. Kang-Ho didn't want the attack to be successful. Kang-ho moved with extreme caution, he didn't want to alert the nearby mages.


After arriving at the back of the man, Knag-Ho swung his dagger downwards towards the back of the neck of the man. Kang-Ho was so fast and nimble that the man didn't even notice what had happened.

Suddenly the mana the man gathered in his hands all disappeared, the man was shocked by the event, this had never happened to him while casting a spell. Before he could figure the things out, the man felt difficulty breathing, it felt as if something was stuck on the man's throat. Baron took one of his hand towards his neck to feel was wrong. Suddenly Baron felt chills run down his spine, he couldn't believe what had happened, all he could feel was a sharp object sticking out of his neck and as if someone had spill over warm water on his chest. Baron suddenly felt a kick on his back and he fell to the ground, he no longer had the strength to stand up.

After killing the mage Kang-Ho had alerted all the mages in the area and all of them were pointing their wands towards him. Kang-Ho didn't feel the need to kill all of them, but he knew he had to leave the place immediately. Kang-o started running towards the place he came from; on the way he killed all the mages he could get his hands on. Although Kang-Ho planned ne didn't need to kill all of the mages, he still killed 35% of the mages while escaping the area. This further damaged the Choi Guild's power in the field. After killing some of the mages the pressure on the Crow guild reduced by a lot.

"Call sir Kim and inform him of the passing of sir Baron." Yelled one of the mages while grinding teeth.

"Yes sir" replied one of the mages, then he took his walkie talkie out and started to send the message.

On the other side when Kim Min-Soo heard of the news of so many mages he almost went berserk. After controlling his rage, the Kim Min-Soo started calling someone u on his phone.


"What! How could this be possible, there is no way in hell….." Pak Kyung was about to say something but he stopped midway, he knew he couldn't change the outcome in any way. All he could do now was to go there himself. He suddenly cut the phone off and took his weapon and started running out of his office.

The worry and anger were written all over in his face, every step he took felt as if some boulder was trying to squash him. He just kept running towards the upper floor. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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