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Chapter 9: Choi Dong

Kang-Ho was not aware that he was being watched. After the person in shadow disappeared, before going he clicked one picture. He appeared again, this time in a high-end restaurant, he went inside of a private room. There was a person drinking and playing with female, she didn't look like she was enjoying his touch, but that didn't matter to him.

"Young master" shouted the man from earlier.

"You want to die? Why are you shouting?" said the man after being annoyed.

"Boss, I saw a guy with level one jade storage ring." Said the man from earlier.

"Is that true Kim Dong-Gu?" said as he moved forward with a happy expression on his face.

"Yes, sir I saw it with my own eyes and the person has it just completed the hunter's trial." Said kim dong-gu.

"Show me the picture. Let me check if he is from some high-end guild or family. We can't afford to offend someone from higher standing than ours." Said the man with grave expression.

"Yes, young master Choi." said kim dong-gu and opened his phone and shows a picture of a man with beard all over his face and messy long hair.

"Humm, no I have never seen him. Doesn't matter if he has any backer, lets go now we will kill him swiftly, not alerting anyone and take the ring and vanish. Although you can get the ring's price is about 50,000$, finding one is the most troublesome work you can't find it anywhere in Busan my father had to buy one from Seoul for 200,000$. This job will be easy as seeing he is just a beginner it won't take me one swing of sword" said Choi Dong with a smirk.

"Yes, sir of course you are level 30 already how can that guy stand a chance." Said kim dong-gu.

"Alright let's go hunt him down" Said Choi dong as he stood up.

They quickly left the room in search for Kang-Ho.

Kang-Ho was oblivious to the fact that someone was coming after him. even if he knew he would wait for them to come to him and slaughter them.


Back to Kang-Ho, as he was coming towards the reception the receptionist waved at him. He went to her.

"Alright let me check if you passed the test." said the receptionist.

"Alright" said Kang-Ho.

"Oh! seems like you passed the test in 35 minutes. Congratulations, you are a hunter now. What took you so long inside the dungeon?" asked the receptionist.

"I was practicing on the easy mode" Kang-ho lied through his teeth.

"Alright, let me go and bring your Hunter's ID for you." Said the receptionist as she went inside. After sometime she brought the hunter's id.

"Here you go. You can do any kind of transaction from this card you won't have to carry cash. You will also need this card to book your dungeon." Said the receptionist as she handed him the card.

"Thank you" said Kang-Ho.

"Come back again." said the receptionist.

Kang-Ho came out of the reception area and started roaming the city he hoped to find a barber shop. His mom strictly told him to cut his hair and shave his beard before coming back to the house and handed him some money. He couldn't reject her after seeing her face so he took the money.

After some time of walking he found out that someone was following him. He could feel their killing intent directed towards him. He didn't mind them and went on to do his own work, he thought of confronting them after he was done with his own problems. He didn't have time for them.

After some time, he came across a barber shop. He went inside and described the hairstyle he wanted. It took 1 hour he was done. he was fully shaved and hair was also short. He looked at a mirror, although he wasn't too handsome, he was average looking. Even so if someone looked at his eyes, they would get nervous looking at his eyes was like staring at endless abyss, devoid of emotions, happiness, everything.

He paid the barber and came out of the barber shop. Then he felt hungry. He was hungry so he went a nearby local shop to have some lunch he ordered a plate of Jjajangmyeon, and sat down and enjoyed it after 400 years. Eating this after so long time he felt like he could die without a regret now.

"Why the fuck is he wasting time. I just want to go in there and kill that bitch." Yelled Choi Dong.

"We can't do that young master if the hunter's association found out we fought in open they will hunt us down and no one would be able to save us then." Said Kim Dong-Gu anxiously.

"Ughhhhh, I know you mother fu**er shut up" yelled Choi Dong again.

"Look young master he is finally coming out." Said kim dong-gu.

"Let's go, I am going to skin him alive today for making me wait." Said choi dong angrily.


After coming out of the restaurant Kang-Ho started to look for a very isolated street to bring them out of the hiding. After sometime of searching he finally found one and went inside.

"Hahahahah that dumb guy is making things so easy for us" said Choi Dong.

After they were in an isolated place the two came out of hiding.

"Hi there, friend this here is young master Choi and he is very interested in the ring you are wearing. Can you hand it over to us? I promise we won't kill you if you do it peacefully" said kim dong-gu.

Kang-ho didn't reply to them he just took out his daggers and stared at them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You fucker I will kill you and your entire dog family with you. don't beg us later." yelled choi dong ad he unsheathed his sword.

Rage ran through his entire body right at that moment he was really fu*king pissed right now he wanted Choi dong to feel what hell was like right at this moment.

There is a saying that you never touch the reverse scale of a dragon, if you do you will face the wrath of the creature. Facing a dragon's wrath? It was better to spend your entire life in hell than facing dragon's wrath.

His family was Kang-Ho's reverse scale. He was so angry that he was unconsciously giving off killing intent.


The pressure was so immense that the both duo couldn't even breathe. After realising that Kang-Ho stopped his killing intent from spilling out.

At this moment the duo had very pale face, they knew this was there doom they clearly had the horror in their eyes all the smugness disappeared in an instant.

Kim dong-gu tried to run away at that moment, he had just turned around and took a step. Kang-Ho moved so quickly that Choi Dong felt he disappeared.

He appeared behind Kim dong-gu and swung his sword.


When running away Kim dong-gu took other step but to his surprised he fell to the ground he felt like the ground disappeared when he tried to step on it. He slowly turned around, and what he saw scared the living hell out of him. He no longer had legs they were cleanly cut from the knees. The two legs were Infront of Kang-ho. Blood was all over the ground. He still couldn't belive what he was seeing, he was level 25 and a rookie did this to him so easily.

"Wait here, don't move" said Kang-ho.

Kim Dong-Gu nodded unconsciously because of fear.

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